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Funny Norwegian commercial - Enklere liv - men in shower

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Funny video from the Norwegian shop "Enklere liv" (www.enklereliv.no). A geek enters the shower and drops the soap in front of two prisoners. Hilarious funny commercial! Great shop which sells perfect gifts for christmas or birthdays! Check their homesite for more fun: www.enklereliv.no
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Text Comments (109)
Royal__Twistt 12 (5 months ago)
justforfun919 (10 months ago)
funny af
RakshasaR (1 year ago)
Heroic-Man Rhoden (1 year ago)
I was gonna do that without getting AR.
MR BIG (2 years ago)
Warum duschen alle mit Hose?
Аня Лукина (2 years ago)
Кто от бабла?
Nastya Art (10 months ago)
viseberg (2 years ago)
I only see people complaining about gay people in the comments, but no gay people...
Christina Reynolds (3 months ago)
viseberg Edgy
wtf so many gay commenters
a-ha fangirl1982 (3 years ago)
That moment when you have to watch a commercial to watch a commercial. . .
XyntiaOna (3 years ago)
fajny ten po lewej przystojny .......❣
ScreamingInTheCalle (4 years ago)
Holy fuck. That hot ass bald buy on the left, though.
flx2525 (4 years ago)
Ikr! Hot daddy. Serving prison realness tho. 
Robert Strzelecki (4 years ago)
it made me laugh!
TheSmokekoke (4 years ago)
0:38 guy from the left reaction: > well apparently no assfuckin today
- (4 years ago)
I would of TOTALLY bent over you guys LOL
Xendra Ferdanz (4 years ago)
If i'm that small guy, what my mind says is "I wanna get raped" :o
Bear Crafters (4 years ago)
im norwegian and enklere liv actually means easier life, so it kinda' makes sence and also that music isn't in the original
Justin Barylski (4 years ago)
Daniel Christensen (5 years ago)
Then you use your feet.
Krusedullen (5 years ago)
Good point. Another point is that it doesn't seem likely that a prisoner would wear a swim cap in the shower.
You know.. slim and smart guys love to rape muscled and tattooed men as well. So if you go to prison don't trust your muscles..
He would get raped and commercial would be banned from TV :D :D :D: :D
dustyshop90 (5 years ago)
He drops the soap in front of two prisoners? Well, if they are prisoners, then the "geek" is a prisoner as well.
Major Dad (5 years ago)
same old tired gay joke.
chuthemaster (5 years ago)
What if the soap and the product BOTH drop on the floor?
Then you are fucked.
RoboPlayground (8 months ago)
then i cant drink soup anymore
Guhjkl4 (5 years ago)
Who needs a stick? Get soap on a rope!
visitoras (5 years ago)
LOL I can't imagine any other explanation... xD
DallasisaLeo (5 years ago)
I think you missed the point of the video... The men were intimidating and gave him a threatening glare.
DallasisaLeo (5 years ago)
That's one opinion.
Ricardo Felicio (5 years ago)
ugly body lol
Unbeginner (5 years ago)
If it was that easy to get laid with a guy one likes than being gay would be the best thing that could ever have happened to a male human.
Andreas Skaiaa (5 years ago)
did he pull that stick out of his ass?
BRADLEY B. WILLIAMS (1 year ago)
Andreas Skaiaa - SURE AS SHIT!!! LOL'S...
Crown Lapis (5 years ago)
sagephil (5 years ago)
As a muscled, tattooed man, i can confirm we are all rapists. Its how we say hello.
Petter Havnegjerde (5 years ago)
you would use a magnet for that;) magnet on long thin object so you can easily reach it.
BranoSundancer (6 years ago)
Guys, do not laugh, I need similar product. But not in shower :), but for car repairs - imagine a screw fallen into the engine area with tight access. Do you have an idea where to buy such device?
No caminho da vida (6 years ago)
Zabulon A (6 years ago)
Don't drop the soap. Why don't prison men just get Gel Soap, there problem solved. No need for a grabbing device on a stick.
cheyrucheyru (7 years ago)
@veedor123 Well there's an urban legend that said if a man pick up a soap, he will be raped (violated) by other man. The reason is because when men pick up soap, they tend to bend over and expose their bottom, and you can imagine the rest...
ondrej repa (7 years ago)
Toto je najnebezpečnejšia situácia v lochu preto si treba kúpiť sprchový gél s tubou v tvare háčika
Brandon Copeland (7 years ago)
@Celie3678 but oh so true.
demoneq (7 years ago)
@tokrika I doubt they are (all?) actually banned, it's probably just a catchy title.
geitebukk (7 years ago)
herregud for ein amatørmessig dårleg reklame. fikk lite lyst til å besøke den sida no...
Freak0utDude (7 years ago)
Dont do it! It's a trap!
