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Jay Rock - Wow Freestyle ft. Kendrick Lamar

283762 ratings | 16525866 views
Directed by Jack Begert 'REDEMPTION' out now: http://smarturl.it/REDEMPTIONJayRock Produced by Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, Dave Free, Angel Rosa & Sam Canter Production Company: TDE Films, AJR Films, Psycho Films Follow Jay Rock: https://www.instagram.com/jayrock/ https://www.facebook.com/jayrock/ https://twitter.com/jayrock #WowFreestyle #JayRock #KendrickLamar Music video by Jay Rock performing Wow Freestyle. © 2018 Top Dawg Ent., under exclusive license to Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/flByG5
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Text Comments (9631)
Curtis Davis (1 hour ago)
STU WOLFPACK0 (1 hour ago)
The Dislikes are from the fire Department. 😁😝
Zet Range (3 hours ago)
1:20 when teacher will turn around
sesteria xx (5 hours ago)
Michael Thompson (6 hours ago)
Daniel Murdock (7 hours ago)
Kendrick is backkkk 🔥🔥🔥
Leonidas559 (10 hours ago)
Kendrick Lamar hitting that cumbia!
Christopher Smith (18 hours ago)
weezaybreezay (19 hours ago)
Please can someone tell me the coat that jay rock is wearing
Paul Roquemore (22 hours ago)
That beat is cold
Bandaid Gang (1 day ago)
Holy shit....the bars been raised lady and gents
Eduardo Pallares (1 day ago)
Avenger freestyle
john tosney (1 day ago)
love this song and the video even more
Paritosh Singh (1 day ago)
FvckWitDreDay (1 day ago)
TDE stacked like the Warriors!!!! 💯
Derrick Roseman (1 day ago)
Why does everyone sleep on Untitled Unmastered? GKMC is the best (has more bangers tbh). Idk idc Kendrick is king!
Derrick Roseman (1 day ago)
Is Kendrick an underrated producer?😰😫😶🔥
Respect from 🤘🏾 TX, I fw this mane 🔥 🔥 🔥
My name Isnt Jeff (1 day ago)
Who else nutted 🥜 💦 when the beat and flute dropped.
BaDUM Tsss (1 day ago)
Kendrick is amazing love him 😻
oussama art master (1 day ago)
This is underrated ASF 🔥🔥🔥
Erbivore (1 day ago)
Got that No Sleep Till NYC flow
Carlos Pellegrini (1 day ago)
My boys really ain't missing 1:33
john tosney (1 day ago)
love this song
dominik kos (1 day ago)
Thank you :)
Nico Toebinte (1 day ago)
this makes me think of the beginning of TDE love it
brittany miller (1 day ago)
kxng kulu (1 day ago)
Jeremiah Perez (2 days ago)
ay fyf all day we run that gang nikka fuck your feelings . fuck
Samir Ibrahim (2 days ago)
Idk Dreamville starting to get pretty fire too tho...
Can Volkan (2 days ago)
Crazy nigga 👊🏾
Josef Mohamed (2 days ago)
2:27 when your girl is alone home
Dreasyy (2 days ago)
I am here before the 1 billion views 🎵🔥
Steven Stillian (2 days ago)
You ain't gettn money then you dead weight. Lol Kendrick got 🔥 bars bruh!
midnight princess (2 days ago)
Radiolilogic 191 (2 days ago)
Best song from this year
Igwe Lukata (2 days ago)
Them boyz flip that shit so hard they went into ultra instinct.
K SooCountry (3 days ago)
Kendrick Lamar always go hard...nice tho
Serishte (3 days ago)
Lamar is back?
SAUCEGOD (3 days ago)
Squidward going crazy
unicorn kitty heart (3 days ago)
lmao love this lol
Bossin UP (3 days ago)
I just view this for the 6,467,567 time Like if you trying catch up
Jefe TheVillain (3 days ago)
Click the link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ . .https://youtu.be/GD7EolHTL3U
Jefe TheVillain (3 days ago)
Look at the dates!!!! . . .click the link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ .https://youtu.be/GD7EolHTL3U
Jefe TheVillain (3 days ago)
🤔🤔🤔 . . https://youtu.be/GD7EolHTL3U
Jefe TheVillain (3 days ago)
KING KRONDO (3 days ago)
MIIB Clan (3 days ago)
Best duos
OHigherThanStarsO (3 days ago)
That slo mo is illllllll
Meshell24 (4 days ago)
They killed it. Two of my favorite rappers
King TD (4 days ago)
Dope song!!!!!!!!
