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Top 10 Dead or Alive Characters

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Top 10 Dead or Alive Characters Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest We'd rather meet these fighters in a game of volleyball! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Dead or Alive Characters! In this video we'll be looking at characters from throughout this lengthy fighting game series just in time for Dead or Alive 6! Check out these other great videos: Top 10 Fighting Game Characters - https://youtu.be/DEKjL0M6No4 Top 10 Street Fighter Characters - https://youtu.be/CF4jUpuUqcc Top 10 Mortal Kombat 11 Guest Characters We Want To See - https://youtu.be/hMrBUEdv3XY Check out the voting page for this list and add your picks: https://www.watchmojo.com/suggest/Top+10+Dead+or+Alive+Characters List Entries and Rank: 10. Bayman 9. Helena Douglas 8. Mila 7. Leifang 6. Tina Armstrong 5. Christie 4. Ryu Hayabusa 3. Ayane 3, 2 & 1: ??? Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://watchmojo.com/suggest and submit your idea. #DeadOrAlive6 #doa6 #FightingGames Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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ashley cookies (5 days ago)
I honestly wouldn't have put Hitomi on the list let alone that high up on the list. I would have put Jann Lee on the list even though I think his sound effects are annoying. Agree with you on everything else though
Jessica P (20 days ago)
My girl Leifang is the best she need to be in that top 3 or #1.....best girl ever in my opinion just look at her DOA 3 ending and broke a boulder with her bare hands BADASS❤❤❤❤ but I'm glad Honoka is not on the list that character is not original her moves is just copies of other characters....so cheap
Ivy Chi (23 days ago)
Bullshit. The number one character is Marie Rose!
Balnazzardi (9 days ago)
Nah, that would be Helena, the one and only Queen/Goddess of DoA
Autobot Renegade (29 days ago)
*Ew!* Ugh! On the floor, you guys!? 🤢🤢🤢🤢😷😷😷😷
Keynan Martinez (1 month ago)
Honoka is the best to me.
HooliganZ Gaming (1 month ago)
Great picks!
Turk-Tech DJ Official (1 month ago)
Tamaki = Hottest character of DOA
Sharbz 123 (1 month ago)
Where is honoka
Manny Vic (1 month ago)
was expecting bass to be on number 1. loool
ryudragon7 (1 month ago)
Ayane is only number 3? Bullcrap!
Malic Zarith (1 month ago)
How is Ryu not number 1 Try beating a good Ryu player and get owned. Marie and Honoka arent even on the list, despite being so popular. Play the game before making a list. I know you didn't play it since you can't even pronounce Ayane's name despite it being said repeatedly in almost every one of the games.
Anonymous Panda (1 month ago)
Wheres Marie rose?XD sad
Kunal Joshi (1 month ago)
Where is ein
Gene Castro (1 month ago)
Where's honoka
Юрий Климин (2 months ago)
My top 10: 10-Zack 9-Leon 8-Kasumi 7-Bass 6-Rig 5-Tina 4-Momiji 3-Bayman 2-Helena 1-Hitomi
E105_Alpha (2 months ago)
SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT ADDING HONOKA. Honoka's very unique, sexy and lovely. Plus got this incredible power that lies in her glove hand :P
JWBerkley007 James (2 months ago)
Kasumi shoul join smash cause in smash run the mini game is run she will be the winner
Ziyang Li (2 months ago)
Who is Laifan?
Nero The Badass Bird (2 months ago)
Helena is #1 for me
Balnazzardi (9 days ago)
Same....she is the one and only true Queen/Goddess of DoA....perfect woman if you ask me :D
O. K-Savea (2 months ago)
Lie fang?
Faith Evergarden (2 months ago)
1 Helena HEL A NA not Helina 2 lee fang not lie fang 3 Ai yana not ayon
Olivion17 (2 months ago)
My top 10 are Ayane Kasumi Hayabusa Ein Helena Christie Hitomi Hayate Zack Jan lee
Advance Warrior (2 months ago)
It bothers me that some of these names are mispronounced. And the answer to your question on Hitomi... me with Ayane... 😈 *relax*
Tenshinsho (2 months ago)
I disagree soo hard with these.. especially with the pronounce those names..
Víctor Alonso Iglesias (2 months ago)
Es difícil ese top. Dead Or Alive es un juego malisimo con unos personajes calcaos de otros juegos
jack dangelo (2 months ago)
This guy needs to learn how to pronounce these things
Bill Lee (2 months ago)
Should've had Zac the Thai island invester and Jann Lee from Korea inspired by Bruce Lee including the rooster sounds, instead of Hitomi and Christie
sonic100X (2 months ago)
They didn't even mention Jann Lee, Gen Fu, Eliot, or Zack. They deserve to be in this list. Leifang's, Ryu's, and Ayane's names were mispronounced.
