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Online Dating Scam: Date Verification Part 1 - Your "date"

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A Cyber Documentary of the most prolific online dating scam - Get Verified. The scam is designed to charge your credit card, even though the sites assert that they are "free". This video shows exactly how the scam operates, and how risky it is to "Get Verified". Part 1 - Your Date, shows the websites and reveals how you are being scammed. Scam sites in this segment include Craigs Friend Finder Safe Local Friend Dating Safe and Single Future segments will show who is behind and how they get away with it, and what to do if you have caught up in this scam, If you are interested in obtaining license to reuse and/or raw data, contact me at my blog https://ronineternales.wordpress.com/ Written, narrated, and produced by Ronin Eternales. Theme Music: Song: End Game Artist: Per Kiilstofte https://machinimasound.com/music/end-game/ Narration Background Music: Song: Flight Hymm Artist: Ross Bugden https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ All Music Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. Flag images courtesy U.S. State Department. Stock Photos provided Courtesy Pexels.com and Pixabay.com (copyright free).
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Ronin Eternales (1 month ago)
One of the other tricks I have discovered is that they reject the first transaction, and ask you to try again. What is really happening is that the first transaction might be free, or very low cost. Then you are re-routed to a new "service" and the terms have changed to something much more expensive.
Alex Alvord (2 days ago)
+Ronin Eternales that's what I figured cuz one girl was way to into me and when I said do the ID for me and I will give u the money back when we meet and u give me the card. And she was like o we r not aloud to do that. Its all bullshit the internet is killing us guy's. Plus were I live not shit to do to find girls. It sucks
Ronin Eternales (2 days ago)
+Alex Alvord there is none. scams.
Alex Alvord (3 days ago)
For real where do u find a real legitimate ID pass I've been looking but can't find one can u help
cutie 82 (10 days ago)
Scams everywhere
James Griffith (17 days ago)
Subarashi (22 days ago)
https://joinsafelyonline.com/join/?a_aid=LIBRA&a_bid=dd8f9e6c&autochan=&chan=code59&s=&a=&wlid=epic&username=&password=&email= is this fake or real?
jasrhgw asdg (2 days ago)
Green Dating Verify Trial Iframe (PPS) https://bit.ly/2Rx8iTN
Ben Tedrow (27 days ago)
Thanks man
jasrhgw asdg (2 days ago)
Green Dating Verify Trial Iframe (PPS) https://bit.ly/2Rx8iTN
David (1 month ago)
For those that actually got scammed, I am curious, what happens after you make the transaction? Do you get the Verification ID these bitches keep asking for?
jasrhgw asdg (2 days ago)
Green Dating Verify Trial Iframe (PPS) https://bit.ly/2Rx8iTN
Matthew Frye (30 days ago)
No ID given and there is no girl, and if there it's she is nowhere near you.
Ronin Eternales (1 month ago)
there is no girl
God Speed 2 (1 month ago)
These people are making the dating game more difficult for us males. We are forced to go dating sites because females are so pickyvin real. JUST TO BE TRICKED. What do us men have left porn. What have this world come to
jasrhgw asdg (2 days ago)
Green Dating Verify Trial Iframe (PPS) https://bit.ly/2Rx8iTN
Alex Alvord (3 days ago)
For real it is so bullshit it's like besides porn or a hooker what the hell is a guy to do. I talked to one girl and she tried to get me to send her $300 I said she was crazy I said that's even worse than a hooker cuz at least a hooker you don't pay till she gets there lol. The best idea I've thought of call eHarmony and talk to them I know that they're more for love but I don't see why they couldn't give you good information on finding a pass. You would think they would want to fuck over the scam sites. I thought of another thing if the girl was serious about really wanting to meet you couldn't she just get the verification pass for you.
David (1 month ago)
Exactly man it's so fucked up. I spent so much time with a girl, we had great chemistry, talking online and on the phone, only for her to say "I don't care, get the ID or we won't meet up. I need to know you're a legit person who's interested". That's so cold blooded, how do you waste that much time with someone and brush it off like it was nothing.
Angela Morris (1 month ago)
)Thank you very much. I learned.
