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Super Mario World - All Secret Exit Locations

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Every secret exit location in Super Mario World for the SNES. I included both exits for the Forest Ghost House even though none of them are really secret or alternate exits. 00:00 Donut Plains 1 00:41 Donut Secret 1 1:44 Donut Secret House 3:11 Donut Plains 2 (Secret Exit 1) 4:46 Donut Plains 2 (Secret Exit 2) 6:17 Donut Ghost House 6:54 Vanilla Dome 1 7:23 Vanilla Secret 1 8:13 Vanilla Dome 2 9:13 Cheese Bridge Area 10:27 Forest of Illusion 1 11:26 Forest Ghost House (Alternate Exit) 12:43 Forest Ghost House (Normal Exit) 13:48 Forest of Illusion 4 14:30 Forest of Illusion 2 15:51 Forest of Illusion 3 16:49 Chocolate Island 2 17:37 Chocolate Island 3 18:41 Valley of Bowser 2 21:23 Valley Ghost House 22:15 Valley of Bowser 4 23:23 Star World 1 23:42 Star World 2 24:39 Star World 3 25:03 Star World 4 25:46 Star World 5 -My Twitter https://twitter.com/Typhlosion4Pres -My 3ds FC 1263-7978-2745
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Text Comments (443)
Malrofl (10 days ago)
playing on my snes mini
AmberTRESSO (21 days ago)
My mom and I (21 and 45) are actually bonding over super Mario Nintendo and watching videos on how to cheat! 😭 (something’s telling me to savor these moments ❤️)
Emre Özyaniz (24 days ago)
It took me my whole Childhood to find all those exits
Liliana Sandoval (1 month ago)
I'm 8 and I can play this on tablet! Weird right?
Olufsen 1 (1 month ago)
Did all these the days before the internet.
rediquadri82 (1 month ago)
Stupendo !!!
Bryan .George (1 month ago)
Dancer and Prancer comet and cupid...
GaboAnd Waffles (2 months ago)
NMJ 88 (2 months ago)
When are we gonna have a video game library...a place where I can go and explore the wonders of this amazing art form.
Shadow TheSupremeKing (2 months ago)
As a kid I killed this game. As an adult the game kills my patience. Still fun nevertheless.
Ashley Ihde (2 months ago)
I NEVER was able to get the cloud one with the saws. I even had my dad try back then and he was worse! I miss my SNES
Lion Colbert (2 months ago)
I'm 35 - as of this comment - And I've watched Mario evolve over the years. I just gotta know. What's been his diet plan as of Mario 64? Because he sure was fat in this game.
willie greig (2 months ago)
brings back memories
sillysongbird (2 months ago)
I’m 27 and I still play this!
R3N (3 months ago)
23:21 thumbnail.
Hamza Toprak (3 months ago)
Is there a secret exit in choco ghost house?
Shrek Is Sans (3 months ago)
Best. Videogame. Ever. Mário and Yoshi = Best. Videogame. Team. Ever. Best. Videogame. Stages. Ever. Best. Videogame. Secrets. Ever. Super Mario World ROCKS!!!!
kanum de gêmeos (4 months ago)
michael schade (4 months ago)
I remember my first 96* This was a hardcore hobby at one point. Finding all the secrets for yourself, mostly on accident, and dying a bunch because I was suspicious that a secret would be in a pit of death.
Thomas Espinoza (4 months ago)
You forgot top secret area
adam olson (4 months ago)
I I am 37 old good game watching
Jose Rodriguez (4 months ago)
I had this game and someone stole it off my backpack from elementary school 🧐. I remember this. I never got a chance to beat it 😅
Forsaken Trust (4 months ago)
Btw in that cloud stage theirs another way I found as a child u can sprint with Yoshi in the beginning and just hold sprint and jump if u time it right he will bounce off all the right saws and everything and will land u under the platform then u just hop off him to get that secret exit
Forsaken Trust (4 months ago)
Wow just watched through this and I can’t believe I found all these 26 years ago lmao I must be good at games
Kassy Her. (5 months ago)
I am a 2000's kid. I remembered when I was a baby, my mom and my older brothers would play the Snes. They would play Dr. Mario, Tetris, Super Mario World and my favorite game of all time, Yoshi's island. Then, when it was my time to play, which by the way, I was about 2 years old when I got my hands on the controller, I started to play and I loved it ever since. I'm 15 now, in Junior year in high school, my older brothers moved out long ago and moved on from video games and me I turned into a Nintendo Gamer since then, I never stopped playing. I play on emulators now on my PC. (I sold my Snes when I was 6 for Wii games and I regret that so much) But my parents are buying a Snes classic soon, which i can't wait to experience the nostalgia of what started it all for me.
