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Does Britain hate face tattoos? These people went undercover to find out - Real Stories Original

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Jonny and Lilly Moon are heavily-tattooed, Della isn't. They're about to trade places to see who can successfully give away their free brownies to the public. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Twitter: https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs From "Even More In Your Face" Content licensed from Little Dot Studios. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected]   Produced by Showem Entertainment Check out our new website for more incredible documentaries: HD and ad-free. https://goo.gl/LwMcmY Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu
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Maria Colls (10 days ago)
I must admit, I would think twice if I saw them randomly on the street.
Leonie (12 days ago)
I'm NOT accepting any food from a stranger on the street. As for my opinion about people who have tattoo's on their face or all over their body? It ist your body, your life, so whatever makes you feel happy, intelligent, productive, or worthy. But to make your face or your whole body into human graffiti just isn't for me on any social level...smiles
Elijah Pettay (13 days ago)
Your not going to have the same kind of people walking around
Dee (16 days ago)
They weren't consistent in the words they used - bit of a difference between "Would you like some Free Vegan Brownies" and "Would you like some free Brownies" .. some people might think the latter is the kind that make you high ;-)
Charlie Foxtrot (19 days ago)
I thought about doing a test like this, I have tattoos on my hands, neck, legs and full sleeves on both arms so I'm covered in tattoos and I notice a difference in how people interact with me when I'm covered up in the winter and when my tattoos are visible in the summer. Similar to some of the issues these people are facing, like people thinking that I use drugs (I dont use) or I'm an atheist (I'm Christian), or that I'm a high school drop out (I graduated high school 1 year and a half early, was in the army 7 years and graduated college and I am working towards a PhD), basically they are just making assumptions about what type of person I am and most of those assumptions are the exact opposite of who I am. Unless your covered in tattoos I don't think most people understand the difference in how we are treated. However this study also didn't account for the clothing they were dressed in, their speech and the fact that they're giving out food on a sidewalk that's not next to a bakery or store that's promoting it, there is a lot of things they could have done better and the title is atrocious.
Anna M. (21 days ago)
Nick K (21 days ago)
its a proven fact that how you look is how you get treated in this world.. if you make yourself look like trash, you will get treated like trash
Amy (22 days ago)
The girl with red hair was kinda shouting and swearing and apparently talking to herself (the passers by didn't know they were being filmed) so I'd avoid her too. She has a bit of a cheek saying she thought people would be likely to approach her because of the way she acted, rather than the way she looks, considering the way she acted was pretty agressive when people were less interested in the second trial. That being said, I think it depends on who your "target audience" is - I have visible tattoos and have seen (usually middle class/snobby types) physically act repulsed or worried about me, while other demographics are generally more accepting, even taking an active interest in asking me about my tattoos. I've found the best way to approach those who act worried or repulsed is to just be friendly, brush it off if it doesn't work. Don't get aggressive/angry and confirm their bias.
nigel hodgson (23 days ago)
I think the word vegan may be the issue...but she does say once “vegan free” ... I wish
Tritan (23 days ago)
Nothing new here.
Mike H (24 days ago)
Moral of the story... don’t get face tattoos
Astarte Astaroth (24 days ago)
I love face tattoos!!!
Kepano 808HI (24 days ago)
Face tattoos just show lack of self respect...no one wants to see that crap.
Mohamed Soltani (24 days ago)
Whether we like it or not, but stereotypes are influencing everybody. *Society : People with face tattoos : gang members, criminals, dangerous ... *what we should do : they are humans like us, we shouldn't judge base on looks.
That is absolutely ridiculous, Britain! Shame on you!
ko ko (25 days ago)
I want to try those vegan brownies
Melissa Brulport (26 days ago)
Is it because of the face tattoo or because they're vegan?
Mike H (24 days ago)
Im more offended they are vegan
Yaana (26 days ago)
Body language and clothing.. Really guys?
synth3tic (27 days ago)
::has noose tattoo on face:: "Why are people sketched out by me?" Really?
Zia Owens (27 days ago)
Where I come from face tattoos you get inside a prison. So, you have to consider where a style came from.
