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VLOG: What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight!

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Text Comments (349)
Lifestyle My Style (2 days ago)
I love your Mary miraculous medal. Always looking forward to your Healthy lifestyle vids bc although it's not "make-up," I believe that's a big factor in beauty.
The Lifted Life (2 days ago)
Uggghh. I need to get that app!
Zda Quintana (5 days ago)
Random question.. how do you clean your stove top grill? I have the same one and mine has stainsss :(((
Katt Moon (8 days ago)
Girl i gained 8 pounds ugh holiday killed me !!!
Vanessa Baker (9 days ago)
Amy I have a question. Do you eat more calories if you workout that day? I’m doing 1200 calories a day and wondering if I go over if I should just burn it off in the gym?
Ishleen Kambo (10 days ago)
you are so pretty 😭
Atqah Khalid (11 days ago)
Why i can’t download ur app ? :/
Ericka Jasmine (11 days ago)
I have to try out that app ! Also I can relate to you Amy cause I love me some pizza! 😇
leah (11 days ago)
People seem to forget that every BODY is different. Just because you can have X amount of calories and be satisfied, does not necessarily mean you're unhealthy. Plus, people have got to consider your height! The shorter you are, the less calories you're suppose to have. People just need to mind their business. Loved this video, keep it going fam
Laura I Ordoñez (11 days ago)
Emy Khalaf (11 days ago)
Love you
Danita Dawn (11 days ago)
I love these videos. Please don’t stop! Love the recipe ideas.
chabseggnog family (11 days ago)
im trying to loose weight i tried keto i tried military diet did not work so i will try your way cause giiirrrlllll i love my sweets too 🍫 and instead of fitnespal i downloaded lifesum🤗
Taylor Kirkland (11 days ago)
Your nails are so pretty. How do you normally get them done and what color is that???❤️😍😍 Love your videos!
riotshields0 (12 days ago)
girl all your videos are the same ':-)
dani238159 (12 days ago)
My go to at panera is a Greek salad and tomato soup and a cinnamon scone!!! 😄💕
Shoosh Al (13 days ago)
Beautiful Flowers (13 days ago)
Really do love your videos, keep up the great work.
Brittney AKA PINKSTER (14 days ago)
I’m always stuck on what to eat most days so it’s nice to hear what other people are eating on the daily so I can switch it up! Def gonna try that turkey bravo at Panera!! Looked so yummy! And also def respect you a lot more for being real and showing you eat pizza! So many people be frontin!!! Lol pizza is life!
Kelly (14 days ago)
Plz make more of these 💖
Tresjolie (14 days ago)
How is your breakfast 200 calories? 2 eggs are 140 on their own plus bacon and cheese? Just saying I think it’s not accurate at all
Tresjolie (7 days ago)
Samantha Ross 70+70+ok like 40 calories from bacon? 180 that’s without cheese and spinach. Her light cheese is 90 calories per quarter cup... hm I know math is not my favorite subject but there is no way it’s 200 calories. Just saying I am using 2 calorie apps and they show totally different variety of calories for the same stuff
Samantha Ross (7 days ago)
The bacon is about 20 or 30 calories per piece and she only added a little bit of cheese. 200 calories is about right
Harry is a kitten (10 days ago)
Tresjolie Must be the lifesum app. Seems like it’s not as good and accurate as it seems. I mean it’s obvious she or anyone aren’t using it at all but want to shove it down our throats for some extra bucks... At least they could make it less obvious, it’s insulting
Trish G (14 days ago)
lol these meals are def not to help lose weight ..
_cxj S (13 days ago)
Dnt get me wrong she could of made the pizza herself and it be better and less calories but she’s saying when she cba you can still lose weight . I eat healthy to lose weight so I get what you’re saying 😂
_cxj S (13 days ago)
Trish G it’s because scientifically as long as u eat less then what you burn you lose weight. She has a video explaining. If you over eat on healthy food it can make u gain weight. So her logic is calories not so much like the health. But she’s just a balanced eater
Sadie M (14 days ago)
Your vids are so repetitive
Jasmin Kiefer (14 days ago)
love this video. I like the fact that you treat yourself with pizza too, just have it in moderation
*Watching this while eating a bag of chips..*
Lily Marquez (15 days ago)
It looks like she was crying....
