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Goku vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Part 4 of SIX in the UCF Goku vs Everybody saga. TMNT created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. Goku and Dragonball Z by Akira Toriyama. A Myk Friedman cartoon. 2013 Toonsmyth Productions. Get your UCF T-SHIRTS!!!  http://466694.spreadshirt.com/ There was a lot more I wanted to do here, but my computer can only handle so much, and this episode maxed out the RAM. Soon I will be upgrading and doing longer, more elaborate animations. Next episode will be the VS EVERYBODY part including SONIC the HEDGEHOG by popular demand. Then part 6 will be the big finale with Galactus and Skips. Thanks for your patience and your views. Please subscribe. Please DO NOT reupload any of my cartoons to your own channel. I hate to do it, but I will shut you down if I see it. I've killed whole channels before. Please don't make me kill again. Check out more from the voice of Goku at Trixen01's channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/Trixen01
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Text Comments (2286)
Masterbikers online (4 years ago)
yea TMNT would win goku is nub
samuel ferreira (4 years ago)
vcs nao percebe tartarugas inja nao luta desse jeito vcs nunca assistiu o filme então tartarugas ninja wlz
Justin castro (4 years ago)
en español plis
aya fugioka (4 years ago)
2:01-2:02 pikachu troll face lol
aya fugioka (4 years ago)
Lol 1:53 pikachu's face
Babydragon85 (4 years ago)
2012 Splinter with 2003 turtles?
ProFewGames (4 years ago)
Pikachu is funny look at his face if you like this please go to my channel an please comment
Sonic Sez (4 years ago)
Ash: Can I Have My Pikachu Back Now? Splinter: Ermm... No Pikachu: Pika          xD
Shin Yakoozie Hearts (4 years ago)
My favorite out of all of em
Laura Fitzpatrick (4 years ago)
this was hilarious :P :D
juventino garcia (4 years ago)
Every one look at 1:51 ha look pikachus face haahhaahahhahahah
Ron Gneezy (4 years ago)
saki shikai (4 years ago)
William Patterson (4 years ago)
Tmnt is nothing to Goku
William Patterson (4 years ago)
Goku could beat them break their shells without trying and without super saiyan
William Patterson (4 years ago)
Yeah he could
גיל אומלי (4 years ago)
Fuck goku
Mia Moreno (4 years ago)
pura farsa
Aminata Sall (4 years ago)
mixail grachev (4 years ago)
Fatin Khan (4 years ago)
no one can beat up my goukuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
Heather Duroy (4 years ago)
U ok hjk I
OORRKKYY (4 years ago)
01:51 picachus face :P
Robin Hien (4 years ago)
XxJay MariexX (4 years ago)
Chris plays Soccer (4 years ago)
aoife Lynch (4 years ago)
2:02 pikachus face is troll
Josh Mendes (4 years ago)
Good job. These vids are awesome.
Josue Guzman (4 years ago)
What are you hi
Magitians Apprentice (4 years ago)
1:47 PIKACHU!!!!!!!!! WTF!?!?!?!
RoofTopBoy (4 years ago)
ninja turtle in background at 0:47 , 5th turtle confirmed.  
WyattM500 (4 years ago)
At 1:44 keep looking at pika hi he looks very funny
The Treyceratops (4 years ago)
That was funny how splinter wouldn't give ash pikachu back
Tyre Flower s (4 years ago)
Oooooooooooh so we should gang up on him! Well I think that is what I just said. Adddddoooiy
Justice! (4 years ago)
Why does Bulma have GREEN hair??? It wasn't blue?
Gang up
meleana tulahe (4 years ago)
Lyt Tle (4 years ago)
Paciano Gapasin (4 years ago)
LOL look at pikachu at 1:51
Chris Chen (4 years ago)
Lol trolly pikachu plus that's what I saw while paying attention to pikachu was I the only one that saw it or what
Sparkle Smart (4 years ago)
Sparkle Smart (4 years ago)
Master splinter: UH DOY
Sparkle Smart (4 years ago)
Lol hit me hard met brothas raph the godfather
Kacie W (4 years ago)
And pikachi at 1:54
Kacie W (4 years ago)
Good at 1:20 lol
indan cat briana (4 years ago)
Lol pikachu faces XD
help me (4 years ago)
Whats with the World Converting, eh?
