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Jenna jameson scene in bar IN JINX

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Jenna jameson scene in bar JINX
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Mark Daniels (12 days ago)
James Wood (12 days ago)
Goksel Albayrak (12 days ago)
Haar gat is nog groter dan de biljart hole .
Killuminati 101 (12 days ago)
Wtf did I just watched?
Carlos Collazos (12 days ago)
And ???
Bobby Allen (12 days ago)
and they fucked happily ever after.The end.
bella boom boom (12 days ago)
Bill Robertson (12 days ago)
Jenna I'd love to lay you on the pool table and give you a tongue ride Hun tickling your g spot Babe before sticking my massive shaved cock in that Beautiful Sexy adorable little ass Sweetie then tittie fuck you before pounding that pussy Sweetie you're such a Doll Sweetie looking absolutely so incredibly Gorgeous Dear with that Lovely little Super Sexy Body Sweetie you're such a Doll Hun Hugs and Kisses to you Love your such a Hottie Honey.
Grace Jack (12 days ago)
2:44 spread
Chantal Turcotte (13 days ago)
Who is the actor with the long hair she plays pool with? It's not Colt Steele. He's the pimp.
Dave Ellison (13 days ago)
OMFG!! Just Love Jenna so much!Incredibly Sexy and A body to die for !thank you.
Brad Meade (13 days ago)
well as bad as this is at least she can say she never did anal.
Steve Abitante (13 days ago)
Imagine How all the Old Venetian Women Looked!
Nick Stosz (13 days ago)
Wow, she played the role of a woman who has sex for money like a champ, great transition, lol.
James Moore (13 days ago)
Didn't she find religion
Mr anthc888 (13 days ago)
She's had more pricks than that dart board
owen bright (13 days ago)
5 minutes I’ll never get back.
Jimmy Droid (13 days ago)
She was such a fine bimbo until she decided to go all right wing nut job and lost her looks with plastic surgery.
Dangerman5 (13 days ago)
She was so beautiful back then. She didn't age well.
Albert Nada (13 days ago)
I have this video, Colt Steel's reseblence to Kevin Nash is uncanny.
Enrique Gonzalez (13 days ago)
Tom McGraw had long hair dack in the day
Nico Montinola (13 days ago)
great acting. shoulda been Oscar winner
sex machine (13 days ago)
Steve Abitante (13 days ago)
Who the Fuck Would want to bang These Ugly Samoans!
Tim Johnson (13 days ago)
Damn she look sexy wearing pigtails
Lance Pittman (13 days ago)
Looks like a speed whore to me
Tom Griffiths (13 days ago)
If this was real she wouldn't have been wearing underwear
George Traylor (13 days ago)
thats when Jenna was Jenna.
dave redler (13 days ago)
Gary Simons (13 days ago)
Lousy acting, but then again, acting isn't what made her a millionaire.
Martin Neps (13 days ago)
As you shame she had to get Old and all worn out she's all beat up all worn out Too old to poop or pop Her stuff push back so far she uses it for Tail light it's a shame
B T (13 days ago)
Long hair dork
Justin Jones (13 days ago)
He is going to shoot a load of sperm up her asshole
Slavik Beloous (13 days ago)
Was the pimp her career counselor in high-school? Watch the prequel to find out.
Slavik Beloous (13 days ago)
She should've taken his wallet
Slavik Beloous (13 days ago)
That pimp looked like a CPA
Steve Abitante (13 days ago)
I Hate it When like Brown Guys Get Women Like Her!
Slavik Beloous (13 days ago)
That was way too subtle for me
Scharnhorst (13 days ago)
Take it easy on me, i h ad a hard night..
Champ Marly (14 days ago)
Poor woman could have made more off killing husbands.
lance lloyd (14 days ago)
I'm truly suprised that they didn't just get undressed and start banging on that pool table, in front of eveyone #Good Looks-Bad Morals
christian mangurali (14 days ago)
What's the title of the movie?
JasonsDeathCurse (14 days ago)
Jenna was the only porn star I ever wanted to fuck. She was special.
Jason Moran (14 days ago)
Wait. A dude gets punched in the face at a bar and everyone runs out?? Not one cell phone pulled out to record the fight??? No way.
QUONTUM LEEEP (14 days ago)
How many Academy awards did this flick score? Surely one for Best soundtrack?
Anthony Galpin (14 days ago)
Love her in the 90s
Marcelo Garcia (14 days ago)
Love me Jenna Jamison
gretuno40 (14 days ago)
that's the easy way to get STD, people!!!
Jay Rainey (14 days ago)
You Fuck with Jenna ya better tie a 2×4 on your ass to keep from fallin in.
Timotheus157 (14 days ago)
Nice. JJ is always near and dear to my heart. 💘🌷👍🍻
john dillinger (14 days ago)
she looked like total white trash back then.
snacks1973 pepeco (14 days ago)
Tera patrick, chasey lain, charlie, i forget all the hotties from the 90's but they rocked
Veronica Talavera (14 days ago)
I wanna do role playing like this with my man so bad but I get shy😚😊😜
Curt Christensen (14 days ago)
Walking into a bar..... ...kind of makes it obvious she's at least 21
darrin ditcharo (14 days ago)
I've beaten off to her so much when I was younger!!
Sen Thakuri Anish (14 days ago)
Anish Sen Thakuri
Kerry Sammy (14 days ago)
I wonder what she is doing now?
Kerry Sammy (14 days ago)
+craig howard worth every cent!
craig howard (14 days ago)
Whatever the fk she wants she's worth over 30 million.