James S (1 month ago)
Usually if a site starts with https it is secure. If it is just http it isn't. But I did just give my card info to one of these sites. I forget what it's called but it said my card info didn't work. I tried it 3 times because I'm stupid. My card hasn't been charged anything but it was just like 10 mins ago that I did this. Would it charge right away or no? I did tell the girl I was talking to (i know it's a female, I made her send a photo on Snapchat before I would sign up) that if my card was charged anything I had all her info and proof of being told the card # was not read and she would end up in trouble with the law.. so idk I'm hoping I'm ok. I'm annoyed at myself for being dumb
Alex Alvord (3 days ago)
Hey don't beat yourself up bro we've all done stupid things sometimes we don't always think with the bigger head lol. And it's so bullshit cuz the way girls can control us with there body's fucking bitches. I was talking to this girl she wanted me to get verified by sending 250 through PayPal I told her you verify it for me and then I'll just pay you back and no message back now.
David (30 days ago)
+Ronin Eternales   I completely agree and it's a lesson learned. Partly the reason she almost got me was the link she gave me had https, but it almost identical to the site you were on at 6:10; the site was shnvme.com. is it possible to have a secure connection (https) and while still be unlegit? Because that site was definitely sketchy.
Ronin Eternales (1 month ago)
The HTTPS means that the information between you (your browser) and the server is encrypted. It is an important security measure to keep your information secure. You should never enter personal/financial information if it is not https. HOWEVER THAT IT IS COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to this video. If you gave your information to one of these sites, you can be billed, and you have given your personal and financial information to some unknown company, somewhere between the UK, Cyprus and Bangladesh.
Ronin Eternales (1 month ago)
+David Likely this was a cam girl, and the "verified id" was really a sign up to the cam site; this is the case were you may be talking to a real girl, but in the end, there is no chance you will meet her, any other place than cam world
OMEGA GAMES (1 month ago)
thanks man
Peter Burkitt (1 month ago)
is this one a scam as well https://www.safedatingassurace.com/safed/sexoffenderss69.html
Ronin Eternales (1 month ago)
Same ole schit. sign up for shine love on me crappy white labled dating service
Matthew Parsons (1 month ago)
2nd part?
Ronin Eternales (1 month ago)
not likely, not worth the effort and cost of time; nobody really cares about it all that much, and half don't bother to watch, read or even pay attention, "refund my money or i will call the police" happens too often but i am glad to let it live here
Dacen Rodriguez26501 (1 month ago)
... I hate tinder I would rather use match
Alex Alvord (3 days ago)
See you say match I was thinking eHarmony. But aren't those mainly for people looking for love not just to hook up.
Shamroz Shamroz (1 month ago)
Dacen Rodriguez26501 hy
Hispanic Warrior (1 month ago)
This happened to me in Tinder, thank God I wasn't born yesterday and I didn't put my credit card 💳 number.
Frederick Nunez (12 days ago)
I never answer or click. I report and block. Nothing but indians
Lakshya Gangwar (2 months ago)
This is what I should have looked before losing a lot of money exactly like this :( good work
jasrhgw asdg (2 days ago)
Green Dating Verify Trial Iframe (PPS) https://bit.ly/2Rx8iTN
citykris (2 months ago)
Would you know any real hookup dating sites that are 100% legit? I'm really looking to meet someone online, are there any you would know that are genuine?
Ronin Eternales (2 months ago)
I am commenting on date verification sites, and none of them are real.
DJ PC Baby! (2 months ago)
just got burned today by "safe meet up provider" Now I learned the hard way...after I find this video!
Tim Payne (2 months ago)
Thanks, Ronin, just checked the source code..... "It's a trap!!"
g (2 months ago)
Never use Jaumo app. Full of scammers.
MrMuttley50 (3 months ago)
I just want to give you a little bit of advice, make sure you never go on this website. Victoria Harts. I lost $200 because I see a beautiful 45 years old Ukranian female and I start talking with her. She's sending me a video and ask me to watch her videos. Avarage video is cost you minimum 25 - 50 credits. The cheapest credit 125 credit for $50 so imagine that you watch two videos you out of credits
DARKNESS OFF FOOTBALL08 (3 months ago)
I have someone that is doing this to me thank god I found this
Frederick Nunez (12 days ago)
Never sign up for unauthorized websites
Reixa Ana (3 months ago)
Can you please telk me how to find out? Whitepage cannot help me since i Live in Spain😔😔
Billy Wilson-Neill (3 months ago)
Don't know if this is legit or not but somone is emailing me from free dater I'd saying that if I don't sign up to this dater id he will take $100 a day and $300 a week out of my account. I haven't put any bank details to him just doesn't add up how can it be $ 100 a day but then 300 a week that don't make sense but wanted to know what you guys think its a scam or not ?