Thunwalai Jitsuwan (27 days ago)
Same here in Bangkok. Lots of people here will look at you different if you have too obvious tattoos like arms, legs, neck, face. They will judged you immediately that you are a bad person. I always heard people talking about my tattoos in a bad way whenever I use a skytrain, shopping mall. Sometime I stay silent sometime I can't. 😐😔
Patty Robin (27 days ago)
Have to hate yourself to cover your body with tattoos ala body dysphoria. Temporary tats, henna flexible, no regrets, fades naturally. Body, life, people, change tats at 20 unattractive at 40+. Actually, at 20 overdoing it is ugly. Artwork itself is often beautiful better on canvas not skin.
Britney Younger (28 days ago)
If you're blaming the clothing or 'personality' difference, then you're just as bad as the people judging the tattoos. A piece of fabric does not define who is 'smart' or 'who is approachable' just as much as tattoos don't. The judgment from society will never change, not everyone thinks the same, not everyone likes whatever you like or wants to do the same hopes and dreams you do, but as sad as people think it seems that is what makes us all different, unique and important. All these 'weird', 'smart', 'opinionated' and 'bold' people, WE NEED. Not everyone wants to become a lawyer or even a bus driver, but some people do! So we shouldn't stand around constantly judging people for THEIR looks, or THEIR personalities or for what THEY chose to do, when if it wasn't for EvErYoNe being so different, then the world simply wouldn't spin.
Mr Varus (29 days ago)
The victim generation.
Brittany Owen (29 days ago)
I wouldn't accept free food from anyone I didn't know.
Brian Evans (29 days ago)
Only ugly people need decorations..
Vitamin Sea (29 days ago)
I dont trust people with tattoos
The Greasy Strangler (29 days ago)
This is just a video to provocate a reaction from people
Simple Things (29 days ago)
The attitude that the red head Clifford the dog girl has yikes
bepowerification (29 days ago)
uhm, everytime I see someone with a face tattoo I just think: "DAMN, this guy/girl is a total moron." I love tattoos! I love punk. but tattooing your face is like saying to the world: "look how stupid I am!"
Hotsauce is Lethal (29 days ago)
10 years ago having face tattoos meant you were either a gang banger or a tattoo artist. Now it just means you're an aspiring sound cloud rapper that works part time as a barista in a hipster coffee shop.
Hippyanon (29 days ago)
I'd say no whether they were tattooed or not just based on them all being out on a tray for everyone to touch and me being a germaphobe lol
Aki Akabane (29 days ago)
Dress the subjects BOTH in proper clean white apron/chef clothings with clean gloves and like a tooth pick and with maybe a booth or sign that says where the brownies are from and why if you wish for a proper fair experiment. If i see someone with black or loose or wide clothing at the side of the street with that kind of sluggish body language and loose hair and no gloves, i would not take ANYTHING from them. ESPECIALLY not food cus i would not have known where had those hands been ya know? Not trying to be rude but it is very true that this is not a properly good constructed test.
Simon Maček (29 days ago)
To me it's not about a face tattoo. But about a reasoning state the person has to be in to go trough it. It's not like people decide today i wanna face tat tomorow. So it takes planing in some way that means you trew away a lot of your thoughts for something that will make you 'diferent'
Gizmo Goose. (29 days ago)
Why is the obvious such a "discovery" for these people!??!
Dill Rogerz (29 days ago)
Face tattoos generally, but not always (obviously), are indicative of someone being a dumbass and/or a criminal.
sheri wilson (29 days ago)
It's your stupid NEGATIVE/PERMANENT VICTIM vibes you give off- NOT the people your are attempting to marginalizeas prejudice- Dipshitz-
ColouredNatural4c (29 days ago)
Maybe because they’re vegan brownies..😐
NPC .000000beta (29 days ago)
She has red hair. (the mark of a libtard) People dont want to eat libtard food. its not the tattoos
Sunshine Monroe (29 days ago)
Welcome to the world of black people. That is how society treats us 24/7/365 just because of the color of our skin....and you wonder why some of us are angry.
LiSa& Bilopalu (29 days ago)
People are just fcn rude, cant judge a book by its cover! Their tattoos are part of them so accept it society!!!