Idris Da Maestro (4 days ago)
Everything Kendrick does SMOOTH As fuck
Jalen Clarke (4 days ago)
R.I.P. Flipside From O.F.T.B.
Elijah Kerns (4 days ago)
Hardest song ever
Adham Morsi (4 days ago)
Anyone notice the sneaky Lyft sponsorship?
El cat (4 days ago)
Haha real A shit.
El cat (4 days ago)
Yoooo this fucken video is hype haha
Alex Chavira (4 days ago)
Hello everyone if you guys can check out my music as i am just starting out on the youtube platform and want to grow a fan base I am from #California.
Martin Duran (4 days ago)
Blank Blank (4 days ago)
favorite from both. jay rock is above kendrick for this beat but this is kendricks best!!!!! I dont know why this frequency is so on point.
Ryan McCue (4 days ago)
This video is ultra fire
Chris Topher (4 days ago)
this is good shit
OrangeCheekun (4 days ago)
Yo play this shit at 1.5 lmfao
Bria Philpot (5 days ago)
I only come to this video to see DOT do that 2step 😂😂
xKronos300x (5 days ago)
at 2:02 Kendrick goes full Cantinflas
l3eautyy (5 days ago)
Not to be that person but, i just knew Kendrick and jay had to redo a song because of future’s verse on “Kong’s dead” 😂😅😅
Toby Howard (5 days ago)
This is such a tune
Travis Hines (5 days ago)
So now we doing 6 seconds on the "skip video"?????????
Fenilli (5 days ago)
whatsup guys i made a song in english im brazilian check ✔ : https://youtu.be/acwCz46OsyY
short videos (5 days ago)
Jay rock videos always on fleek👌💪
Patrick Rance (5 days ago)
JayRock one of the hardest niggas outta LA period IMO
Zack Taylor (5 days ago)
I think half these views are from me 🔥🤦🏾‍♂️
WannaSMDin1080p (3 days ago)
Damn only two of us see tHis?
zesty xd (4 days ago)
It doesn't work like that aa
Kali Gonzalez (4 days ago)
The other half is me
Msquay Quay (5 days ago)
When kendrick hit that slow mo dance
K-dot with the Drake shuffle.
Yo what is Kendrick Wearing???????
Fredo Crugarr (5 days ago)
The LegendaryMuffin303 racks
Nando F. (5 days ago)
I can tell you never had one wow
lively e09 (6 days ago)
This video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bald Head Jamaican (6 days ago)
This joint fire. Cant believe im just finding this
Murilo Yan (6 days ago)
essa música é mt boa
9 9 (6 days ago)
on 10
Oallright (6 days ago)
I could put Shaq heyyy lol
priscilla swanson (6 days ago)
Alicia Gonzalez (6 days ago)
that two step @ 2:02 🔥🔥
George Sylvia (6 days ago)
Jay rock a savage, him and k dot always complement each other
Tonyyail 28 (7 days ago)
Dope ass video never seen that slow motion
Devin Wilkerson (7 days ago)
Jay Rock and Kendrick look theyre ready for a ghetto camping trip
Falko W-E (7 days ago)
Wish Jay would do something with Strange music again
BOSS3500 2004 (7 days ago)
Chrisss L (7 days ago)
anyone know the name of the coat jayrock wearing? or where i can cop it
Hip Hop & R&B (7 days ago)
Can yall please subcribe to my channel
jh361 1 (7 days ago)
My man Z-BRUH's new track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssjqneL4vs8 Give it a listen to make my day ❤️
lil maomow (7 days ago)
The edit the sound wow
Chrono Tip (7 days ago)
why does is kendrick dressed like me from when i was 12, sick song tho
Sofia Olvera (7 days ago)
I could go for a kendrick and jay rock album 🤔
Cosmic Daedra (7 days ago)
Ping Pong (7 days ago)
Man Man never disappoints...
Brent Bunch (8 days ago)
kendrick got bars
Chrisss L (8 days ago)
old tde vibes💕
Charlie Hopkins (8 days ago)
they are rocking tha good ol 90s style to tha fullest. and thats the era i grew up in as well, shiit was tight back then, soo got nothing but respect for these cats. SAlute!!!
Sergio Santos (8 days ago)
Te Dogg (8 days ago)
I don’t miss I call shots 🏀

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