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Lakshmi | Full Movie | Nagesh Kukunoor, Monali Thakur, Satish Kaushik

128607 ratings | 45935161 views
SYNOPSIS: Based on true events, Lakshmi is a story of heroism and untold courage. Lakshmi, a 13 year old girl is kidnapped and sold into prostitution. Thrown into this horrific, inhuman world where she is raped and brutally beaten she barely survives with the help of the other girls and her own will to never give in. Finally she is rescued in a police raid. Against all odds, Lakshmi shows courage where everybody else fails. Resisting all pressure - violent threats, coercion and bribes, she stands up in court and in a landmark case in India, succeeds in putting the traffickers behind bars. Director: Nagesh Kukunoor Producer: Nagesh Kukunoor, Elahe Hiptoola, Satish Kaushik, Dr. Jayantilal Gada Star Cast: Nagesh Kukunoor, Monali Thakur, Satish Kaushik, Shefali Shah, Ram Kapoor, Gulfam Khan Written By: Nagesh Kukunoor Music By: Tapas Relia Cinematography: Chirantan Das Edited By: Sanjib Datta Production Company: Kukunoor Movies Production, SIC Productions, UV News Media & Communication #Lakshmi, #PenMovies, For your favorite Bollywood Movies, Subscribe now: https://bit.ly/2HKEuP0 SUBSCRIBE for the best Bollywood clips, movies and scenes, all in your PEN Multiplex channel https://bit.ly/2BcfNFy For your favorite Gujarati Movies, Subscribe now: https://bit.ly/2ShBC01 For Daily Bollywood news & gossips subscribe our channels BTNews Hindi: https://bit.ly/2Tl2fhT Bollywood Times: https://bit.ly/2G2wTty Download our App for latest news & gossips: https://bit.ly/2ldDN1B Log On To Our Official Website : http://penindia.in/ Enjoy & stay connected with us! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PenMovies Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/penmovies Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/penmovies
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Text Comments (9652)
Kishan Rana (15 minutes ago)
Excellent short movie. Salute tha director.very very Good Job. Nice. Mind blowing
khan Mohammad oli (9 hours ago)
Swasti Yadav (17 hours ago)
Well done lakshmi . If girls decide anything then nothing is immpossible...
Satwinder singh (19 hours ago)
No. 1 movie.. 👌 👌..
Veda Gerhard (1 day ago)
Best video ever
Calista Hoda (1 day ago)
You look good in that XXXX.
Mariam Akter (1 day ago)
Movie dekhe kanna Cole asche ..Allah sob Nari jati k rokkha koruk amin
How cute she is Feeling very bad about her 😢😢😢😢
Tamala Belt (1 day ago)
ounting down the hours until I get to see you.
Konstantin Solovev (2 days ago)
Nice movie. Love it but cant sleep alone after watching :((
KOVURU JASMINE (2 days ago)
Payal Payal (2 days ago)
Its really horrible
RICHA TRIPATHI (2 days ago)
Nice movie
Jodie Voltz (2 days ago)
Lets commit the perfect crime: I will steal your heart if you will steal mine
Shohag Khan (3 days ago)
A a a super movie
Thakur Dhakal (3 days ago)
Heart touching I cried more than 10 time during the movie time...
Avdhesh Kumar (3 days ago)
Waseem Mayo (3 days ago)
If police do its duty, then nothing happened like this type of brutality.
Daniyal Miril (3 days ago)
karthi yayani (3 days ago)
Ultimate Lakshmi
The Priyanshi Tiwari (4 days ago)
Aree yarrrr....
The Priyanshi Tiwari (4 days ago)
sj shivu (4 days ago)
Best movie I have ever seen 💓
only comment (4 days ago)
Fantastic msg in the giving to movie's
Computer Boy (4 days ago)
❤❤ this movie touch my heart
Computer Boy (4 days ago)
To all the dislikers of this movie 😊 plz go and watch the world or else just die
mohit kumar (4 days ago)
manoj chougule (4 days ago)
Heart touching biopic.... salute to laxmi mam....
Durga Rao (4 days ago)
How can you dislike this movie??? 31k waste members
sourav ray (4 days ago)
People who disliked this movie are the most cruel people in this world
Komal Bhardwaj (4 days ago)
Award should be given to this movie... Very painful ...
