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My Style Inspirations

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People, things & places which inspire my style ♡ SOCIAL MEDIA ♡ My Vlog channel! - http://www.youtube.com/Thesammimariashow My Blog - http://www.beautycrush.co.uk Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheBeautycrush Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SammiMaria Instagram - http://instagram.com/thebeautycrush Tumblr - http://www.samanthasmaria.tumblr.com Contact me: Email - [email protected] Personal Email - [email protected] P.O Box: Sammi 2nd Floor, 100-106 Leonard St, London, EC2A 4RH ________________________________________ ♡ TECHNICAL INFO ♡ Camera - Canon 700D Editing software - FinalCutProX ________________________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__ PEOPLE MENTIONED Ashley - http://ashley-ringmybell.blogspot.co.uk Olivia - http://lusttforlife.com B - http://idressmyselff.blogspot.co.uk | https://www.youtube.com/user/idressmyselff Miranda Kerr Alexa Chung Jameela jamil Rumi - http://www.fashiontoast.com Zoe Kravitz Mariannan - http://mariannan.costume.fi/ AREAS London: Carnaby St. Shoreditch / Hoxton Kensington Paris BOOKS Paris Street Style Berlin Street Style NYLON Street View
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Text Comments (488)
My Style 5 (1 year ago)
There are some great inspiration sources in here, thanks for sharing!
TheAppelpaj (3 years ago)
You look incredibly gorgoeus here!
Samantha Marie (4 years ago)
Where did you get that top?? It looks gorgeous on your skin!! <3
René Ramos (4 years ago)
Someone please tell me the name of her lipstick? i'm obsessed! 
Ora R (4 years ago)
I advise you the native fox blog ;) http://thenativefox.blogspot.com/2013/12/ifea.html her style is just perfect *.*
Nydia E. Mercado (4 years ago)
Yes! Street Style is my favorite source of inspiration <3 love your videos, a big hug from Puerto Rico!
Hester Grange (4 years ago)
I absolutely adore you!!
Annie (4 years ago)
hey Sammi may i ask you where do you buy your rings? love
MR (4 years ago)
UK seems to have better clothes than the US in all honesty!
DBo O (4 years ago)
Wehre is your top and nail polish from??? 😍
Abigail Gibbs (4 years ago)
So preety
Abigail Gibbs (4 years ago)
U look like beyonce
Ashelle Usher (4 years ago)
OMG blue looks amazing on u
Milena Lee (4 years ago)
How do you set your profile pic on your YouTube channel lol love you!!!😘😘❤️
spiritrose98 (4 years ago)
whats your nationality?
Candice Constantine (4 years ago)
you have beautiful skin
Porcelain Eleanor (4 years ago)
You are literally flawless, you look amazing! Love your eye makeup in this video, you look a little oriental inspired, it really suits you! X
ellie bick (4 years ago)
ur hair looks nice up xx
Ceyda M Akay (4 years ago)
Hey Sammi i loved this video !  i wanted to know where you got your Kimono ?
Amyy Mo (4 years ago)
Wear did you get your outfit from ?
Ying Ci (4 years ago)
that top looks amazing on you x
shoog dana (4 years ago)
Omg u look like jadahdoll
shoog dana (4 years ago)
Omg u look like jadahdoll
Tati D (4 years ago)
LOVED this video
shivs (4 years ago)
where is her top from?
A I (4 years ago)
Hey is it possible to know where you got your printed kimono looking thing? I love (from what I can see) how you've styled it with an up-do. X
MelB (4 years ago)
You have such a beautiful energy!
luname (4 years ago)
you yourself, Sam, a major style inspiration to me :)
sahra sahra (4 years ago)
My biggest fashion inspiration are the olsen twins. I love their style, so minimal, so basic but so stylish as well. Love them, everyone who searches for a good fashion inspiration check them out!
Nicole Cheah (4 years ago)
I really hope you would meet B (idressmyselff) and make a video together. The both of you are my biggest inspirations!
Tekla Revesz (4 years ago)
I knew I saw Ashley from ringmybell somewhere before! She is Ashley Madekwe actress and she was on Revenge! I loved her on Revenge she is so gorgeous and her voice is lovely! 
