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Play-date GIRLS vs BOYS

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Play-date Girls vs Boys!!!! Big thumbs up for Ronald for playing the girl :) SIS vs BRO instagram @ sisvsbro_karina_ronald Karina has a new instagram @ kurzawa_karina Ronald's new instagram @ ronaldkurzawa NEW MERCH: https://www.sisvsbro.com Welcome to SIS vs BRO! This is where Karina and Ronald join forces to challenge each other in countless fun videos! Challenges, gaming, and more!!! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and we will see you in the next video!!! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karinavsronald/
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Text Comments (23517)
August Smith (19 hours ago)
Ronald as a girl lol 😂🤣😂
Eonestyann Hermious (22 hours ago)
Lol funny
Samuel Stefanov (23 hours ago)
It's. a. ethnic. Dude!
Samuel Stefanov (23 hours ago)
It's. A. Eggbox
Patrica Cat (1 day ago)
My brother has a better intro than that his channel is therealgalaxyboyyoutubes
Mohamed Saeed (1 day ago)
ronald and karinas friends ... they all look alike ... and when ronald and his friend was picking their nose it was so funny
MixedfunTV (1 day ago)
karinas friend is actually ronald! there wearing wigs and girl clothes! like if u know
south kelin (1 day ago)
Karinas friend looks like a doll and Ronald friend looks like he has a wig on.
Lui Seng Wong (1 day ago)
Taneika Roberts (1 day ago)
Cason Cook (1 day ago)
I want to ronald and karina's friend
Fatima,s diys (2 days ago)
👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👫👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👫 Like if you found the odd one
Azeezat Abdulazeez (2 days ago)
Thats karina and Ronald as boy 👦 and 👧🏾 girl
Joejana Castillo (2 days ago)
I seals like it dope
Joejana Castillo (2 days ago)
Is that your friend fake hair
galaxy Gamer Lima QWQ (3 days ago)
😂😂😂😂Karina acting like a boy😂😂😂😂is so funny😂😂😂😂
Amethyst Dawn Padilla (3 days ago)
The boys were picking thir nose ewWWWw
Gacha Potato (3 days ago)
Nice dance Ronald xD
Charlie Miller (3 days ago)
you're super sexist
Ok why dose the friend of the sis look like her bro
Saoirse Carlin (3 days ago)
Mary Sanyambe (4 days ago)
I love this price
Jackie Hickey (4 days ago)
Hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jackie Hickey (4 days ago)
elaine clayden (4 days ago)
Hmm.. so ronalds now a girl ?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🍉
saeed bawazir (5 days ago)
😂😂😂😂 Ronald😂😂😂OMG so funny Ronald
😅🤣Ronald Actoing Like A Giro Is Way Too Hilarious!🤣😅
Jheslene Deguican js. (5 days ago)
Girls is win gooooooooo
Chris Plant (5 days ago)
Ronaldo looks so funny + the voice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hagan Whitt (6 days ago)
Boys win
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
But we can be friends Karina does can you accept my friend request on Roblox please
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
Ronald is better than Karina I'm not subscribing to your channel anymore Karina
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
And your next videos
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
And leave the boys alone what day play video games
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
Don't play fashion famous on your phone
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
The boys were playing the game I just want to shut it off and they pranked you you're made out of nothing girl and Karina
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
Hey Karina I'm after you and you're going to die
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
Girls with play with stars go like wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wee wee
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
Ronald Guys. play Minecraft and make videos turn off Karina's computer
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
hey Karina come to my channel lots of
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
hey Karina where you going to do
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
Ronald call Karina poop Karina
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
Hey poop Karina what are you going to do about it
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
Tell Dad Ronald
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
I am so mad at Karina
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
So you won't play games Revenge Karina
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
Ronald Karina and girl turn off the internet
Mickaelle Brown (6 days ago)
I want revenge Karina if I was Ronald
Caroline Emerson (6 days ago)
When Ronald was a girl and he fell, I almost died of laughter!!🤣😂
marlene young hoi (6 days ago)
The other girl is ronald
gg gold player (6 days ago)
So hilarious 😂👦👧
Rhea Aanya Ganatra (6 days ago)
The girl is actually Ronald
Samantha Draper (6 days ago)
kat 009 (7 days ago)
Girls win
Nalini Kannan (7 days ago)
it is a play date stupids
Markiss Hicks (7 days ago)
Karinas friend is Ronald and Ronalds friend is Karina. You don't have friends? Look at there friends faces
Ed Caban (7 days ago)
I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Izzy Cheek (7 days ago)
what if Ronald's wig fell when he fell
Kitten Lady Musicals (7 days ago)
Ronald is acting karina's friend if you can see that hit the like button if you don't still hit like
Kitten Lady Musicals (7 days ago)
#girls RULE
Amando Riano (7 days ago)
IF Karina's Wig Fell KARINA IS EXPOSED!!!