Sk Bappa (5 days ago)
Nice movie
Ratnadip Paul (5 days ago)
In my opinion, the award should be given for this movie.
Ambika Chowdhury (5 days ago)
Just can't stop my tears. :"") SALUTE
Daibayan Mondal (5 days ago)
Fuck of this blady busted who's thinkig about rape, motherchod sale, dil se bol raha hoon har ghar main yasi beti chahiye jo dil ladne ki choch ta hai... Thank you
Anik Bishwas (5 days ago)
Absolutely brilliant..... Salute you monali....
DEBABRATA GHOSH (5 days ago)
Bahut imotional film....heartouching
unknown girl (6 days ago)
Seriously these things are happening in 21st century. ... can't believe plz change this view a girl child is the precious thing.....never forget everything is generated from a girl..... even these evils in the form of human.....
rasel khan (6 days ago)
It's is an superb movie.....mon choye gece....
Educational Fact (6 days ago)
This make me cry
Afghanistan my love (6 days ago)
Yeh india k old rascals dogs ko Allab tabah kare. Old MEN are on fire 😠😠😠😠😠
Afghanistan my love (6 days ago)
India needs to bat an eye...😢 May Allah protect us from such cruelty. 😠 May Allah give us strength. May Allah gift us with enough money so we don't bend for such things. 😭💸
niranjna saha (6 days ago)
A great film I have seen ever, I m full of tears...
Arup Ratan P (6 days ago)
Sneha Das (6 days ago)
My heart is beating till now...i want to cry.... Loudly.. Freely...
REKHA PRASAD (7 days ago)
This movie awesome heart touching story
Anga Fairy (7 days ago)
Monali madam you are very talent actress and singer...Love you 😍😍😍
আমি কি লিখবো, কোনো ভাষা খুঁজে পাচ্ছি না। তবে হে, আমি বলতে চাই। সর্বকালের শ্রেষ্ট বাঙ্গালী বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখমুজিবুর রহমান। এবং কলকাতার সর্ব কালের শ্রেষ্ট বাঙ্গালী নারী তোমাকে বলতে ইচ্ছে হচ্ছে মোনালি । i love you..............
suman pun (7 days ago)
She looks like kajal agrawal
Mind blowing munali thakur????
Suyash Yadav (7 days ago)
Please release it again in theatre
Shibshankar Bera (7 days ago)
Very nice move
mehedi Hasan Bhuiyan (7 days ago)
Monali Thakur 😍😍😍
R Dhillon (7 days ago)
Mera to rone lga film dekhte wqt aur head Madam k sath hua wo dekhkar meri to rooh kamp gayi
Debojit Thingujam (7 days ago)
Very touching.. thats the reality the hidden world which is ignored by our culture... Peoples out there Let us pledge to work and raise voice against this..
Saumya Kakandwar (8 days ago)
Laxmi is an inspiration .......!!
Francene Korn (8 days ago)
Knock me if you need a GF
Bidya Banerjee (8 days ago)
Kasam se....jb uthi movie dekh k.....meri Pellow ansuo se bhig gya tha....😭😭, Yaallah kisi ladki ki izzat n khone Dena.....ameen
Sahill Mattu (8 days ago)
ronaa aghaya
Kuldeep Srivastava (8 days ago)
True story I wish all girl strong
Seetaram Dhurve (8 days ago)
Nice move
m.r sujon khalifa (8 days ago)
monali is best actor
Seema Rakshit (9 days ago)
Awesome 👍 movie
Simran Arora (9 days ago)
Where can i find english subtitles to this
No probs😂😂🙈🙈
Simran Arora (8 days ago)
+EMIWAY BANTAI Fan Club thnx....i did check it earlier...it wasnt there then...pta ni ab kha se udd k aa gya ..😂😂 Thanx anyways 😊
Click on cc for subtitles
Urmila Das (9 days ago)
Mujhe bhi laxmi jaisi ek pyaari or bahadur beti de
Rahul Jana (9 days ago)
Kaya bolu. Actually I am speechless.......