Regina McNulty (4 years ago)
Sammi can you tell us where your top is from? its beautiful 
leanne shay (4 years ago)
your flawless ♥♥
robin gle (4 years ago)
Your top really brings out your eyeballs lol
Wandiola (4 years ago)
Sammi! would you be able to do a video detailing your style evolution?
danielle you (4 years ago)
where is your top from <3  loveeee
hannam971 (4 years ago)
Where is your top from? It looks amazing! xx
Cerys Doe (4 years ago)
Wheres your shirt from?xo
Ciecie Newson (4 years ago)
This was great.  I am looking for some new style girls on youtube and you've helped tremendously.  I like your style a lot and your tip of starting with the basics and building up.
kissbubbles78 (4 years ago)
Where's your top from please ?
WhateverIsTrueASMR (4 years ago)
this was a really cool & helpful idea for a video!
Anastasia S. (4 years ago)
That backwards hanger is really bringing out the OCD in me
Evie Brown (4 years ago)
Add me on depop, for cheap but fashionable clothing! www.depop.com/eveted
Breeny Lee (4 years ago)
Oh yeah Aimee of Song of Style also has amazing style!
Breeny Lee (4 years ago)
LOVE All those you've mentioned, You should have totally inserted photos ;) x
S. BEMPSS (4 years ago)
omg I love the top.. how can I find out where its from???
Carmen Martin (4 years ago)
your style inspire me, I think you are one of the most stylish people on youtube
BeautyChick (4 years ago)
Sooo truee
It’s Denise! (4 years ago)
What products do you use for your hair?
Adrianna Marut (4 years ago)
You should do a video on loving and accepting yourself etc Would help a whole lot of people
Lucy Greenwell (4 years ago)
I'm going to Paris tomorrow and can't wait to look out for the street stye! I'm so excited because I've never been to France before, also love the Parisian style book. xx
Amanda Yeo (4 years ago)
Please do another rack tour!
Cherinda Zwier (4 years ago)
You must do a video about how you lose weight! What you're eating, and your fitness routine! Your body is really, healthy, and has a beautiful glow, and your collar bones look gorgeous. You just looks flawless!
Melissa Vasquez (4 years ago)
Can you do a curly hair routine?
Queen Calamari (4 years ago)
She's wearing color!
ALaha Bakhtiar (4 years ago)
Love the top where is it from
Marina Borja (4 years ago)
Hair routineeee
poui poui (4 years ago)
i love fashiontoast and lustforlife! & of course mariannan lol. I think you might like Neon Blush (Jenny), Fake Leather (Adriana), and Pink Peonies (Rachel). Whatoliviadid is also a nice blog I think, and Trop Rouge :D
sofiejade (4 years ago)
Love glue videos Sammi, but would have loved to see a few photos of each of the girls you spoke about
Sims Thre (4 years ago)
or perizian?
Sims Thre (4 years ago)
what is merizian?
Stephanie Johanna (4 years ago)
i go to london this month i wish i would seee you!!!
Madison Nicole (4 years ago)
the women in France have this air to them too, like so polished and put together even when they might've just thrown stuff on. i love it
Jenn Fernandez (4 years ago)
are you going to do anymore makeup videos or have you moved on from that?
Andrea P (4 years ago)
I have both of those books! Love them so much for inspiration. Great video!
chelleloreto (4 years ago)
I'm always on the hunt for new, inspiring blogs to peruse! Thanks for the recommendations, Lust For Life is such a gorgeous blog. 
Natasha Neary (4 years ago)
I need to know where your top is from!
Amalie Bruun (4 years ago)
Where is your shirt/blouse from? :-)
Ky (4 years ago)
This is quite random, but I love your blue eyes <3
Celine Johansen (4 years ago)
What nail polish is that ?? Love the vid <3
Elena Lohse (4 years ago)
I do cute fashion and outfits vidz!
offsoul (4 years ago)
Sammie, you're truely my style inspiration! xx
Celina Karine (4 years ago)
You are one of my style inspirations, beautiful Sammi :)
Elly Jimenez (4 years ago)
You look so much like Jadah Doll!! <3 You are soo beautiful
Cameale R (4 years ago)
Can u do a tutorial on Michelle Keegan she plays Tina McIntyre on Corrie St.?
