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LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA | Official Trailer | Releasing 21 July | Konkona Sensharma, Ratna Pathak

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Enter a world of secret fantasies and hidden desire: Watch the trailer of LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA, starring Konkona Sensharma, Ratna Pathak Shah, Aahana Kumra and Plabita Borthakur. In cinemas 21 July! LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA is the fun, spirited and poignant story of women in tradition-bound, small-town India finding the courage to chase their secret dreams and inner desires. Like us: http://facebook.com/LipstickUnderMyBurkha Follow us: http://twitter.com/LipstickMovie Join the conversation: #LipstickUnderMyBurkha SYNOPSIS: Four feisty women from the bustling bylanes of old Bhopal, quietly chase their dreams, rebelling in small ways against the conventional identities they are boxed in. Through the colourful prism of the double lives of these women, the film explores the many shades of female desire. A college girl struggles with issues of cultural identity and her aspirations to become a pop singer. A young beautician seeks to elope with her lover and escape the claustrophobia of her small town. An oppressed housewife and mother of three lives the alternate life of an enterprising saleswoman. A 55-year-old widow rediscovers her sexuality through a phone romance. Caught in a conservative society, these women set forth to break the mould, in search of a little freedom. A Prakash Jha Productions Film Directed by: Alankrita Shrivastava Produced by: Prakash Jha Starring: Konkona Sensharma, Ratna Pathak Shah, Aahana Kumra, Plabita Borthakur, Sushant Singh, Vikrant Massey, Shashank Arora, Vaibbhav Tatwawdi and Jagat Singh Solanki Casting: Shruti Mahajan & Parag Mehta Production Design Vikram Singh Costumes: Rohit Chaturvedi Sound Design: Rahul Badwelkar Music: Zebunissa Bangash Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Background Score: Mangesh Dhakde Director of Photography: Akshay Singh Editor: Charu Shree Roy Story & Screenplay: Alankrita Shrivastava Additional Screenplay: Suhani Kanwar Dialogue: Gazal Dhaliwal CEO, PJP: Sunil Agarwal Chief Executive Producer: K L Chhabra Executive Producer: Sudhirbhai Mishra Directed By: Alankrita Shrivastava Produced By: Prakash Jha
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Text Comments (2700)
Mahammad al masum (5 days ago)
hindu propaganda against Muslims.... think about who love to wear burkha......dress can not give u freedom....
Mohd Hasan (12 days ago)
In ki maa ki choot aise filme dekh dekh kar des suhdrega 😠😠😠
Tish Bish (12 days ago)
a stoooopiiiid film :~
tam fat (14 days ago)
Fuck censor board for banning it
Aisha Rose (23 days ago)
As a muslim can I just say I'm loving the representation here!? A movie about normal human emotions and desires? YES PLEASE!
prakash chandr Keer (24 days ago)
फंटास्टिक मूवी फुल सेक्सी
Sahanwaj Alam (29 days ago)
Bakwas movie
Aazim Domki (1 month ago)
Superb this is called a movie!!
king khan Sadiq (1 month ago)
Stupid movie and stupid trailer this should be ban.
Masallah koi to mil jaye lipistic lga k under burka
Sonu Shet (1 month ago)
Sheenu Gupta (2 months ago)
As I girl I say, this movie was fucking annoying. Women empowerment doesn't mean women should become equally fucked up as men are. I could only symathise with Konkana's character. Tell me if I'm wrong : a teenager whose parents barely make a living out of tailoring, should she not study hard and ensure a stable job, then pursue a dream??? A girl whose mother is single, barely makes living out of dirty jobs. Can she not dream that her daughter is stable?? Is it wrong for 'youngsters' to have a duty towards parents?? That old aunty should get someone her own age. It's YUCK to watch her flirt with a guy his son's age. Also the reason I don't like on-screen couples where men are dating/married to girls half their age. Or shows like "Tarak Mehta" or "bhabhi ji Ghar par hai" where men "being men" apni ko chod ke doosro ki biwi pe line maarte hai. This supposedly funny TV trend of men flirting with other women despite having a wife also needs to go.
sddd rk (2 months ago)
Best movie
Prameow Meow (2 months ago)
I love the last scene where four of them come together finish the book and smoke a cigarette! Muah Ratna Pathaks expressions wow
Akshay bhardwaj (2 months ago)
Jo Muslims pk aur omg movie ane p daant phaad phaad k hasre the ab jab khud ki religion p movie bani toh mirchi lagyi I just say this movie maza agya
Gungun Gupta (2 months ago)
Amazing movie I must say! ❤ Just watched it today and go to hell Censor Board for banning it.
