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Crazy Rich Asians Star Awkwafina Recalls Her Dating Past | Sad Hot Girls | Vogue

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"Crazy Rich Asians" star Awkwafina talks dating an intellectual without an appreciation for My Cousin Vinny. Director: Sara Shaw Fashion Editor: Alexandra Gurvitch Story Editor: Liana Satenstein Hair: Josue Perez Makeup: Matin Maulawizada Editor: Theo Rosenthal Filmed at: 325 West Broadway, 3, Courtesy of Douglas Elliman Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Crazy Rich Asians Star Awkwafina Recalls Her Dating Past | Sad Hot Girls | Vogue
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Text Comments (1356)
drii .z (4 hours ago)
Missed that voice 💓
Margo A. C. MAC (9 hours ago)
“He has references..he loves..France” lol this chick is HILARIOUS 😍 but SERIOUSLY, who orders ONE STEAK on a date! I’m an 11 year long vegan, psycho! 😂 o yeah, NEVER SETTLE!
Nina Jadrovska (20 hours ago)
This chick ROCKS
Karen Arroyo (1 day ago)
This. Is. Soo. Relatable.😐
munchiemunch (2 days ago)
Love you boo!
Elaine Kim (2 days ago)
ok but where’s the picture
Yumi (2 days ago)
man I think I love her
Saemmul Song (3 days ago)
Was waiting for the shaved cat picture at the end
Kurt Lim (3 days ago)
"oh my god i know this dude and he's single too and he's really cute!" "he has references" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Demiwizard_Fangirl _ (3 days ago)
Wait what about the cat picture...
serenity gallegos (3 days ago)
love love love
“Body of a graphic designer”
Ford Falcon (5 days ago)
Aesthetically Challenged Asian
yhtaclml (5 days ago)
idk why , but she gives me this emma stone vibe....
mrjjthor Thor (5 days ago)
She's a fun girl. I'd totally date her.
Donna Bowen (6 days ago)
Fantastic and her message is so true just be you you will be so much happier and I would rather be alone than trying to fit someones mould.
bebebby boi (6 days ago)
i would date her. hands down.
Wasifa Wali (7 days ago)
She is Mulan. Looks and personality both :3
DeepSpace12 (7 days ago)
Not into Brutalist Architecture? *HOW DARE YOU*
EuRice Queen (7 days ago)
Will you go out with a girl?
Peter XYZ (7 days ago)
I like Criterion collection...😂. Well done steak...no😭😭😭.
Jessica Kieu (8 days ago)
True girl version of Ken Jeong 😂👌🏼
Athena Pang (8 days ago)
where is that picture??
Oriana Sgalla (9 days ago)
“I loved yelling... at pigeons”
M M (9 days ago)
oh this woman,.. is stupid and overuse the word like.
everyonehateslil (9 days ago)
i love awkwafina so much
Mia Lewis (9 days ago)
Where is the picture
Drunky Brewster (9 days ago)
The body of a graphic designer had me in TEARS
Perry potato (10 days ago)
“100 pounds, 5’2” girl how short is she....? xD
Shristi Chaulagain (10 days ago)
Did she say he was 5 2' and "fine"?!
Nayantara Vikram (10 days ago)
Picture please
Mondo (10 days ago)
When Your Weird and not famous people reject you, when your Weird and Famous People Think Your A Icon! <<<
PauMex (10 days ago)
Te amo
Taryn van Wyk (11 days ago)
Please let’s see the shaven head of the cat 😂😂😂😂😂
Taryn van Wyk (11 days ago)
😂 like a bird
Diana Relmore (11 days ago)
I’m so in love with her
Tabo Beeran (11 days ago)
She's so cool.
whatever why (12 days ago)
I need that picture!
whatever why (12 days ago)
0:26 this is me
laury Rodriguez (12 days ago)
I see Awkwafina I click 🤷🏻‍♀️ a guaranteed laugh
Cindy-Joy Arries (12 days ago)
Her voice is sooooo AMAZING !
Cindy-Joy Arries (12 days ago)
Her voice !!!!!! !
Peter 13 (12 days ago)
"I loved yelling... At pigeons." BRUH! Such a mood! Same here honestly lmao
MALAKHI WILK (12 days ago)
the body of a graphic designer 😂
alex munoz (12 days ago)
Nosotros papaya
chrisserrific (12 days ago)
I feel like a douchebag, because I'm super into brutalist architecture ... Does it make it better if I really liked the song and music video about giant margaritas?