Blackwood 5225 (29 days ago)
I don't think that would happen where I live in the United States. We really don't judge people for tattoos. I guess we are just used to it. I definitely would have accepted a brownie from a person with a face tattoo.
Larry Wolf (29 days ago)
One. I wouldn't accept food or drink randomly from anyone I didn't know. Two. Unless it's a cultural thing, tattoos are just a sign of poor decision-making.
Martin Taylor (29 days ago)
Everyone hates face tattoos
BuBba KuShInGToN (29 days ago)
Siri gave him some kind a drink to hand out (Kool-Aid) because I wouldn’t eat a vegan brownie period unless it had some THC.
TheJapanChannelDcom (1 month ago)
Really? People wont accept food from freaks? Who would have guessed.
Ryan (1 month ago)
Girl with the black hair is absolutely stunning with or without her tattoos 😍
Ryan (29 days ago)
NPC .000000beta 😂
NPC .000000beta (29 days ago)
Give her a shout, mate! Im 100% sure she's single. lol
Ryan (1 month ago)
Girl with the red hair. What a horrid creature! Her attitude is disgusting.
Aqua K (1 month ago)
Um it is not about the tats. Food all exposed, different fingers playing with it and I don't know the hygiene standards of the owners of those fingers. Spitting all over the food etc. Very rarely get takeaways. Plus the girl's attitude is a little spiky. So they don't want a brownie. And?! Detrimental to you how?
Martina B (1 month ago)
Isn't this like the 3rd time the channel uploads this freaking vid?
Welsh Wizard (1 month ago)
Well they should cos the show a certain low intelligence so a possible low hygiene, maybe a problem so why take a chance
LockpickingBelfast (1 month ago)
Damm! Such a change in people
Miss Daisy (1 month ago)
Too overdone with markings. It looks odd. That is the way it looks. Period. Like it or not. Conform or not. Your deal.
Celia Lovett (1 month ago)
The problem isn't face tattoos, it's the vegan brownies. The only guaranteed way to take all the fun out of a brownie, people.
T. Man (1 month ago)
its not the tattoos... it the fact that it is Vegan Brownies. :D
Weaponized Nanotech (1 month ago)
Alex Klatt (1 month ago)
The tattoo crowd are more into drugs & therefore I'd be afraid of ingesting some mind-altering substances..
nuberiffic (28 days ago)
dav_poy (1 month ago)
What is this bizarre pro-tattoo agenda you're constantly trying to push?! Face tattoos are indicative of a disregard for convention and probably therefore would alienate the tattooed from the average person. Nobody is forcing them to have a tattoo, they aren't born with one. They chose to inscribe themselves with a symbol of (supposed) non-conformity, and if you do that then you have to accept the obvious drawbacks. Stop this nonsense and just keep posting old Channel 4 documentaries.
frosty474 (1 month ago)
the simple answer is no.....
moon glow (1 month ago)
They really must dislike face tattoos, bcos this is about the fourth channel to upload this study on the Brits❕
jumpinjakeflash1 (1 month ago)
Of course. Face tattoos are associated with thug life. I wouldn't accept an unwrapped brownie from a nun, much less someone whose face is covered in tattoos. I have tattoos and my sons have tattoos, but as I told them: If you expect to have a job which relates to people, do NOT get face or neck tattoos. Period. Your premise is ridiculous, connoting that people are wrong for not accepting an unwrapped brownie from a dude who has a hangmans noose tattooed on his face. Get real.
briank05 (1 month ago)
3:42 of course they aren't looking into your eyes you have scribbles on your face!!!!!
NPC 33331 (1 month ago)
Fake news
UPROAR 24 (1 month ago)
Face, neck and leg tattos just look awful on anyone, but next time you should have the people wear the same uniform to get a real responce.
East Anglian (1 month ago)
Maybe they're not hungry, or they not vegan?
Viviana T (1 month ago)
This is call anthropology 🤔🤔
(1 month ago)
old stupid video :(
Rull Mourn (1 month ago)
How many more freakin Times you gonna run these tat experiment vids?..nobody cares.
