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Go Launcher EX Review! - [App of the Week]

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I know most of you Android fans have tried Go Launcher EX already but couple days ago was my first time and I love the feature where you can uninstall apps with ease. Anyways, app of the week, gonna go hit BALLS!
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John Michael Reyes (5 years ago)
I use go luncher ex, then it mess up my multi touch, How can i fix this?
High On Android (6 years ago)
yes will do!
Pain4rmLuv (6 years ago)
if i set "go launcher" as my default... what happens to "twlauncher"? is it just going to just be in the background? is it just another launcher application and it doesnt matter? i currently have the saurom rom. can i uninstall "twlauncher"?
Sleepless4Life (7 years ago)
Lmao ur cracking me up bro, good vid though. I really did laugh out loud at the "balls/rave app" parts lmao!
azzamkm (7 years ago)
Very nice Mr.Max
Eric Ban (7 years ago)
i installed it at least 2 weeks already...really good on my atrix and very useful, most of the Go's apps also useful...it's a great app....:)
cMarshallGo (7 years ago)
Go Launcher is my favorite launcher. I love the fact that you can make folders in the app drawer and the fact that you can switch to 5 by 5 icons in the app drawer. And how easy it is to move apps over multiple pages!
Sema Flo (7 years ago)
2:29-2:32 OH GOD. Haha
Jerry Siharath (7 years ago)
I love this app
Motorbikes and Memes (7 years ago)
XD i thought u said you're going to go eat some balls
Niko413 (7 years ago)
anyone notice the wallpaper sometimes zooms in for whatever reason? i end up having to go back to the default launcher and then relaunching this launcher to fix it. love this launcher!
traviewhite (7 years ago)
nice review

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