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jenna jameson

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Donnie Kramp (13 days ago)
At least he could have took Savannah and husband to dinner for winning the money. That's what I would have done
Donnie Kramp (13 days ago)
Oh my God. It will only be a life dream to see you all five of them women, I I am so jealous. And Kira is super-hot
mansonlamps (22 days ago)
That Kira girl is fucking smoking
Kevin S ツTM (23 days ago)
Savannah, blows Jenna away... perfect
Nick Romano (25 days ago)
29:40 the guy takes the check back!
Robert Butler (1 month ago)
Robin never shuts up
Christpher R Fritz (1 month ago)
WOW.. JJ before the 'tats'
Christpher R Fritz (29 days ago)
@stormz media 😆
stormz media (1 month ago)
yeah bro she looks like your mother man. I'm feelin this!
The Warrior z (1 month ago)
Jenna is sweet i whanne love her not fuck her
lorddiosliving (1 month ago)
is this the 90ies??
Michael Greenberg (1 month ago)
Wow ... that Savanah has beautiful legs!
David Oscar Flores (1 month ago)
The New Jersey ass is an ass hole Jack ass.
Arturo Almazan (1 month ago)
this is old as dirt. vivid doesn't even release new movies or produces porn movies anymore. I think vivid should come back, I am so sick and tired of seeing that Greg lansky asshole acting like porn is playboy , his shit movies suck, well I only like the tushy brand. anyway I miss the contract girls in porn . porn is no longer the same
SeanPrestonFed (1 month ago)
Ranked in order of hotness at this time: 5. Dascha 4. Taylor 3. Jenna 2. Savana 1. KIRA (hands down)
David Oscar Flores (1 month ago)
Hogwash 333 (1 month ago)
Penicillin was a great guess.... This is why the stern show started staging episodes/vignettes/douchebaggery, lowlife play writes
Hogwash 333 (1 month ago)
Stern and his fellow fags are douchebags
Tim K (1 month ago)
They should’ve kept those creepy ass dudes away from those chicks, no one needs to see them. I swear to God one of those chicks would’ve made out with me. I’m a male model compared to the men on that room. Lol
Anna Lexi (1 month ago)
*_The game was fun!! I love ❤️ trivia!!_*
The Warrior z (1 month ago)
Hai i have seen your booty and i love it thank you for showing your butt 😮Anna
The Warrior z (1 month ago)
I love jenna
Ace Rothstein (1 month ago)
Always amazes me how girls that suck dick and get abused on camera think they are ‘stars’
Met Fan since 1968 (1 month ago)
I didn't even watch this. I just pulled it up to comment on how sad her life is.
Jeff Mcglone (1 month ago)
Savannah is so hot!!!
Jack Torrance (2 months ago)
Taylor was fine!!!
Jorge Flores (2 months ago)
So they can make out and touch each other and talk about anal and sex but can't say fuck ?
Dennis Morris (2 months ago)
Amerasians are super fkn hot..
Dennis Morris (2 months ago)
I miss artie he was very funny. The show suffered when he left...
Dennis Morris (2 months ago)
I hate that gd ronnie he's a pos I hope he rots in hell he is fkn vile!
Jerry Nix (2 months ago)
Should be the Rack pack!
croplaya (2 months ago)
My favorite of all time.. KIRA BABY.. HOTTEST EVER
Mr French Tickler (2 months ago)
correct answer is "I like anal" LOL!!
we'll call you k (2 months ago)
I bet this whore has a pineapple growing off her pussy
Young Ad Skipper (2 months ago)
I got a few nuts off to this whore back in the day. I love bombshells
Benjamin Holladay (2 months ago)
I remember sneaking up late at night to watch these shows. I think I remember this episode.
Logan Bme (2 months ago)
Robyn the hater
Josh 98 (3 months ago)
Search her there's better videos online
bb77077 (3 months ago)
No more of this thanks to #metoo.
bb77077 (2 months ago)
Panda Monium, I agree?
Panda Monium (2 months ago)
bb77077 WAAAAAH!
Lastinline (3 months ago)
Savanna says yummy, I say yummy.
King Ali (3 months ago)
Jenna is actually smart! She's got it all going
jeep girl (3 months ago)
What yr was this? Like 2004?
Jason Langevin (3 months ago)
How could savana have such a nerdy douche of husband wtf
Jason Langevin (3 months ago)
2 of them so so hot ! Jenna and Kira !
bad scorpion (3 months ago)
Anal jenna? 😆
indian1 (3 months ago)
I think jenna is smartest of all them.
LordOfNothingham (3 months ago)
I never understood her popularity. So many gorgeous porn actresses. I never thought she was hot.
