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Ciara Breaks Down 5 Iconic Dance Moves to "Dose" | Vogue

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If there's anyone whose dancing you want to copy, it's Ciara. That's why we knew we had to ask the singer—currently in the midst of working on her seventh studio album—to break down 5 of her most iconic moves 'Round da Way', 'Get Up', '1, 2', 'Bucking', and 'Whoa' so that you can know exactly which one to bust out the next time you need to make waves on the dance floor. Filmed at The Grand Prospect Hall Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Ciara Breaks Down 5 Iconic Dance Moves to "Dose" | Vogue
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Text Comments (324)
U nice keep going (4 days ago)
U nice keep going (4 days ago)
Vardy J (8 days ago)
Make this the official video already
Ronny Sterling (8 days ago)
Smells like tuna
Bar Talmay (9 days ago)
What a body!
Sarah Wigman (10 days ago)
Eu acho a cantora Ciara muito talentosa...Ela dança muito bem tem estilo e também criou seu próprio estilo. Ela é top ela é show ela é tudo.
Royallamonique Brown (12 days ago)
Done my game
Royallamonique Brown (12 days ago)
Agnes Souza (12 days ago)
Fe Alves (12 days ago)
just Love it
Sveta Olegovna (12 days ago)
Justin Gomma (12 days ago)
Fire 🔥
Dance Harris (12 days ago)
Her legs! Her behind! She's slim thick!
Delphine Mallard (13 days ago)
Je t adore ciara❤💋👄
Lana Watson (13 days ago)
CIARAAAA I’m “ALWAYS” speechless and in awe with her moves, singing and she’s energetic...keep it coming “C” LOVE YOU CIARA BAM YASSS #DOSE#
Kif0o Gordito (13 days ago)
Mmm lady thats dirty mmmmmmmm
Kimaya Periottt (13 days ago)
_Idek why I'm watching this when I have no rhythm..._
angel's curls (13 days ago)
Men when i see ciara i lowkey feel bad cuz she got so much potential i feel like she could be a legend but she doesnt put out music consistently i feel like she could have been the next micheal jackson if she wanted to. Beautiful voice and awesome dance moves if only she was consistent
José Rodriguez (13 days ago)
Less of that 73 question nonsense with inane white bread celebrities and more of this! Thank God for Ciara 🙏
JAGUAR SOUTHPAW (14 days ago)
JAGUAR SOUTHPAW (14 days ago)
JAGUAR SOUTHPAW (14 days ago)
Marrissa Keo (14 days ago)
Ciara is sooo amazinggg
TinaLouise (14 days ago)
"PROMISE THAT I GIVE U LIFE" Yasss Ciara! Let em know
K Giovanni (14 days ago)
Thank you for gracing us with your natural body, it trumps the fakes that are being celebrated.
hell o (14 days ago)
khm0785 (14 days ago)
막춤같다 그냥 내눈엔... ㅋㅋㅋ
Jadooe (14 days ago)
" Breaks Down"...
music lover1984 (14 days ago)
she can wear anything.
music lover1984 (14 days ago)
can we get a ciara vogue cover please her hair is everything and those legs.
music lover1984 (14 days ago)
ciara jackson lol looking like janet's daughter.
music lover1984 (14 days ago)
the undisputed queen of dance is back.
Jessica Dausas (14 days ago)
Queen Cici
Mirian V (14 days ago)
Im gonna go to the gym
Ariana Grande Holland (14 days ago)
73 Questions with Ariana Grande and Tom Holland
Riley (15 days ago)
Eya Taux (15 days ago)
Mi W (15 days ago)
If I had Ciara's thighs, I'd never wear pants.
Nurse Drine (15 days ago)
Love her
Jay S (15 days ago)
Ellen Lindberg (15 days ago)
Please to a 10 minute guid makeup video with Elsa Hosk
suck it (15 days ago)
lol what is this ? who is this ?