Tatyana Edgeworth (15 days ago)
I need to loose weight too
Morgan Baker (15 days ago)
Are these your real nails or are they acrylics?
JessU (15 days ago)
I work at Panera and it’s honestly a blessing as far as healthy meals go. I’ve been tracking my calories and only drinking water since the 1st, and I’ve lost 4 pounds in 6 days. I feel so good already!
Miranda Ramirez (16 days ago)
You should really invest in a air fryer I do most of my meal prep in there
50PLUS2013 (16 days ago)
👍🏾I got gift cards for Panera
Vicky Cesare (16 days ago)
I am such a picky eater so eating better is difficult for me but your meals really make me want to try harder. Can you do a video or post of your typical grocery store list?
Ncris (16 days ago)
I work 9-6
Queen Bridget (16 days ago)
Who else here is a Panera employee
Katelyn Marie (16 days ago)
Lol “Canadian Bacon” is also another name for ham in the us haha
Cassandra Westgate (16 days ago)
You remind me of Amrezy but a classier less ghetto version
Rose Velleity (16 days ago)
I'm 227 pounds and I'll start my new life tomorrow. My big goal is to lose 70 pounds but my first goal is to lose 15 pounds and I'll update how it's going. Wish me luck! :)
Montanna Rose (12 days ago)
Rose Velleity thank you! I just weighed myself this morning and I have already lost 10 pounds! I’m really excited about it. I hope everything goes well for you!
Rose Velleity (12 days ago)
+Montanna Rose Yeah I might try that! :) Thanks, and good luck with your weight loss <3
Montanna Rose (15 days ago)
Rose Velleity you should try intermittent fasting! That’s what I’m doing. I weigh like 265 and my ideal weight is probably around like 115-120 so I am working hard to lose it lol
Elizabeth Greer (16 days ago)
How are you not starving?? When you said that omelet was big, I was thinking it was small lol. You're really tiny now...I hope you're not developing unhealthy eating habits and I hope you're eating enough. I'm not being mean or anything...I'm being genuine. Just be aware and make sure you're eating enough babe. My sister developed an eating disorder (anorexia) and it started with her dieting. She became obsessed with calories and counting them and serving sizes. Just be careful. ❤
popcanlover (8 hours ago)
lily boucher she’s stated in one of her videos that she’s 5’1 so that is the recommend caloric intake for someone her size and weight. Everyone is different and your calories depends on size, weight and how active you are. She doing what works best for her that doesn’t mean she’s starving herself😕
Paige Smith (4 days ago)
That was not a tiny omelette, it was a perfectly normal size! And counting calories does not develop eating disorders, disordered thinking causes eating disorders and she seems to be in her right mind! She doesn't restrict any foods and allows herself to eat whatever she wants, she just controls the portions which is exactly what anyone should do if they're trying to lose weight or maintain weight....love you Amy, keep doing what you're doing if it makes you happy 💖
Artliker1234 (9 days ago)
She’s actually incredibly small. She just seems taller
Crystal Smith (11 days ago)
lily boucher Y’all Act Like Y’all Can’t Understand That Everyone Is Different. Trainers Can Say Whatever. But Eating That Amount Of Calories Works For Her. And Not Everyone Has A Big Appetite To Eat Big Portions Of Food. Y’all Need To Understand That.
Joanna Ortiz (12 days ago)
That omlet looks pretty normal to me...
Megan Kelly (16 days ago)
So I’m completely in love with everything you do!!! But is there any chance you could add your meal recipes to the bio?!
