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Official Results Of Mello19.Andra Chansen Allocations (You can vote!More Than 4K votes.)

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Swedish people and tomorrow who will vote for Andra Chansen Duell's PLEASE VOTE! ► Welcome! In this video you can see official results of Melodifestivalen 2019 Deltävling 1,2,3,4. ►Melodifestivalen 2019 – Results ►Deltävling 1 Göteborg, 2 February Nano – "Chasing Rivers" (Andra Chansen) High15 – "No Drama" (6th) Wiktoria – "Not With Me" (Direct Finalist) Zeana feat. Anis Don Demina – "Mina bränder" (5th) Arja Saijonmaa – "Mina fyra årstider" (7th) Mohombi – "Hello" (Direct Finalist) Anna Bergendahl – "Ashes to Ashes" (Andra Chansen) ►Deltävling 2 Malmö, 9 February Andreas Johnson – "Army of Us" (Andra Chansen) Malou Prytz – "I Do Me" (Direct Finalist) Oscar Enestad – "I Love It"(7th) Jan Malmsjö – "Leva livet"(6th) Vlad Reiser – "Nakna i regnet"(Andra Chansen) Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO – "Hold You"(Direct Finalist) Margaret – "Tempo" (5th) ►Deltävling 3 Leksand, 16 February The Lovers of Valdaro – "Somebody Wants" (7th) Dolly Style – "Habibi"(5th) Martin Stenmarck – "Låt skiten brinna" (Andra Chansen) Lina Hedlund – "Victorious" (Direct Finalist) Omar – "Om igen" (5th) Rebecka Karlsson – "Who Am I" (Andra Chansen) Jon Henrik Fjällgren – "Norrsken" Direct Finalist) ►Deltävling 4 Lidköping, 23 February Pagan Fury – "Stormbringer" (7th) Anton Hagman – "Känner dig" (6th) Lisa Ajax – "Torn"(Andra Chansen) Arvingarna – "I Do" (Andra Chansen) Bishara – "On My Own" (Direct Finalist) Ann-Louise Hanson – "Kärleken finns kvar" (5th) John Lundvik – "Too Late For Love" (Direct Finalis) Melodifestivalen 2019 ►2 February: Deltävling 1 (Gothenburg) ►9 February: Deltävling 2 (Malmö) ►16 February: Deltävling 3 (Leksand) ►23 February: Deltävling 4 (Lidköping) ►2 March: Second Chance (Nyköping) ►9 March: Final (Stockholm) ► ALL ENTRIES OF ESC 2019 ▸ Albania || Jonida Maliqi - "KTHEJU TOKES" ▸ Australia || Kate Miller Heidke - "ZERO GRAVITY" ▸ Czech Republic || Lake Malawi - "FRIEND OF A FRIEND" ▸ France || Bilal Hassani - "ROI" ▸ Italy || Mahmood - "SOLDI" ▸ Montenegro || D-moll - "HEAVEN" ▸ Spain || Miki Nunez - "LA VENDA" ▸ United Kingdom || Michael Rice - "BIGGER THAN US" ► SELECTED ARTISTS ▸Armenia || Srbuk - (song: Mar 2019) ▸Austria || Paenda ▸Belgium || Eliot Vassamillet ▸Cyprus || Tamta - "REPLAY" (Feb 2019) ▸Finland || Darude ft. Sebastian Rejman ▸Macedonia || Tamara Todevska ▸Malta || Michela Pace ▸Netherlands || Duncan Laurence (song: 7th March) ▸Russia || Sergey Lazarev ▸San Marino || Serhat (song: Feb 2019) ► SEMI-FINALISTS ▸Azerbaijan ▸Belarus || (TBD - 9th March) ▸Croatia (Artist&Song - 16th February) ▸Czech Rep. (Artist&Song - January) ▸Denmark (Artist&Song - 23rd February) ▸Estonia (Artist&Song - 16th February) ▸Georgia (Artist&Song - 2nd March) ▸Greece (TBA - January) ▸Hungary (Artist&Song - 23rd February) ▸Iceland (Artist&Song - 2nd March) ▸Ireland ▸Latvia (TBD - 16th February) ▸Lithuania (Artist&Song - 23rd February) ▸Moldova (Artist&Song - 3rd March) ▸Norway (Artist&Song - 2nd March) ▸Poland (TArtist&Song - 15th February) ▸Portugal (Artist&Song - 2nd March) ▸Romania (Artist&Song - February) ▸Serbia - (Artist&Song - February) ▸Slovenia ▸Sweden (Artist&Song - 9th March) ▸Switzerland (Artist&Song - March) ▸Ukraine (Artist&Song - 23rd February) ► BIG 5 + ISRAEL ▸Germany (Artist&Song - February) ▸Israel (Artist&Song - February) ► TAGS #Eurovision2019 #Melfest2019 #melodifestivalen2019 #eurovisionseason Eurovision, song, contest, ESC, ESC2019, Tel Aviv, Israel, ranking, rating, top, national, final, selection, song, music, favourite, recap, voting, all songs, entries, live, rehearsal, winner, Israel2019, Netta, Toy, Supernova, Eesti Laul, Melodifestivalen, Destination Eurovision, A Dal, Operacion Triunfo, Lo Malo, Fuego, Parody, Roksana Wegiel, JESC, junior, Poland, Gromee, yesyes, Sandra Nurmsalu, Angelika Pushnova, Krajowe Eliminacje, new, voting, entry, best, songs, single, chart, music, favourite, get to know, video, videoclip, lyrics, MARUV, MİKİ, Bassa Sababa,
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Text Comments (96)
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
This is your results 6090 votes counted for Andra Chansen! https://youtu.be/MMG7pFV-WZQ CONGRATULATİONS: ANNA BERGENDAHL NANO ARVINGARNA LISA AJAX Please Support Us and Subscribe! 😍😘
Inkling Boy Jezper (2 months ago)
+TED Eurovision 😂
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
+Inkling Boy Jezper ohh i don't know ... sorry i Learn Swedish and i'm Beginner 😂😍
Inkling Boy Jezper (2 months ago)
"Tack alla" means "thanks all" And "Täck alla" means "cover everybody"
Inkling Boy Jezper (2 months ago)
Tack* XD
hampus lindh (22 days ago)
Pagan fury
Noel Granö (1 month ago)
Am i the only one that thinks Malou should have won?
Putinov (23 days ago)
Noooo I love her
realpiXel (2 months ago)
En snabb fråga, är det hjärtröstningar eller telefonröster?
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
både det kombinerade tillståndet
Hello My friend (2 months ago)
Det var ganska dåligt ljud😶
P SK (2 months ago)
Ok i cant be the only one who thinks that john henrik fjällgren's song sucks
Syndicate XIV (2 months ago)
i feel so bad for an-louise hanson because that is just disrespect. that song is a tribute to her friend who died a year ago :( Edit: Thank you so much for the heart :)
Syndicate XIV (1 month ago)
+Noel Granö yeah, it was lovely and sweet
Noel Granö (1 month ago)
Yes it was a good song
Vincent Esc (2 months ago)
Margaret, Oscar & Omar 😭😭😭😍
Novineux (2 months ago)
hur kan ann louise ligga 20 med mindre röster än de som kom efter?? :S
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
Det nya röstsystemet och semifinalen i varje låt tävlade. Rankningarna gjordes separat mellan sjunde och sjätte och femte :)))
Blahblah Blah (2 months ago)
I uppe bishara wins
Julia Sjöberg (2 months ago)
Han heter väll LIAMOO, 11:50 ??
Hockey Fabbe (2 months ago)
Ac 1anna Bergendahl 2 Vlad reiser 3martin Stenmarck 4 Arvingarna
Infinityz22 ’ (2 months ago)
Hockey Fabbe samma här!
Johan Erlandsson (2 months ago)
Vrf ljuger du?
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
Vem ljuger?
Teodor Thörn (2 months ago)
Jenny Nyström vadå ljuger?
Emilia Sjöholm (2 months ago)
Can you do one with: "The Least & Most Votes?" With all of the songs. (In order)
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
Of course after Melodifestivalen results we can do 😍😊
Inkling Boy Jezper (2 months ago)
Duell 1: Anna Duell 2: Nano Duell 3: Lisa Duell 4: Rebecka I'm really sure this is the results
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
This melodifestivalen ! Brace yourself surprise results are coming 😊😂
toma_no (2 months ago)
So no Sweden in top 5 this year for a change!