Dagger Drake (2 months ago)
What? There are boys in DOA series?😂😂😂
sonic100X (2 months ago)
Well duh, there are. Why wouldn't there be.
Miwel (2 months ago)
Ra- i - yu?????? WTF RYU!
RANDOM GUY (2 months ago)
Marie Rose anyone?
Bullshit Man (2 months ago)
I feel like you TRIED to mispronounce all of their names..
QRG (2 months ago)
Hayate should be in the list. He is mostly the reason why Kasumi fights.
xMiniGaming HD (2 months ago)
Tbh I don't agree with the list either. Kasumi may be the main character but she would be dead without Ryu. He should have been number 1 in my opinion. And characters like honoka should have also been put in. They could have added the vf characters from doa 5 in the honorabpe mentions too because a lot of people really like them. Kasumi hasn't really been through hell. She doesn't know the meaning. Ayane, momiji, Rachel and hayate. As well as Ryu know it better. Especially Hayabusa. That's why he should be number 1 in my eyes ^^
sonic100X (2 months ago)
​+xMiniGaming HD All I said was that Honoka doesn't belong on this list, that's all. Just because I said one simple comment means I'm calling you out? In DOA5, Rig and Mila had a bit more background than Marie Rose and Honoka. Usually, it takes more than moves, skills, and appearance for a character to be on the list. It also takes personality and background. Even if Rig didn't have much of a story in DOA5, the story also showed his personality as he appears to be a laid back fun loving kind of character. Also, this list focuses on characters from the DOA franchise, so no VF characters. Your calling me a judgmental lunatic? You're the one who judging me over one simple comment I made and now you're gonna judge my skill level in DOA when you have absolutely no idea who I am, how long I've been a fan of the DOA series, or who my favorite characters are. You're the one who needs to Grow up.
xMiniGaming HD (2 months ago)
+sonic100X 1 don't try be cocky. Idc when the vid came out and Idc if doa 6 is new. You're on about characters that was apart of the story. Well then. What about rig. He's pretty much just like mila, Marie, Honoka. They never really gave him much of a story and in 6 his story is kimd of strange. He's basically mind controlled. What I also find quite ''Pitiful'' is that you have the audacity to try call me out on some silly simple bs when all I did was make an opinion based comment mainly for my main fighter. It could have added different characters and in doa 6 most have been removed. So no gen fu or momiji or Rachel or Leon etc. They may come out as dlc like mai will be. (Sony has it announced in the season pass) I think its really bad that you think Honoka and marie shouldn't have a part in a top 10 doa characters video just because they have a little background. Their moves and skill as well as appearance is more than enough for them to be in it. They're characters that really changed doa5. Now they headline doa6 due to its fanbase. Honoka and Marie are really cute together and you cannot say otherwise. The characters in the doa series are still progressing. So things will change. And this is just an opinion based vid by watch mojo. If you don't like my opinion then maybe you should turn of your device or pc and leave the world of online because you're a poor judgemental lunatic. You are that type of doa player who likely rage quits lobbies over 1 match and if you dont rq you'll probably spam the text box with garbage and hate lol. Seriously tho. Grow up Child. If you decide to reply. Reply with something worth my time to read if not then baii baii _l_(^.~)_l_
sonic100X (2 months ago)
+xMiniGaming HD This video was published before Dead or Alive 6 was released. Look at the date of the video. Like i said, she's a newer character. Before Dead or Alive 6, she along with Marie Rose and Nyotengu didn't have a lot of character and they weren't apart of story mode in Dead or Alive 5. You can't always expect new characters to be apart of the list. Jann Lee, Gen Fu, Eliot, and Zack should have been apart of the list as they were in the series longer, have a lot of character, and are fan favorites.
xMiniGaming HD (2 months ago)
+sonic100X and what. You clearly haven't played 6. She is ayanes sister and raidous daughter. Her bestie is Marie and doa 6 explains it. Play or watch the game before judging what she's actually like. Before judging a character. Think about her design and what she's capable of. This was just my opinion so I don't understand why you would keep commenting??
sonic100X (2 months ago)
+xMiniGaming HD She's a newer fighter and she doesn't have a lot of character like the other fighters.
