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Top 10 Worst Things Lois Griffin Has Done

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Top 10 Worst Things Lois Griffin Has Ever Done Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest Lois Griffin has done some seriously awful things. For this list, we’ll be looking at all the bizarre, sketchy, and downright criminal stunts that Lois Griffin has pulled over the years. Our list includes when she became a corrupt mayor, when she cheated with Bill Clinton, when she made out with Meg’s boyfriend, when she dispatched a jaywalker, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things Lois Griffin Has Ever Done. List Rank and Entries: 10. Made Out with Meg's Boyfriend 9. Gambled Away the Family's Car 8. Became Addicted to Shoplifting (and Went to Jail) 7. Became a Corrupt Mayor 6. Orchestrated A Hazing Ritual on a Classmate 5. Cheated with Bill Clinton 4. Treated Meg Very Poorly 3, 2, 1: ??? Watch more great videos below: Top 10 Reasons Francine Smith Should Divorce Stan: https://youtu.be/M3Hjco1aRgM Top 10 Saddest Cartoon Deaths: https://youtu.be/hPHxw_RM00M 10 Dark Facts About MLP That Will Ruin Your Childhood: https://youtu.be/qrQ0zgEyeJs Check out MyMojo to see how people voted and add your picks: https://www.watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%2010%20Worst%20Things%20Lois%20Griffin%20has%20ever%20done Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (1430)
sofialouised (46 minutes ago)
Make a linda belcher list about the BEST things she did because she’s awesome!
sofialouised (47 minutes ago)
Linda Belcher is the best cartoon mom! And Bob Belcher is the best dad! I hate Lois and Peter... horrible. Over the seasons, they just got worse.
Mike signs (59 minutes ago)
Lois is horrible there is no argument there, but Peter is still worse
Emmanuel Adewale (1 hour ago)
Lois pisses me off when she tries to boss people around
johnny davies (2 hours ago)
It's a cartoon...get over it...
Jake TheSnake02 (4 hours ago)
There is nothing wrong with spanking a child
AdamantineSierra (4 hours ago)
Spanking Stewie shouldn't be an honorable mention. Ignoring the fact that Stewie himself turned it into a fetish, she hit him on the ass once.
Davy Crockett (5 hours ago)
I love louis and remember folks it's a fucking cartoon written by a guy for the laughs of everyone. Peters done way worse I'm sure of that.
EleriDragonfly (6 hours ago)
'Forced Peter to comply.' What you should say is she raped him.
LiamXDGaming (6 hours ago)
Oh no this felt weird having different girl voice
allan gill (7 hours ago)
McFarlane Knows that Women are psycopaths! He still loves them though!
S O (9 hours ago)
Sparking stewie is not bad it is just discipline
ChunkyYetFunky Yep (13 hours ago)
But stewie deserved a spanking
DON'T WATCH MY VIDEOS (13 hours ago)
Meg isn’t looking so bad now
blue bo (14 hours ago)
Hey spanking Stewie isn't a problem, some people didn't get enough of those when they were little.
Andria Ryder (15 hours ago)
I still really like Lois. I might be the only one...
Clinton Barker (15 hours ago)
I'll never understand how lois spanking stewie is a bad thing but what ever
Trevon DeFelice (16 hours ago)
I mean child discipline isn’t a terrible thing, spanking a child when deserving it is needed on my opinion. I mean come on, I got spanked by a belt more times than I can count.
Hal 9000 (17 hours ago)
Yeah a lot of these are the jokes though, JOKES...
Asaad Amjed (17 hours ago)
Is this a kid show ?
Pickle Nick (17 hours ago)
6:59 the worst thing she did by far Is mess with the animators and mess up her arm
cuddles hobbies (17 hours ago)
Daddy had a rough night becuase daddy was mommy in bed and mommy was daddy if I was a guy id feel violated to
Robert Scott (18 hours ago)
Wow this locks like it should be R rated
Awesomekaya17 • (18 hours ago)
My mom spanked me when i was younger she's not a bad mom -_-
Whitehair Line (18 hours ago)
Louis sucks
-Tcáf- (18 hours ago)
Jacob Zamorano (21 hours ago)
stevie jackson (21 hours ago)
6:59 the mirror
Terrance McGaster (22 hours ago)
Stewie deserved to get spanked, he broke her jewelry on purpose. People don’t realize that spanking is still a thing that needs to happen to bad kids
Hyper clown 68 (22 hours ago)
It’s not rape if you shout surprise
Dooper Scooper (22 hours ago)
Latest episodes has had its running joke making Lois worse than Meg.