Martina B (1 month ago)
It's literally the same vid being uploaded over and over,,,wth
koffinkat666 (1 month ago)
My goodness the chick with the bangs is a babe
JR (1 month ago)
When you look like a moron people assume you are a moron.
Simple Mind (1 month ago)
And the point is?
Mumbʟes005 (1 month ago)
Fake News. Unsubscribed.
Andrew Roberts (1 month ago)
That red haired girls attitude is disgusting too.
Jennie Hughes (13 days ago)
Ta ooz ?
Andrew Roberts (1 month ago)
Nothing to do with the face tattoos..... More than likely the "vegan" part..... This proves nothing about face tattoos and was likely cherry picked to fit your narrative
TK Talk (1 month ago)
gets a face tattoo to stand out gets upset when people notice you standing out and make judgements okaaay
Moth (1 month ago)
Tattoos are disgusting.
Thomas っ億彙 (1 month ago)
I swear these people are stupid and im getting fed up with these pointless 'experiments'.
IWreck Hi (1 month ago)
Ignoring the overwhelming evidence that getting face tattoos are connected with past traumatic sexual abuse, if you personally decide to look like a clown expect to be treated like one
Fran Celia Music (1 month ago)
I won't take from either , I espcially won't take any from the ones with those tats .
VoL. (1 month ago)
I’m black, people don’t won’t go engage with me either way.
glenda sabo (1 month ago)
She has red hair....didnt make a diff. But tats ate nasty.
iheartigloos (1 month ago)
👎 on this video = poorly executed experiment
iheartigloos (1 month ago)
Read the feedback from us.....we aren't enjoying these skewed "experiments" and they aren't helpful. It's not opening a dialogue and we aren't learning anything about us or our society. We only learn that you plan the experiment to get the result that you want. I'm over it. 😑
🎭 AudioXVNVX 🎭 (1 month ago)
if they were weed brownies let's take a walk lol
Art Lovaa (1 month ago)
The experiment wasn't very consistent tbh.
Olive Juice (1 month ago)
You gave the non-tattooed subjects cleaner clothes, not to mention the ones WITH the tattoos seem extremely awkward and uncomfortable before even being approached. THAT is what makes them unapproachable. Body language is important. You notice after having the tattoos covered the subjects are more confident... That's why people stopped to speak to them. It's the individuals level of confidence and acceptance in themselves. Often times I hear the people with face tattoos talk down about themselves, they are sometimes very insecure. Don't know if they are insecure of their decision or if they were insecure before and the face tattoos are like a mask.
Shane Bourke (28 days ago)
I totally agree
rollmeister (1 month ago)
Got tattooes? You skum!
John Senchak (1 month ago)
what up (1 month ago)
Britian hates face tattoos but loves muslim invaders that hate them ...get your priorities straight
what up (1 month ago)
+miss true semen yea and 98% believe and want sharia law implemented in the countries they invade..if you dnt know what sharia law is it is word for word against white western values and laws
blabla62871 (1 month ago)
+miss true semen you cant trust peole who believe in fairy tales
miss true semen (1 month ago)
Most Muslims are good people
The Fur Monsters (1 month ago)
It's not so much the tattoos... It's the overall clothing and attitude...
CrusaderPRT (1 month ago)
More like, i'd never accept food from a stranger that looks like a stoner, specially vegan bullshit food.
vevven ennevvev (1 month ago)
LOL ok, A. It should be pretty obvious from the nature of this "experiment" that the result would've been the same regardless of how the person looked. B. How are you gonna claim that an individual's decision to get tattoos on their face says NOTHING about them? A facial tattoo isn't exactly something that just pops up by accident. At the VERY LEAST, you can safely assume that someone with a face tattoo is willing to live in open disregard for social norms. Like it or not, broadcasting that fact to the world has social ramifications.
elven bitch (1 month ago)
Did you even watch the video? The results weren't the same at all.
