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Supermodel Candice Swanepoel Returns to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show | Harper's BAZAAR

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"I've been away for a little less than a year, and it's going to be exciting to be back on the runway," Candice Swanepoel told Bazaar during her late August Victoria's Secret Fashion Show fitting. While most women would be frightened to be standing in a room filled with people in just a red halter bra and matching panties—Swanepoel looked as comfortable as ever, and ready to reclaim her coveted wings for her 10th anniversary show. The South African beauty sat out last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris due to maternity leave—she gave birth to her first child, a son named Anaca, in October of 2016. Watch as Swanepoel gets ready to make her return to the lingerie extravaganza in Shangahi and gets fitted for her look in the "nomadic adventure" section. Producer: Kathryn Rice DP: Connor Reid AC: George Germano Editor: Robert Mroczko GFX/Colorist: Nicholas DeGrazia Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoBAZAAR https://www.facebook.com/HarpersBazaar https://twitter.com/harpersbazaarus https://www.instagram.com/harpersbazaarus/ https://www.pinterest.com/harpersbazaar/?auto_follow=1
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Text Comments (211)
widyadana paramitha (8 days ago)
Barbie in a real life 😍
Paola Hunt (18 days ago)
So beautiful! 😍😍😍
Kevin Murphy (29 days ago)
One thing is for sure Candice when your boys grow up they better be fast runners... Cause girls are gonna be chasing them all day long!!
Farhana Hossain (1 month ago)
They don't feel shy ? Showing butt to all. How ?
Farhana Hossain (1 month ago)
Farhana Hossain (1 month ago)
jose manuel garcia ruiz (2 months ago)
I love you Candice you are the best
1VAHNFANEL (2 months ago)
Zoe Miller (3 months ago)
Candice is so extremely stunning! She’s a bombshell!
Lidila Ozukum (3 months ago)
She 's so beautiful. Wonder why she is not the highest paid model.
Rugare Rugara Mujuru (3 months ago)
Not so happy about the costume but she is truly beautiful
Cecilie Malene (4 months ago)
She's so stunning, my gosh! So inspiring to see this, it's my dream to work with Victoria's Secret as one of their models :)
Danniessa (5 months ago)
I love herrrr she's so perfect
Victor Ireno (5 months ago)
Perfect Cand
Rebeca Ibarra (5 months ago)
Candice I never want you to leave
carlo portugal (6 months ago)
she's so beautiful....
Grace Williamson (6 months ago)
I can't wait to see the 2018 show! So amazing!!!!
cesiumion (7 months ago)
Her face seems to be getting wrinkly
carly keeney (2 months ago)
cesiumion go seek medical help ASAP
0_o peace (7 months ago)
Does anyone else think she looks high?
carly keeney (2 months ago)
0_o peace it’s being tired due to being a mother!
Reh Anilatac (7 months ago)
Iman Mohamed (8 months ago)
It's Nina (8 months ago)
carly keeney (2 months ago)
It's Nina it’s called ageing! My god! She’s 30 now
Md. Masudul Hasan (8 months ago)
She is always beautiful. On a journal I have read that her position is top overall always worldwide top 100 beautiful female in this world.
Apolo Rock (9 months ago)
I hate time .. it's subtle but I can see how it's changing Candice! WHY HER?!!! WHY! I QUIT! FUCK THIS SHIT! stupid life
Jose Basurto (9 months ago)
All I am hearing is: I am tired I dont have time
Oscar O' Farrell (9 months ago)
Anybody can tell me......¿What is the song?.
William Sabani (9 months ago)
Brookie Julissa (9 months ago)
Candice, I love you and support you. You are GLOWING. You are living proof that it's possible to be a hardworking mother and model. You are strong and I support you and everything you stand for as a fan. God bless.
Ninja563 (9 months ago)
But she's prego again
Sergio Albini (10 months ago)
smh dafuq (10 months ago)
If she had black hair, she'd look like Angelina Jolie
YES she is pretty but did her Dutch Boer Colonial Mistress costume get lost in the mail? Conquer and steal....whats new?
Geisha (10 months ago)
Candice is gorgeous. But she ISNT a supermodel. I feel like that word is just thrown around to anyone now a days.
Erika Lindberg (10 months ago)
If you pick that outfit out Candice you have great taste
Brooke Hardt (10 months ago)
she's pregnant here..... HOW
Antje Str (10 months ago)
I love hearing her talk, could listen to her all day :D !
lilly (10 months ago)
I am a woman, but... she is so beautiful...
S P (10 months ago)
Candice is so strikingly gorgeous I distinctly remember seeing her for the first time during her first appearance on VS thinking "she's gonna go somewhere monumental in her life" n now she has😜🙌lol I'm not even sexually attracted to the biological female anatomy yet she still has my full attention whenever on screen and more importantly she seems to be one of the most beautiful people inside as well based on any interview or examples I've seen of her expressing her authentic self. I truly cherish inspiration from her existence. She doesn't live her life for petty desires such as money and fame I can tell she solely resonates within her genuine sense of self, life experiences, and people she interacts with💖A completely exemplary human
PalmeirenseIC (10 months ago)
Beautiful girl... beautiful souls.. . So much profissional person... big wOman
I love Candice very much ❤!
Wensly Panilagao (10 months ago)
Perfect, my idol. I hope I can see u in person
Galina Gorinchuk (10 months ago)
Well done, Candice - you are a godess!
