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Japan & South Korea Coin Collection (2018)

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A closer look at my collection of coins from Japan and South Korea (i hope i got these ones right, one of my Japanese coins ended up in the Chinese/Hong Kong video by accident). Be sure to subscribe for more content (^_^)
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Melanie Remolano (1 month ago)
Hello , I'm Mel, I have 500 won coin just like you year 2011 ,in the back is a bird.
NGCoins love (2 months ago)
Very verrry GOOD from yfreind in ytube in Morocco
Sam J7prime (3 months ago)
I have all this Japanis coin. Wa 01117695889)Mlysia)
UK Coin Hunter (1 year ago)
Ah man we dont have any japan yet but we do have japaness war notes from ww2.
UK Coin Hunter (1 year ago)
Vermilion Studios that's a good price
Vermilion Studios (1 year ago)
The prices weren't too bad either, the bags of randoms were £5 each and the bunc set was £10.
UK Coin Hunter (1 year ago)
I will keep a eye out for it 😊
Vermilion Studios (1 year ago)
It's right in the middle of Pulteney Bridge (on the bridge itself). It's only a little place but the window had loads of silver proofs on display.
UK Coin Hunter (1 year ago)
Vermilion Studios I'm going post some photos of the notes over on instergram soon, where about in Bath was the coin shop? I should be going there over the school hoilday next week.

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