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GTA 5 - Pimp My Ride #34 | HotKnife (Hot Rod) Pimping Competition! Vote Now!

832 ratings | 98087 views
Vote down in the comment section who had the best pimping of the Hotknife! Please COMMENT, RATE AND SUBSCRIBE!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!!
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Text Comments (155)
Tameishm Laster (9 months ago)
Shaun Van de velde (1 year ago)
this needs a livery like the hermes
Egglord (2 years ago)
Why does that one kid sound like he's in middle of the Vietnam war and trying to contact USA for help
CuteProGaming (2 years ago)
Jimmy as best
nexus (2 years ago)
I don't like buffering screens
Scott Bailey (2 years ago)
how do u get those???
Youri (2 years ago)
+Youri you*
Youri (2 years ago)
Tou can't get them anymore. Unfortunatly
MTB Freestylerzz (2 years ago)
The midnight blue😎won!!!!
Matthew Smith (2 years ago)
CLK_RSILLIKUS (2 years ago)
It either orange red or blue or green those are your colors
DriftmasterLP Sahm (3 years ago)
i Like stevens
Arty Ivanenko (3 years ago)
The yellow and blue one wins because Ukraine!
Jesse racing 17 (3 years ago)
cam drift looks best
Slurpy Phoenix (3 years ago)
The one looks like a taxi
Slurpy Phoenix (3 years ago)
Cammys by a mile
Luk4 (3 years ago)
the lime and chrome was TOTALLY SICK!!!!
Nicole Yacobellis (3 years ago)
Ronny Mokodongan (3 years ago)
my name is fOch37
Ronny Mokodongan (3 years ago)
can u add me
Ronny Mokodongan (3 years ago)
can I be friend with u because im poor
Savage Boy (3 years ago)
I won't the car
Dalton Finney (3 years ago)
English please
Todd Gamez (3 years ago)
I think camdirt has the bes vehicle because of the nice hood and the nice colors. I feel like triple intakes aren't as good as single and double intakes. But u guys all did amazing 👌👍😉
Christian Tolentino (3 years ago)
I like the chrome and lime green one
Crimsonix (3 years ago)
Dunster (3 years ago)
sorry to say I didn't like the coloured of any of the cars
Brandon Thomas (3 years ago)
lave red was so much better
Brandon Thomas (3 years ago)
M No limit (3 years ago)
Ben Naseby (3 years ago)
Yer I really want it on xbxo360
TyrannoKoenigsegg (3 years ago)
ur friend said I DIDNT GET THE BOOST in an impromptu race dumbass
Timi the Gaming Boi (3 years ago)
I want that, looks badass
DeeJay Johnson (3 years ago)
What your psn name jimmy and your friends
THE COD (3 years ago)
U get the hotnife only with the colleters edition
RingingElk Boss2 (3 years ago)
Nobody wins if the engine is exposed you might as well expose other things it's weird how everything is covered but the engine if he took the side thing off jimmy would have dominated but for respray jimmy wins they all did bad for paints except jimmy
zVestra (3 years ago)
I liked cammy or kammy
Gas Mask Gang (3 years ago)
Is this car worth having?
linda havely (3 years ago)
I say Jimmys is better I like the red and white it's very cool
Ben Naseby (4 years ago)
My gt is bennyboy351 on xbox360 only Plz help any modded cars I want to dupe them
Ben Naseby (4 years ago)
If anyone has the hotknife on xbox360 I will trade you any car for it anyone Plz
Just buy one
You r stupid. U can't trade cars
+arjun singh only on next gen or if you have collectors edition
ImWhiteFire (3 years ago)
Yo can buy it for 50k
Black Jacket Customz (4 years ago)
How'd U get that!!