Billy Wilson-Neill (3 months ago)
+Marcellus Shale thank you
Billy Wilson-Neill (3 months ago)
They also tried to get me to take a screenshot of my bank details I told them to get fuc***.
Ryan Scherbluk (4 months ago)
The thing is it's the Internet even if you don't do any these there are people out there that find ways. I had charges on my credit card and debit card just somehow got there. I've changed my card numbers so many times it hasn't happened to me in a why'll but my banks been good for letting me know these things right away but still happens. Stay save everyone if ya can.
mike gunthner (3 months ago)
Been scammed by this before, been getting junk dating websites
Jesse Schwarz (3 months ago)
I told a scammer I would call the cops on them just now
Stephen Galindo (4 months ago)
How do u get an online dating license
Ndl soild (2 months ago)
+Ronin Eternales lol
Ronin Eternales (3 months ago)
you dont they are scams
by COS (3 months ago)
Me too. How to get it?
John M Dibert (3 months ago)
Stephen Galindo I’m like you
Kaasafe (5 months ago)
I wish I saw this sooner I lost $120 dollars to this crap last night , now I have to call my bank and get a new debit card
David (1 month ago)
Kaasafe I am curious, What happens after you make the transaction? Do you actually get that Verification ID these bitches keep asking for?
Ronin Eternales (2 months ago)
Using a debit card online is never a good idea https://theonlinedatingscams.com/letter-from-a-reader-debit-card/
Jose Sanchez (4 months ago)
Kaasafe I was on a the “musician dating” site. I’m 62, and this 37 year old woman starts writing to me. Seems like place not to have someone try and scam you. It went well for a little over a week. She was very good, but she messed up. It’s best to pay attention to “everything” that is said. Our conversation was right on the site itself. I make it clear to women that I don’t have a lot of money and I’m retired. She told me twice she was not interested in money. But she also asked me twice what I did for a living. She said the second time that I’m a man and do I have in interest in having more money, or something like that?. She also stated earlier than she lived with her son and that her husband left her for another woman. Okay, no problem. It could happen. But today she told me that she did not have a home right now, but couldn’t go into the details. I started to respond to her saying these were red flags, but decided instead to just delete my profile. What I really wanted to say to her though is that her story didn’t make sense and that if she had no home, her son could be taken away from her. But what’s the point of confronting a person who has a profile that is probably fake anyway? Every dating site I have ever been on....has been more or less the same kind of situation. Fortunately, I had no paid membership for this site. I tried looking up information to find out if the site is a scam, but came up with nothing. I think it’s probably best that people around my age just live alone for the rest of our lives, not that anyone could get any money out of me. I hope everyone who reads what I have just said.....to read between the lines of what someone writes on any dating sites.
RIPU Singh (4 months ago)
Kaasafe i know they charge $60 tor once and they will try to email u threats like they will fine you and $50 every minute dont belive them theyre full of shit they will even say that they are reporting you and taking it to court just block them or reply some funny shit if u wanna have a good laugh😂😂
Ripu Singh (5 months ago)
Hey if you readin this i am gettin scammed by some online meetup id people and now when i say i dont wanna.pay they say they will fine me $600 for it and settle it legally if i do not cooperate....please advive +ronaneternals
Jose Sanchez (4 months ago)
Ripu Singh I don’t know what to say, except that some people just want a reaction out of you, so it’s probably best just to stay out of that place and ignore them, and not respond at all. I just hope you didn’t give out too much personal information about yourself. They could live in another country like Nigeria though.
Mardig Bidanian (5 months ago)
The moment I see they want credit card info I know it's a scam dodged two bullets
Gem Writer (5 months ago)
This is why I only use sites that allow me to pay via paypal
Ryan Scherbluk (4 months ago)
Gem Writer oh there's scams with papal too trust me.
Jeremy Nent II (5 months ago)
Can you do a video on how to stop the scam
David (1 month ago)
+Administer Smith Come on Smith, Don't post a scam on a youtube video about detecting scams. That's stupid as fuck
Jose Sanchez (4 months ago)
Jeremy Nent II All scams are not the same so it may be hard to do.
Administer Smith (5 months ago)
Hey, we've been there and done that.Visit www.meetupverified.blogspot.com they will also help you to get a legitimate meetup for real. and avoid getting scam.