Pernilla (7 years ago)
wtf lol
Brandon Copeland (7 years ago)
@freestyle342 Hey, nuttin' wrong with being a little 'sociosexual' every now & then. Hey, if you go both ways, you'll never go home alone. Hee Hee. It's all good. (wink)
jeżyn (7 years ago)
Rozpruwam (7 years ago)
Zajebiste :D
Erlend Tveito (7 years ago)
@LokeBroken erlend i bergen :)
Justice Rule (7 years ago)
That's funny in Norway?
scrapei (7 years ago)
@tokrika my personal attacks lol.. umadbro?
tokrika (7 years ago)
@scrapei If u are going to imply a quote, I suggest u do so without fabricating lines. I am well aware that this comercial is not shown in the US. You should read between the lines and note a feeble hint of social commentary seeing as there is an established culture for actually banning comercials in the US, and a lot of 'funny' comercials are therefore marketed as being banned in order to register hits from certain users. Your personal attacks are noted and reported. Te caput caeli.
scrapei (7 years ago)
@tokrika You guys are fucking stupid. "the us banned this?!?!" dude it's in fucking norwegian.. Why would it even be in the usa, we can't fucking read it retard. Obviously it's not talking about banned in the us..
Brian Ledbetter (7 years ago)
The US bans everything even themselves!!
gulbirk (8 years ago)
havent seen this one before, and im from norway. FAIL
pluton (8 years ago)
@mari14b nei
matsukiaoi (8 years ago)
@Oleg250 everyone.
Anna Skog Lundsholt (8 years ago)
@nollydolly99 captain obvious :P
DallasisaLeo (8 years ago)
I'd drop the soap for the muscly one!
Eric Raymond Is Trash (8 years ago)
@nollydolly99 <3
Oleg250 (8 years ago)
@Saylemore Nice! I just wanted to know if ppl from Norway know it)
Matthew Carl Earl (8 years ago)
Oleg250 (8 years ago)
How many of you know "A-ha - take on me"?) Just curious
Suppeelsker (8 years ago)
@Dakedoom Lol, yeah, we shower naked :P
rosie oshea (8 years ago)
@Dakedoom hey dont be making fun of americans!
d m (8 years ago)
norwegian men don't shower while wearing pants, only americans do that
LunarPoet (8 years ago)
@tokrika Because people who put out videos on youtube know they're going to get a lot more views if they write that it's banned.
Erlend Tveito (8 years ago)
erlend bergen :p
Niobesnuppa (8 years ago)
Was this banned, though? o.0 Can't imagine it being banned here in Norway, at least.
Niobesnuppa (8 years ago)
Rofl, genialt. xD
LokeBroken (8 years ago)
Hehehe ;) jupp, hvem er du ?
Grommash Hellscream (8 years ago)
Rahma Ahmed (8 years ago)
i'm from norway and gameztarmusic your wrong it was banned because it was inapropriate
Sarovak (8 years ago)
haha, funny as hell xD Dunno why people want it banned, most certainly wouldn't be banned in norway
Erlend Tveito (8 years ago)
Bitte Hänninen (8 years ago)
I has a like. :D
hardToSignUpHere (9 years ago)
the most funny thing is that it just appeared behind him
tokrika (9 years ago)
how come all comercials are banned? us-law against funny or something? because it sure as hell isn't banned in norway.
ZTATION (9 years ago)
ok for those who dont understand it, theirs gays, and hes worried abaout what gonna happen if he go down, well, u can figure that out ur own.
91peanut (9 years ago)
stupid xD
PammyWammy (9 years ago)
hahahah.... If he bent over he would get raped xD
Tore Aurstad (9 years ago)
TUNGTVANN!!! "Æ du lættlurt bli du rævpult"!
Atle Dyrnes (9 years ago)
hahahahaha xD
Håvard Anda Estensen (9 years ago)
hvorfor er denne banned?
72ve17 (9 years ago)
Absurd Bird (9 years ago)
Det stämmer faktiskt att Danmark ligger i Sverige, ha ha! Danmark är en liten liten landsby (en kyrka och två hus, typ) precis utanför Uppsala. :))) Det visste ni inte!
klausbjarne (9 years ago)
Danmark ..en by i Sverige? Jeg har møtt en del nordmenn, men jeg å si at ingen av dem har trodd at danmark var en by i Sverige xD dra til storbritania / USA du så får du se kvalitets inteligens ^^ slutt å syte, er bare idiotisk og dumt.
Kareem Eweis (9 years ago)
LOL! very funny!!! XD
M0vir (9 years ago)
Skjønner ikke med det og miste såpe på bakken
4gup (9 years ago)
4gup (9 years ago)
he he he.
frennsy (9 years ago)
HAHA fett mannen!
Joanna Bolas (9 years ago)
what in the world are all of u saying
Philip Lund (9 years ago)
Artig artig.
LokeBroken (9 years ago)
O'yes that's me!!! hehe ;) drit fett!!! :D
Hehe det er Kim Larssønn
yallapenos (9 years ago)
hvem var han tykke til høyre der a? :)
Martin Wobble (9 years ago)
MaahesMa (9 years ago)
hehehe Fy faen å bra :) yes Genialt!
InFocus4 (9 years ago)
hysterisk morsom video! Noen som vet om Et Enklere Liv kun er en nettbasert butikk eller?? har de flere kule reklamefilmer ute på tuben?

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