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Why This Watch Costs Over $450,000

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Mr. Pascal Raffy is the current owner of BOVET, a legacy watchmaking company based in Switzerland. BOVET is famous for creating intricate and complex timepieces. We got to take a closer look at the Récital 22 Grand Récital which comes in red gold and platinum, each hovering around the $500K price range. What makes this watch worth nearly half a million dollars? ------------------------------------------------------ #Bovet #Watch Business Insider tells you all you need to know about business, finance, tech, retail, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://read.bi/7XqUHI BI on Facebook: https://read.bi/2xOcEcj BI on Instagram: https://read.bi/2Q2D29T BI on Twitter: https://read.bi/2xCnzGF --------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (4957)
potatoes gonna potate (6 minutes ago)
You'll need to hire security just to protect it while walking down the street.
Dustin Provost (52 minutes ago)
For real I could paint a better Earth that size when I was in middle school wtf seriously. That for real looks like straight runny dogshit.
Chase (2 hours ago)
The Chinese will mass produce this and it will be a piece of shit, but it will at least look the same.
SKWIKIEZ (10 hours ago)
Watching this video at my 450,000$ watch. 😎
Yousef Ahmed (10 hours ago)
Arsenal would give you 10,000 then pay the rest in instalments
Yeah Yee (11 hours ago)
there is something called the phone it comes with games and apps and is way cheaper
Roding Entandem (12 hours ago)
My Timex tells the same exact time & $449,075 cheaper.
Ashwin Nair (16 hours ago)
What if it is dropped? Looks so delicate!!
Ais Stein-San (16 hours ago)
I have a $400 Apple Watch that tells me my heart rate, the weather, my location, what month it is, the sunrise and sun set, I can text people, call people
LeVelle Coley (18 hours ago)
My Apple Watch is 1,000x less and I can talk to it and send messages and I run. U can keep that 😂
Bro legends (19 hours ago)
Just give me the time goddammit
M (20 hours ago)
This would have been worth before smartphones
fade 69 (1 day ago)
So this man is telling me this watch can tell positions of the stars but cant tell the actual time? Neat
J.K. Aravind (1 day ago)
Avenrador is 35K cheaper than the cheaper model of this watch. No offence to the people whom Bane wanted to throw on streets, but thats not getting tallied on my platinum plated notebook written with unicorn blood filled inside the pen from Trex bones.
Danny Ainge (1 day ago)
Before I watched this video, I thought this watch I thought this watch was gonna be overpriced, to-boost rich people own ego. But, after this video I realized... well I was right.
Julie I AM (1 day ago)
Half a million dollar watch and they forget to draw Tasmania bottom of Australia. 😄
Shane Hyland (1 day ago)
Its ugly
MagicTricx (1 day ago)
Customer: Great looks good! But how do I tell the time with this.....
Duy Nguyen (1 day ago)
this is like the new internet in the 90s, everyone was using flash and gif animation. Bell and whistle are just that in the end a simplicity is still more mature and long lasting art.
Nameless (1 day ago)
Now you fall down and smash it, or you drop it.. what do you do
Rendahedron (1 day ago)
i’d rather buy 4 houses
ronch550 (1 day ago)
I just got my Invicta Pro Diver 1770 which I ordered 12 days ago online for $54, including shipping. Thanks for making me feel poor. 😥
Uddhav Nanda (1 day ago)
That watch is so beautiful . Truly a masterpiece . Buy this would be a wish come true for me .
R A. Tresvalles (1 day ago)
Reason why I study hard
Liam A Fass (1 day ago)
Cool I was born in leap year
Mike scott (2 days ago)
You can buy a Timex watch and a globe for a total of $30, I'll go with that.
kishor shrestha (2 days ago)
Because Rich People Need to spend their Cash. Otherwise it will get rotten in their bank.
Rizza Abenoja (3 days ago)
This cost more than my car and my house
Mahwu (3 days ago)
This watch better be able to time travel..
Just here Chillin (3 days ago)
I get the watch is complex and amazing. But $450 is NOT WORTH IT!!! I don’t care!!! Why the F*ck would you waist like half a million just for something your gonna stare at, than get board 2 hours later.
King kai (3 days ago)
*if i cant time travel, it aint worth it*
3:00 did he put small comdoms on his fingers lol?
John Smith (3 days ago)
Do you take kidneys?
at the end it tells time that's it
Maximilian Dannenberg (4 days ago)
But can it run crysis?
LenVrijhof (4 days ago)
But does it tell time?
kamikaze_azzai (4 days ago)
or just ask people time
Trinity_ Ghoul (4 days ago)
I can barely read the time on that.....
Vikram Mandal (4 days ago)
I have a watch rs 200 ..which is around 3.5 dollars ..it gives perfect time ..I am happy
I H (4 days ago)
I want one of these!
Velkon Emriam (4 days ago)
See? This. THIS is true art craftsmanship! If I had the luxury, I'd probably buy this thing! I just love the effort and passion yo it's craftmanship and function! All those other million dollar watches? Yah yah, fine, keep your shiny rocks. THIS is what I appreciate!
Henry Reinhart (4 days ago)
Only one reason: it is not worth it by any means, nothing that goes into adds up to 1/2 that much; rather they charge that because they can and know with human psychology being what it is they can get away with it and folks will toss that $$$ amount at it. Nothing more.
PERNERY JLO (4 days ago)
Flat earthers will not buy this lol
Da bob'a fat (4 days ago)
Its for albert einstein
bhanu reddy (4 days ago)
What's the warranty period i get with it
o k (4 days ago)
its really cool looking
Vince g (4 days ago)
Oh yeah!? Well does it have a calculator like my watch ?...I didn't think so.
Lisandro De La Cruz (4 days ago)
Will it microwave?