Winnie Dickey (7 days ago)
Karina was Ronald’s friend Ronald was karinas friend like if u agree
Emma Ling (7 days ago)
I know lol
Mio Tallberg (8 days ago)
Karina you are terabel
Carel unicorn (8 days ago)
Carel unicorn (8 days ago)
Sharifah Pitaran (8 days ago)
Khushi Madhura (8 days ago)
Ronald's friend is karina and karina's friend is ronald
Jodi Gacha Studio (8 days ago)
Karina friend is ronald o see in her face haha and ronald friend is karina because the hair is wig hahahaha
Brielle fleming (8 days ago)
ronald’s voice as a girl lmaooo
Bryan Calderon (8 days ago)
Simoune De Guzman (8 days ago)
That was so fun
Regina Mayo (8 days ago)
What are you talking about amazing slime it’s Ronald Not Donald 😂
Regina Mayo (8 days ago)
I already knew that they were pretending to be the friends because I saw their faces were the same
Charlie Shah (8 days ago)
Arvin Bryce Reobaldo (9 days ago)
The other karina looks like Ronald😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
My hamster life (9 days ago)
*girl sleepovers are the best!!!!* *but Ronald though☺️
Syaza Aisyah (9 days ago)
I love you so much❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😗😙😚💕🤩🤒😷🤧🤮🤢
Fitri Iman (9 days ago)
ronald are so funny when he is a girl
amy kerner (9 days ago)
What is your brother in your closing
Iqbal Tube (9 days ago)
Hey ronald's i know your fren is karina
Tropical Z (9 days ago)
I have a crush on you karina
myo zawpaing (9 days ago)
myo zawpaing (9 days ago)
You don't know the boys are soooooooo sadfish
Shreya Karki (9 days ago)
Karina ' s friend was ronald and ronald 's friend was karina a like if you saw
Paxton Stulce (9 days ago)
Go look at my channel it is Paxton stulce
Miracle Nosakhare (9 days ago)
Ronald is the girl
Puggle Tube (9 days ago)
Soooooo.... I’m a tomboy...... and I’m scared of the girl thing....
Imelda Nava (9 days ago)
Omg i cant belive my eyes bro is the girl and sis is the boy
Kiley Hutchinson (9 days ago)
Oh my gosh Ronald😱😱😱
David Lebeau (9 days ago)
Find the difference 🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒👦🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒👦👦🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒
jinal patel (9 days ago)
My are you tailing so weird
Caiden _ CB (9 days ago)
Ronald friend is Karina And Karina friend is Ronald
Joelle Tv (10 days ago)
Fined the different emoji 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😗😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Florencea Arumdapta (10 days ago)
amir awzomeness (10 days ago)
Girl dies
chip chewning (10 days ago)
I pick girls because they do stuff
Suman Gurung (10 days ago)
right Karina was a boy! and Ronald was a girl!
Fairren Meyers (10 days ago)
Karina. Acting. Like a. Boy
tonybc4 (10 days ago)
Ian Reynolds (10 days ago)
Brother and sister playing

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