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Ninja Scroll 10_C

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final del cap 10
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snicus76 (1 month ago)
This animation (2003) is TV version of 'Ninja Scroll (1993)' Original animation is Theater version. So, in spite of time gap, the quality of Theater version is even better than that of TV version.
videos que casi nadie ve (2 months ago)
Jubei vs kenshi himura quien gana?
james fiaco (3 months ago)
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RafaelH (4 months ago)
Musica de mierda que tiene esa, no encaja no va no le queda
h k (4 months ago)
10년전 작화보다 떨어지는 요즘 애니
А по русски можно?
김인화 (2 months ago)
종국으로 갈수록 뭔가 많이느껴지네
h k (4 months ago)
+Fernando De Nuzzo i can eng a little
Fernando De Nuzzo (4 months ago)
Perché non lingua italiana?
Supreme Athletes Only (5 months ago)
Thank you take care
Djalma Oliveira (5 months ago)
Show desenho muito bom 👍
SirHumanoid1 (5 months ago)
What kind of ninja scroll is this?

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