Zina Bazarbashi (4 years ago)
The first inspiration is ashley from Revenge! Haha oh wow never knew she was a fashion blogger!
Tina Enad Tagle (4 years ago)
love your makeup here!
jessica lin (4 years ago)
Love your hair and what you're wearing in this video :)
LaLa Land (4 years ago)
sammi! is it possible if you could do an updated skincare routine? thanks:)
Alex Turp (4 years ago)
Could you perhaps think of making an "embrace your body/hair" video. I'm struggling at the moment to come to terms with the way I look and it would be really useful if I could have some tips on how to find my "go to" hairstyle. I always would appreciate any advice you have on foods/drinks that I could try that would just give me that confidence boost and make me feel good about my body. I love hearing your advice and I think you are amazing :* xoxo
nicoleali15 (4 years ago)
your beauty is literally mesmerizing 
sos wa (4 years ago)
among all the youtubers  i watch , you are the 1st one that i like her style and inspired me..  
Dominique Froud (4 years ago)
Hi i love your style  - this website is amazing :) - http://www.runwaybandits.com/ its a bit like zara/urban outfitters/topshop/american apparel
Corkeeyyy (4 years ago)
You look super sophisticated in this video 💁
ele kar (4 years ago)
It seems that lately your style is more mature and "settled" 'cause you stick to the basic, flattering, feminime pieces.Your style is polished, but not overdone!! You look flawless!! Kisses from Greece, Electra.
dani dani (4 years ago)
you're an inspiration to many! x
fromhatstoheels (4 years ago)
Such a lovely video. Thanks for sharing all this. I hope you'd watch one of my videos once :-) xo
Anni Ernstson (4 years ago)
I loved this video and found it so inspiring. Your style is the most gorgeous and i find it so inspiring. Your my top style inspiration! <3
MonicaStyle Muse (4 years ago)
YOUR STYLE IS TO DIE !! I can definitely relate to your style alot !! come to ny ! =) 
Laura Neuzeth (4 years ago)
You look gorgeous in this video! You are definitely one of my style inspirations. I love when you keep things quite minimal but then you switch it up and go for something more urban. Your style is impeccable Sammi.
Tamaryn (4 years ago)
OMG Idressmyselff, I followed her for a while, she is amazing and great for inspiration. You and her are my fashion icons.
Katie Lee (4 years ago)
if you like idressmyself, then im sure you will love erika bowes. Her instagram is erikabowes if you havent followed her yet! idk if she has a blog or sth but i just LOVE her style just as much as i love yours and the ppl you recommended. def check her out! <3
Paola Devora (4 years ago)
Does anyone know how she does that pattern thing at the beginning of her video?
LetsJazzItUp (4 years ago)
I didnt watch the whole video so idl if you did this but you should have put pictures of these ppls style in this video (more than one pic for each person) to get your point across. Googling all these ppl is a pain.
Sophie Marette (4 years ago)
LetsJazzItUp (4 years ago)
it would have been fun to see the pics in the video tho
LetsJazzItUp (4 years ago)
Hanna Simmonite (4 years ago)
She has linked all their blogs so you don't have to do that. 
Gabriela Lubaba (4 years ago)
You're super toned Sammi! <3
Allie Davies (4 years ago)
Love this video! Feeling totally inspired to do one similar. Totally agree that streetstyle is the number one source of inspiration
trediciii (4 years ago)
Ahhh!! You didn't say "hope you're all well" I'm so used to hearing that lol
Aleksandra Z (4 years ago)
i'm really curious what have you studied and at which university. Can you answer me, please? ;)
Sophie A Sings (4 years ago)
Really liked this different sort of video sammi! btw please do a video on your makeup here ahhh
Yolanda .P (4 years ago)
could you do like different prom looks for a video? 
priyath dhaliwal (4 years ago)
Sammi your blouse/ kimono is gorgg where is it from i bloody love it xx

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