Jim Puertas (14 days ago)
What a used up ho, fake tits look so fucking horrendous on her.
Mark Steele (15 days ago)
Steve Abitante (13 days ago)
Yeah Just Go To East Europe & North-Western Europe They're All HER CLONES!
TODO PODEROSO (15 days ago)
Q atuação merece o OSCAR
anonymous anonymous (15 days ago)
hot fucken slut
anonymous anonymous (15 days ago)
then I'll give her a deep doggy in her tight ass
anonymous anonymous (15 days ago)
she can come ride my cock hard and deep throat it and swallow
anonymous anonymous (15 days ago)
one of the hottest sluts ever
Vinh-An Nguyen (15 days ago)
are they real or fake?
James Siciliano (15 days ago)
She sucked a good cock back in the,days
Terry Bonnell (15 days ago)
It's a shame the talent in Hollywood these days can't even compare to Jenna.
Mike Servello (15 days ago)
Jenna can be a little distracting . Just saying
Thomas Maloney (15 days ago)
In her heyday, Jenna was one hot cumdumpster!!!!
Kevin Gunnery (14 days ago)
Thomas Maloney so was a sperm bank.
Jimmy Pace (15 days ago)
She plays a hooker very well
2190kdelong (13 days ago)
Like you know lol.
Heraldo Medrano (15 days ago)
Does she have HIV?
Martin Xayachack (15 days ago)
He's my pimp; that's what pimps do. She too much 😂😂😂😂
Jacob Bales (15 days ago)
Iat that time she was so sexy
Ron Glass (15 days ago)
horrible acting, but man was she gorgeous
l pHoTwUnTee l (15 days ago)
Used to live up the street from this chick in scottsdale arizona
ricter29 (15 days ago)
She was so beautiful back than. Still is I guess. That was the worst movie punch ever
Donny Williamson (15 days ago)
I bet they went to his place and cuddled and talked all night
Steve Stair (15 days ago)
She's a has been now!
koolpop jones (16 days ago)
When this was on old school VHS 📼📼
Johann Schultz (16 days ago)
How I miss the all girl lesbian videos of the 1990's. ......and this ain't one of them....
Barney Warwick (16 days ago)
Curt Christensen (14 days ago)
We know you are, but this is about jenna
John McNeill (16 days ago)
I always remember how hot she was
Thrustin Von Helmut (16 days ago)
She probably did an 8 ball before the shoot and blew the crew afterwards. What a cum bucket.
Paul Warwick (17 days ago)
Terrible actress.
Paul Warwick (17 days ago)
Hair on the goof
Rickardo Bravo (17 days ago)
I never knew Jesus played pool and guess who cums n to Rack em up.
Margaret Mosca (17 days ago)
what a joke👎
Ultimate_Savage (17 days ago)
Say what you want about Jenna, at one time she gave the best head on the planet !
Herzlich Willkommen (9 days ago)
+Homer Nation. Nice try but Jenna was never a big fan of anal things.
Homer Nation. (13 days ago)
Did she swallow for you? She did for me and I had my middle finger up her ass.
Mr B money (1 month ago)
Awful shit acting
juan Carrera (1 month ago)
Yuck 🤢 Lacie Elizabeth Newell You guys that thinks she’s hot she could be rented out at cover models
Andifando Fando (2 months ago)
bokep jena jameson
Nissim Levy (2 months ago)
Little known fact: Did you know that Jenna Jameson was voted by her high school graduating class as the most likely to suck seed?
Rick Ferrante (3 months ago)
This girl is a sexy. Mama whoa . Look at those. Hot boobies she's. A sexy. Honey
Adnan Zubair (4 months ago)
Take care of his precious before time, know what I mean oO
Alice Kiesov (5 months ago)
So gorgeous
cary duggan (5 months ago)
Jenna was probably at her sexiest in Jinx, but come to think of it, she was sexy as hell in every movie she ever made!!!
The Purple 0Charlotte (5 months ago)
He wasn't gonna hit me he was just gonna slap me XD
Linda Moore (5 months ago)
Dam, Colt and Jenna anyone know the name of this flick? Colt was fine and was refreshing compared to the most of the male porn stars of that era! 😜
Jennifer Pessagno (1 month ago)
Linda Moore he was very fine looking...damn!
Jennifer Pessagno (1 month ago)
Linda Moore it's called JINX
Tiffany Lewis (6 months ago)
her sex was borderline average...I know females oral skills so much better than hers...what morals???! she keeps going back to porn time and time again..her scences with females was average the hype but her is too crazy and I don't mean the good way
Christina Luna (6 months ago)
That guy is so 🔥
Darrell Finley (14 days ago)
Christina Luna if you like convict ,no job look..
Linda Moore (5 months ago)
Christina Luna I know , I agree 🤗
Rod Goldfarb (7 months ago)
queen under pressure instrumental track...lake of the woods exitWAY WAY WAY too much by the rules your way for "the win"...WAY WAY WAYYYYY too much by the rules your way...not Barrah Bawcett Bajorsgo check it outyou don't owe 23 trillion, you were owed 113 trillion pay yourselves 113M NOW you can pay us lets go see if the bombs are ok, go check it out...med students drop WMD report so big HSN piked it up through QVC India just flushed 185,000 super compressed metric gallons of poop in the ocean, super compressed pig poop doesn't make our friends in the water be "gay" it makes our friends in the water be sad and our friends in china aren't our friends now...
Rod Goldfarb (7 months ago)
Linda Moore (7 months ago)
Colten Steele eye candy in the ugly ass men of porn .
hellomynameisjoe (7 months ago)
The acting is so oscar worthy.

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