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Café del mar - Memories of the sea

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Artist: Arnica Montana Album: Café del mar (25 anniversary) Track: Memories of the sea
Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (55)
Benjamin Bäumler (4 months ago)
Jou Memorys Jou
LarkIII (11 months ago)
I would LOVE to hear Stevie Nicks or Ray of Light-era Madonna sing this song!.......Just rich and lush...Beautiful track...
FernSaYa Naka (3 years ago)
I miss you
giovanni david (4 years ago)
Ti fa pensare a momenti belissimi
giovanni david (4 years ago)
J. TOMAS (4 years ago)
christian7408 (6 years ago)
The traumatized hamburger.
dav parksoh (6 years ago)
thank you kugashizuka for uploading this - we LOVE this song and this video - words can't describe this except.... WOW....
ezydearea (6 years ago)
buena musica
Selina Silver (6 years ago)
three most beautiful things in the world: 1. sex 2. lounge music 3. sleep
rtothemutha (6 years ago)
Praise God.... Supa-beautiful muzik!
Natalie C (6 years ago)
Where can I buy this?
Daniel Chu (6 years ago)
pretty good! I was born in a coastal town. Afer see it, my childhood memories really comes back. :) thanks.
madlen morrison (6 years ago)
πολύ το αγαπώ!!!
flor de maio (6 years ago)
love this...
06socca (6 years ago)
Tout simplement magnifique.
Mile Dzogura (7 years ago)
odlična pesma i muzika!
danielastefania2001 (7 years ago)
ça donne envie de partir et voyager !!!!
Nikolas (7 years ago)
rtothemutha (7 years ago)
So beautiful, I can cry :'-}
Treyjohn18 (7 years ago)
@deviant2k But you can
rtothemutha (7 years ago)
WOW... awesome tune...
rtothemutha (7 years ago)
@ba1428 those people may have bad memories of the sea... maybe a friend drowned or somethin'.. who knows. This song is just way too lovely for tragedy tho ;)
Alex lima (7 years ago)
adorei o video!
iHDmovies (7 years ago)
What's not not to like about it?
ba1428 (7 years ago)
What's not to like about it?????
Andrei Cernucan (7 years ago)
@deviant2k very well said man..
Milan Dejanic (7 years ago)
this is what i like!!!!
Rui Guerreiro (7 years ago)
buenas noches...
bigfefu (7 years ago)
so deeply music...thanks...
Roland Marsden (7 years ago)
@trools87 @Drogasincortar Actually the beach at 1:00 is the 12 Apostles, on the Great Ocean Road, near Melbourne, Australia.
Sam Askari (7 years ago)
@Drogasincortar Thank you soooo much! :)
Erika Echegaray (7 years ago)
que bella música relajante
Sam Askari (7 years ago)
@Drogasincortar Mmmmhhh i don't think so. Thanks anyway!!!
Nuttakorn Khao-la-or (7 years ago)
It's very bueatifull MUSIC!!! it brings my mind high.
Sam Askari (7 years ago)
min 1:00 what beach is this?
universemarzenka (7 years ago)
I love this........
FataDinLift (7 years ago)
Anna Cristina Simeone (7 years ago)
TheShaVi91 (7 years ago)
Amazing....so amazing....
Svetlana Wagner (7 years ago)
k4m0t5 (8 years ago)
Imran O Kazmi (8 years ago)
justdoit (8 years ago)
very nice and light for hearing music
FernandaCera (8 years ago)
Eu poderia ficar horas ouvindo esse som... amo!
Stefan Kotzian (9 years ago)
sehr schöner Song und Animation....
laam1801 (9 years ago)
so good. i like it
riki garcia (9 years ago)
Si fuera de vacaciones a esas playas simplemente me quedaria a vivir alla , de pescador ...... que belleza .
orion 2250 (9 years ago)
whaaaats UUUUP! did I say!!! i live by the beach and perfect for those long lazy sundowns.
nucibus (9 years ago)
try google thats always a good resource of info.
diego62m (9 years ago)
anyone got this lyrics?
alonsospeed (9 years ago)
Very nice. Get's you in the summerfeel. :)
Evert Kramer (9 years ago)
Saw this video on LoungeTom his channel and I'm glad I saw it, cause this is a great track! I just love it. Also, very nice pictures in the video. Adds a perfect feeling to this song!
LoungeTom (9 years ago)
I l♥ve Arnica Montana!! Thx for that w☼nderful upl☺ad! :D

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