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24 Hours With BTS in L.A. | Vogue

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Last November, BTS cemented their status as a global K-pop phenomenon with their first major visit to Los Angeles, where the seven-member band was greeted by rabid crowds and an onslaught of media attention. On a rare free evening toward the end of their whirlwind trip—right after the AMAs, just before Ellen—the boys boarded a party bus with Vogue and took the city by storm. Here’s what happened. Director Rony Alwin Fashion Editor Yohana Lebasi Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. 24 Hours With BTS in L.A. | Vogue
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L Alifriendsha (10 hours ago)
more like 2 minutes with BTS
세상제일 이쁜 울 뷔💜
Vill Army (3 days ago)
my pretty V salangheiyo
Jessica Smile (3 days ago)
Они такие милые 💜 Самые наилучшие 💜
Jessica Smile (3 days ago)
Omg so amazing 💜 i love bts 💜
Got Bangtan (4 days ago)
0:23 Someone make a 616431079739 hour loop of Jungkook saying 'hella lit'
Edita Vasquez Agip (5 days ago)
Los amooooo 💓💓💓💓
Sigourney Kramawitana (5 days ago)
At 0:22 i heard jk say "hella lit "
Layla Phillips (6 days ago)
okay they are slaying with a striper pole XD I C O N I C
민슈가 (6 days ago)
영롱하다 영롱해
Gia Uyen Huynh (7 days ago)
BTS, oppaaaaaaaa
jay kay (7 days ago)
I love these models
Itz_Syaz Gacha (9 days ago)
Me: *watches vid* Me: I bet everyone except namjoon is so innocent (cuz looks like only namjoon kbows what the pole is for)
Amari Pittman (9 days ago)
They got 2 minutes out of 24 hours😭
KuteKoala Productions (9 days ago)
They r actually so real like everybody would have done that if they just became famous💜💜💜
خذوني معاكم 🙄 سبحان الي خلقهم 😥😢
taehyung is mine (10 days ago)
0:54 I swear that is the place we're a ricegum fan started interrupting BTS
Love Chan (11 days ago)
Latte Voice (11 days ago)
BTS flexing on us with them arcade tickets
이경순 (12 days ago)
사랑해요~~아들들 엄만 51살^^ 엄마 아들이 시러하네~~그래도 엄만 사랑해^^
간단숙 (13 days ago)
Nurul Aini (15 days ago)
Thanks for the hardwork darl. You did well.
Arisha Tahni (15 days ago)
*Why didnt I see it before?* I am subscribing! 💜👍🏻
Gleejhenn Fabricante (15 days ago)
Nuria Rodriguez (16 days ago)
lazygirl98 (16 days ago)
Here ... again 😆 BTS is so cool 🥰 VOGUE x BTS 2019 💜🥳🤙🏽
Shams Haider (16 days ago)
Andrea Cts (16 days ago)
upload the entire 24 hours cowards
lilly howell (17 days ago)
omg how could I forget about this
민세은 (17 days ago)
댑악 와 😮 미모
Christina Neuvian (17 days ago)
Thank you Vogue💜
Christina Neuvian (17 days ago)
ARMYs want more BTS💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
김Daniellè (18 days ago)
Who needs professional models when BTS exists
jung mang (18 days ago)
Dominus Molina (18 days ago)
WhatYouThought (18 days ago)
I thought this was what they do in 24 hours not a 2 minute video of them walking around and posing dhdmsfndk
Green Bluish (18 days ago)
Evelyn M (18 days ago)
Apparently we were played... they were pretending to move slowly this whole time I thought it was slow motion smh
alora wadley (19 days ago)
0:24 did jungkook just say “hella lit” omlll
Fátima Alba (19 days ago)
Qué guapos bb
kaypop (19 days ago)
tata (21 days ago)
I love them so much :(
Maygan Chu (21 days ago)
First off, if the title is going to say "24 Hours with BTS", I expect it to actually be 24 hours, not 1 minute and 59 seconds. Second, more please
chimchim bangtang (21 days ago)
Jimin and namjoon are the most dirty minded so i think they're thinking about the pole while the other just have fun
Shielak Sharma (21 days ago)
They look so cool here but I smiled the whole time watching this 'cause I knew I will watch meme videos of them after it ends anyway so *exkjuuuuzmee
Saad Trash (22 days ago)
you cut jin out of any good group dance shot. 😤 Is there an explanation?