Big One (3 months ago)
Zabrdst movie hai 10/10
Faheem Siddiqui (3 months ago)
Worth to watch movie👌👌
Anand s (3 months ago)
Worth 4 star
NihilisticEntropy (3 months ago)
Wait, that's not a burkha. That's a niqaab. Why can't Muslims even get their own religion right?
Kashifah Shaikh (3 months ago)
4 mein se 2 Muslims hai toh 2 Hindus bhi bataaye gye hai. Just bcoz Burkha word hai movie ke title mein, iska yeh matlab thodi ki sirf Muslims hi aise hote hai. Movie dekhe bina bakwaas karne lagte hai kuch log... Movie mein Leena engagement ke din sex karti hai aur pata chalta hai ki, uski maa Nude Model banti hai art students ke liye! Hindu bataaya hai unhe aur Shireen apne husband ka zulm sehti hai jise Muslim bataaya gya hai. Matlab sirf yeh nhi bataya gya hai ki, Muslim or Hindu girls/women ki apni desires yaa majburi hoti hai. Yeh har aurat ke baare mein hai yr...
Bigg Evil (4 months ago)
I Understood..I have watched the film..but what I found is, is that the independence girls want to fuck Theirself here and there.. Abhi kaahi pe bhi apne aapko chodwane k liye independence chahiye to randi ban jaw na..motherchod director, writer kya dikhana chahta hai isse ki apne maa behn kahi or bhi chode aur koi kuch na bole..
diksha pandey (4 months ago)
First of all those who are offended by this movie it was made simply to offend you because this movie shows the truth and second god exist true but there is no religion of God Islam or Hinduism was just made by some shitty men to control society have you ever observed that in same religion every individual have different belief it's the truth that a man just mold the religion according to his favour
Ashraf Shakin (4 months ago)
Bustard Disrespect Islam Religion
Jiji Chan (5 months ago)
Sex ko dignity se mat Jodo!!!
DNPR YOUTUBE (5 months ago)
i think you should change the title n the poster
ISRAK MIDDYA (5 months ago)
Censor Board esa flim lonch karneka adesh na deta to acha hota ... sea flim hamara varat ki sangbidhan ke khilaf aur musalmano k v .. samaj ko kya message diya updesh rana na ??????
Shadeen Sajid (5 months ago)
Why does everyone think that burkha is an oppression ??
Furqan Fj (5 months ago)
is movie ka link do full movie
Furqan Fj (5 months ago)
kab releas ho hi
Nilam Nagar (5 months ago)
Of course Bollywood should make these types of movies that makes women so strong and feel free....even I have a question to all Islam's, why do you want to keep your sweet girls behind idiot burkhas? You all r killing them.....
abhay mathur (5 months ago)
Terrific film! Must watch by every Indian
Manya Kotwal (5 months ago)
Best movie ever👍
NHH AS I DO (6 months ago)
Bollywood had one concept of movie making, love.. Seems like they got another concept. and that is - sex. When will bollywood come out and appreciate movies like tamasha, jagga jasoos, ans so many other good movies based on neither love nor sex.. I started hating bollywood nowadays...
Girish joshi (6 months ago)
Now also it can be realease guys agar hum chahe toh yar soo meaning full and so matured understanding and salute to all four actresses who worked in it specially konkana and ratna pathak mam 😍😍
Priya Ashokkumar (6 months ago)
We ladies don't need this nonsense movie. It just shows only we are lusty animals..no.we don't need this..it's good to.ban this movie
aruna laxman ingle (6 months ago)
Thats why my mom isnt allowing me to peep in her room
sher khan (6 months ago)
Kutto!!!!! hindus rape kartay han aur movies burkay aur muslims ka khilaf banaty ho.. Agli dafa cow ko zabah kr ka movie bana kr dikhaoo phir bat krna....