Pokegamer129 Gaming (2 months ago)
I DONT AGREE! What about the true people, who beat Tina and lisa, Marie Rose and Honoka?!
Pokegamer129 Gaming (2 months ago)
+sonic100X Well, technically true, but combine that with DOA 6 story, and you would be golden. Hopefully, I haven't played 6 yet, but I plan on getting the pre-order I ordered some time back.
sonic100X (2 months ago)
+Pokegamer129 Gaming I've read it before and they have some background but not a lot like most of the characters mentioned in this video.
Pokegamer129 Gaming (2 months ago)
sonic100X (2 months ago)
+Pokegamer129 Gaming They weren't in the Dead or Alive 5 story, so we didn't see a lot of their personality.
Pokegamer129 Gaming (2 months ago)
+sonic100X They were here in dead or alive 5 ultimate/last round. SO DONT TELL ME YOU DIDNT LOOK AT THE DEAD OR ALIVE WIKIA AND SEE THEIR BACKGROUND! THEY WERE HERE AT LEAST 2-3 YEARS!
Dominic Rivers (2 months ago)
Also you’re mispronouncing some of the names Ryu = Ree Yoo Ayane = Eye Yaan Nay Leifang = Lay Fang Bankotsubo = Ban Kote Soo Bo
Dominic Rivers (2 months ago)
You’re actually incorrect about Bayman, the reason he’s after Victor Donovan is because after he did the job Donovan tried to kill Bayman, which is why he was replaced in doa2 by Leon
Gabriel Pedro (2 months ago)
I've known most of these characters because of SFM parodies ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
Blah Face (2 months ago)
Leifang is pronounced leefang
camuto (2 months ago)
You're killing me with these messed up name pronunciations!
nicola dowsell (2 months ago)
The pronunciation of the names is like nails on a chalk board
sakura kai (2 months ago)
Interesting! Good video, but the mispronunciations hehe😅
Miusoka (2 months ago)
Learn how to pronounce their names. Idk if you've ever played the game or what, but seriously you sound uninformed and naive. And where you got your polls for this top ten list is baffling. Coming from someone who has and still plays this game since doa 2.
Ryu hayabusa should have been number 1.
j-hope’s hope (2 months ago)
kasumi was the easiest to handle, honestly.
Teh Kuwen (2 months ago)
Superpower Dragon (2 months ago)
My favorite is Jann Lee
DeinoSarcosuchus (2 months ago)
I didn't think I'd ever come back to WatchMojo again, after it went downhill. But a top 10 DOA characters? Glad someone mentioned it! Edit: I regret coming back. Your Japanese pronunciation hasn't improved one bit, making anything else that's said about the characters and their gameplay completely unreliable. You just don't do enough research. And now I'll have to deal with all the terrible top 10s appearing as recommendations... Before I go, I'll at least watch the honourable mentions.
Jahdoll (2 months ago)
I stopped taking this seriously after they put Mila over Helena.
Balnazzardi (2 months ago)
Ye...as much as I love Mila, Helena is the ultimate Queen and Goddess of DoA and should be number 1 or atleast in top 3 as she is also one of most iconic and oldest running characters of this series.
Gus Nunez (2 months ago)
Top D.O.A. female characters 1) Ayane 2) Kasumi 3) Tina Armstrong 4) Christie 5) Helena Douglas 6) Lisa "La Mariposa" Hamilton 7) Honoka 8) Mila 9) Hitomi 10) Leifang Honorable Mentions: - Momiji - Rachel • Mai Shiranui • Sarah Bryant • Pai Chan • Naotora Ii • Spartan-458 - Nyotengu - Kokoro
Juan (2 months ago)
I always have a hard time dealing with brad wong
DanTheMan33088 (2 months ago)
Where's my wife Honoka?
NobleOwl17 (2 months ago)
Watchmojo is retarded, no Jann Lee or Zack??? But Tina and Christie.... JL and Zack are the two best fighters in the lore 🤦🏻‍♂️
sonic100X (2 months ago)
Jann Lee and Zack should have been in the list.
Tobo_Dah_Hobo_Lolz (2 months ago)
So is Gen-fu not good enough?
Tobo_Dah_Hobo_Lolz (2 months ago)
They’re all legends from the start, yet Mila is in the ranks.
sonic100X (2 months ago)
He should have been mentioned, same for Jann Lee, Eliot, and Zack.
DANIEL RAIN (2 months ago)
The best fighting game. P.S Awful list.