Cindy Hz (22 days ago)
*BTS is here to end all models career*
Cindy Hz (22 days ago)
*Imagine being this beautiful and talented, only bts members can relate*
Gang Tan (22 days ago)
Corz Mari (22 days ago)
They're are arttttt
평범한한사람 (22 days ago)
anyone spot TaeTae with his coca cola eyes? XD
Seokjin- shi (23 days ago)
*people might have pressed the dislike button instead of like*
24 hours with BTS? But it's just 2 minutes video . Where is 23 hours 58 minutes ?
0:27 nice stripper pole
Man I'd love to be a fly on the wall and see what they are like when cameras are off 😍😍
RM RAZZI (24 days ago)
0:34 lmaoo rm wtf
dina raya (25 days ago)
Для чего этот шест в лимузине 😂?
Maria Isabel Mullisaca (25 days ago)
💜💜💜 bts👏👑❤🌷🍀
Asema Shaidulin (25 days ago)
Ashley Gomez (25 days ago)
We all know they just eat and sleep on their free time 😂
jimin park (25 days ago)
To be honest (25 days ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that Tae and Jimin are matching Kim and Kylie
main dancer vs lead dancer who’s gonna win , both because they both slay
BANG nana (26 days ago)
Where's my 24 hours?
Thãnos (26 days ago)
But its only 2 minutes..wtf
• T • (26 days ago)
This look on taehyung is still I C O N I C
슈가카라 (26 days ago)
I'm glad they're having fun:D
Gabby Ramirez (26 days ago)
Needed to be a longer video
Rufina Smailbekova (26 days ago)
My boys😭❤️💔
Ivy leimapokpam (26 days ago)
The real fashionistas here BTS 💜♥👑
Linycoh (26 days ago)
My babies I love so so much😍😍
sara reid (26 days ago)
this is the cutest video ever :)
elise (26 days ago)
1:18 Jimin: how do girls dance on this
Sugas Depression (27 days ago)
**tHeY dAnCeD oN a pOlE**
Aby💫 (27 days ago)
It's almost 2019 yet and I still watching this
Alii Rodriguez (27 days ago)
They looks so handsome 😍😍❤❤❤❤❤
M Tan (27 days ago)
I want another COVERRRRR😭😭💜🇸🇦🇸🇦
레아 (27 days ago)
a year since i started stanning them 💛
ohhow lovely (27 days ago)
Bts in that party bus with the stripper pole is my new aesthetic
ColourLife (27 days ago)
Tae stays true to PaNdA eXpReSs
JLs scz (27 days ago)
If it's 24 hours at least, could the video last longer, please?
Aliyha Wright (27 days ago)
y am I only seeing this now ???
Kimmy Rai (28 days ago)
Me too
Army_ Forever (29 days ago)
2 mints????I was expecting 1440 mints🙂☺
S H A D I (29 days ago)
I will never get over this
taemi (29 days ago)
you said it's 24hrs with bts, but why the video is only 2mins??? care to explain vogue???????????
StoneFreeSofie (1 month ago)
Wish I could put this video as a permanent moving wallpaper on my desktop! KA-DAYUM
Swagata Mandal (1 month ago)
This video should have been of a little more duration😭😭😭
eun hye Lee (1 month ago)
Rae357 Lol (1 month ago)
Imagine junkook lookin at the stripper pole be like what’s dat and namjoon on be like uh it’s a vertical clothes hanger
Edalia Tomas (1 month ago)
BTS !!!!!!! 💜💜
Huawei Android (1 month ago)
Yura Uro (1 month ago)
24 hours with them 24 x 60 = 1440 min Makes vid of 2 min :(
Arie라면 (1 month ago)
1:56 lmao Rm's face killed me for some reason
Mariella Stock (1 month ago)
waiT WTF where was this video the whole time..
ponler박 지 민 (1 month ago)
😍👍👏jimin ❤💖💖

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