Ok a few items. Several years ago I began a research project for an op ed article regarding the online dating craze and what was behind it. I registered at over 50 sites from Christian Mingle (TM), to f***book. I used mostly male profiles involving different ages, professions, and financial status. I also did a handful of female profiles borrowing (with her permission, help, and oversight), some photos of a gal pal and some input from her on her profiles. At the end what I discovered was so bad that I was threatened legal actions by okcupid specifically who discovered me and my project in an event that had a huge legal fuss for a month. I opted out of selling the article and instead.....volunteered it to the AP wire service where it was picked up and carried in several publications. So you know, if an article says "contributed" that is what that means, volunteered for journalistic purposes. Heres the lowdown: 1) There is an international organized cartel operating out of Ireland. All the profile registries come from there as its a protected state. 2) They use servers in Asia and Eastern Europe also for protection purposes as most people dont understand origins source. NOTE: if you use Firefox, or opera.....go to "get extensions". In search bar type: netcraft This app will show you as you are in route, each server you bounce off of and where that is along the way giving a red, yellow, or green danger indicator. Finally it will display the actual country where you are on that page in real time. As far as okcupid......going to some user pages lands you in totally other countries, all while that user swears they are on okc USA. 3) Bots. This whole thing is tied directly into the New World Order, and they use bots because.....this is the offically sponsored testbed for A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). In 2016 "chatbots" were the next phase. These programs LEARN FROM YOU and your reactions. They are becoming very sophisticated as to what your true internal perfect mate is. Just a few weeks ago I ventured into my old POF account. I kept a few accounts active for occasional visits to update what they are doing. Within 24 hours I get connected to this fem fatale that totally had my inner deepest being motivated. It went slow. She talked about LOCAL PLACES IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD because she was using the location app from the above video. She talked about the FOOD at a place and how the place was lousy. On the 3rd day she asked if she could have my email. I have an account just for this stuff and gave it. I got a picture, a very NORMAL picture and a nice message about how she was a career stripper who was getting older (43) and she was looking for a decent guy outside that so she could begin to acclimate to a normal persons life. This sort of chat went on for a week. Then one night she asked me: "Do you ever get tired and lonely and just want some one to be there." THESE ARE VERY SOPHISTICATED PROGRAMS GUYS. It was short and very realistic, as once I simply responded "Yes, I do", she responds, "Im thinking about you as far as us is concerned. Not really sure about things yet, but I may want to just have a coffee with you if thats alright and you wont be upset if it doesnt go further. Its just that my whole career in this business has shown me the darkest sides of men and I am not wanting to get into that anymore. If that coffee chat goes well, I may be good for a lunch date. Just want a step by step thing." Seemed very real. Over the few years I have ventured on some of these sites I have had a several dozen dates. This was going down basically exactly like they did. THIS BOT was realistic in the fact she was not pushy or ambitious, and even further was somewhat introspective. Next day she asked if she could share with me. I aggree thinking it was chat. She sent me some photos which I downloaded and REVERSE IMAGE SEARCHED. She was 90% real and legit. Thats the next thing......you see there are dating sites for women who are EXACTLY AS SHE DESCRIBED because its hard for strippers, adult models, and porn gals to find real and decent boyfriends, and thats the double edge. These sites are so good at getting your personalities, that they are doing it from those females as well and then combining them into a very intuitive program. Finally I was asked to go and verify. NEVER GOT TO A VERIFY SITE. IF YOU ARE A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER, there is a database of those and you are watched by the authorities ALWAYS. Mostly in the U.S. they set blocks on your ip address and alerts if you attempt proxy servers. I actually contacted the REAL woman at twitter. I am a known person there as I started a non commercial artist support organization. Thing is, she was also used and scammed. She told me she is a highly popular milf and gets that alot. Thing is, after chatting with