Gulfam Ali (6 months ago)
Usman Ali Asia (6 months ago)
Yaar ab Islam ka burka bhi badnaam kardo Indian dally
Raman Singh Singh (6 months ago)
Mast movie
Harsh Patidar (7 months ago)
Sali randiya
Kaimi J (7 months ago)
best movie 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Alessia Ale (7 months ago)
I'd loved this movie! It's a movie far ahead of the country's culture. A movie about women who break paradigms... Perfect! 💖
Deepyan Dutta (7 months ago)
go to hell Alankrita Shrivastava, Prakash Jha Kankana Sensharama for creating this type of typical garbage like movie where all males character are dominated insulted . What do you think , this means woman indepandence by insulting all mens, by showing practical harashment I hate you all the production specially Alankrita Shrivastava, Kankana Sensharama, & all the female character of this movie shame on you!!!! From my side a very big Boooooooo to this movie. I know after reading this comment many one specially females will say many bad thing to me. For them my middle fingers are always up. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!
Su BE (7 months ago)
A film made by hindus to educate the world about muslims.. Really?? What an obscene movie created by hindus for the satisfaction of Hindus coz they can't get Muslim women.. Did you know how many rapes are conducted in India by the Hindus?? The statistics speak for themselves.
Kishan Sharma (7 months ago)
full movie dalo
STX Star (8 months ago)
Why all Muslims are against it. I know it is true because I have seen so many such girls. This movie is not insulting Muslim community this movie is showing that if you ban any woman's freedom they'll cross the limit.
areeb1296 (8 months ago)
It's interesting how most of the comments are about people saying talking about Muslims getting offended over this but I haven't come across a single offended comment from a Muslim.
vijay shukla (8 months ago)
Best movie I like this moovie
Prem Singh Choudhary (8 months ago)
super movie
Ro - HiT Production Film (8 months ago)
Today society does not understand but a great picture
A. Ajay S (8 months ago)
Feels fresh and daring. Will surely watch.
Unique India (8 months ago)
Please send me downlod link
Unique India (8 months ago)
How to download this movie????
Aidid Rashed Efat (8 months ago)
Cool movie. Indian film makers are growing. Go ahead.
I want to see this type of movie for other religions.....spcially that religion in which prakash jha believe and then i will tell how it is.... besharam hai......
Aarya 3005 (8 months ago)
Why did they ban this? They didn't mind Ragini MMS or befikre then why this? This is the truth why not show it to the world?
Priya Todkar (8 months ago)
I absolutely love Ratna pathak man! What an actor❤️
susan naseem (8 months ago)
they copied an afghan song by Ahmad Zahir "Laily Jan"
mohsin raza (8 months ago)
افسوس ان لوگوں پر جو ایسی فلمیں بناتیں ہیں۔۔۔۔۔چند روپوں کی خاطر دنیا میں فحاشی پھلاتے ہیں۔۔۔اور اسلام کو بدنام کرتے ہیں۔
Satarupa Ganguly (9 months ago)
Very happy such a film is finally made. Hats off to the cast ! Loved it.
miamoto rever (9 months ago)
Women Empowerment!!!
Raaj Raaj (9 months ago)
food geek (9 months ago)
Md.shekandar Ali (10 months ago)
Bjp kitne paise diya hai ma ma k bosada
Ravi Ravidas (10 months ago)
very nonsiancse
Arman Malik (10 months ago)
This girl look like arshi khan of bigg boss
BHANU PRASAD MOURYA (10 months ago)
Kya chutiyafa hai bc
bad girl (10 months ago)
Bloody bollywood is fed up with Hindus and Christians. Because they usually do that. They don't find anything shameful in it. That's why they are trying to do something new . That's why they dragged Muslims in this shit because they can't tolarete Muslims who are living decent life.
vishal shalivahanas (10 months ago)
1:14 wtf is going on
Ninja Haider (11 months ago)
Best scene at 1:15
Mayank Mehta (11 months ago)
watched this extraordinary out of the regular masala movies,, nd i certainly found it to be amazing each and every actor did full justice to their character.. ratna maam you are exceptionally outstanding
Divya Thakur (11 months ago)
India number 1 movie
We Are All One (1 year ago)
Dont have respect for women in this movie
We Are All One (1 year ago)
Fuck this movie title, saala burkha hi kyu? Cock under my pussy hona chahye is movie ka name
crazypeach (1 year ago)
Im not in favour of this kind of movie exploiting womens 😡
Ria Rio (8 months ago)
crazypeach this movie is rather AGAINST the exploitation of women.
c00Lify (1 year ago)
Wonderful piece of cinema. Sex is a natural activity. As natural as breathing. When will people in India realise this ?
