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French Country Decorating: 30 Ideas from the South of France

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http://www.dreamhomedecorating.com/french-country-decorating.html French country decorating ideas for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and outdoor spaces. No need to spend a fortune on antiques. Visit www.dreamhomedecorating.com for more inspiration, and create authentic French country home décor.
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Always Late (5 years ago)
So simple, so beautiful
Shalon Dozier (5 years ago)
J'aime la masion decor! Tres bon!!!
lottie amber (5 years ago)
Karen A. Nelson (5 years ago)
These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
amo la decoracion rustica' con alma con sentir. amo el buen gusto sencillo y bello.
aahhhyess (6 years ago)
very enjoyable video!!
MANILABOY6631 (6 years ago)
Please share more videos. Thank you :-)
Dream Home Decorating (7 years ago)
@kbdb1243 It's 'Gymnopédie No.1' by Erik Satie.

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