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How To Identify a Fake Moncler Jacket - Part II

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I have a new website loaded with the latest information: http://www.monclerexpert.com ebay sellers to avoid - high quality FAKES: cadeaux*de*luxe, coat-to-own, parlinstyle, bistro0107, gtfilms204, buy-and-wear, strkdwels, nburtufretiral, kmz-spur, coatshopper, sellerb4, escapstor0, eole7015, enercke, merryolstore, yavoivano3, palmshop. All of them have private feedback and have changed their ebay IDs to try to stay off the radar. This is an in depth instructional video on how to spot a fake Moncler jacket by examining the details of the embroidered logo patch on the outside of the jacket. Moncler's embroidery is extremely consistent from one jacket to the next and once you learn what to look for you can identify a fake simply by looking at the logo. There are a few styles of Moncler jackets that do not come with a logo patch but the majority of them have one.
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00EBPEM1 (1 year ago)
http://m.ebay.com/itm/UNUSED-WITH-TAGS-AUTHENTIC-MENS-MONCLER-LIGHT-JACKET-DARK-BLUE-COLOR-SIZE-0-S-/252805169416?hash=item3adc5cc108%3Ag%3AbuMAAOSwZQRYhiCp&_trkparms=pageci%253Ac38c10a2-0a7f-11e7-9adb-74dbd1809415%257Cparentrq%253Ad89e83fc15a0a60cd585e712ffff29f7%257Ciid%253A1 is this a real moncler
richro65 (1 year ago)
That one is a fake.
Mo Moore (2 years ago)
http://wintercoat.newcombemd.com/aphia-1.html FAKES!
richro65 (2 years ago)
Yes, fakes for sure
Sivanujan Sivanathan (2 years ago)
Can u authenticate my moncler and can I email u for it please it's urgent
richro65 (2 years ago)
Richro65 at gmail dot com. Send photo of the logo, cartoon, brand label and authenticity tag
killamist666 (4 years ago)
after looking at authentic moncler clothing at their store or on their site, its become pretty easy to spot a fake, seems to be all about proportion and uniformity in the lettering
man man (5 years ago)
can u plz authenticate a moncler jacket for me? omg i hav no idea how to send private msg here
richro65 (5 years ago)
yang kristy, click on richro65 below the video, then click on "About" and then click Send Message
Ermina S. (5 years ago)
please could you check a moncler's site for me. i want the jacket of the picture but if you can't see it clearly check an other one :)
richro65 (5 years ago)
You can contact me through my account here and send a private message with the photo.
Giel Verbeek (5 years ago)
Could you check a Moncler jacket for me? I didn't buy it yet but i was going to, when i got to this video... Only got 1 picture of it.
richro65 (5 years ago)
contact me through my user account here with a private message and you can send me photos.
Lei Zhou (5 years ago)
Can you appraise a moncler jacket for me? I bought it from Sak.com. The coat is moka style. But the code show it's a bady jacket. So I doubt it's fake. But Saks just do not admit they sell fake items and let me return it and they will resell to other customers. I just need proof they are indeed fake ones.
Predator2434 (5 years ago)
Nice vid..bro. clear examples how to identify a fake monclear jacket. It helps a lot
Rick Howell (5 years ago)
Thanks for that
M S (5 years ago)
supercool, thanks
Chekmy Style (5 years ago)
it was fun haha
u is (5 years ago)
FACK,Me too

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