Glow With Moon (1 year ago)
Why do I feel funny 😂😂😂😂
rabbitlover (1 year ago)
I think that It's very realistic movie, about things society always tries to hide behind norms...that's why everyone got ambaressed, every one has done such thing ones in their lives !!!
Adrian Rainbow (1 year ago)
Most thumbs up, or down rates are almost entirely up votes. On this thread however, the % of downs is noticeably larger than on any other thread. Has 'anybody' got any idea why that might be?
Riya Gupta (1 year ago)
verry nic mind is whered
Ibrahim - (1 year ago)
These are what your women are like, not ours. Fear Allah.
Ibrahim - (1 year ago)
Your reply makes no sense. As you have shown you lack much understanding on the basic fundamental teaching of Islam. The Hijab is a covering which is mandatory for both men and women simultaneously the male criteria to cover from naval to knee is different to that of the female. The Quran states clearly that it is haram for men to lack self control, the believing man and woman must both simultaneously lower there gaze to avoid any temptation. It is ordained for a woman to "cover up" as an act of modesty and respect to herself, its not a matter that she cant show her beauty or is "oppressed" she just wishes to show it to certain people only. Islam we respect our wives, mothers and sisters unlike many societys we dont take pride over men learing at our woman and gain some sick for of satisfaction over it, I actually read an article saying that "wife swapping" is a sick practise becoming as popular in cities such as Mumbai as it is in the US, the comes from a lack of immodesty and promiscuous society.
Ade Jawani (1 year ago)
Lord Agni (1 year ago)
+Anima Maity If talking truth is crap I will gladly go to hell
Omar H (1 year ago)
Fucking shit movie! What is it even trying to portray? Giving muslim people more bad image, so that social instability is created once again amongst different ethnic people? *Retards*
Osman Yousaf (1 year ago)
Disclaimer: No woman was raped during the filming of this movie. Any child, women or elderly raped during the projection of the movie in indian cinemas, is not entirely coincidental.
Daniel (1 year ago)
The burka has no place in civilization. If a savage cant control his impulse to rape women, children, and even goats, that savage should be buried alive.
masti hangama (1 year ago)
Lord Agni (1 year ago)
+ZAK U pigs openly gang groom underage girls in UK into your shitty cult when they provide u refuge.U apes turned Sweden into one of the most unsafe countries for women with just 2% of your population.And here u pedo lovers are going apeshit over a crap bollywood trailer.
Anima Maity (1 year ago)
Kojiro Hyuga you are crap go to hell.
Tiger Zinda Hai (1 year ago)
#Prakash jha aisi film bana kar izzat kho di tumne
it showing us clearly how bad is islam for sexual relation and human mind. Islam is a cancer, isn't it?
Daerno Iskandar (1 year ago)
This Is The Worst Movie I Watch. It'S A Movie That Harassed A Muscle Muslim Why Do Movies Like This Get Away In India????
I love this movie
Nirmal Tiger (1 year ago)
Is movie se kya sabit karna chahte ho.
pain (1 year ago)
is movie ko ban karne wale madsrchodo bhosdiwali tum logo ki gaand mai lund tum logo ki bhen ki chut musalo bhosdiwale
pain (1 year ago)
burkhe mai bhosda hai 10 inch ka isliye chupa ke rahkte hai burkhe mai
Achintya Pranshu (1 year ago)
Sex ≠ good movie
sumit kumar (1 year ago)
Please any1 cud provide the link of movie lipstick under my burka ..Hd
ifhi khan (1 year ago)
why always bad movies even gunda type movies belongs from muslims i think there is no muslims peoples in india chutiye salay

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