Pablo Lojo Oliveira (10 months ago)
Es super mona esta chica... Es la mejor modelo q tiene VS ahora mismo en mi opinión.
VSFutureModel (10 months ago)
She a milf 😭😍
Sam A (10 months ago)
William Sabani (10 months ago)
Sophie Rodgers (10 months ago)
She’s so gorgeous wtf not fair😍😭
itz 6ig.6ossing (11 months ago)
This channel motivates me a lot to follow my dreams I love it so much 💕
Brittany R (11 months ago)
Is no one gonna mention that she walked pregnant?
Rj (11 months ago)
It's amazing how she can walk effortlessly even with that heavy wings.
Ani (11 months ago)
Y ahora se embarazo otra vez 🙄
My YouTube Video (11 months ago)
Appledweeb Fatkid (11 months ago)
She has so much sex appeal. By far the best model VS has ever signed. She really is one in a billion like Ed Razek said
Gabriela Torrico (11 months ago)
She doesn´t wear those wings in the show!!!!!
Sher Mariño (11 months ago)
She's already pregnant here for her second baby. Look how gorgeous her body ❤
JJ M (11 months ago)
Love you Candice. You are such a beautiful person.
omg bitch I'm so shook (11 months ago)
I missed her along with behati and doutzen
Mona W. (11 months ago)
Shes my favorite
Mayra Torres (11 months ago)
Where's the waist?
Gabriella Beauty (11 months ago)
Love her
Naomi Gu (11 months ago)
Imagine 18 years from now the son looking back on hot his mom was.
A Han (11 months ago)
Women around the world hearing her talk about her post-preg body , workout and life style and go FML . Life's not fair ain't it . LOL
Sue Burgess (11 months ago)
Some lucky guy is making babies with her!  LOL
Pooja Chimata (11 months ago)
Um cultural appropriation
carly keeney (2 months ago)
Pooja Chimata shut up you idiot
S Gs (11 months ago)
All I want for christmas is... VS lingerie ;)
Melany Zepeda (11 months ago)
geovane ramos (11 months ago)
She is beautiful but supermodel... No... definitely no.... VS angel that's all....
MissGemma 3 (11 months ago)
a liar to be as fit as that at her age you need to do at least 1-2 hour workout every 2 days
carly keeney (2 months ago)
MissGemma 3 erm Wrong! I’m thinner than Candice and I don’t even work out
Maira Zainuddin (11 months ago)
Gorgeous Mom, love you Candice 😍😍
Dennis Marhalim (11 months ago)
Blind eyes 23 dislikes
Boul Shyte (11 months ago)
i forgot she has a child
Fun lyfestyle (11 months ago)
She looks so complete! I love Candice
Babee Breez (11 months ago)
I didn’t see her wear this piece for this part of the show
Arpit Arora (11 months ago)
Babee Breez they changed her wings, these were given to Grace Bol, the third model in Nomadic segment.
Autumn Daye (11 months ago)
Her voice is very smoothing😍
Keren Stronach (11 months ago)
So perfect! Love the look! 💕❤️😍
Syahidah Abidin (11 months ago)
I hope she gets to wear the fantasy bra next year!
Happy Onion (11 months ago)
her waist vanished with pregnancy
R R (11 months ago)
She is a godess
uknown girl (11 months ago)
candice is so beautiful i love her perfect body perfect face she is gorgeous she is queen
Ailish (11 months ago)
miranda (11 months ago)
madariawalls19 (11 months ago)
Omg I'm such a fan girl she is goals everything I love her congrats on your beautiful baby I love you Candice you got this girl. Ah just love you
Ziang Wang (11 months ago)
Nadine D. (11 months ago)
Imagine to look like her! She is absolutely stunning.
dreamsdo cometrue (11 months ago)
Heaven must be missing an angel, Candice is back!
Blaire Wilson (11 months ago)
She's my FAVE!!! I just copied Candice Swanepoel's Instagram for a week! 😂
Angelina Nguyen (11 months ago)
Half an hr workout every 2 days and she still looks bomb.. QUEEN
Emilia Anna (11 months ago)
Damn this girl is just perfect! I feel like she's even more gorgeous now after her baby break. And her hair omg!!! Slay girl slay!!!
Pierre Roche' (11 months ago)
Im so irritated at people talking about her belly Its completely flat like alwaysShe is literally perfection I die whenever a new vid of hers comes out cus she slays my whole existence lol
Incognito Reviews (11 months ago)
Christine Awuor (11 months ago)
I loooove Candice....but hate it when she has a cat eye...mmm. Just don't like it
ぎん (11 months ago)
the best💚💚💚
Yume The morkie (11 months ago)
Super Gorgeous after having baby! 🤗🤗
jose orvalho (11 months ago)
Romee, Martha and Sara is the new generation that knocks out Adriana, Alexandra and Candice
Amber (11 months ago)
jose orvalho Her name is Alessandra not Alexandra and no lol Martha isn’t all that.
Morello (11 months ago)
martha?! lol
Ajeng Zsa-Zsa (11 months ago)
Ravena Royal (11 months ago)
An Angel✨
Josledes (11 months ago)
The most beautiful and attractive woman in the world, she slay with her presence.
Bertha Lovejoy (11 months ago)
she's literally a goddess completely on another level from all the other "angels"
Xxxsorrow (11 months ago)
What a queen! She looks even lovelier than before. ♡
Vydta (11 months ago)
whers this wing tho she doesn`t wear this one

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