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Joined SB - 2 Styles (Vote for fav part)

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Yo, so i joined SB :D here is a my mini. Vote in the comments which style you preferred. I personally prefer the 2nd part. BY MILES!! GTA Online Crew: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/thep3dobearssgta5 SocialClub Account: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/kayc01 (kayc01) Xbox Gamertag: A Bkay Ckay Skype: ABkayCkay Twitch: www.twitch.tv/ABkayCkay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePedoBearss Twitter: https://twitter.com/ABkayCkay Check out the steam game i am involved with!!! http://thefinalstandgame.com/ www.twitch.tv/TheFinalStandGame http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=241750254 Please leave a like and subscribe!!
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Text Comments (41)
Rewind Edits (2 years ago)
Joyfuls (3 years ago)
first song
Joe (3 years ago)
such a sv editor lmao
Lil Juul (3 years ago)
2 is sick
Fenix_FeeD (3 years ago)
Crazy !!!
swz™ (3 years ago)
first song ? i prefer first style
Frispi (3 years ago)
Fuzz fdt (3 years ago)
first part
Swtch (3 years ago)
second part was way better
Fd X (3 years ago)
1th (3 years ago)
lol the first part but song on the second part?
astalexz (3 years ago)
I love rap but rock is better for COD.
VizLEdits (3 years ago)
Hasmat (3 years ago)
dat first is sexy :P
Vision Avail (3 years ago)
everything u do is fucking sick
ohLucy (3 years ago)
2 ! *-*
PsyQo Quinna (3 years ago)
Can you message me on skype, theladquinna
Mathieu Devoldere (3 years ago)
Man im a huge fan of you can i add you on skype and will ya accept :)
Ckay (3 years ago)
+PsyQo Quinna added.
luixy (3 years ago)
both look sick af, congrats anyway! - shiba
Ruin MTY (3 years ago)
1 fo sho
gvrys (3 years ago)
casual (3 years ago)
Mahid (3 years ago)
1 one looks cool... I know I say this mad times but... I can never stop admiring the mad cool edits lmao
Ghnii (3 years ago)
Part 1 <3 - grats dude
diffuse (3 years ago)
didnt sb just end
the lonely teens club (3 years ago)
Craziness in the hood (3 years ago)
mateus. ba (3 years ago)
CataPSN (3 years ago)
both are insane but 1 forsure
Dayel (3 years ago)
Mathieu Devoldere (3 years ago)
Man can i add you on skype? :D
Mike Hunt (3 years ago)
First song?
Status Raen (3 years ago)
first part
jordan (3 years ago)
nusc (3 years ago)
fuck rock.. 1
qreative (3 years ago)
Part 1 ;-;
Kez (3 years ago)
part 2 g
yuh dig (3 years ago)
Jxns - Niklas (3 years ago)
so sick

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