Marisol Pineda (16 days ago)
Just started watching vampire diaries about 2 weeks ago and now I'm on season 3 ☺
Erica Lopez (16 days ago)
Girl i love you but you should switch up your content a bit or add new types of videos
Rebecca Olu (16 days ago)
Makes sense why I could never find that bacon haha 😂😂
yuliana ferreira (17 days ago)
Where are ur bar stools from!? Love them
Shadia Mustafa (17 days ago)
What’s on your lips???
Da'Vida Sadulski (17 days ago)
Where’s she from?
ahhmani (17 days ago)
Love her what I eat in a day videos but her breakfast was not really sustainable or filling IMO. Breakfast should be around 300 calories minimum and have a good source of carb for energy. I personally like having either some potatoes or a slice of bread with my breakfast (along with eggs) and I found it makes a big difference and leaves me fuller longer as opposed to only eating eggs for breakfast. Of course everyone is different but adding a carb source or eating eggs with a lot more meat than she had in this video has worked well for me.
Rebecca Olu (16 days ago)
ahhmani she already had her green juice she said
br00kex0 (17 days ago)
What do you ask for when you get your nails done? Shape? length? please let me know! I love the natural look
hey Monika (17 days ago)
I am here for the simple meal ideas
br00kex0 (17 days ago)
Did you get your lips done ?
xoxokarmen20 (17 days ago)
God, you’re so beautiful! Your eyes are astonishing!
Vee Lavey (17 days ago)
Have you ever tried Maple Syrup Bacon?!! I know sounds kinda gross and very Canadian😂but it’s soooo delicious
JellySkulls (17 days ago)
Can you please do a tutorial for this look? this is such the perfect everyday look but still look polished.
A alhajri (17 days ago)
I love ur style, can you make video talking about ur favorite daily style?
Teya Maoutner (17 days ago)
You are just so stunning!!!
StudywithBertie (18 days ago)
I got the vanity planet digital scale am so excited
Rosalie Tatis (18 days ago)
They do call it Canadian bacon in the US and that you for putting me on 👌
Samirah Khair (18 days ago)
Loved this vid. Whats the color on your nails...so pretty!
Phyllisha S (18 days ago)
Yes I love this new style of what I eat in a day video. It's more entertaining and not just solely here's breakfast, here's lunch, and here's dinner. I think it would be nice to have a mix of this type of video thrown in there from time to time.
Avi Vlogs (18 days ago)
Love these videos from you 💗
kris ri (18 days ago)
Please please show what you eat when you go out to eat!
Alex Batson (18 days ago)
Reading thru these comments and I just gotta say I LOVE these videos! Actually, I love any content you are passionate about creating. I’d rather see this over a “forced” video. Keep doing you. 💜
Chloe Grace (18 days ago)
a whole queen
zvezdapadalica15 (18 days ago)
I started following you for fitness videos. I understand you used to do more makeup but people need to understand you evolve and change, makeup isn’t everything. I love the focus on healthy eating and just bettering yourself.
Itsmejonathan123 (18 days ago)
You have inspired me to lose weight 😁 I am 17 years old and I'm currently in 277 pounds this video that's to you has inspired me to lose weight ♥️ do you know how many calories a teen should eat a day in order to lose weight ?
Arielle Pritchett (18 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this video with us I’m definitely going to start using that app!
Artliker1234 (18 days ago)
I love that I’m not the only one that kinda gained during holidays
Maryam Elnour (18 days ago)
What type of camera you're using for vloging?
Eli P (18 days ago)
I visited canada last month and i noticed Tim Horton restaurant on every corner! Greetings from Mexico.
Ariana H. (19 days ago)
WOW, I’ve had the hardest time finding back bacon. I even told my boyfriend “it looks like Canadian bacon but it’s gotta say back bacon!” 😂😂😂
Amy Macedo (17 days ago)
Coco Amande (19 days ago)
I love your what I eat in a day to lose weight. You’ve shown your way of eating is sustainable and works 💕 You’ve worked so hard and been super patient 💪🏽😘💃🏽
Jazmin Hall (19 days ago)
god I love uuuu!!!