Jay Logik (5 months ago)
Wait a minute. On that ghost house, the first one, I could have sworn that there was no vine for it. Plus, when you get to the top, you had to run and duck to get to it.
Lukinhaas Mendonça (2 months ago)
That's the GBA version and without getting the vine block.
G T (5 months ago)
Fat boy and Nintendo magazine system showed me these in the early 90's
Shayla Thomas (5 months ago)
I love the game it,s fun and exciting
Grace J (5 months ago)
Thanks for the upload. I got most of the exits except for the one on butter bridge.
伊凡特效 (5 months ago)
Szaworix Gamer (5 months ago)
I made all secret exit and special in strar road... and i have 93%!!!
Olivier Groovy (5 months ago)
not even the half of all the secrets.... but, nice video and continue to play! this game is excellent and i can't tell hoh many hours i have play it in the old real SNES.... i bought it used when i was 13 year old i think and hmmmmmm, i'm 36 year old the 5th of July!!!!!! yay!!!! :)
Roberta Silva (5 months ago)
Um o kkjjji kkkkkkkkkkkkkjkk
Roberta Silva (5 months ago)
Logan Peltier (5 months ago)
On vanilla 1 I didnt have the red button yet so i had a yoshi though so i just jumped onto the blocks using yoshi lol😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 yoshi be like😠😠😠😠😠😠👹👹👹👿👿
KALI & HELENA (5 months ago)
Dude you’re the best player I have ever seen on this game!!! Godddddd I’m struggling with one and need help!!!!
Lukinhaas Mendonça (2 months ago)
Which one?
Frederik Kohlbrenner (6 months ago)
1 exit is missing ;)
mike angel cortez (6 months ago)
And the cave where mario goes it looks like batman lives there. I hope mario finds the batmobile. Two super heroes about to meet.
mike angel cortez (6 months ago)
The song played in ghost castle when mario is fighting the boo ghost. It sounds like genie from the lamp is dancing with aladdin. Sounds arabic. Hahaha
Fiho Parucci (6 months ago)
Jocelyn Tsuyuki (6 months ago)
Wow you are a pro
Ladonna Williams (6 months ago)
I miss playing this game I got a Nintendo i used to plug up my game to play
Mark Heying (7 months ago)
As far as I remember, for most of the Secret Exits you would usually need to find a Key and a Keyhole to put the Key in.
Ladie Honesty (7 months ago)
Thumbs up if you still play (SMW) I’m playing now and I freaking love this game, I’m teaching my daughters as we speak ! Happy gaming 😘
jikanga aru (7 months ago)
The sound of my childhood haha
Lamarck Leland (7 months ago)
I'm pretty sure I got everything, still I'm stuck at 93% >.<
Ya'll I stil cant get the donut plains hidden keys,
Benjamin Saavedra (7 months ago)
My infance is here in this game
Chris Conjurin (7 months ago)
I think the harder secret exits started when you entered that Mysterious forest. I remember one of the hardest ones was on that level in the forest where you get the one up and the exit was where that turtle was throwing out spike monsters at you in the middle of the level from the cup. You had to fly up there to get to that one, and also the one with the bombs. Yeah the game had pretty intense secret levels. Let's not forget everybody's favorite secret on the first ghost house which takes you to the top secret area :)
Lukinhaas Mendonça (2 months ago)
The hardest exit for me was Soda Lake. I had to get 2 fireflowers and a Yoshi to get past of it first time. Now I can do it while small Mario, it doesn't feel that hard anymore.
Tyler Ellyson (7 months ago)
and the boo buddies laugh at you if they stay still too long
jhonatan Pires da Cruz. (7 months ago)
22:15 as vezes e foda ,a plataforma nao se forma do jeito correto,eu consegui entrar voando e abaixando ao mesmo tempo.
Shadow145 YT (8 months ago)
Me duele el poto :v
Mr. Turtle (8 months ago)
2:30 Boss Music
El Maníaco Sexual (8 months ago)
one of the fucking best game I played
Brwnbty 81 (8 months ago)
How do I find the secret fir the red squares?
sean111204 (8 months ago)
me: just now realizes red levels have secret exits
regice bro red fayd (8 months ago)
Estoy en la área super secreto
Elizabeast (8 months ago)
I downloaded the game on my cellphone but when flying I can't make Mario stay in the air is it because it's not original or what am i doing wrong?
Alyssa Boyett (9 months ago)
Some all secret exit locations are fun to go to and if I go there and exit them. And if you go there and exit them.
Uki/LucasVip (9 months ago)
2:18 "man you need to have cape to do that" 2:20 _inhales_ *B O I*
One of the greatest games ever!