German Dobermann (3 months ago)
The German prince banged Jenner
Jon D (3 months ago)
01010 (3 months ago)
Jenna looks like she has scoliosis. Her shoulders look about as depleted as a meth addicts. Once you see it you wont be able to get over it.
PatronSaintOfTroll (3 months ago)
Jenna Jameson is not even attractive. Foh.
David Miller (3 months ago)
At this point, not particularly. Look up her first appearance on Howard Stern a few years earlier though, big difference.
Kinga a (3 months ago)
all peoples who looks like a shit must wear sunglasses, thats so sad :/ even in the room.
primeDecomposition (3 months ago)
Kira back in the day was just stupid HOT, Jenna actually looks pretty average standing next to her.
Robin was wrong about close only counting in horseshoes. It's horseshoes and hand grenades....
Henry Smith (3 months ago)
Jenna use to b fine af Tits and lose buttholes
American bollox.... boring boring boring Shock horror they swallow sperm and take it up the arse..... College money well spent!!!
gottabump (3 months ago)
Savannahs the hottest
alan sullivan (3 months ago)
Hot girls with a spin of howard stern shit-he is the nastiest bastard on public show-what a faggot and please invite me to an ass whipping like u did some jerkoff ten years ago-- dont cry I am your age howeverwe dont stand a chance against young men but boys oh yes challenge
dshen129 (3 months ago)
The half asian lost to blondes WHATT
Clive Bixby (3 months ago)
Kira the hottest by farrrrr...
Donnie Brasco (3 months ago)
Oh, Britney Spears.. good.
rshadio (3 months ago)
why am I still here watching this shit...lol its funny as shit that's why
Colin Montgomery (3 months ago)
Jenna is smart!
jeffmack57 (3 months ago)
She’s changed.
reality check (3 months ago)
Stern is an ass and all these girls, especially Jenna Jameson,are filthy gashes !! And this reaffirms what a LOSER Artie Lange is.
Stephen Palmer (3 months ago)
Kira Kener ooohhh the memories of 13 yr old me and Kira kener.....geez.....
sohorny4myself (3 months ago)
Hell yeah so much sewer babys lol
StarSn1per (3 months ago)
Tappa Tappa (4 months ago)
dumb idiots
Vbastard (4 months ago)
actually -being me pretentious- you breath out carbon dioxide, nitrogen and small amounts of oxygen .. You breath out the same molecules AS You breathd in but alot less oxygen... I think you breath out the same anout of nitrogen as you inhaled tho.. Triple bonds are hard to break...
Vbastard (3 months ago)
what do u think is wrong? you think we only breath out CO2 i bet.. Or are you so daft that you dpnt know oxegeu is absorbed through the lungs and into the blood - or that nitrogen triple bonds are incredibly strong ?
Vbastard (3 months ago)
@Anthony Ramsey I find it hilarious when clueless people comment things like this .. You have no idea what youre talking about
Vbastard (3 months ago)
@Anthony Ramsey really MATE???? REALLY? I think u need to go back to school
Anthony Ramsey (3 months ago)
You don't have a good grasp of how molecules work...
Vbastard (4 months ago)
kiera 😍😍😍😍
Vbastard (4 months ago)
I think Jenna is jelous of kiera - cuz kiera is one of the sexiest women alive, hands and feet above Jenna in the looks department (love half Asian - and Asian- women ) but kiera is jelous of Jenna for being more famous ...
Luis Hernandez (4 months ago)
Savanah seems like a pretty kool girl.
Summit X (3 months ago)
Savanah completely won me over with her personality and being above America average smart.
Luis Hernandez (3 months ago)
What the fuck? We have the same name and taste? Awesome bro.
Luis Hernandez (3 months ago)
Yes sir...
Dennis Leavitt (4 months ago)
What year is this????
Mr. Gemini (4 months ago)
Jenna and Kira are the HOTTEST
Pepperoni92 (4 months ago)
How can any mangled cow twat that has seen every bull stud banging the head board - Push out any pussy juice anymore - go figure.
Theo Geo (4 months ago)
Does Blobbin ever shut the fuck up? God what an annoying bitch.
Tere-Jackson Nanai (4 months ago)
If you kiss her on the lips its like kissing 5000 dicks
"You're a sperm dumpster and you screwed me" fucking hilarious
Michael Price (4 months ago)
Taylor...forever my favorite. Super cute.
Ricky Bobby (4 months ago)
I bet you could smell the girl's coming down the hall
Ricky Bobby (4 months ago)
@America First first off I love the name of your YouTube post second off I'm 6 feet tall and 170 lbs and third I'm sure they smell like a strip club
America First (4 months ago)
by smell you mean what exactly? their perfume? I can almost say for certain their genitals are probably cleaner than the sweaty rolls of fat on your stomach...