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
We will See on may 😘😉
William Degli Antoni (2 months ago)
Odds are that Arvingarna will win duell 4. WHY SWEDENNNN
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
I must say aproximately 500 votes for duell 4 ... odds are just odds
Sinansinansinan (2 months ago)
Duell 1: Ashes to ashes Duell 2: Chasing rivers Duell 3: Låt skiten brinna Duell 4: I do
katz playz (2 months ago)
Anna shall win sweden please dont fail me
Noel Granö (1 month ago)
But they did not choose her they choose John ludvik
Bernadette Beesmith (2 months ago)
Duell 1: Anna Bergendahl Duell 2: Nano Duell 3: Lisa Ajax Duell 4: Rebecka Karlsson If Lisa and Anna wins their duells i think they can have a chance of winnning
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
If they will win the final of mello 19 is so hard..
Filip Åström (2 months ago)
Battle1 Anna (Andreas’s song is such a bad copy of Without you Avicii) Battle2 Nano (like Vlad but love nano) Battle3 Lisa (Martin is so bad 😖) Battle4 Rebecka (arvingarna is so bad TOO)
Filip Åström (2 months ago)
My favorites are: Jon Henrik, pagan fury, nano, Malou prytz, Margaret, Wiktoria Others i love: Vlad reiser, the lovers of valdaro, lisa Ajax, bishara I hate: Arja, Jan Malmsjö, Andreas Johnson, lina Hedlund, Ann-Louise Hanson, Martin Stenmarck, high15, Omar Rudberg, Anton hagman, Zeana ft. Anis don demina, dolly style, mohombi And btw i’m from Sweden
Leah Klingstedt (2 months ago)
Hanna ferm and Liamoo??😱
Blahblah Blah (2 months ago)
Filip Åström tjo
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
Melfest songs in Sweden Top 50 on Spotify: #1 Too Late for Love #2 On My Own #3 Hold You #6 Habibi #7 Hello #8 Not With Me #9 Norrsken #12 I Do #13 I Do Me #14 Om om och om igen #17 Torn #18 I Love It #22 Victorious #23 Mina Bränder #25 Ashes To Ashes #31 Nakna i Regnet
Teodor Thörn (2 months ago)
Gatsbybang H det kan ändras
Gatsbybang H (2 months ago)
14, 17 lel
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
#33 Chasing Rivers #36 Who I Am #38 Tempo #45 Army of Us #46 Låt Skiten Brinna
Krys Ka (2 months ago)
Mina Brander still the biggest hit for me!
Antoine Mouchet (2 months ago)
Wiktoria or Lisa for the win. I can't believe Lisa is in AC.
Infinite (2 months ago)
27, 26, 25, 22 were all so good, cant believe they ranked so low ;-; Dual 1: Anna Bergendahl Dual 2: Vlad Reiser Dual 3: Lisa Ajax Dual 4: Rebecka Karlsson(Would of liked Vlad or Nano be in the battle so I could choose both)
The Racing Driver 303 Jr (2 months ago)
Duel 1: Andreas Johnson (Makes a upset) Duel 2: Nano Duel 3: Lisa Ajax (I reckon that kids can kinda of tell that Martin Stenmarck is Lightning's voice it's gonna be tight) Duel 4: Rebecka Karlsson
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
Naima Petersson (2 months ago)
Det var nåt fel för mina bränder är på andra chansen och det stog inte det
Elisabeth Andersson (2 months ago)
Naima Petersson nä den är ute kom 5a
Eurovision Talk (2 months ago)
Vlad Reiser FTW 💜
Tylantia (2 months ago)
Well they're all quite shite, but the least shite is Henrik.
