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Galaxy Nails tutorial

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I'M ON INSTAGRAM!! http://instagram.com/andreaschoice There are tons of pics online of these if you want more inspiration =) Hope you like!! thank you for watching xoxo Links: My Blog: ‪‪http://andreaschoiceonline.com‬‬ TWITTER! ‪‪http://twitter.com/AndreasChoice‬‬ Official Facebook Page: ‪‪http://www.facebook.com/AndreasChoice‬‬ TUMBLR: ‪‪http://andreaschoice.tumblr.com‬‬ Twitpic (Phone photos): ‪http://twitpic.com/photos/AndreasChoice‬ DailyBooth (webcam photos): ‪http://dailybooth.com/andreaschoice‬ Chick Approved: ‪http://chickapproved.com/partner/andreaschoice‬ Or, See all of my profiles here: ‪‪http://itsmyurls.com/andreaschoice‬‬ FTC: not sponsored.
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Text Comments (794)
Ellie M (4 years ago)
your makeup is soo pretty in this video!
Chenell1100 (4 years ago)
I like the purple one
Denise N (5 years ago)
Please do more Nail arts! I love them, also the diy and re using things
easy and fun
anushka singh
anushka singh
Becci (5 years ago)
Jocelyn Acosta (5 years ago)
I just tried this it looks soooooooooooooooooo  cute
jenn stacks (5 years ago)
Can u do it wth a napkin
bleach (3 years ago)
I tied it with a napkin but it doesn't have the same effect
Cynthia Carrillo (5 years ago)
wow thats easy thx!!!
Isabella Sciacca (5 years ago)
u have amazing nails!!!
Robyn Johnson (5 years ago)
I defiantly doing these for when I go see mcfly xxxxxxxxxxx
andrea (5 years ago)
lol I thought the sponge waz a piece of cake!!!
Alexis Becerra (5 years ago)
Lucy Rocks (5 years ago)
more nail DIY please
Nancy Ly (5 years ago)
Maybe your doing it wrong
Denise Ayala (5 years ago)
? Didn't work byotch
Angela Abney (5 years ago)
u r def my favorite channel on youtube!! great videos, keep it up!!
Sienna아미 (5 years ago)
That is so cute!!!!!!! Ok I don't know if u noticed this but,what is up with everybody (including me and u) loving the galaxy all of a sudden???!!! It's like someone stuck a science book in our heads lol!!!! Luv u 2!!!!!!:3
dawn alston (5 years ago)
i didnt know she did comercials
Ellie Abdeltam (5 years ago)
Candace Laroe (5 years ago)
woah please do my nails
Hae Lee (5 years ago)
its acrylic
Serenity Sanchez (5 years ago)
I did this because I had to do a project and a report Ion the galaxy
Diana Estrella (5 years ago)
How long does it take for your nails to get that long?
rh5555 (5 years ago)
duh dum ssssss!!
Abigail de Souza (5 years ago)
i thought i was imagining it when i heard it :P
Abigail de Souza (5 years ago)
Why when you do it , it looks so easy to do & so good ......when i try it >_> it looks a hot mess :/
tinhouse544 (6 years ago)
lol you're not the only one! =]
emily wilborn (6 years ago)
Wow tht looked really easy!.....watch me try it & jack it up lol
Ackaria Thomas (6 years ago)
i think those r really cute and u should do more diy on more jeans tht r unique
Bugzy017 (6 years ago)
What colors did u use for the purple nails
elleroLUV (6 years ago)
Or u could dab a shimmery nail polish n them. A clear nail polish if u dont have glittery ones
Dianey Vargas (6 years ago)
I liked the purple ine
Dianey Vargas (6 years ago)
I liked the one in purple
optimus shi (6 years ago)
Saloni (6 years ago)
briguzman37 (6 years ago)
More diy
jasmin emi (6 years ago)
More diyyy!!
Miruna Selena (6 years ago)
Andrea, I want more DIY videos ! :( PLEASE!
Ann Voltaire (6 years ago)
Looks like cake lol
ccpr15 (6 years ago)
omg....that's beautiful! i love astronomy n i have to try this! btw ur gorgeous! :-)
Niko Stearns (6 years ago)
hey i could have these nails with my Galaxy shorts that i made that was one of your DIY videos!
Lea De Menezes (6 years ago)
hey since u have done galaxy shorts and nails why dont u do a galaxy top .pls !!!!!
Callista Anindhita (6 years ago)
You looks like Adriana lima!!!
jade zee (6 years ago)
are those galaxy nails.... because your fingers are out of this world.
Samantha Wong (6 years ago)
LOVE YOUR MAKE -UP ! Make a tutorial!
ana gonzalez (6 years ago)
Sn00zy Panda (6 years ago)
do i have to wait til it dried then put on top glitter coat?