Coonhunter #1 (4 months ago)
Wet pussy is the best thing on earth.
Karen Kotak (4 months ago)
So, maybe I should do this too? Yes. Kissing girls is nice.
ultimatetruth (4 months ago)
I always thought Kira Kener was gorgeous but to say she seemed standoffish here would be a massive understatement. Maybe she had her reasons.
Digital Nomad Investor (4 months ago)
Yeah, I like Kira as well.
Chess Boardman (4 months ago)
Looks like the Manson family girls walking in to the studio - without the knives
Chess Boardman (4 months ago)
Not good
Thrustin Von Helmut (4 months ago)
Artie, "anal", "anal", "anal"...
Walter K Bauer (4 months ago)
That hallway is a passage for Trolls. Jesus Christ the guys start out ugly and then loss ground! The winner Savannah was like 38 and a MILF here. That kiss.....Ewhfahhh!
Anna Lexi (1 month ago)
*_Yeah she’s 51 now & I just seen a pic of her & she looks amazing still!!_*
alberto032973 (4 months ago)
Beautiful ladies
steve wurzbacher (4 months ago)
Believe it or not the winner is Savanna!! Putang fooled me again.
Alexander Baker (3 months ago)
What the Christ is putang?
TheBluePanda (4 months ago)
I used to dislike the Howard Stern show for the most part. But now that we're living in a watered-down society where you can't do anything without offending someone, I kinda miss it.
curragh 42 (2 days ago)
@Jordan Peters then you are a fucking moron. That would mean California and new York would decide every election. Theres a reason the electoral college exists you twat
Jordan Peters (2 months ago)
Grigori Rasputin1990 because the popular vote should make the decision. Trump lost and won.
IamJeona (3 months ago)
The 2016 election was a joke, and would have been no matter which one of them got in there.
Grigori Rasputin1990 (3 months ago)
@Rico Williams how was the 2016 election?
Rico Williams (3 months ago)
@Grigori Rasputin1990 Quiet child.
Funk Enstein (4 months ago)
More like "Rack Pack."
Coonhunter #1 (4 months ago)
These chics caused me to wake my wife at 4 in the morning to fuck. I fucked her hard til 5.
noneya bizness (4 months ago)
Savannah looks like Britney Spears
Ikon (4 months ago)
I miss this Jenna, she is wreked now.
Ikon meth destroyed her... what a shame
gottmovie (4 months ago)
This whore Jenna is a broke heroin addict.
Liquid bend (4 months ago)
Kira was a cum dogger ... nice looking though
Liquid bend (4 months ago)
She doesn’t look like this anymore that’s for sure ... she’s fugly as hell these days !!!
Liquid bend (4 months ago)
She brings girls that are way hotter then her ... lol 😂
Cyba IT (2 months ago)
Really? JJ was hottest imo
John Hearn (5 months ago)
Howard went from the top to the Bone yard, like a jet hitting a Mountain. The king, to the Scrap heap at light speed. Like Boom!
Johan Ring (1 month ago)
He improved his mental health by fitting in more. It's incredibly tough to be this provocative and different. Destroyed his marriage
Cesar Lira (4 months ago)
When he moved to xm radio his contract was 500 million. Not bad.
Gary Kee (4 months ago)
John Hearn nah he’s still wildly popular if you could afford Xm radio you would still listen, also people grow up and leave some of their old ways in the past
bobsbornfree (5 months ago)
stephen karmichael (5 months ago)
howard is such a tool
dusty3741 (4 months ago)
He really isnt that funny, if he wasn't famous, no chicks would fuck him.
JohnLoCicero (4 months ago)
Being that it's very clear what Howard brings to the table, the question arises--what are you fuckers doing on a Stern clip? This just popped up on your recommended videos list suddenly? Why are you willfully subjecting yourself to shit you don't like?
theflanman86 (4 months ago)
Half his interviews are about lesbian experiences and of anal. He really is a douche.
Peter P (5 months ago)
This guy looks like a stork !!!
Jason Spaulding (5 months ago)
Better than the boring Rogan podcast. Pandering to millennials.
Adam Muzzy (4 months ago)
Even Joe "I pretend to know as much as my guests" Rogan would agree.
Ikon (4 months ago)
Couldn't agree more I'd always watch vintage Stern over Rogan!
John Aristotle (5 months ago)
Jenna has changed so much since Private Parts
Arturo Almazan (1 month ago)
shes a fuckin mess and supports that idiot fuckface in Washington.
John Aristotle (3 months ago)
@carrtex I was talking about all the plastic surgery.
carrtex (3 months ago)
Well yeah that was like in 94 or 95
Rick Grimes (5 months ago)
Jenna is fucking hideous now.

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