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24 Hours With BTS in L.A. | Vogue

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Last November, BTS cemented their status as a global K-pop phenomenon with their first major visit to Los Angeles, where the seven-member band was greeted by rabid crowds and an onslaught of media attention. On a rare free evening toward the end of their whirlwind trip—right after the AMAs, just before Ellen—the boys boarded a party bus with Vogue and took the city by storm. Here’s what happened. Director Rony Alwin Fashion Editor Yohana Lebasi Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. 24 Hours With BTS in L.A. | Vogue
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Text Comments (13798)
If only my days were like this... I have wayyy too much time on my hands and it sucks.
iheartsummer (20 hours ago)
naazneen Naaz (21 hours ago)
Fatim Koroma (21 hours ago)
Did anyone waited for the iconic DNA at 1:48 because I did 😂😂😂
Øcëänïc (1 day ago)
"I love in n out" Me: XD
cloudly claire (1 day ago)
whoever edited this deserves a pay raise
Sj Sendo (1 day ago)
Bebe JK looks hawt in white😱😍
Mahesh Limbu (2 days ago)
Park jimin ❣💓
Purple Chimy (3 days ago)
So we aint gonna talk about the stripper pole smack down in the middle of Bangtan 😂
Nd Boss (3 days ago)
I’m addicted I keep rewatching this!!!!!😍
Suga &Tae 리나 (4 days ago)
I can’t stop rewatching this is beauty *but are we just going to ignore the stripper pole inside the limo/party bus lol*
Kim Emi (5 days ago)
My only wish is to meet them. I hope that one day i will meet them.
Poi Pepe (6 days ago)
0:17 here we go
Anita Martin (6 days ago)
It says 24 hours with BTS and the video is only for 2 mins.......
2018 anyone?
-negina rezayi (7 days ago)
who else was waiting for tae to say *panda express*
My kids be flexin 😂
E LN (7 days ago)
Jesus Flores (7 days ago)
do they even know why the pole was in there lol 😂😂😂😂
Ghiwa Nasserddine (7 days ago)
iconic ❤️❤️❤️❤️
bts bts (8 days ago)
Jakia Davis (8 days ago)
LiTuaTiOn!! 👏👏😂
Honestly gucci needs bts more than bts need gucci
zoë (8 days ago)
Jimin’s Jams (9 days ago)
BTS and a stripper pole 😏 I wonder what they are doing when the camera is off 😏😏😂😂
Ellie May (9 days ago)
Namjoons new career as a stripper
Brythonic (10 days ago)
how come it took 2 months to release this?
아내전 정국 (10 days ago)
Interviewer: your walking alone at night and a stranger comes up to you and asks for your autograph do you say yes or no? Tae: Panda Expresssss
AntonioIsHere (10 days ago)
yall know why that pole is there?
Sunshine Nepomuceno (11 days ago)
Why are u doing this to usss?... kyyaaahhh. 😍😍🤣🤣🤣
Ceci Flores D (11 days ago)
Omg Jungkook 😍❤️
LEGGOo ArmyyY (11 days ago)
Lol i cant sleep rt now and its my first day of school tom 😂💜
Zandile Bereng (12 days ago)
The way Rapmon kept say lituation
Mahsa ab (12 days ago)
cute guys😍😍Thnaks Vogue!
Valeryy Mallory (13 days ago)
Wtf Jin wasn’t even in camera view when bts was dancing why do people leave Jin out triggered no hate the video was great but still
SWITCHSCISSORS (13 days ago)
silentcami (14 days ago)
omg jungkook 😩 1:36
Renu Agarwal (14 days ago)
V: PANDA EXPRESS! Lol he is so cuteeeee😂❤️
SHOOKITH '_' (14 days ago)
Hooreain Sheikh (14 days ago)
If I saw BTS in la and they would spent even 1 minute with me I would die or pass iut
Taehyung Stan (15 days ago)
I just realized this is the vid that the person was shouting “u gotta collab with ricegum” 😂
kaeseolin xo (15 days ago)
No.1 question I want an answer to. *WHAT IS THAT STRIPPER POLE DOING THERE???!!?!!??????*
Emely Otero (15 days ago)
MARY Bondoc (15 days ago)
And ive never seen this video-
sanjana xoxo (15 days ago)
Kookies hella lit just so cute
김수진 (15 days ago)
우리 타니들은 해외갈 때도 빼먹지 않고 가져가는게 귀여움인가~♥ 욜로 사랑스러워ㅠㅠㅠ
Sangsangi Renthlei (16 days ago)
Why whu why did you let them wear tbose hideous suits.... Note - they look best in tight suits and leather pants ♥😁
Aja Xiong (17 days ago)
Of course V has to say Panda Express 😂 Edit: 0:16
aecidedits (18 days ago)
lethe sunk (19 days ago)
muskan sirohi (19 days ago)
Tae and panda express - unseprerable
Benita Kazadi (19 days ago)
24 hours with Bts and the video is literally 2 mins I don't even know any more
aman anwer (20 days ago)
aesthetic bts (20 days ago)
wtf i needed an actual 24 hour video???