Angel Williams (15 days ago)
EphraimAdamz (15 days ago)
Queen of Crunk
giovani felix (15 days ago)
We will
Delishia Hollingsworth (15 days ago)
We need a music video with just her dancing
Elennior Dela Peña (15 days ago)
Cool Hype Moves Miss Ciara 😘♥💪
Terra McClain (15 days ago)
I just love everything about CiCi
Michael toomey (15 days ago)
Paul Richard (16 days ago)
Iconic wow we stan
Gabriela Alencar (16 days ago)
Joy Newman (16 days ago)
The outfits though! Entire video done with elegance! Love ❤️ it.
ShaymaFun (16 days ago)
can you please do a 73 questions with tom holland
bibi bie (16 days ago)
I wish she will dance one day with BEYONCE 😍
Clarissa Woods (16 days ago)
#Ciara 🔥🔥🔥💖💖💖 always, you seem so humble, and down to earth... Stay blessed #GoneheadMrsWilson #Shecameupanddidntchange
annieskg (16 days ago)
Sis 😍 Slay-ara
QueenJayJackson (16 days ago)
so_fly bruhhh (16 days ago)
Yess Queen lol that whoa move 😂😂😂 looks so good when Ciara does it 😂😂 when I do it, people be thinking im possessed.
SuperLaserbean (16 days ago)
Ce Me (16 days ago)
She didnt break down Anything!
MrBenosch (16 days ago)
Next cover of VOGUE!!! Ciara!!!!
Laura Hernandez (16 days ago)
I wish i could dance as good as her 😥 She is amazing 💕
Princess Queen (16 days ago)
Janet J?
Jose Espinoza (16 days ago)
Whats the point everybody does these moves already. But uhhhh....kool ciara #sorandom
Christina Oliver (17 days ago)
I love her dance is always been on point lol she be have me break my back tho lol
danceballetacro (17 days ago)
she would be a really amazing mimi in rent
Felihciaty Hadnot (17 days ago)
By my goodness stop comparing suggesting she wanna be Beyonce , I give you your props to Ciara. Let Beyonce specutular in her talents and. Ciara be her specutular way. God bless again 😇
KC Nwokoye (17 days ago)
Queen Mama, she has two kids and is raising a wonderful family yet she's doing it all. Hats off!
Felihciaty Hadnot (17 days ago)
Go Cira love you them moves woman amazing. God blessing keep bringing us music.
V M (17 days ago)
Rothie A Dunnigan (17 days ago)
I wish the camera wasn't popping around so much. IMO, that kind of camera technique is for people that don't know how to dance.
EphraimAdamz (15 days ago)
It's more to do with the fact that she's a model and Vogue is trying to push thier different looks in this video
Tarika Fenner (17 days ago)
Benedith Marie (17 days ago)
This gave me all the life
Michelle Denise (17 days ago)
This would’ve been a nice video.... just her in a beautiful background😍 wow amazing woman
K (17 days ago)
She's perfect. Future weeps
Man she can dance!!!!!!
the shade (17 days ago)
legend says ciara doesnt have haters
Jeanette Rudder (17 days ago)
Dora Love (17 days ago)
CICI gives be life 💕🙌🏾 yasssss
Nopppe Thom (17 days ago)
The royal family left the chat...
Shalyn Harris (17 days ago)
I love you ciara😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shalyn Harris (17 days ago)
My favorite song in the wide world
MacGyver The Greatest (17 days ago)
Love you C
Dianne Skinner (17 days ago)
Welcome bak CEE Cee
Fleur (17 days ago)
Ciara is so beautiful! I still listen to her first album
Calderon Cam (17 days ago)
T J (17 days ago)
rachel romus (17 days ago)
Special K (17 days ago)
Love that room
TheGodGaming17 (17 days ago)
Miss fitness of the world 🌎
kickrocksscrub (17 days ago)
Rene'a Darden (17 days ago)
She went off! I love this. It’s classic Ciara 😭♥️👏🏾
Farouk Bobby (17 days ago)
She’s so beautiful thanks Vogue for sharing
Hello!! :)))) (17 days ago)
Sasha Pollard (17 days ago)
Dance mama!
Fucking Racist (17 days ago)
Iconic though....
Pokadots andWhatnots (17 days ago)
This looks more like a workout....
glamstar3281 (17 days ago)
Talentedand her body is goals!!!
Michael Fernando (17 days ago)
Underrated Queen

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