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Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Shops for Beauty Products | Vogue

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Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness, grooming expert extraordinaire, shops at Ricky's beauty supply and talks the show's second season. Filmed by Rebecca Fourteau Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Shops for Beauty Products | Vogue
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Text Comments (240)
Henny Bal Lector (9 hours ago)
giulianav n (2 months ago)
Van Ness is my last name
Jessica Criswell (3 months ago)
I *fear* this man for his ability to wear stilettos
jubs :P (6 months ago)
Me: *thinks I can’t fall any more in love* Jonathan: *wears heels* Me: Me: Me: um Me: Me:
Oliver Mackenzie (6 months ago)
What did we do to deserve him
Oliver Mackenzie (6 months ago)
We need a 73 Questions with Jonathan NOW
J T (6 months ago)
Where is this store???
Buls Bautista (6 months ago)
JVN! ❤❤
felipeluna02 (6 months ago)
I LOVE HIM. he really deserves the best of the best.
Jik Hyun Ahn (6 months ago)
l love love love him l so wanna hang with him and the other 4
Sylla Atlas (6 months ago)
0:51. That's everything I have to say.
Anna Wintour (7 months ago)
0:52 you're welcome
Ana Chocolate (7 months ago)
He gives me life.
rae (7 months ago)
Reina Elma (7 months ago)
Wait where is this store omg
Caysum21345 (7 months ago)
I love him so much he's so positive
charlie walsh (7 months ago)
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him so much
Silver_Buddy (7 months ago)
Can we be BFF?? 😫
PaseoDeLaEstrella (7 months ago)
Jonathans hair flip smiles make me crack up every time.
jessie sp (7 months ago)
73 questions with antoni perowski
Katia Cristina (7 months ago)
i love this guy, he is so funny hahha
Daniel Arcure (8 months ago)
Jonathan is crazy and I love it 😂
AP Wong (8 months ago)
how can anyone dislike JVN?He is such a cutie pie!
Danny Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Dior life (8 months ago)
The name of that store please
howudoin135 (7 months ago)
Ricky's beauty supply
Dior life (8 months ago)
The name of that store
Emma Forest (8 months ago)
Mariah Santana (8 months ago)
I want to be his friend
fionabingo (8 months ago)
i need a ten hour version of this
Omar Gómez (8 months ago)
He’s everything 😭💕
May Coleman (8 months ago)
If you need to get some stuff for you while you're buying stuff for someone else..Just DO IT❕😁💓
Gloria Cruz (8 months ago)
Gosh. I love him more than I love myself 😩
JayWarrenMusic (8 months ago)
someone PLEASE tell me what brand texture paste he picked out for antoni
Sweet Caroline (8 months ago)
He’s such an icon
Gtube Tv (8 months ago)
Madesobe (8 months ago)
JVN, I can't even
Laura Rayne (8 months ago)
He's my fav.
Missua Missi (8 months ago)
Tooty Futts (8 months ago)
No tea no shade but I'm surprised by how old Jonathan looks for his age considering personal maintenance is his stock in trade.
Marcelino Dreams (8 months ago)
My hero!
Josh AA (8 months ago)
We want more of him ; he’s own show
Serge P (9 months ago)
itsmeanis (9 months ago)
jvn is too pure for this world <3
Marcos Manzanares (9 months ago)
I ❤️ her One of a kind
L. (9 months ago)
Love this man
NitNat (9 months ago)
He is just like a ray of sunshine in human form <3 JVN is gorgeous inside and out <3
YouTube User (9 months ago)
I love his personality! ❤️
Rals Becket (9 months ago)
That stache tho
B. Wong (9 months ago)
He is so cute
Bruno Bosse (9 months ago)
OMH so much toxic and unatural beauty product ... poor body 😂
iliekmegapie (9 months ago)
"I think I misunderstood the assignment" Hey Sasha Belle, hey girl!
Miss Luk (9 months ago)
Marvis toothpaste is totally bad - I absolutely did not like it.
afonsords (9 months ago)
what if you did a 73 x 5 questions with them
Julie Trujillo (9 months ago)
Love this person!
kyle stats (9 months ago)
How old is he ?
