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Top 10 Anime Characters That Got Away With It All (Ft. Todd Haberkorn)

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Top 10 Anime Characters That Got Away With It All (Ft. Todd Haberkorn) Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest Sometimes the villains just sweep their evil past under the rug. Todd Haberkorn is issuing a call out for all those nasty so-and-sos! For this list we're looking at shows like Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Super, Bleach, Berserk, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Shaman King, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, and Little Witch Academia to see which character's dastardly actions got away with murder, betrayal, destroying planets, and sick experiments. Yes, baddies like Freiza, Orochimaru, and Mayuri Kurotsuchi will make an appearance! #Anime #DragonBall #Naruto 10. Croix Meridies 9. Yazan Gable 8. Charioce XVII 7. Johann Faust VIII 6. Rustal Elion 5. Griffith 4. Sasuke Uchiha 3, 2, 1: ??? Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (1161)
maximaldinotrap (8 days ago)
I think it is obvious that Frieza is more of an anti-hero at this point and not a straight up villain.
maximaldinotrap (8 days ago)
How did Orochimaru lick that kunai without cutting his tongue?
al MM (13 days ago)
handsome villain can get away with everything nux taku
Thomas Allen (18 days ago)
What that an Archer reference?
Demonic-Deadbeat (22 days ago)
I know that when Sasuke was clouded in Darkness he did some Fucked up things but yet the only good thing he done at that time was rid the world of Danzo who deserved what he got.
Ceridwen Aeradwr (27 days ago)
I'm still utterly amazed that they didn't do SOMETHING about Orochimaru. I mean... they have him under sureveillance, and... that's it? The guy's cheated death 100 times over, if he wants to sneak away to do inhumane experiments then he's going to find a way to do it. Also... is there a reason he's not after the Sharingan anymore...? Or... might he go after Sarada at some point...?
Amy McCoy (1 month ago)
Wow, i'm surprised nina didn't make it on the list. I mean she did kill alot of people, violated table-kun and created a genocide weapon.
DeadlineUNIVERSE (1 month ago)
Give Orochimaru a death sentence. Yeah right, as if that bastard is still mortal
some random geek kid (1 month ago)
He sounds like natsu
Sasuke did a great thing by killing Danzo, that has to be remembered PEOPLE
This list is amazing and incredibly accurate
Slay Gyal (1 month ago)
I came here for Sasuke, Orochimaru and Freiza
Nibilim (1 month ago)
You're forgetting Sasuke's biggest crime of leaving the village and getting replaced with Sai.
Moooras (1 month ago)
Orochimaru on 1st place was quite suprise. Not because he don’t deserve it, but because you broke one character per franchise rule.
Isabella Martinez (1 month ago)
Todd Haberkorn is so hilarious when he does his top 10 videos! 😂😀😎😍😘😅😇😺😸😹😻
L Lawliet (1 month ago)
I thought Light Yagami would be on this list. Until Near came. Yay Near.
Tashiqul Alam Sakin (2 months ago)
11:11 Sneaky Busturd....
Kaylin Patterson (2 months ago)
I'm surprised that Mukuro Rokudo didn't get honorable mention. Yeah, he was jailed, but he managed to escape with Flan's help, *and* he's still a member of the Vongola gang. I love him, but he got away with way too much.
Marquell Woolridge (2 months ago)
prince apoopoo (2 months ago)
r u srs orochimaru doesn't die wtf now I don't regret not catching up in naruto
i am kira (2 months ago)
Misa from deathnote and eren vs female titan he killed like sevral people 😣where are they?
MoshMoshTv Theories (2 months ago)
Robert Hohman (2 months ago)
Well when it comes to Orochimaru...hes too stupidly stubborn to perma kill, so the village was probably quite happy when he agreed to tone it down a bit.
Alex r (2 months ago)
The whole list could be Naruto characters
Gopi Bhujbal (2 months ago)
Sasuke is sooooooo COOL!!!!
Itachi Uchiha (2 months ago)
So vegeta getting away with genocide is not nearly as bad as sasuke being a rogue ninja and not killing anyone until the five kage summit and even after that helping to stop the edo tensei end the war and summoning orochimaru and making his summon the hokage who helped fight obito and madara, did i mention he didnt kill very many people compared to vegeta and only caused some trouble at the end of the series which ultimately did nothing besides bothering the bijuu for about a day or so.
Kakashi Hatake (2 months ago)
They slept on my boy Arbiter from Halo.
Black Phoenix (2 months ago)
Yep just like OJ did it and got away with it LOL
Jay Louisor (2 months ago)
how is griffith even on here? he was unjustly treated, imprisoned, left to die all because he loved a woman. he got the answer to get out of such a life, even though it was that kinda help but how can you blame him? humanity became a garbage race
Amara Turay (2 months ago)
I'd put Sasuke at no.1 with Orochimaru
Himanshu Kukreti (2 months ago)
u can get away with everything if are good looking..