Emmanuel Scheidt (2 months ago)
Sorry to say this but Sweden you won't win ESC with any of these songs. All songs are overdated, nothing new. The only song I like this year is the song of Anna Bergendahl even if it's dated too but well sung
Emmanuel Scheidt (2 months ago)
Correction now: John Lundvik with "too late for love" has his chance to win Melodisfestivalen but maybe not enough to win ESC
Esc Best (2 months ago)
Emmanuel Scheidt IM swedish and i think its so true but of Course like every year the jury will put them the highest number
Łukasz B. (2 months ago)
Wikoria <3
theborre kingpro (2 months ago)
Du är en stjärna jag älskar wiktoria
Chris Esc (2 months ago)
People idont know why but i perfer Rebecka Karlson’s song the most :o
Tom T (2 months ago)
For me - Lisa, Rebecca, Anna and Nano could win andra chansen ....my favourites to win are - Jon Fjallgren, Mohombi, Wiktoria ...Dark horse - Jon Lundvik, and If Nano, Anna and Lisa reach the final than also they will be a dark horse for me 😍 But I have feel that Bishara will be the winner 😥
Cookie Gamer (2 months ago)
+Tomáš The best who do you like then?
Tomáš The best (2 months ago)
Yeah something tell me, that Bishara will win...but it's bad, I don't like his song
Markstubation01 (2 months ago)
Sweden you know what you have to do, don't mess it up.
Darth Vader (2 months ago)
Duell 1 Andreas Johnson Duell 2 Nano Duell 3 Lisa Ajax Duell 4 Arvingarna
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
Different choices! 🤗
Thomas McConway (2 months ago)
“Norrsken” is the song that deserves to go through
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
We will See ! 😉
Thomas McConway (2 months ago)
the girl from “I do me” is literally just a copy of Zara larsson, it’s just embarrassing
JustVilda Potter (2 months ago)
Duell 1: Anna Bergendahl Duell 2: Nano Duell 3: Lisa Ajax Duell 4: Rebecka Karlsson
Elltia T (2 months ago)
YES! I hope so too
ZachB Videos (2 months ago)
Arvingarna will probably win by an upset.
ImQweezy (2 months ago)
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
Great choices!
Тём - Тёмыч (2 months ago)
Why Sweden never supports Lisa. She has one of the best songs this year.
Ronja Bengtsson (2 months ago)
TrEsc Dreamer i taged wrong person and i Said 2016 not 2017 also are you swedish??
Trupast Y (2 months ago)
Тём - Тёмыч the song is not really good but her voice is good
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
+Ronja Bengtsson no i mean 2013 Robin Stjernberg not Bengtsson 😊
ZachB Videos (2 months ago)
+TED Eurovision and Snalla Snalla from 2009 got 2nd and was in AC!
Ronja Bengtsson (2 months ago)
TrEsc Dreamer we did 2016
Matt G (2 months ago)
Dual 1 - Anna Dual 2 - Nano Dual 3 - Lisa Dual 4 - Both are terrible.
*{Kishi-chan}* (2 months ago)
+Cookie Gamer No he is super good
Cookie Gamer (2 months ago)
Dual 2 is both horrible! Nano mumbles, Hold On was so much better!
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
For us all the songs are good but not terrible ! 😊
ESC Bill (2 months ago)
Very stupid results ! My Qualifiers SF1 (Very good Semi - Final) Andra Chansen : Arja Saijonmaa or Anna Bergendahl Zeana ft. Anis Don Demina Finalists : Nano Wiktoria SF2 (Very weak Semi - Final) Andra Chansen : Vlad Reiser Jan Malsmjö Finalists : Hanna Ferm & Liamoo Margaret SF3 (Best results) Andra Chansen : Martin Stenmarck Rebecka Karlsson Finalists : Lina Hedlund Jon Henrik Fjällgren SF4 Andra Chansen : Anne - Louise Hanson Pagan Fury Finalists : John Lundvik Lisa Ajax
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
Now it's official! MARUV represent Ukraine at eurovision 2019! And here is our top list and Last video! https://youtu.be/D1AWAsofNWg Thanks for watching everybody! Täck så mycket alla! İzlediğiniz için teşekkürler ! 😊
Nata (2 months ago)
Men det nya röst systemet är fucked
Valdy Adry (2 months ago)
Yarkn Ravenclaw (2 months ago)
I do me and on my way direct finalist but Torn not. Are you kidding me Sweden
- LoGna - (2 months ago)
'I do me' is the best song in the whole competition this year. Of course it went directly to the final
Candy Panda (2 months ago)
Yarkn Ravenclaw on my own*
Alfred Hedlund (2 months ago)
TED Eurovision (2 months ago)
Hope she will pass! 😊

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