her at twitter via PM, she was kind and informs me she wants an actually coffee date if she hits my city and a concert date as well. I am known in certain circles. Who knows, but I would never complain about a coffee with her. NOTE 2 : IF YOU EVER OPEN AN ACCOUNT AT ANY DATING/hookup sites.......once you decide to not continue, DO NOT SIMPLY ABANDON YOUR PROFILE AND DO NOT JUST WIPE IT. That works exactly like cutting a credit card and mailing it back which creates an alternative set of rules applied. (Just pay off the dam thing and cut it and trash it). On websites it creates an AUTO CONSENT to use any and all IMAGES AND INFORMATION FROM YOU FOR THE MASSIVE GLOBAL DATA BASE. Once you decide to leave , begin a 3 day - 1 week process of slowly clearing photos 1 at a time and replacing them with nature images and such. These intuitive programs rescan and update every few days so your images will get wiped from their archives. Also begin changes to your profile, DO NOT BLANK IT as that acts as a trip wire. Rewrite it with nonsense 1 section per sign in. Also change your location. NOTE 3: POSTING FOTOS.....I know we are vain and egotistical. Selfies are all the rage, however once you release an image THEY THEN OWN IT. They then create BOT PROFILES WITH THAT ALL OVER THE PLACE. I have 2-3 stock photos that I can image search/reverse image search on myself. Thats all there is or will be. I retain ALL RIGHTS to my image/s of myself and all depictions of my person or character. Summary: this is illuminati cyber warfare. That is why 100% of all dating apps since 2016 require a FACEBOOK CONNECTION. Facebook is wholly owned and overwatched by the CIA. Guys and gals are burned by this. Back in 2012 when I did my article, I estimated then that the site bot count was an average of 60% even at CHRISTIAN MINGLE. After the AP story release their legal teams still contacted me with legal actions to which I shut down by throwing down the gauntlet and CHALLENGED THEM TO PROVIDE WHAT EXACTLY THEIR BOT RATIO WAS. Ended that abruptly. Even Christian meeting sites are rife with this and is really abusing folks as real Christian types are more trusting to begin with. I have a very popular okcupid review at Sitejabber. It has a few 100k readers at last check earlier this week. I was contacted by okc when that went up. I still have an okc account, they dont know. Its for occasional visits for updates and spying. BE SAFE GUYS. Know that legally EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE DATING SITES ARE OFFICIALLY REGISTERED AS "ENTERTAINMENT", therefore no actual obligations or responsiblities are implied. Never forget this. I hope this was helpful.
Steve MaGouirk (2 months ago)
Thank you for letting me know someone else out there has seen what is going with theses sites and how to remedy the blunders and how I am getting scammed burned and wasting my time and energy investing in something that I will never be able to enjoy due to the lies and bots and the people promoting it. Have to admit it is addicting I guess they know that too so play on the weakness. Bring entertainment to capture and use entertainment to change public outlook and beliefs to controll you.
Jonathan coleman (5 months ago)
What pofsafe.com?
dalex 77 (25 days ago)
Jonathan coleman (5 months ago)
Is it a scam
Jeremiah Carter (5 months ago)
dawg what about "craigslist dating network"
Jose Sanchez (4 months ago)
Jeremiah Carter People lose their lives just doing any kind of transactions there.
mike gunthner (6 months ago)
Got scammed by datebooksingle.com
david fishwick (6 months ago)
have you seen the youtube videos advertising a "dating" or "hookup" id.......i suspect these too are fraud sites?
Jose Sanchez (4 months ago)
david fishwick Even if they aren’t, you don’t know what kind of disease you could catch from somebody. I would stay away.
Ronin Eternales (6 months ago)
Yes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_pKMUduEQs
FALCONS 2112422 (6 months ago)
What about safedatingservice site ?
Jose Sanchez (4 months ago)
FALCONS 2112422 Haven’t heard of that one.
Ronin Eternales (6 months ago)
sounds like a scam,, godaddy took er down
Peter Grabler (6 months ago)
hi.what about dating securit agreement? and thej do tell jou its not free..dsa id??? does it exist?
Peter Grabler (6 months ago)
dating security arrengment id...even its on youtube as well..
Ronin Eternales (6 months ago)
sorry i don't know what that is.
okoro kingsley (6 months ago)
If you pay do you get the hookers???
okoro kingsley (6 months ago)
Wow thanks I'm a living testimony, my story is a sad one, thank God I saw this before I would have lost $500
Ronin Eternales (6 months ago)
There are no hookers, there are no girls. Just some dweeb in an apartment in Dhaka.
George Sciblo Jr (6 months ago)
Must have 100.00 dollars on debit card? For what?
Dawson Nance (6 months ago)
I lost money bc I was to stupid.