Kenneth Manlegro (2 months ago)
#6....the guy i hated the most..😡😡😡😡
Jimin Long (2 months ago)
Vegeta should've been on here
boukharrouba mabrouk (3 months ago)
Wtf did sasuke do ? He did absolutely nothing he never killed an innocent before and anyone in his place would do the same so stfu
Ssbk (3 months ago)
I saw oruchimaru coming at 1st 🤷🏾‍♂️
josh walker (3 months ago)
1:16 clear that anime was inspired by my hero
Trenton Hamilton (3 months ago)
#7 I remember watching that show when Sonic X and Kirby right back at ya came around... Good times... Good Times....
Rasen Shuri (3 months ago)
2 characters from Naruto series... would have been 4 if madara n obito didn’t die. A series of forgiven villains. Oh... 5 if kabuto was remembered
ZBH (3 months ago)
Gene Simmons-Dracula-Voldemort is the perfect choice for number 1.
Edgar Herrera (3 months ago)
Nathan Goldberg (3 months ago)
Zil (3 months ago)
Elias Carrillo (3 months ago)
Blackbeard anyone?
Vampirerockstar (3 months ago)
Sasuke didnt get away with it he refused to get a replacement for his arm to atone for sins
Neeraj kumar (3 months ago)
Almost all of them are self righteous pricks. Coincidence? I think not!!
Bananagodz 123 (3 months ago)
Where are the 7 deadly sins
Watkin Julian (3 months ago)
Griffith ? Did you even read Berserk ?
Future Trunks (3 months ago)
I knew frieza was gonna be on this list
Big Brother Xellos (3 months ago)
6. I thought McGillis and Tekedan would just naturally fall into corruption and get their comeuppance for it. This guy just kinda came in and contributed to a thoroughly unsatisfying ending.
Wendy Marvell ღ (3 months ago)
0:48 well good luck with those insurance companies Todd xD
Skull Kid (3 months ago)
All Hawks were innocen+ even him
The Person (3 months ago)
The Government of The Dragon Ball Universe didn’t even know about Frieza so he didn’t technically get “away” with everything besides he was gonna go back to hell by Goku’s gang if he screws around a bit too much anyway 😂😂
The Person (3 months ago)
Sasuke went to Jail for a time and he went to atone for his sins and since the Otsutsuki clan was attacking the world Sasuke played his role as the kagekage and went out of the village so he can stop them, He is the only person who has the Rinnegan who is capable of stopping them, nobody does your job better yourself.
Caitlin Schnuerle (3 months ago)
Sasuke gets away with alot cause of naruto......
crimson_noir (3 months ago)
how did frieza come 3rd
Jack Frost (3 months ago)
Hooray for the Karma Houdini Trope. There should be a videogame version of this list. A certain arc villain from the Kingdom Hearts series comes to mind.
Stardust Duck (3 months ago)
Sasuke should have killed Sakura
Adolfo Pena (3 months ago)
Bakugo from My Hero Academia?
rodney firmin (3 months ago)
orochimaru got away with it and a bag of eggs
Svinja (3 months ago)
Surprised Schneizel isn’t in this
Blooper Tanooki (3 months ago)
Luiz Humberto Bento (3 months ago)
Wait, why is Sasuke even in the list? At the end of the Day he killed only dangerous and evil dudes like Orochimaru, Deidara, Danzou, and Itachi (please I don't wanna know your opinion about Itachi, he slaughter innocent people). Besides all the trouble he caused Sasuke is a Hero of the Ninja War and doesn't even carry this title because he thinks he doesn't deserve it, he's out there in the world looking for redemption for what he did and protecting Earth. I understand if you mean " he wasn't in jail for long enough" but say that he "Got away with it all" it's just silly.
Chris Wolf (3 months ago)
WHAT!!!!!! Orochimaru good guy ????
Hisoka Morow (3 months ago)
How dare you insult Lord Orochimaru u piece of shit
Saim Ali Shahid (3 months ago)
I think Sasuke protecting the village in boruto as pretty much his main job gives him a pass for the stuff he pulled. And it's not like he isn't doing his job well.
Pokemon Doge (3 months ago)
Well Orochimaru is basically is a permanent time out for the rest of his life (which is basically forever cause of zetsu body) And frieza was sent to hell which probs sucked big balls and if he tries destroying planters again he'll most likely get a major pow pow from goku
juju bro w. (3 months ago)
Sasuke is a perfect example
Panda Randa (3 months ago)
I love how this channel is slowly becoming Todd's a little more in every video 😂😂😂🤣
zeoking silver (3 months ago)
Berserk is not yet over Griffith may yet be defeated and loose it all soon
ShadowWriter45 (3 months ago)
I think it's implied that Croix was arrested in the end.
Rangiku Motsumoto (3 months ago)
Mayuri is my favorite mad scientist hes just crazy
Luca Edgecombe (3 months ago)
Giacomo Bianchi (3 months ago)
Freezer? Rly? What about Vegeta? I mean, Freezer got killed and destoryed 2 and half times by the good guys for what he did. And he is considered an evil guy. Vegeta was never punished for all the awfull stuff he pulled off. He destoryed planets. Some namekian wasn't even revived because of him. Cell was completed because of him. Majin bu too was awaken because of him, and just like Sasuke and Orochimaru , since there is a bigger threat, everybody always forget how evil he was. He kills more ppl than 17 and 18 just during the Android saga. He kills innocent ppl in every saga. And every single time he dies, someone rushes to revive him. There are litterally no consequences for him, exept getting beatten up by someone that is more evil and stronger than him.
