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Princess Principal ~ Chise vs Todo Jubei (resumen)

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o atsu (3 months ago)
山姉 (4 months ago)
Yuqi's Czar (4 months ago)
Does she have super strength? Weight and power, she should be inferior.
hazarddex (23 days ago)
Wieght and power only matter a little. also the blades are both made differently. Shes younger and faster then jube who was getting weaker from old age.she was also trained since birth To use a blade.
razrsrealm (6 months ago)
A girl with 0 muscles that can fit in a small purse, rivaling a grown man's strength. Only in anime.
Caio Melo (1 month ago)
It's not just about strength though, it has a lot on swordsmanship and technique. Trying to overwhelm your oponent with sheer strength seems tempting, but when your oponent is a skiiled, nimble swordsman, it might not be a good idea. I'm not saying there's not anime bullshit there, there definitely is. My point is it might not be as straightforward as it seems.
Dark Legacy (5 months ago)
She uses the energy of the spins, I think
nkuroo (6 months ago)
ummm no
Vivian Chang (7 months ago)
1:52 Wait,Horikawa?
Andres creig (7 months ago)
tengo que ver este anime...
Rec Cup (10 months ago)
Those half life sound effects
M4J0R3X (1 year ago)
Those short shots
赤丸 (1 year ago)
Yuuta Yashamaru (1 year ago)
Poor chise. 3:11
Yuuta Yashamaru (1 year ago)
Fear the loli’s!
Legitness Daneil (4 months ago)
+Kawaii Ridger An another lofi waifu lover like another child predator,you know those people needs to know what pain is
Kawaii Ridger (4 months ago)
+Legitness Daneil you are weaker than an ant
Legitness Daneil (6 months ago)
Pfff what a joke,weaker than an ant
Akidasta (1 year ago)
I love this scene XD
えるあーる (1 year ago)

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