AngelCakez (2 months ago)
Hitomi is best girl YEET! XD
Kay Starr (2 months ago)
The fact that Alpha-152 and Naotora wasn't on this list instantly makes it crap. And don't even get me started on Jann Lee and Brad Wong.
WebbanationX (2 months ago)
Holy sheeit, they're usually so good with pronunciations. Painful
JoEs_ Do9 (2 months ago)
Lol there is only one guy on this list
mario19885 (2 months ago)
YEAH!!! I’m so glad you mentioned Kokoro cause she’s definitely my favorite cutest fighter alongside with her sister Helena Douglas!!
Heresderrick (2 months ago)
Cscan204 (2 months ago)
i want to dislike this video so bad, but i cant in support of DOA
Clotaire Serge (2 months ago)
*You can tell that they just looked up the characters because the guy’s pronunciation is terrible*
Nightwind夜風 (2 months ago)
There is no Honoka, but the no.1 is kasumi is great. I'll take it.
Nathan Explosion (2 months ago)
Don’t make videos of content you know nothing about or even can’t pronounce the names properly. Anybody can summarize a wiki.
Rhodie Slayer (2 months ago)
this list sucks @ss
Darby Reviews (2 months ago)
this list sucked
Prettyboyred (2 months ago)
Lp with the Hunter (2 months ago)
Whats With Phase 4?
DeMarcus Marrow (2 months ago)
Kokoro Should Of Been Top 5
Calvin Gardner (2 months ago)
The sheer fact they pronounced Ayanes name as Eye-Yawn, and not A-Yawn-Nay let me know they were gonna put Kasumi at 1 just for the star power. Watchmojo doesnt play DoA confirmed.
Johnny Tovar (2 months ago)
Ayane is the best!!!
Manuel Carugo (2 months ago)
No Marie Rose? No Jann Lee?
sonic100X (2 months ago)
Jann Lee should be on the list. Marie Rose, No.
Sokka, the Wise Oaf (2 months ago)
Pronouncing the names right must really expensive for Watchmojo to do.
Kurai Kirie (3 months ago)
Lie Fang, Ai yan, Rai yu Hayabusa *literally cringing the hardest* lol
あ あ (3 months ago)
honoka is the best
Nariman Temirbekov (3 months ago)
Zack is the best fighter in ZA WARUDA!!!
SCORPZGCA (3 months ago)
Jan-Lee is the best character
Han (3 months ago)
Anybody actually like this series? It's just more lewd tekken without the cool characters
Balnazzardi (3 months ago)
Well ye....? how the heck do you think the franchise made into its 6th game (+several Xtreme Volleyball spinoffs) if Dead or Alive didnt have its own dedicated fanbase? DoA girls are often praised as the best looking/sexiest female characters in video games. Also DoA plays quite different than Tekken. Personally the 3 "main/longest running" fighting game franchises I never personally cared about at all are Tekken, Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. DoA, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat and Injustice are the ones that interest me the most thanks to their characters and how they play...also thinking about giving DragonBall Fighterz a chance, even though Ive never been Dragonball fan, the game just looks really good.
Nguyễn Hải Dương (3 months ago)
I expect Kasumi to be #1 Also the Spanish Inquisition.
Nate Whitehurst (3 months ago)
Ryu is pronounced "Riu"
Nate Whitehurst (3 months ago)
1 has to be Kasumi 霞
Rio Daffa (3 months ago)
Mila,Tina,Christie,Bayman and Hayabusa are my favorite
Fernando Burquez (3 months ago)
Kokoro should be in the top 10
Angel Grande (3 months ago)
Hitomi! Fuck yeah!!! ❤️👌🏻
Angel Grande (3 months ago)
Mila sucks
Christopher Quick (3 months ago)
Stay in your platform of social Kardashian gossip mojo. This is not your territory.
Alex Diaz (3 months ago)
Kokoro will always be my main and my waifu.