Via Daniels-Fallis (12 days ago)
Keo Moeung (13 days ago)
She’s really funny! I love her personality!!
sHiRo NeKo (13 days ago)
.... So idk if she smokes Tabacco but sounds like it.
milkybar06 (13 days ago)
No point in being with someone you don't love or are not suitable with.
tuocxoan (13 days ago)
Its 2019 and im still waiting for the cat's picture 😂
Monique Williams (13 days ago)
I love her!!!
Karina Bega (13 days ago)
Lil tae all grown up
xbeezkneezx (14 days ago)
I have the same bluetooth speaker
shane huang (14 days ago)
She so COOL
Zhen Lim (14 days ago)
She's soo precious
Emma Jang (14 days ago)
I would like to politely remind you of that picture you mentioned
재즈 (14 days ago)
I get to like the movie when she's on it like ocean's 8 and crazy rich asian. For me, she is the highlight.
PotionsMaster007 (14 days ago)
Lol is it sad that I like hyper intellectual guys and loved that he was talking about politics on the first date 😂
ky to (14 days ago)
Anou Anou (14 days ago)
Well, that cheered me up.
The Sex Reporter (14 days ago)
“The girl who looked so good in the passenger seat of an Acura Integra” lmaooooo
Lesly Wilson (15 days ago)
Where's the picture?
Wang Puppy (15 days ago)
“He just have a body of a graphic designer.” -what is this body type? 😂 i love her
1000FOF (15 days ago)
she is so pretty and cute and funny and smart
Madeleine Wynne (15 days ago)
Don’t trust a boy who refuses to try White Chicks
Madeleine Wynne (15 days ago)
I love her so much
dvrhhjhccy (16 days ago)
I really like her personality ^^
Nawal Nash (16 days ago)
Tesla Anderson (16 days ago)
I love White chicks lmfao best movie ever
Faiz Alavi (17 days ago)
I’m her type. I eat a medium/ medium rare steak, I am kinda dumb though I am a photographer. But I’m 6’0
Marlon Moncrieffe (17 days ago)
She's a fellow Queens native! Represent, Awkwafina!
Yarelys Ponce De Leon (17 days ago)
I don’t know why... I find this video kinda inspiring.
Yarelys Ponce De Leon (15 days ago)
Also, she demonstrates all the moods lol like at 1:55, 2:26, & 3:16
VEGAS BORN (17 days ago)
The fact that she loves white chicks. Lmao. I love her.
Zendicrust (18 days ago)
A libertarian with well-done steaks. Ew. That's not an intellectual. It's a faux-intellectual. Not even pseudo.
Chloe Pedersen (18 days ago)
But I.... I wanna see the cat though...
Miss Suarez (18 days ago)
I like her cool voice!
Denise Sheehan (18 days ago)
Cool kid. LoL.
Bella Bozied (18 days ago)
god I love her
its life (18 days ago)
Omg I love her ❤️
robotech (19 days ago)
I like how all the commenters are Asian
Henry xxA (19 days ago)
Birds that eat steak
BennyEternET (20 days ago)
Sheit not super hot, but such a personality :o
carol (20 days ago)
Where's the picture? I wanna see the picture 🤣
Yu Y. (20 days ago)
the moment she said "I'm an independent woman"....instant like
Jiawei Qu (21 days ago)
Love her voice!!!
Mlogan11 (21 days ago)
I like her raspy voice - alluring.
Alanis Lucille (22 days ago)
i agree with her haha. Like how can even eat a well-done steak?
PAOLA (22 days ago)
Emily Ducatista (28 days ago)
Where can i find the jacket she is wearing?
Brandon Allen (29 days ago)
I been had a crush on her
Noralhuda Alyasiri (29 days ago)
But where's the picrure tho??
Lenzy Moore (29 days ago)
I love her so much 😂
x3SamuraiGirl1551x3 (29 days ago)
ohmygod why do i identify with her so much?
Emo Y (29 days ago)
M P (29 days ago)
#Mutualghosting 😍😍😍
Queen of Andriaglatus (29 days ago)
You see my friends...Jake Paul, Nikki Manaj or whatever...but my hip hop queen is Awkwa-goreous-fina
aina zain (30 days ago)
4:15 me when the boy said he doesn't like blue color
Greg Dahlen (30 days ago)
he sounds kinda stuffy. altho, two sides to every story
The Lovely Miss Monica (30 days ago)
"it was a mutual ghosting" 😝

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