Amanda Frisch (19 days ago)
Love this ❤️❤️ what lippie you wearing?
Lindsay Tello (19 days ago)
I love these videos they are helping me so much on my weight loss journey and I'm glad you are putting in things that are quick and easy and actually look yummy.
Mellonee Edgeston (19 days ago)
Congratulations on your weight loss success
Jennifer Jenny (19 days ago)
Amy if you like candy try smart sweets!
Magic Baby (19 days ago)
Skip to 5:47 for you eager beavers 🙈🙊
Lauren Capone (19 days ago)
Literally obsessed with the Lifesum app thanks to you girl ❤️
Thaileen Aw (19 days ago)
Girl I love these vlog style what I eat in a days! I miss your workout videos too 💕
Mandy Lou (19 days ago)
That pizza tho 👌🏼 Love these videos!
LatinaSweetie44 (19 days ago)
Lifesum is having a sale without needing a link if anyone wanted to get it
a w (19 days ago)
I’ve tried lifesum twice now and they don’t have everything..def not as much as MyFitnessPal sorry but it’s true! I think MyFitnessPal is better if ur in the states but out of the states lifesum is better
BBBeauty Blogger (19 days ago)
I never comment on videos but I love these ones! I get so many ideas x
Chay Alami (19 days ago)
i loooooooved her makeup looks simple and pretty i mean i love makeup to look like i didnt put so much effort 😊👍👏
Ebele Omoefe (19 days ago)
You’re eyes are sooo beautiful 💕💕💕
Ameena Mahetar (19 days ago)
You look amazing! Your weight loss really suits you xxx
Neha Nagpal (19 days ago)
love your what i eat in a day video
Riley Meek (19 days ago)
Courtney Walton (15 days ago)
I didn’t know people didn’t know that back bacon and Canadian bacon are the same lmao
Miss SevenLittleSins (17 days ago)
It would be easy to screenshot the bacon package so when you go shopping you can look at the picture to see which one to get. I always do that too. Lol
mrs voittout (19 days ago)
Can you do series where you try stuff out? That would be amazing!! Like trying out intermittent fasting many people say that there are a lot of benefits but i feel like you're so honest. Maybe the 16/8. Love you and your vids. I wish you all the best for 2019❤️
Adrina Cisneros (19 days ago)
This is so helpful simple and easy is what I need
Karissa Schmurissa (19 days ago)
Loved this video! I’ve been following you for over two years now and it has been a pleasure watching you evolve as a creator and watching your fitness journey while I am on my fitness journey as well!!
Esther osei (19 days ago)
Love your videos.Lots of love from Ghana 🇬🇭.
Melissa (19 days ago)
Omg what nail colour is that?!
Jackie (19 days ago)
Thank you for eating PIZZA!! I hate how some "what I eat in a day" videos only show people eating salads & drinking water. Thanks for keeping this realistic!
Nicole Medina (19 days ago)
Love how realistic u are ❤️
Solange Breezy (19 days ago)
I love your what I eat in a day even when Im not trying to loose weight. It looks so yummy
Emily Hernandez (19 days ago)
Omg I was wondering if your “back bacon”was our Canadian bacon! Lol makes sense that it’s not called Canadian bacon there 😅
ash nawaz (20 days ago)
Good lord! You are so hot even in a bloody sweatshirt!
PureMe (20 days ago)
I just want to tell you thank you for sharing how you were able to lose weight. This concept helped me find something that works consistently, and because of you I was cinched and snatched for my wedding. Lol Thank you so much! ❤️❤️
Maryangelie Jimenez (20 days ago)
Love these kinds of videos!!! Helps motivate me during my weight loss journey. ❤️
Jones ish (20 days ago)
that omelet looks sooo good omg going to buy the ingredients TODAY

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