Ryan Scherbluk (4 months ago)
Don't worry man it sucks being out of your money but we all learn we all been there.
juni ash (5 months ago)
Same bruv...lost about 300$ trying to get dating ID
The Common Sense Nation (6 months ago)
Same thing happened to me when i was 16. I was too excited for sex and wasn't thinking right
George williams (6 months ago)
Dawson Nance don't feel bad. I just got duped with an age verification for a video chat. You live n u learn
Dxtyj Yftghj (7 months ago)
you saved my ass i was going to try this "100%free" naruto porn game thanks for saving me time and money im just going to look up real free anime porn games :3
Yassir Arqoubi (7 months ago)
i hate scams
Brian Ray (7 months ago)
what about this site?   I think it a scam tried to tell my brother but he won't listenhttps://bit.ly/2HC2Nu2
Ronin Eternales (7 months ago)
Same stuff, crappy overpriced dating site ... By pressing 'Click Here For Access', I certify that I have read and agree to the complete terms of membership and billing and that the card entered above is my credit card. Your access to LocalSexFriends includes a 2 day free trial promo to Music Fans Find Love. If you choose to remain a member of Music Fans Find Love beyond the trial period, your membership will renew at thirty nine ninety nine. Your membership to LocalSexFriends will be Free for Lifetime. You will also receive a free membership to InboxPartners.
dan020350 (9 months ago)
Roy De Guzman (10 months ago)
this is not safe either right? https://www.meetupassurance.com/register27.html
Jesse Schwarz (3 months ago)
Nothing is safe.. as soon as they mention money run away..
Roy De Guzman (10 months ago)
What if i already given my card details, is there any way i could cancel it? im feeling nervous right now.. im so dumb
jasrhgw asdg (2 days ago)
Green Dating Verify Trial Iframe (PPS) https://bit.ly/2Rx8iTN
Jose Sanchez (4 months ago)
Roy De Guzman There are a lot of dating sites where you are required to pay money. That doesn’t always mean the site is a scam. Usually it’s the people who have profiles on sites, that try and scam you. Many of them are men, hiding behind women’s photos, pretending to be a woman.
Connor Skorupski (5 months ago)
Hey, I did the same thing that you did, how did you cancel it?
MBK gamers1408 (8 months ago)
yeah i keep getting these stupid questions about hookup ids it really sucks
Roy De Guzman (10 months ago)
Ronin Eternales i already figured out sir. i checked my email and luckily found in on the spam folder. i cancelled the subscription on my card before it charges anything. thanks
chris staten (10 months ago)
Thanks. The video was very interesting to see how these sites are set. However, if we stop and think about the situation, some of these sites are saying they can varify that someone is not a sex offender by running cerdit card information, therse's no way that information can be determined by a credit card. Sex offenders are allowed to have a cerdit card/bank card and legal records of that nature aren't attached one's credit report. That should be common sence I would think. The age verification sites are a little more convincing but still there's no 100% way they can verify one's age that way as, yes anyone can get a bank card or prepaid credit card(like the ones you can buy at Wal-Mart, reloadable visa for example)
Ronin Eternales (10 months ago)
Your logic is correct. However, Not everybody is thinking properly when they sign up. They get played. 30 days later... #WTF is that charge on my credit card?
chris staten (10 months ago)
My point is that with a little thought one should not fall for these scams.
the sludgehammer801 (11 months ago)
Hey RONIN, I love your videos. Have you heard of www.freeverifyage.com ?? It looks kind of shady to me haha
Ronin Eternales (11 months ago)
There is nothing there but a blank page. Usually, when one of the "girls" sends you a link, it will have a sub directory or page after it such as scampage .com/susieq. Other than that, the URL and the anonymous Panamanian registry say it is a scam.
Lucky Fam (1 year ago)
Thank you bro. I almost got scammed by one and I was going to enter my credit card details. Watching this video stopped me from doing anything silly and giving those scammers my bank details. Thank you once again.
Daniel Smith (1 year ago)
Are there any real security dating ID sites
Jose Sanchez (4 months ago)
Daniel Smith I think one dating site may be okay? It’s called “Farmersonly dot com.