HENKEN SENPAI (3 months ago)
Imma Say This Now Sasuke did get locked up. They explained this in the anime But I Agree he was only locked up for around 2 years and kakashi and Naruto bailed for the fact that he helped beat KAGUYA and release the Jutsu
HennyBoostin (3 months ago)
Yeah orochimaru deserve the number one spot . Mf sneaky like a snake 🐍 lol
Roboclops (3 months ago)
We know Obito didn't get away with it.
shadow force anything (3 months ago)
Bro kabuto should be on there he revived many villains,kage and helped start the obito in making the ten tails alive again
kubers gaming (3 months ago)
You forgot kabuto from naruto
Darkstar Darin (3 months ago)
Freeza was killed twice and caught an hour-long ass-whuppin', he got away with nuthin'.
sl1ckf0x (3 months ago)
Still fucking hate Sasuke. I WILL NEVER stop Hating Sasuke
Ras Lucaster (3 months ago)
Sasuke didn't gone away with everything, he is missing an arm, basically he went away with an 87%
Eunique Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Sasuke was in prison for 2 years. And he would have been punished more but Narutos gay ass wasn't having it
mevan883 (3 months ago)
Considering that he didn't kill anyone that didn't deserve it. Attempted murder yes quite a few but we did learn that everyone was a pawn to bigger forces.
Aaron Cabb (3 months ago)
8:11 You forgot the fact that he also murdered a ton of Samurai at the Hokage Summit.
Joshawott 27 (3 months ago)
Did my first anime edit.. please tell me how it is
christina113704 (3 months ago)
Frankly I thought Sasuke would be 2 for all he did. Thankfully he knew some people in (eventually) high places
DatKidFlagger (3 months ago)
Orochimaru and His student are on the listKinda makes sense
FaithfulAizen (3 months ago)
Watchmojo top 10 anime voice actors who havent gone nuts or something
cindy soldout (3 months ago)
orochimaru never sayd he was mitsuki dad ,but parent
SentinalSlice (3 months ago)
Sasuke did get off way too easily
Waleed (3 months ago)
I like the guy who’s doing the commentary am actually shocked
zodiac339 (3 months ago)
Don’t really have anything to say about this video. Just had to say, I thought I caught a voice I recognized when listening to Petelgeuse in RE:Zero part 2. Hope there’s cause for Todd to do a list involving Petelgeuse like Brianna did for Rem.
Santiago Morales Garcia (3 months ago)
I don't know why people have problems with Sasuke, Onoki killed more shinobis from other countries but at the end the leaders from those countries formed an alliance with him. Meanwhile Sasuke only killed some samurais but he defeated some Akatsuki members and helped to save the world Also his true intentions were only revelead to Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura and the old sage man.
M Buszka (3 months ago)
Sasuke after war was arrested and blinded, hold in underground cell until trial. ALSO Elders(mostly Danzo) get his family MURDERED. Made his brother feared villian, when he was a hero of village. Konoha made SO MUCH terrible things to him, they HAD TO let him free, if they wanted him quite. Also, he is best friend (and by Hogoromo standards 'soulmate', which doesn't necessarily means love) of biggest Alliance Hero, Uzumaki. If Sasuke let out, that Konoha is killing their own citizens, for 'bigger good' civilians and not so well informed Shinobi, will flip out. AND. Lets not forget, he is one of strongest person on Earth alive. Leaving village, itself, as much as betrayal to friends, is not CRIME itself. Like migration. He wanted to harm village only once - when he discovered Danzos missdeads. Later, trying to kill/make obedient all Biyuus, he didn't cause any harm for VILLAGE. Trying to kill Naruto, who forgave him, also was not reason enough... And he is doing more good to village now, wanting to fallow Narutos and Itachis Will, than all those f ucked up geezers. =/ Sasuke suffered HELL because of that village. So, nah. It is rather VILLAGES that got away with killing Nejis father, Sasukes clan, Isolating Gaara, permanently cutting off Haku, LEAVING ALL WENT-THROUGH-HELL KIDS ALONE. NARUTOS VILLAGES SHOULD BE DESTROYED. So...till BORUTO... they got away with being WORST. ;)
Mihir Amit (3 months ago)
So pleased to find orochimaru in the first place
Furkan Bozdag (3 months ago)
Fuck sasuke
QUINN WALOCH (3 months ago)
Dam you villains
Imre Bertalan (3 months ago)
Ainz Ooal Gown. Nobody else could have won this list.
Andrej F (3 months ago)
I'm sick of all this anime shit! Ya'll trash
YuukiUshiha (3 months ago)
I have this odd feeling Orochimaru is still the villain even for the Boruto series...
Ow Ow (3 months ago)
Watchmojo and anime, the worst combination

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