Cole Ninja (4 years ago)
Is goku gay?
Cole Ninja (4 years ago)
Tran Quoc (4 years ago)
dieu the
GOKU SEIYA (4 years ago)
Intan Sumarni (4 years ago)
Lol picacus faces
brandy erskine (4 years ago)
Mikey thought it was fun spinning
Artic Inu (4 years ago)
why is there another turtle in the backround?
murcy Villagran (4 years ago)
Is very funny lol
Chende Luca Theodor (4 years ago)
Did goku said terraspin?ahh Goku is a cheap caracter.he nămea a move after a caracter crom ben 10 ultimate aliem.
Ashanti Davis (4 years ago)
go now
Tushar Gupta (4 years ago)
Leo should of beat goku
Awesome123 Awesome123 (4 years ago)
Colin Gilbert (4 years ago)
1:55 LOL
XXersk0808XX (4 years ago)
I think thats what i just said, ADOI!
Ernesto Ciminiello (4 years ago)
juan bustos bravo (4 years ago)
Tom Roan (4 years ago)
J.C Productions (4 years ago)
0:45 one turtle is in the background 
Asier MF (4 years ago)
yo boto por goku porque les hace 1 hamehamea
PSH (4 years ago)
Ej look its is that guy that got killed by superman and supermen is weaker than hulk
2808ramiro (4 years ago)
Pikachu's faces tho lol
Ketlan Arriaga (4 years ago)
Is so funny I can laugh so hard
junior matos (4 years ago)
io deadpool
Marc Dainiel Geron (4 years ago)
Xavier Ródenas (4 years ago)
Jordan Adkins (4 years ago)
1:50 that face
Kaitlen Hatchet (4 years ago)
1:46 pikachu lol
Zak Ryder (4 years ago)
Santeri Salovaara (4 years ago)
super bitch zoom zoom (4 years ago)
I cant tell who's the best both of them r cool i saw ninja turtles
Jose Crespin (4 years ago)
Solidizm (4 years ago)
2:02 look at pikachu XD
Irena Vinkl (4 years ago)
PIKACHU he did the trol face  wtf at 2:03
waki isip (4 years ago)
Is that the troll fave at 2:03 ?
Bangtan.drugd (4 years ago)
1:51 through 1:56 Look at pikachu XD
Balloon Boy (4 years ago)
1:49 meme Pikachu
Blue Starqx (4 years ago)
Ewe Leonardo just vomited!!!!!!!
Blue Starqx (4 years ago)
Splinter: don't worry little brother , the bad man won't hurt you any more!! Pikachu: pika?!?!?! Ash: can I plz have my pikachu back now?!?!?! Splinter: ........... No!!!
Blue Starqx (4 years ago)
Omg did u see pikachus face, and I liked it when splinter said this
Lizy Jay (4 years ago)
Goku no beat TMNT!! 1:52 is XD
Shane Testini (4 years ago)
Yeah why i goku fighting the turtles, goku at this point has the power to destroy galaxies. The video was amusing though.
Rein D (4 years ago)
Lol pikachu derpfacing splinter
Captain Slendy (4 years ago)
lol, Pikachu troll face!!!
Hi I'm Pingu (4 years ago)
hahahahahaha look at pikachu at 1:49 , 1:51 ' 1:54 and 2:02
Puia Ralte (4 years ago)
Lord Bills and His other Gods friends might be the strongest now....Even the saiyan God...Couldnt fight that smoothly..:)
Oto Kun (4 years ago)
well thumps down this is shit this sucks so bad 
Nate 2025 (4 years ago)
Every needs to shut up about goku
alistar florin (4 years ago)
gang up style
JRyan Dayao (4 years ago)
1:49-1:56 pikachu knows memes
Casey n Tonya Pocan (4 years ago)
what about Chuck Norris vs Goku? Chuck Norris still the winner
Gustavo Beltran (4 years ago)
Gustavo Beltran (4 years ago)
Haha funny
Ledankspaank (4 years ago)
Lol picachus face lol

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