Kingslayer WWE (23 hours ago)
#1 isn't the worst thing on this list
Pervy Sage (1 day ago)
To be fair anyone, and I mean anyone, crazy enough to be with Peter Griffin has got to be completely unhinged, so none of that should be surprising.
Pervy Sage (1 day ago)
Who hasn't cheated with Bill Clinton?!🤣😅
Natasha Frasier (1 day ago)
Lois also kidnapped a child in order for him to get medical treatment against his parents' wishes. Forced Stewie into child stardom and smoked and drank while pregnant with Chris.
EqualEgalitarianism (1 day ago)
THANK YOU for including her spanking Stewie. I'm glad the show also took an anti spanking stance (she even calls Donna on it in a later episode). Studies have shown it can cause long term negative effects, and does not help stop unwanted behavior. So many people are on the "I was spanked and I turned out fine" team but they neglect to realize there's no telling right away how someone will be affected, so why would you want to risk doing long term damage to your kid? So I gave the science side (you can research more yourself) but COME ONE. Violence is violence, period. Don't give me any bs excuses how you're barely touching them, or they 'need' it etc. I'm pretty sure people who knock their spouses around are 'correcting' their behavior too, and some of the victims go on to really believe they deserve it and that's how they should be treated. There is something seriously wrong with a parent/caregiver or anyone who claims to care about a child but intentionally causes them pain. You are supposed to be their guardian; protect them from harm while teaching them to be kind human beings and giving them the tools to make it on their own. Not physically and psychologically harming them. While some people are just awful and shouldn't have the privilege of being parents, I am aware some people who never intended to found themselves hitting their children and want to stop. I would encourage you to consider family counseling ; there may be some deeper things going on for all/both of you. I discovered a Facebook page/community years ago called "positive discipline' and there is a website as well https://www.positivediscipline.com/about-positive-discipline. It is all about different non violent strategies to help correct negative behavior in children. On Facebook people discuss and share their strategies too. Some of them may not be age appropriate for your child or you know they won't work because of their personality or past tryings of it, but of course you have to use common sense. I hope this helps the good parents out there who are just feeling lost, and to the others; remember just because something is common or legal or 'sociably acceptable' does NOT make it right. Women used to be property and blacks slaves.
James K (1 day ago)
There was absolutely no harm in spanking Stewie when he misbehaved badly.
N64gbachick (1 day ago)
I'm surprised the rape one (that IS what it was and it's insulting to tiptoe around it) made in on tv honestly. I mean maybe they were trying to make a point that men are victims too but she's not punished for her actions, or even sees them as wrong and instead blames lack of attention if I recall correctly. I haven't watched Family Guy in years though.
Chris Lopez (1 day ago)
Shit that spanking that was 7:20 in was the best thing she did I don't even know why that shits on the list
Meanakushi (1 day ago)
Spanking isn't a bad thing, it's a reasonable thing to do once in a while if your child really refuses to listen
Aakash Singh Kaira (1 day ago)
I would have done worse if I had Peter for a husband , but yeah still a cheater
MeatPopsycle (1 day ago)
Did they always show the faces and names of narrators at the start of the videos?
DEEZY THE RUNT (1 day ago)
Did they really say "spank Stewie"? I'm not going finish this comment
davidrey28 (1 day ago)
wow that lipsync
gaming with wolfie (1 day ago)
You forgot she tried to kill Stewie
dragonlord (1 day ago)
Sub to pewdiepie
Whegean Scott (1 day ago)
Its rape when guys do it tho😒
Thomas Tyler (1 day ago)
Why lois.
Vincent Martin (1 day ago)
Damn she’s a big ol Whore
Lois must have a massive bbc
Liam L.E. (1 day ago)
"Spanked Stewie", really? 🙄
RagingChamp (1 day ago)
I like who spanking Stewie is on this wish and not Lois puking on him
Alex Wonderwall (1 day ago)
6:58 Lois's arm is detached from her body haha
Ernad Coragic (1 day ago)
I disagree with number 4
Queen Fallen (1 day ago)
Im 12 and dont even watch this show or have anything on my phone connected to this.Just wondering but HOW DID I GET HERE
Dr Spicy 97 (1 day ago)
I've always thought Peter and Francine deserve each other
jordan osborn (1 day ago)
Spanking stewie is bad? People really are weaker minded
Tango Hendrix (1 day ago)
Actually that spanking Stewie part wasn't bad.
