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How To Compliment A Girl You Like | 5 Compliments That Women Love To Hear From A Man!

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Complimenting a girl is 1 way to build a connection and attraction. Here are all the others: https://www.authenticgame.com/p/pimp-your-lingo-offer-page So you heard it's a good idea to compliment a girl from time to time? Maybe think you're complimenting women too often so you're coming across as needy? Or maybe you're never giving compliments and are worried about coming off as disinterested? What's the right balance with compliments? What should you give compliments about without being corny or cliched? When is the right time to give a compliment? And when isn't it? In this video I'll address all these questions and on top of that you're getting 5 types of compliments that I've noticed women respond to VERY well as long as you pick the right moment and the right context. So as always, bear in mind, these are examples...always be genuine and don't just ape me here...and you'll be on your way to be a guy that gives good compliments! And for everything else you need to attract beautiful women in conversation check out this program: https://www.authenticgame.com/p/pimp-your-lingo-offer-page
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Sacred Klutz (6 days ago)
What if we just started talking and she compliments me? The situation is we started talking as friends she says but her other friends come over and sit with us (in highschool btw) her friends seen to make sure i hear their conversation and multiple times is whether or not she has a bf. She says no and her freinds leave. On the 5th time we talked she compliments my eyes and acts really shy about it. She always asks questions and continues the convo. How can i tell if she is in to me or if she is jist being friendly.
Sacred Klutz (6 days ago)
Also just to verify i dont ever date because i find it pointless in highschool but there is something about her that makes me always think of her 😅. Im very bad with girls/wemon because i find it pointless... Any reply is greatly appriciated i really just want to find out how she feels about me but im shy and not scared to get rejected😫😫
surasak wongchai (9 days ago)
70%of American women has shitty taste in clothes and tattoos lol that compliments would work with European women
james campbell (9 days ago)
give more compliments it makes me feel better as well
Joseph Pack (11 days ago)
Dude your intro is waaaaaay too long. Just give us your ‘amazing’ compliments already geez
Hey man,may just be "intro" to you but that stuff is actually the most important..👍
Reno Stubbs (11 days ago)
Brilliant presentation on the power of complement and when to. Thank you sir.
Space Traveler (12 days ago)
I highly recommend that you AVOID giving women compliments. This is actually giving them validation. You want them chasing your validation. This is one of the best ways to really hook them into you. You want her to wonder about whether you even like her or not in all honesty. By doing this, she will act more submissive/feminine toward you and generally will treat you way better. She is used to receiving constant validation from men. If you treat her like a celebrity, she will treat you like a fan. You do not build connection and attraction by complimenting women. It actually has the opposite effect as much as guys don't want to hear that. I respect Stephan's view but this is how it is in today's world. This was such a game-changer for me when I realized it.
Samuel Karnbo (10 days ago)
I think you make a great point but the push-pull is even better in my opinion, it obviously depends a lot on the girl but giving some sort of compliment combined with teasing or maybe annoying her a bit works great
Charlie Pinelo (12 days ago)
How you doing Stephan? you keep up all going and going
Doing good thanks Charlie! Hope you too!
Simon Kh. (13 days ago)
Loved this video. Thank you Stephan!
simon scowled (13 days ago)
Even average looking girls get all the validation in the world from horny desperate men on social media.....
Alex Kong (13 days ago)
Thanks, Stephan. Good advice as always. I might steal that "I missed you, but then I noticed I had some texting to do"-line though ... 😂👍
Edward Astvatsatryan (13 days ago)
You are awesome, thank you
Mouzaki Knight (13 days ago)
What does it mean when my crush sends you a kiss at the end of each sentence, stops for a bit, and then does it again ?
Robert Torres (7 days ago)
ll S N A R L ll exactly
ll S N A R L ll (7 days ago)
+Robert Torres yup.. exactly.. but dont ask whiny.. be like hey why dont you go bowling with me or something?.. not the lame movie date.. too much silence n staring at the screen you want interaction not mindless zoneout
Robert Torres (7 days ago)
ll S N A R L ll she likes him. You’ll know for sure if you ask for a date though
ll S N A R L ll (7 days ago)
What do you think it means ffs?
Robert Torres (12 days ago)
Mouzaki Knight just go for it though. The worst she can say is no
Mouzaki Knight (13 days ago)
Biscuits are the best
cvt cvt (13 days ago)
"You look genetically superior and you have prepared your body well."
yeahyeahblabla someguy (12 days ago)
It is nice to give compliments to make a woman feel well. Compliments can also be used to qualify her. But lets get real, women respond to looks, status and money.
Deckinickinic (13 days ago)
cvt cvt that might just work....
SovereignSubversive (13 days ago)
Wow, I was doing my German homework , what a coincidence.
Stakker Humanoid (13 days ago)
1st comment. Thank you for reading it.

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