Julia lovesapple (6 years ago)
Chanel vertigo? :D
LeenieXD13 (6 years ago)
I think you're the most hipster beauty guru ever! :)
Juliette T (6 years ago)
is your black nail polish shellac? it looks amazing!!
kiki (6 years ago)
Nope !
Martina Cornejo (6 years ago)
Do you need to have the sponge wet?
sarnobyl (6 years ago)
Do you let the highlight color dry before you add on the second color?
Jessica Rampley (6 years ago)
Do you have acrylics on in this video?
karine kaufmann (6 years ago)
Great vid
AliBwaBwa (6 years ago)
One year ago
Ana Luísa Resende (6 years ago)
Madis (6 years ago)
you honestly are just so perfect please dont stop making videos...EVER.
Vanessa Longoria (6 years ago)
@SalinaKidane My friend got it for me at Hot Topic. It comes in Lime green, pink, or baby blue :3
Salina Kidane (6 years ago)
where'd you get it?
Vanessa Longoria (6 years ago)
I used a glow in the dark glitter nail polish :3
Annabell Paramore (6 years ago)
omg i saw you in a video of herrtutorial / sami ! you're so pretty ! :))
SIngBecauseUCan (6 years ago)
Haha lol 0:12 " i see something furry coming along " ^.^ gets me everytime = )
Jane Huang (6 years ago)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your look in this video.. I was hoping you could do a tutorial or something? :)
Serena (6 years ago)
My cousin farted right when you said "cosmo nails" so i thought you said CONDOM nails
Samantha Still (6 years ago)
Really love this :) gonna try it now but with dark purple and light blue
Gabriella .C (6 years ago)
I Like The Purple Ones (:
appy fizz (6 years ago)
beautiful! <3
Charley Barker (6 years ago)
Well, mine didn't go so well...
MsSamiWami (6 years ago)
just did my nails like this and they look super cool!! thanks, andrea!
Triinu Kessel (6 years ago)
What breed is it? :)
Char (6 years ago)
Please show us your nail polish collection!
Kayla Hawman (6 years ago)
Love thessse
Lyl L (6 years ago)
I have the same dog as you !!
Tykiana Blue (6 years ago)
@superwafflelove irk
black irre (6 years ago)
Amazing, thank you soooooo much ♥
rmarzz _ (6 years ago)
i did my own version with planets, nebulas supernovas and all .. looked cool :D
emma (6 years ago)
then it will just look like different colored poo poo.
icyflamer (6 years ago)
how can someone be that gorgeous?....its just not fair.
AliBwaBwa (6 years ago)
usually when i do nail tutorials they go wrong but this one was easy cute and fun
Rianna Hurree (6 years ago)
You should do more nail art tutorials!
theilokana (6 years ago)
ummmm..whut?! O_O no she doesn't.
Jackie R (6 years ago)
i did a purple and pink one and i loved it!!!!! <3!!
anj767 (6 years ago)
Pretty Nails :)
casstpl (6 years ago)
You look like Jennifer Garner.
sarahbechillin (7 years ago)
WilsieCoot (7 years ago)
0:37 Thought that was cheese..
mame yacine ba (7 years ago)
jolies les reflets verts.
k0eybab3 (7 years ago)
Also,can you show me which color you used in 3:01?
k0eybab3 (7 years ago)
I love this OuterSpace Nails so much,especially 3:01... but i can't make it beautiful like you:( Can you show me more clearly how to make it??
Vampyra (7 years ago)
Ooooohhhhh I love this tutorial!!! I cant wait to try this out!!!! Thanks doll! :)
maimayme (7 years ago)
hhahaha this was such a cute look, saved it so I can try it out later.
MsBila18 (7 years ago)
Andrea's video's are wayyyyyy better. Michelle is Nice and boring.
littlemortician (7 years ago)
@MissFenix555 actually Andrea is a lot less serious than Michelle, in some of her videos I rarely see her laughing. And for mixed chicks and black chicks, Andrea can model the makeup a lot better. Plus Michelle doesn't even do nail tutorials. And lately her videos have gotten worse. So to me Andrea let's me know what the makeup will look t
writergirlshoegal (7 years ago)
I'm about to go try this right now! thanks:)
ChelseaLucero (7 years ago)
if it doesn't come out as nicely as you'd hoped add more glitter top coat, you can't go wrong, i learned this weekend.
helalalove (7 years ago)
Tried this. It worked out fantasitically! Thank you! <3
Miss Fenix (7 years ago)
@ElisabethVassy because Michelle Phan is better ;)
AnimalLover4171 (7 years ago)
r u mixed or african what? i would really like to know :} please
Jeanette Abbene (7 years ago)
im so trying this.. love your videos!(:

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