Petros (4 days ago)
Im watching this with my g-shock on
Surya V (4 days ago)
If you are so concerned about the position of sun and moon then just go buy an smart watch which could possibly tell you the position of all the stars and planets known to the mankind.
Lakshman sundeep Teki (4 days ago)
At last he told us why the time was precious and expensive 😂
Jayffee Fernandez (4 days ago)
does it scratch at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7
wraith3845 (4 days ago)
because idiots with too much money will pay for it, that's why...
Nebucadneza (4 days ago)
Its good this is so expensive. Poor people dont have time to enjoy it (at least i wouldnt have)
Andre AMVs (4 days ago)
Imma buy one
kishan gautam (4 days ago)
People have forgot the fact that a watch shows time whether it costs half a million or few bucks
Nithin kumar (4 days ago)
Can that buyer give to poor atleast 100 dolor, ? No way... So whats the use of it& him to know...
Plam tree (5 days ago)
Rolex aint shit
Alexis Fuentes (5 days ago)
so basically you have a global map and calendar. but really? where's the time?
Aldo Gama (5 days ago)
Because there are people who pays
jwang604 (5 days ago)
I can get one in China for $200USD no joke!
Sigma Geranimo (5 days ago)
Because it is capitalist world. In communism world, you are stupid. Imagine living in Walking dead world, and you try to sell this watch....🤦🏻‍♂️
Jit Indra (5 days ago)
Does it tell the time.. mine does and it cost 10 bucks
paul cos (5 days ago)
Who's wearing a watch? when you got a cellphone.
Justin Mielke (6 days ago)
Is there a knock off version? I really like the idea of the earth in a watch
Yerp Burble (6 days ago)
*i want it*
left m (6 days ago)
but does it tell time?
Bobspineable (6 days ago)
I would actually want this over a Rolex.
Gold 999 (6 days ago)
lukaku seems very expensive thoughhh
Russel Raagas (6 days ago)
“Time is but a stubborn illusion” -Albert Einstein-, so this 450,000 watch of yours is nothing more than a Toy.
Rae Summers (6 days ago)
Half a million? My motorola flip phone can do way better and much more.
AK - 92 (7 days ago)
When rich people run out of things to buy that make pointless things
priya Saxena (7 days ago)
kozhi mutta (7 days ago)
This is actually worth the price when compared to others I've seen on this channel
やおザロン (7 days ago)
Mr Beast can probably buy that
rajilona (7 days ago)
Astronomical Complications... Exactly!
Blasthammer4 (7 days ago)
My watch tells time
Tony Bob (7 days ago)
450 000 Dollars is to much still , 45 000 dollar is an okay for me .
because of money laundering...
Daood Zafar (7 days ago)
But the real question is... Can it run Doom?
SÄFETYKIT (7 days ago)
That watch is sooo last season compared to my Dora The Explorer Go-Watch.
Gaming WithShinzo (8 days ago)
It better be able to travel to the future or something
Why do you need an expensive watch to tell time when you can just get a Dora the explorer watch or a $50 watch to tell time and the stupidest reason for expensive watches is to just flex with a small accessory
hasnat rbm (8 days ago)
Go to China.. They'll make exact same piece at 45/450 bucks
lefr33man (6 days ago)
@hasnat rbm One Chinese movement has been chronometer-certified last year for the first time. The rest is horseshit.
hasnat rbm (6 days ago)
@lefr33man Chinese own brand make chronometer certified watch for long periods of time.. If China don’t make smartphone, it would be the luxury thing.
lefr33man (6 days ago)
But they won't be chronometer-certified. The main price difference is there.
erin williams (8 days ago)
Time is now literally money
Brainman 2331 (8 days ago)
I didn't watch the video and probably won't. I'm here for the people that don't know anything about watches. This watch isn't expensive for the features or the materials or whatever. It is an artwork, made by highly qualified artists to match the smallest detail. And 450000 for an artwork that actually does more than just looking good, that's a pretty reasonable price. Nobody buys a watch to know the time, we have phones for that. This is solely an artwork.
B A (8 days ago)
Because le douchebag can't wear his Ferrari indoors.
Kiingg (9 days ago)
The design is making me buy it
King Wang (9 days ago)
i have the answer cause rich people are so rich they spend money on expensive everday crap
Dan X Gamer Official (8 days ago)
Fuckin' true once you can buy literally anything you start to buy expensive everyday things that probably cost less than $10
Worm String (9 days ago)
I think we'd all rather but from the dollar store.
FunnyReactorgamer Frg (9 days ago)
i think that if ben ten's watch was real it would be cheaper than this watch
FunnyReactorgamer Frg (9 days ago)
china could make a replica in seconds and for a better price
Dan X Gamer Official (5 days ago)
@FunnyReactorgamer Frg I wouldn't recommend being rude to people especially with a grammar like that.
FunnyReactorgamer Frg (8 days ago)
you IQ is about 20
Dan X Gamer Official (8 days ago)
True but no one is willing to pay at least 20 dollars for a watch that doesn't even say time and speaking of REPLICA china replicas mostly have factory defects or just really noticeable mistakes. But even so if you like to have a watch that doesn't say time but how rich your are then go for it.
iDel iQuant (10 days ago)
Still cheaper than a violin
domijhon (10 days ago)
My cellphone can do that
Glitchy Squid (11 days ago)
I like that one of the selling points is, "It glows in the dark"
Jacob Z. (11 days ago)
1:33 NEVER heard anyone explain their product is glow in the dark that way....stfu and say what it is...i guess thats how u get those dumb ass rich ppl to buy ur shit
tcb268 (11 days ago)
What a ludicrous item. I guess there's no limit to showing off.
SkullFuryGaming (11 days ago)
Stop all that *All it does is just tell time isn't it*

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