Daniel Smith (1 year ago)
Thanks man I almost got nailed by three of them But my capital one card had insufficient funds And now I'm getting a new card in six days Thanks again
Ronin Eternales (1 year ago)
None that you will find from someone contacted on Craigslist. Instant Checkmate is a legitimate service, that you pay to verify your date is who they say they are and no criminal record etc. This is the type of service you would use if you started to get serious with someone but you had reason to doubt their background. Affiliate link to Instant Checkmate http://trkur.com/311394/7614?s1=yt Some dating sites are offering verified profiles as a premium service, or to celebrities. If you are just looking to hookup, nothing that is specifically designed for the purpose. You can hack it, by getting a verified Twitter or Instagram account, but that isn't all that easy sometimes. You can be reasonably assured that if you find someone on Tinder, and they give you an Instagram account, that they are genuine. You can also be reasonably assured that this genuine person is just building up a following so that they get paid as in influencer and your chances of meeting them in person are slim, none, and Elvis just left the building.
DAMA SCENE (1 year ago)
Hi, how about if your card is declined by the site.
Jesse Schwarz (3 months ago)
I did it by debt card and I was already -4.00 so it doesn't let me spend anything at all thank God.
Jesse Schwarz (3 months ago)
Same for me too! We got so damn lucky
Jose Sanchez (4 months ago)
DAMA SCENE I had a problem like that. You have to call your bank to have the money be paid to the site. They are trying to protect you.
DAMA SCENE (1 year ago)
Ronin Eternales Thanks
Jordan Velasco (1 year ago)
Thank you very much
Aten Akehnaton (1 year ago)
lol I went around looking for a scam, hit a site and saw an image of a young woman, probably in her early 20s and it stated in the info she was 40. Put out personal email. So having a separate email I use solely on dating sites I hit em up. Always curious how these scams work. Hooked 3 scammers and been trolling em a bit.
Jose Sanchez (4 months ago)
Aten Akehnaton You’re wasting your own time though on people that aren’t worth it. Oh well, it’s your life. I wouldn’t bother.
Robert Dore (1 year ago)
I just dodged a huge bullet by telling a so called hot 28 year old from Greenford West London to bugger off.
John Public (1 year ago)
great video
richard fote (1 year ago)
thanks mr ronin.   I have a question?  are these  women  who use this  service  getting a kick back?   there sore losers on rejection.
Ronin Eternales (1 year ago)
There are no women. The money trickles from the porn site, or fake dating site, back to the spammer eventually. Middle men abound. Part 2 will show how. On some occasions, there is a real cam girl, who may or may not be aware of the underlying scam, or other charges that occur. Regardless, there is no girl you will meet.
drubu716 (1 year ago)
A "lady" tried to lure me to a site called Secured Online Seekers( SOS). It seem very suspicious. I can't find this site on my browser. "She" sent me link & it looks just like the site you were on.
Daniel Coe (1 year ago)
Thanks this let me know I was being led on by a bot earlier tonight and luckily site declined my card.
Thomas West (1 year ago)
Until I heard you speaking on the subject of Online Dating Scams, I was about to sign up. I greatly appreciate the info, now I'm just going to hold myself...doesn't cost me a thing. Again ty
DAVID CATHOLDI (1 year ago)
a woman on local milfs sent me her cc no. to use on the get verified site? why would she do that? [email protected]
Ronin Eternales (1 year ago)
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Short answer, No, it's the same scam. There is a purposefully hidden $39.99 per month charge to a rotation of crappy dating sites. Here is an analysis of the site on my blog: https://wp.me/p713cT-1fP This also helps others when they search on the site name, they will find it on my blog and know it is a scam. Thanks again.
João Henriques (1 year ago)
Ronin Eternales is this one safe? http://securedonlineseekers93c.bitballoon.com/
Ronin Eternales (1 year ago)
Thank you for bringing this up. I have been meaning to comment on it. This is a common occurrence when you get in the robot script cycle, you get several emails asking you to sign up, eventually they give you a CC number to use instead. I do not know what happens if you use that credit card number. What I do know is that IT IS A FELONY to attempt to use a credit card that you are not authorized to use. Laws vary state to state, but basically IT IS FRAUD. Speculation: If you use this card number, you are then guilty of a crime, and you subject yourself to potential blackmail from the place where you used it.
Alexander Espinoza (1 year ago)
Thanks u so much for talking true website dating i will wach more video your.
John Joseph (1 year ago)
so... yes please complete this documentary for entertainment reasons, its awesome cuz i could have been dumb or desperate enough to fall for this (if i wasn't a mini genius)
Honey lash (1 year ago)
how to join this site without cc cuz i dnt hav neither of them
Ronin Eternales (1 year ago)
you dont, its a fraud.
PHOENIX FIRE (1 year ago)
thank you
Michael Barger (1 year ago)
thanks man

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