Alexander Tsynkov (1 day ago)
There was also a moment she cheated on Peter with his son.
Them games! (1 day ago)
That's hot
RamirezLopez8 (1 day ago)
What’s wrong with spanking Stewie??
Warm Jish (1 day ago)
What's wrong with spanking stewie?
The Game Plays (1 day ago)
at the intro why do u sound like meg?
Mrs. Thomas (1 day ago)
I hate family guy, so none of this surprises me.
Savage Jesus (2 days ago)
Lolololol RAPE!! haha
The spanked Stewie one is just a good parent
Hello Jeff (2 days ago)
when people dont get the joke
Anthony Szostkowski (2 days ago)
How Is spanking stewie bad???
Ellande Campbell (2 days ago)
Decsy: I'd normally agree with you, but Stewie isn't exactly a realistic 1-year-old. A real 1-year-old wouldn't do the things that led to him being spanked
Anthony Szostkowski (2 days ago)
+Decsy and?
Decsy (2 days ago)
Cos he’s 1
Arthi Venom (2 days ago)
You forgot when Lois and meg prostetut themselfe
Decsy (2 days ago)
You’re clearly 8 years old then
Mike AL Jr. (2 days ago)
I can't stand lois!🤬
Amilaki The Sun (2 days ago)
This channel is running out of Ideas
nam phạm thành (2 days ago)
The dog has the clearest mind of all everybody else in the movie
Caleb DiCosimo (2 days ago)
If you turn on captions it says family gao
NONE (2 days ago)
Lois spanking Stewie isn't that bad. Its what most mothers do.
Пофистал (2 days ago)
6:58 wtf look at her arm in the mirror xD
The Anti-Hero (2 days ago)
Vigil Vig Lantie (2 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with spanking a child, it teaches them that doing bad things leads to pain and suffering.
Rolondo Martinez (2 days ago)
Spanking stew ain’t bad
Conn Toons (2 days ago)
Marry Peter.
Crispy (2 days ago)
Shut up meg.
RTUL voidx (2 days ago)
8:14 that NO
Let Me Die (2 days ago)
Only ten?
Sick Sad World (2 days ago)
Bill Clinton is apparently the real life Robert Berchtold
ImagineDragons3 2 1 (2 days ago)
The more I think about it the more I hate Lois
carlo fasfafafds (2 days ago)
Treated meg very poorly. Lol except quagmire. They treat meg very poorly
Beverly Harrold (2 days ago)
my aunt nora has actually done everything on this list. i wonder if they based it on her?
Revy 11906 (2 days ago)
Spanking a child isn't the worst thing a mother could do
savy gamer 679 (2 days ago)
"Spank sewie" "used substances" do your research
Malcolm Greene (2 days ago)
Irregardless to all this I still laugh family Guy is hilarious no matter how bad you try to make it
Malcolm Greene (2 days ago)
I stopped it when it said spanking Stewie so there's something wrong with spanking your child remember spare the rod spoil the child she did nothing wrong there.
AlexS8 (2 days ago)
Most women are Lois, Lois is like most women... women... women...☝🏾
Jade (3 days ago)
More like #1 and #3 should just be #1: Lois physically, sexually, and verbally abuses Peter
Valdemar Jessen (3 days ago)
Someone for God sake call the police!
Logan Atkins (3 days ago)
I just seen an episode the other day when lois walked out of a bar with another man and when they seen peter they ran back inside. This woman is.. well... best not to say.
benjamin Trex g (3 days ago)
Peter should divorce Lois
David Ragin (3 days ago)
"Spanked Stewie"
XboxИpuppiəş (3 days ago)
She also Kidnapped a child
ExileStriker (3 days ago)
Lois needs to go have sex with a marshmellow
Bigg Wassup (3 days ago)
Well bill Clinton probably used rufeis
Daniel Griffith (3 days ago)
Really though... the spanking and sexual aggression were so high on the list while Her seducing Meg’s bf and cheating with Clinton are that far down? Guys what is the measuring stick for bad behaviour over there? It seems a little misplaced.
Ellande Campbell (2 days ago)
First off, the spanking was only a dishonorable mention. Second of all, the "sexual aggression" was her actually raping Peter

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