Camila Valdes (20 days ago)
This vid should have lasted at least 24 hours ❤
Maria Pires (21 days ago)
Panda express 🐼❤️
Seungdae Lee (21 days ago)
Korean food in "Korea town" is actually good. I hope Gobaou restuarant still there. Bosam was soo good!!
Luv Ricky (21 days ago)
I love the dance part
Georgy Beau (22 days ago)
It says 24 hours but the real vid is only 2 mins this is a scam
anna warwick (22 days ago)
1:51 V got possessed by the demon. Scary red evil eye
Julie Phan (22 days ago)
I love this video
Kaydian Bertrand (23 days ago)
Hoseok taking selfies instead of turning on the music is such a mood
Emli Gen (23 days ago)
Love it....❤️❤️
qistina channel (24 days ago)
tiffany yoon (26 days ago)
2 minutes with me and 24 hours with you :")
Ivy C (26 days ago)
Wtf, how am I just seeing this video now.
Tori Zhang (26 days ago)
Am I the only one think Jin, Suga and RM should switch their pants...
Army - Forever (26 days ago)
Situation 😂😂
i’m laughing over everything on the party bus. I wish we could’ve seen one of them truly bust a move on the pole.
yaswitha rao (26 days ago)
@1:52 v keeping bottle caps on his eyes .....my cutie pie..... I'm wheezing....
Tara Hosseini (27 days ago)
sharon246787 (27 days ago)
They should rest...
chzhchzhqla (27 days ago)
저 때가 아마 파파라치가 "너네는 미국 팬들을 모두 잃을 거다"라고 소리쳤던 걸 호비가 "걱정해줘서 고맙다고 전해달라"라고 되받아쳤던데. 정말 우리 탄이들은 어그로나 끌려는 어느 듣보잡 개쓰레기 파파라치와는 다르게 인성도 멘탈도 다이야 급이야. 우리 오빠들 그딴 녀석들 신경쓰지 말고 하고 싶은 거 다 하면서 행복하게 살자 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Gpmplayz (27 days ago)
0:55 of course the not-so-private photo shoot thanks to PAPARAZZI 😑😑😑
zaynxjaan (28 days ago)
zaynxjaan (28 days ago)
Julia Lund (28 days ago)
Didn’t know vogue could make dope videoes like this
Azelianom Dajun (28 days ago)
Never trust ppaparazi anymore
claudia ong (28 days ago)
And now they held concert in staples center. Thats so amazing !!! 😍😍😍
Eric Swenson (30 days ago)
60% of the world is asian
SEAUNY (30 days ago)
this video should be 24hrs long
NIKI - (1 month ago)
I thought I was the only person who came to America and still ate her regional food-
sweet bangtan (1 month ago)
I just noticed the stripper pole in that party bus
Rias Sofia (1 month ago)
I have the DNA whistle as my notif tone so when the video started i paused the video so many times to check my snapchat ughh
Graved Guy Sumin (1 month ago)
Lmao every bts video is meme on itself
Jada Smith (1 month ago)
They should do 73 questions with BTS
Mikasa Ackerman (1 month ago)
*I see Bts I click*
piiklilylove2468 (1 month ago)
Is it me or is the the photoshoot where the guy was asking BTS to do a song with ricegum.
Meryy Flowers (1 month ago)
Potatoe World (1 month ago)
Bro I love them so much 😭😭💜
Sadia Rahman (1 month ago)
OMG they alll looking sooooooooo handsome my cuties
This looks like a trailer for a film that will never be released
As matter of fact (1 month ago)
Staples Center Yall! :") 👏
Julianne Del Rosario (1 month ago)
did-i-wh-uh-hm-ju-i....wAs hObI jUsT dRiNkInG a cOke!?!?!? uHm eXcUsE mE... SPRITE., cOmE cOlLeCt yOuR mAn!!! lol
: D (1 month ago)
why am I emotional
: D (1 month ago)
rajena biswa (1 month ago)
watching this remind me of that video when that guy was intruding bts and asking question about rice gum well i dont know him but i sure do know bts
Akane Kuchen (1 month ago)
I literally waited for Tae to say 'Panda express' 😂
y'all ruined sonic (1 month ago)
lol there's a pole in the room anyone notice?

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