Domingo Aguirres (4 years ago)
How you get the car
ItzZ (3 years ago)
+Domingo Aguirres If you bought the "GTA V Collecter's Edition",you'll get it, or you can buy it if you have a Xbox One,PS4,or on PC.
rajae williams (4 years ago)
LOWGaming (4 years ago)
Gamer4 Life (4 years ago)
Yours is the bomb bro sick
Emir Batak (4 years ago)
Nathan Henry (4 years ago)
Scrambler 41 (4 years ago)
Any one else hate the kid in the back complaining "it's not fair"
Crimsonix (3 years ago)
"Wuts in an ignition bomb?" , I cringed
I HATE MY LIFE (4 years ago)
Uncharted Gamer (4 years ago)
All of the r kinda shiat
GB VIDS (4 years ago)
Guys I know a easy duplication glitch if anyone has this car please add RECKLESS_REDHEAD
Specialized (4 years ago)
did you glich for collector edition
Logan Matchatis (4 years ago)
red n white
Todoroki Shoto (4 years ago)
Anyone willing to dupe this car and the khamelion for me?You will be super awesome if you do!
Nathan09786 (4 years ago)
What platform you on cause I have this and kameloin in my garage and will trade you
Shinigami_Kai (4 years ago)
It's all patched up bro you can't get it unless you bought the collectors edition
Amanda Rafaga (4 years ago)
Jimmys hahahah
Juice (4 years ago)
Nathan Chan (4 years ago)
I vote for Steven
thegamer44100 (4 years ago)
this car i think id based of a 1934 hudson convertible
Uncle murdoc niccals (4 years ago)
I hate i cant have this car its so cool D:
Thomas Schincke (4 years ago)
It's available for everyone when next gen comes out...in like 2 days
Krispy Lispy (4 years ago)
Josh Calvert (4 years ago)
How do u get that car
Tatanya Jackson (4 years ago)
exquisitedark (4 years ago)
I liked blackn green
keewikk (4 years ago)
I am trading a Khamelion for a Hotknife if anyone is interested.
MegaMonkeyDeath (4 years ago)
I hope there is a collecters addition for the next generation consoles.
ploopy523 (4 years ago)
the hotknife is a 1925 ford model T hot rod
Rachael Hrivnak (4 years ago)
I vote for camey
guitarherochamp4 (4 years ago)
I love the hotknife in GTA SA
Poncho Baez (4 years ago)
Awesome vid man
Poncho Baez (4 years ago)
Awesome vid man
oscar martinez (4 years ago)
Chrome and green one
G-G GAMER (4 years ago)
Psn the_cool_people1 add me plz
RyanGioFilms (4 years ago)
I like sTevens
Lawrence Lambert (4 years ago)
green on black
Public Embarrassment (4 years ago)
Green and chrome
BreadVine (4 years ago)
Hey Brad can i duplicate your hotknife by the way yours sas the best
Nick G (4 years ago)
itsMarkohs (4 years ago)
how can you get the collectors edition? like how do you buy the dlc? 
itsMarkohs (4 years ago)
awh okay, been wondering for ages but thanks dude 
Liam Pheely (4 years ago)
add me on psn liam123liamf123
Liam Pheely (4 years ago)
whats your psn name eany one
Harry Bailey (5 years ago)
Blue and yellow
adalina cristobal (5 years ago)
Jimmy breasted he won in my opinion plz add me CJ_MONEY_10
Justin Meyers (5 years ago)
You won!!!!!!!!!
Replayzz (5 years ago)
Green and black and Stevens
TimeToTheKnife is best
Raxyis Crew (5 years ago)
Sidica (5 years ago)
Cami won in my opinion
xXNeonizer213Xx (5 years ago)
Steven and u!!
RubberDuck3039 (5 years ago)
kamie won
Twitch Baltimore (5 years ago)
U epic
Squillager (5 years ago)
100th like!
Lebron Henderson (5 years ago)
Lebron Henderson (5 years ago)
I like the white and red
lee123 (5 years ago)
lee123 (5 years ago)
Cal Kesterman (5 years ago)
TY.L ExoticSupercars (5 years ago)
Benyetti (5 years ago)
add me goulaguy97
KillerPhoenix 25. (5 years ago)
i vote chrome and green
mrpugi135 (5 years ago)
Chrome and green
pbrink224 (5 years ago)
kammy fucked ur day up son
claribelortiz13 (5 years ago)
I liked camdirts
LAINE WOLFE (5 years ago)
Cease The Beast (5 years ago)
Have a race on the highway
AndrewK92 (5 years ago)
Fabian Pineda (5 years ago)
Pleez add my JUNIOR_THE_SK8TA
Fosterland (5 years ago)
Jimmy can i be in one of your pimp my ride i have been in your crew a long time now and been your friend

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