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How to configure Oracle 12c DataGuard on Linux platform - Part-1

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Hello Friends today i'm going to demonstrate you how to configure Oracle 12c Data Guard step by step using duplicate command with complete descriptions. Please subscribe my channel for more updates. My other Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/4usupport #dataguard #oracle12c #onlinux #oracletutorial #data #guard For Data Guard configuration step visit on following link:- http://ocptechnology.com/configure-oracle-12c-active-dataguard-database-using-rman-duplicate/ For Oracle 12c installation steps on Linux platform visit on following link:- http://ocptechnology.com/install-oracle-database-12c-release-1-12-1-redhat-linux-6/ Oracle 12c installation video visit on following link:- https://youtu.be/Nnhlu-Hlsuc
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Text Comments (10)
murali n (1 month ago)
If i click oracle database in ocptechnology.com empty page will come bro. do need ful dude.
kulbhushan kuwar (3 months ago)
Hello Sir Please also Make video on hadoop big data in simple way..
OCP Technology (3 months ago)
I'll brother
YASHWANTH KUNTA (11 months ago)
Dear Sir, Please send any necessary settings to be done in VMWARE
YASHWANTH KUNTA (11 months ago)
Dear Sir, I want to configure listener and tns service in two different vm machines but I'm unable to connect through listener between these two machines
OCP Technology (3 months ago)
I didn't get your point, what you want to ask exactly
Cristian Guerra (3 months ago)
Did you ever figure it out, buddy? If so, can you please let me know what you did?
Jaisingh Prasad (1 year ago)
Please make on ask and rac
OCP Technology (1 year ago)
Jaisingh Prasad ASAP ill be uploading rac videos
Yash S (1 year ago)
Nice video Shripal Already-subscribed to OCP technology Please make Video tutorial on Whole - Syllabus/Real time Scenario/Architecture/Functioning(THEORY) on Below mentioned topics : 1. Oracle Database administration I & II 2. RAC 3. Dataguard 4.ASM Kindly do needful soon !! we are with you :)

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