Mehak Chaudhary (9 days ago)
Penis kato salo ka jo aesa kre
Mehak Chaudhary (9 days ago)
Bas 10 saal😈😠😠😠kesa law h ye ....umarkaid honi chahiy 😠😠
Sumanto Mondal (9 days ago)
Awesome massage to society
Shubham Dubey (9 days ago)
Yar Kaise - Kaise Darinde Insan Hai Is Dharti Par, Dekh Kar Raungte Khade Ho Ja Rahe Hai....
reshmi kumari (10 days ago)
Wow.... What a film
Kiran Karmarkar (10 days ago)
I am thankful for those people who help that girl's
Sonya Khan (10 days ago)
Heart touching biopic.....
ASA sirf filim may hotaha reyel may Nahi Hoti ha All the best the filim
samayra singh (10 days ago)
Yaa to log ldki to paida hone se pehle hi mar de ya ldki lakshmi ki tarah bahadur bane ki koiankh utha kar dekh bhi na sake
Salim Khan (10 days ago)
Nice movie
sm majharul (10 days ago)
that's emotional attack for anyone
Tuhi Singh (10 days ago)
We need audiences to appreciate such movies rather than stupid bollywood masala movies
shahul hameed (10 days ago)
Kussu Anjali (10 days ago)
Soooperb movie... And soooperb songs
Fatima Asif (10 days ago)
topick boht acha tha allah pak sub ki beti ki izat ki hafizat kary.😓😢
Guri Sharma (10 days ago)
Heart touching biopic 😭
Shubhangi Tiwari (11 days ago)
This one is the bestest movie of this planet ....💓💓 This movie deserves Oscar award ... and What I say about lakshmi ...My god !! She is the bravest and strongest girl among all "LAKSHMI IS DUNIYA KI SABSE BHADUR LADKI HAII " 💪 I salute all the girls who fight against these things ..💓💓💓 Happy women's day to all the females ... Always remember we are the strongest . #womenpower 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Younus Khan (11 days ago)
Aurat ki izzat karo ye maa bi beti bi bhen bi aur biwi bi ise bada martaba duniya me kisi ka nahi hota plz hindu muslim chodo bahi insan bano being human plz 😔😔😔
Archi kumar (11 days ago)
Seriously I'm speechless.wonderful movie .Monali mam you're acting omg excellent mam.
mohd ahmedali (11 days ago)
Uss kuttey reddy ki property ko iss ladki Ko de dena chahiye.. court ne jo sazaa di hai woh kafi nahi hai
Kirandeep Kaur (11 days ago)
Nice msg for society Ek taraf hum Devi ki pujte hai or dosre aurat ko Havas ki chiz samjhte hai Hye rab ji Insan Ko insaniyat sikha jo dhiniya ki maa betiyo ki izzat kre
ram ram (11 days ago)
May this never happens to a girl...
Arvind Kumar paswan (11 days ago)
Mai bhut ro rha hu is film ko dekh ke
Arvind Kumar paswan (11 days ago)
He bhagwan kisi maa bahan ke sath aisa na ho😪
Jivan Kuyate (12 days ago)
super move lakshmi👏👏
Priya Moorthy (12 days ago)
Heart melting biopic...Tears rolling out... Thank u crew for making this...
Samuel Soni (12 days ago)
Ish movie dekhne k baad me ghanto royi... thanks god ki mujhe God ye sab se durrakhen hen.....m crying now...
Savitha Sanjeevi (12 days ago)
what a film... Why I'm watching this movi in 2019?.. such a good movies with news are not getting popular.. thinking how many people were suffered like this... still how many?.. Is god exist? then why they couldn't save them?
roshni rajput (12 days ago)
😭😭😭 made me cry ....
Julie Jeff (12 days ago)
I'm so proud of you Lakshmi... My heart still in pain.. Can't forget.. I feel like it was happening to me😭😭 I'm speechless...
Sabina Chhetri (12 days ago)
The bitter truth of every society,the dark Side of the life...seriously I couldn't stop my tears in most of d scenes....n hats off to d actors. . Monali u were fab
love and peace to all (12 days ago)
Anyone in 2k19???
Arif Hossain (12 days ago)
Meri zendegise avitak aisa movie nehi dekha
praveena BABL (13 days ago)
Can't understand Hindi need subtitle n English
Merrose m (10 days ago)
Put on captions
Sana Khan (13 days ago)
I like the movie very much .

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