Balnazzardi (9 days ago)
My top 10: 1. Helena (The one and only Queen/Goddess of DoA) 2. Tina (sexiest) 3. Lisa (most colorful costumes, smart, cheerful, killer body) 4. Hitomi (cutest along with Marie) 5. Christie (Ultimate Femme Fatale) 6. Mila ( beautiful tomboy) 7. Marie Rose ( cutest along with Hitomi) 8. Ayane (really like her character model/clothes in DoA 6) 9. Kasumi (Cant hate The "mascot" of the franchise) 10. All the rest
Joziah Merfalen (8 days ago)
Balnazzardi yeah I forgot 7 what an idiotic move and yeah for Helena I agree she’s beautiful and caring especially towards Kukoro her half sister and she has been through hell and back to fight mist and protect the people she holds dear
Balnazzardi (9 days ago)
Nice! Really liked your explanations, and I completely agree with your points, I could add more to my favorite characters, but I wanted to keep it short :D Also I think you are missing number-7 from your list ;D But ye I quess I could add more why exacly Helena is my favorite and its not just her background story, but also that from DoA 5 onwards she has seemed much more kind/caring/warm person as well and I mean to me she is just epitome of beauty....perfect body, gorgeous eyes and face...and Im weak for that French accent as well, although her Japanese voice sounds beautiful as well :D But ye completely agree with what you said about Tina, Mila, Lisa and Christie. Also Hitomi shares much of those same qualities, kind, sweet, friendly and loving. I keep saying it kind of uselessly like stating the obvious, but almost all of these girls are like the kind perfect girlfriend that you would want to have, but who you cant get/dont exist ;D
Joziah Merfalen (9 days ago)
Balnazzardi thanks man and my top 10 are 1.Tina Armstrong (sexy fighter and all around talented woman who is kind and friendly to everyone and you can’t deny that she could kick your ass and you wouldn’t mind that 2: kasumi ( kind yet deadly and you can’t deny she always has the best outfits especially her leather jacket casual outfit.. she doesn’t deserve being an outcast of her village due to victor Donavan and mist 3: Mila (there are a few women in video games with short hair that I like and she’s one of them and she’s so cute and friendly that you wanna hang out with her also her red and black hair exotic 4: Lisa Hamilton (immensely talented and beautiful woman with a great sense of style and Brains to match can’t beat that also her being a mole for Helena I wasn’t expecting that and I’m happy she’s too good for mist) 5: Helena Douglas (a gorgeous opera singer and has a tragic story but tries to right the wrongs from victor Donavan and make doatec a better company) 6: Lei-Fang (immensely talented gorgeous woman and loves fashion and she takes her training seriously also I don’t really pair her with Jann lee at all he’s a asshole imo that doesn’t deserve her 8: Ayane (kasumi’s half sister and the product of rape she may have a tragic backstory and trained as a child soldier but she is a immensely talented beautiful and strong woman and yet underneath the surface she’s just as vulnerable as the rest of us 9: Honoka (a new character to the doa franchise and was officially introduced in doa 6 she may be naive at times but she is a good person at heart and she is sexy as well and her being Raidous daughter shocked me due to that honoka is nothing like him and that means she’s related to kasumi Hayate and ayane 10:Christie (a femme fatale she’s a sexy woman who can play with your emotions and will kill you at a second glance but her exotic white hair and her deep eyes and her attire is one of the most revealing and sexiest in dead or alive
Balnazzardi (9 days ago)
thanks :D I was really disappointed but not really surprised to see that Japanese audience didnt really give much love to my top 6 characters when it came down to voting which girls would make into DoAX 3, I think Hitomi and Helena were the last ones to make it and apparently that too was also only because some western fans were able to get in their votes when they found out about that poll... just curious what your top 10 would be like and what you like about each character? :)
Joziah Merfalen (9 days ago)
That’s a great list also I gotta say the nicknames you nailed it
Isaías Ledesma Plaza (3 months ago)
Mila is a Spanish character as me.
Leyraud Brown (3 months ago)
You mfs don’t even take the time to get their name’s right. Why should we even believe this bullshit list? And kasumi is soooooooooooooo predictable. Ryu ain’t even my fave character of the series and we all know he’s the goat in every way possible. Sb: kasumi isn’t difficult to master. She’s beginner friendly for a reason. She’s also one of the few character you can use in a variety f ways and be considered a “master” of the character.
Hortissimo (3 months ago)
Pronounces Ninja Gaiden correctly.... Pronounces Ryu Hayabusa incorrectly *facepalm*
Connor solid (3 months ago)
Hitomi my favorite character as voice Yui Horie
xdonotenterx (3 months ago)
When you know nothing about a game but still make a Top 10
KemetBrotha17 (3 months ago)
They got the fighting game terms and story on point
Falke 80 (3 months ago)
Helena 😍😍😍
Balnazzardi (3 months ago)
The Queen and Goddess of DoA!
Kevin Flamie jk (3 months ago)
HEY! What about Honoka (and Marie Rose)? You forgot about them. They have gone very popular.
Sonny517 (3 months ago)
Zack and Jann Lee are the classic fighters since DOA1. It’s sad that they are not on the list.

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