Abby Lilian (9 months ago)
What store is this?
eroshiyda (9 months ago)
Hey, quick question: what did we all do to deserve him?
shadelings (8 months ago)
Excellent question!
HeyItsLei (9 months ago)
Rachel R (9 months ago)
im in love
Angela Del Rossi (9 months ago)
this is the content i WANT
anders damin (9 months ago)
JVN should do ASMR videos, no whispering, just talking naturally as he chooses/uses products and braids hair.
Elmo’s World (9 months ago)
sweatpantsprincess (9 months ago)
Baby your STACHE
clumpymold (9 months ago)
I have no idea who this guy is but it's pretty funny seeing him talk and act since he looks stereotypically "manly". Great personality though!
Dione Zerva (9 months ago)
A M B I L A N D (9 months ago)
I can’t w him omg love
rory waldegrave (9 months ago)
The stache is everything
Paola F (9 months ago)
KarenOBeauty (9 months ago)
I wish Jonathan Van Ness was my friend in real life....I'm living for his amazing hair and those boots...Hunty please go ahead and slay.
ewa (9 months ago)
in my country we have like 3 shelves of makeup and cosmetics thats it and in america theres seperate shelve for candles with celebrities
Ona (8 months ago)
there is a proud heritage
Leigh Culbertson (9 months ago)
This isn't just any old store, this is Ricky's in NYC! So not just separate shelves but separate stores... <3
Unicorn poop (9 months ago)
I’ve never clicked so fast
holypicklesmofo (9 months ago)
Jonathan is my jesus
Alvin John Agulto (9 months ago)
Did he just walked out the store barefooted? 😂
Bianca blast (9 months ago)
matthias ameen (9 months ago)
I wish i had a friend like jonathan. I would be so happy.
Giovanna Sterblitch (9 months ago)
Give him a series! DO IT!
Say Rock (9 months ago)
No! He is best when he's part of the Fab Five. All alone might start to be too much - even though he is clearly my favorite.
- erika dr donut - (9 months ago)
I love him
MsKatanablade (9 months ago)
Not to be dramatic or anything but I would die for Johnathan.
Rochalle Racine (9 months ago)
He’s the best ❤️
ALex modern (9 months ago)
TheHelenaSara (9 months ago)
Simplyhyesu (9 months ago)
*She left the store barefoot* 😂
Samantha Silva (8 months ago)
looks like she left the store in a quick, sensible flip flop purchase. we love a health-first queen
dany g (9 months ago)
That mustache awakened me sexually
Eudaemonius MarkII (9 months ago)
Loving the mustache!
fpolo5590 (9 months ago)
Ramon Tragedy (9 months ago)
That store is amazing. We need one in every city.
Tadashi Stark (9 months ago)
jonathan is the sweetest angel and videos of him cure my depression and clear my skin
James Ketcham (9 months ago)
At first I thought the thumbnail was a showing a very happy man aiming a gun at his head.
Noella Mella (9 months ago)
I'm so confused what does karamo do to his head with a beauty blender?
Noella Mella (9 months ago)
anders damin Interesting! I've never heard of that before!
anders damin (9 months ago)
He's bald now so he probably puts products on his scalp that need blending.
Renata (9 months ago)
Jonathan is seriously the best ever...I wish I could bffs with him in real life 💁🏻‍♀️
Shialaubeef (9 months ago)
He is sunshine embodied
Natalie Nelson (9 months ago)
thomascampr (9 months ago)
Mentally ill. Society is done with these freaks
howudoin135 (9 months ago)
OMG I lOVE Jonathan so much!!!!!
Mariana Muñoz (9 months ago)
Anoud Abdu (9 months ago)
He reminds me of gretchen (mean girls) lmao
Offbeatworlds (9 months ago)
Jonathan is a gift to humanity
Lets Do Business (9 months ago)
Wtf happened with mans where are they
Tom Latent (9 months ago)
Love him
Harper (9 months ago)
I met Jonathan Van Ness and he is literally the sweetest person on earth.

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