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I NEED TO VOTE (Youth Mojo) (MY VOTE OUR FUTURE Video Contest Grand Prize Winner!)

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My Vote, Our Future video contest entry from Chinese Progressive Association's Youth Movement of Justice Organizing (Youth MOJO) program. Find out what happens when several young people sleepwalk through their lives not caring to vote when they had the chance and wake up in a horrific world where the things they know and love are missing. Ideas and script was brainstormed and co-written by youth in Youth MOJO. Special bloopers video here: http://youtu.be/uC_GQ-ZoFeM Special thanks to: ALL the Youth MOJO fall 2012 cohort members for brainstorming the ideas and writing the scripts! The production & acting team: Natalie G. Matthew C. Justin L. Stephanie C. Anna L. Michelle Y. Winnie C. Eric C. Shining Y. Jia Yi S. Shirley C. Cheery H. Deanne L. Andy K. Song: Hade's Rebellion by Kokenovem Music is licensed for free use from http://www.jamendo.com
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