Natasha Bain (1 month ago)
One thing I noticed was when the people had tattoos they were dressed down yet when they didn't have the tattoos they were dressed smartly. The best way to do this test would be to dress them exactly the same when they have the tattoos to when they do not have the tattoos. That way you would get a true result. The result given from this was unfair and biased so it made people look as tho they were rude, ignored etc people with tattoos. Also surely it would have been better to do the test outside a bakers/cakeshop? Accepting food from someone whom could be anyone and no stand etc would make people dubious especially in this day and age. I personally go on peoples attitude not what they look like and have lots of friends with tattoos. If people had heard the girl who had the tattoo put on mouthing off when people ignored her etc that would also have put them off as you do not know who is watching which is why when doing things like this you have to be nice all the time, smile and be polite no matter what.
The Pronoun I (1 month ago)
Yes, but that wouldn't prove their point.
Li Linder (1 month ago)
People call my tattoo a scrap book 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Toby, or am I? (1 month ago)
Terrible experiment =/
???? bla (1 month ago)
Agreed !Causation over correlation , doesn't prove anything, they are dressed inappropriately to giving out free brownies.
Ms. K G (1 month ago)
The 2 individuals that covered their tattoos look 💯 better without them. They should reconsider removing them.
kecola (1 month ago)
This is a mess of an experiment. Their personalities completely changed when their face tats were covered up. They were more upbeat and sociable. Perhaps THAT'S why more people felt more comfortable taking brownies. I don't think it had anything at all to do with their tats.
Mike Hunt (1 month ago)
''Does Britain hate face tattoos?'' Whats there to hate? People simply think its stupid.
Gabriel's Not Dead (21 days ago)
+Boobalopbop nah I know loads of people with face tattoos.... not a poor life choice. Fair enough some maybe extreme but they dont do it for attention, they do it because they like it. Face tattoos are EXTREMELY painful so it's not a decision taken lightly by anyone. Yeh theres insecure people but EVERYONE is insecure about something. People with plastic surgery to the face are insecure not people who tattoo them.
Gabriel's Not Dead (21 days ago)
+Boobalopbop yes that sometimes happens but it's more likely they hide away because they're are terrified of negativity from others. What your describing is an attention seeker..... Fair enough the guy may have to but it's not that common. I'll admit when it comes to tattoos the best advice is wait until your 25 and if you still want the design after about a year then do it. I got a load at 18 and all but one has been covered up.Anyone getting ink like that doesnt do it on a whim ..... especially the face because its excruciating
Boobalopbop (21 days ago)
+Gabriel's Not Dead Actually, people with low self esteem want to have a better self esteem and they often go about it the wrong way, such as for example, looking for validation though other people (hey, they're looking at me! I must look awesome and cool, he loves me, I must be really special, I just bought the biggest boobs and lips, now everyone will think I'm beautiful).
Boobalopbop (21 days ago)
+Gabriel's Not Dead Well the fact is, you live in this world. Not your own world where people are going to see your face tattoo and not immediately assume you're an insecure, poorly educated person who desperately wants people to look at you. Say you don't care what people think all you want, but that's what this video is about. The people who have made poor life choices (face tattoos) wanting to see how they'll be treated if they didn't have the tattoos. Do what you want to your body, have your nose removed and a replaced with a 3 foot long elephant's snout if you want, but don't be surprised when people only want to see you at a circus.
Gabriel's Not Dead (22 days ago)
+Boobalopbop well then why on earth are you assuming people had face tats done just for others to look at?.?. Not how it works.... we choose a tattoo and we choose where we want it, end of story. Also people with low self esteem usually shy away from others than making themselves stand out
Gary_R1872 (1 month ago)
Nothing to do with the tattoos but I’d never eat food offered in the street by a stranger.. that’s just me though
Miss Molly (26 days ago)
Or pot luck dinners at work. Never ever do this!
Gritty (29 days ago)
No, that's every reasonable person.
Gary_R1872 (1 month ago)
Boobalopbop even still. I’m weird when comes to food like really fussy lol
Boobalopbop (1 month ago)
But if they're in front of the shop they're giving samples from?
lordcrunk (1 month ago)
This experiment again, done wrong. The clothing, phrasing, attitude, body language must be exactly the same between the two test modes. The only difference can be the face tattoos. smh
The Greasy Strangler (29 days ago)
This is purposely done to provoke a reaction
the one and only (29 days ago)
Yes, exactly! Thank you!

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