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Cusco Travel Guide, Peru - Tour the World TV

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Looking for ideas for things to do in Cusco? In this episode of the Tour the World travel TV series, we join Evergreen Tours for part two of an extraordinary journey around Peru. We begin by exploring historic Cusco - the oldest city in South America, including a visit to the Museo El Pisco to celebrate Peru's national drink. We go shopping in the markets of the Sacred Valley, try some of the local specialties and visit gorgeous Lake Titicaca on the border with Bolivia to see the fascinating floating islands of Uros. For more ideas on travel to Cusco, please visit: http://thebigbus.com.au/category/south-america/peru/. You might also enjoy our South America travel guide: http://thebigbus.com.au/south-america-2/. To contact us, please email: [email protected] Please note that the competition advertised in this episode has closed. This episode of Tour the World was produced by Late Night Media Productions, under a co-production agreement with Peppercorn Productions, publisher of The Big Bus tour and travel guide. Copyright © Late Night Media Productions.
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Jacky Zou (5 months ago)
Check out my trip to Cusco as well, we went horse back riding! https://youtu.be/PvAIoa4WjI4
gucher99 (6 months ago)
Katia Llacho (10 months ago)
Please , just to correct at 1'58", Cusco in much more in the south, very near the Titicaca lake, Machupicchu and The Sacrey Valley are both in Cusco region and not at the north of Peru..This image could get a very bad idea about the trip. The points on the wrong image are on Madre de Dios (La reserva del Manu) and Loreto regions, which are much more far away than Machupicchu and The Sacrey valley and even Cusco...Thank you in advance (for those interested on visiting this country), just to do not afraid to future visitors :D .
Jambo Mambo (10 months ago)
Wonderful vacation it seems like

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