Daniel Pereyra (9 months ago)
20:02 Holy f*ck
no name (9 months ago)
Thanks brother
kidwooh86 kidwooh86 (9 months ago)
It took me two days to beat this whole game
stanleylucky (10 months ago)
Du!!! you just took me back man. I was about 16 taking it to 3 am obsessed with this. It was the latest thing then. maybe nintendo 64 after, but din't really like that one.
Takayuki Suzuki (10 months ago)
10:08 I didnt know until about 12 years after the fact (2004) hahahaha
Kapil Patel (10 months ago)
This music is lit
EMIR MARTINEZ (10 months ago)
Tears of joy!!! Best game ever
Blood Beryl (10 months ago)
2:38 dumbass
Renato Cara (10 months ago)
In my childhood I always supected that the first haunted house in chocoland had a secret path to the icebergs in the bottom right of the map. I'm disapointed that it didn't..=(
Let’s summon demos (10 months ago)
Ich afraid of the day my gameboy breaks down
Not Sorry (10 months ago)
Matheus Philipe (10 months ago)
Game maravilhoso
rodigoxv vilalla (10 months ago)
eso ya lo sabias ase muchotiempo como 5 años atras
Mr. Kire (10 months ago)
the sleeping fish is so cute <3
Mark Green (10 months ago)
Who just came to hear that nostalgic music
김민범 (10 months ago)
Lindsey P (10 months ago)
Just needed a refresher course
magma gamer of fire (10 months ago)
10:11 yoish abuse
mar15 (10 months ago)
Took me forever to find the key for Valley of Bowser 2 as a kid.
johneygd (10 months ago)
There actually 25 levels with an second exit however that fortress level in world 5 exit behind the lava does not lead to another area. Also i haven’t even counted those 3 exists with yoshi, but these does not lead to a new area. I also have not counted the exit in the first cave level if you failed to got the key because again that exit does not lead to a new area. But if i would count these too, you will end up with an massive 102 exits. But without you and the and second exit pipe in 1st cave , there will 98 exits and if am not counting the second exit in fortress of world 5 since theres no secret area hiding there, Then there are 24 levels with an second wich do lead to an new area. Thus 97 exits. Because there’re 73 levels whereas 49 levels with no second exit. So let’s consider this, this game has 102 exits whereas 3 are sub exits 2 dead end exits and 24 send exits. But oddly enough the game only registers 96 exits. Count for yourself if you or whoever don’t believe me.
CAT-NOM (10 months ago)
Love that game. I think I have gotten every thing... maxed out score, gotten all of the roads, gotten all of the gold coins, unlocked secret aria, did that coin collecting challenge, waited for the song to change in secret aria, maxed restarts, and found a few bugs. I wised to have back my game boy advance (the small one) and Super Mario 3.
Marcos Vinicus G Santos (7 months ago)
CAT-NOM Congratulations! You got the real 100%!
DanTheMan1985ful (10 months ago)
Well here's a little refresher for those that are still nostalgic and may be rusty in some places. Worlds that are marked in Yellow, have 1 exit. Worlds that are marked in Red, have 2 exits. The Ghost Houses you find in Donut Plains, Forest of Illusion (Tricks you if you pick wrong Exit), and the Valley of Bowser they more than 1 exit but they're not marked that way you have to look for them.
Bentry J Brown Jr (11 months ago)
Secret Exit Timestamps 00:00 Donut Plains 1 00:41 Donut Secret 1 1:44 Donut Secret House 3:11 Donut Plains 2 (Secret Exit 1) 4:46 Donut Plains 2 (Secret Exit 2) 6:17 Donut Ghost House 6:54 Vanilla Dome 1 7:23 Vanilla Secret 1 8:13 Vanilla Dome 2 9:13 Cheese Bridge Area 10:27 Forest of Illusion 1 11:26 Forest Ghost House (Alternate Exit) 12:43 Forest Ghost House (Normal Exit) 13:48 Forest of Illusion 4 14:30 Forest of Illusion 2 15:51 Forest of Illusion 3 16:49 Chocolate Island 2 17:37 Chocolate Island 3 18:41 Valley of Bowser 2 21:23 Valley Ghost House 22:15 Valley of Bowser 4 23:23 Star World 1 23:42 Star World 2 24:39 Star World 3 25:03 Star World 4 25:46 Star World 5
Boy Russo (1 month ago)
LordKlek (1 month ago)
Valley Ghost House needs some explanation. How to get the coin maze to go upward would be nice
Marcos Vinicus G Santos (7 months ago)
Bentry J Brown Jr Its in the description
Rachael Thomson (11 months ago)
Thank you very helpfull I've got this downloaded on 2ds and was wondering why couldn't progress from forest of illusion area
David Gayle (11 months ago)
Noooo yoshiiiii
DanteBrian (11 months ago)
I’ve done all of these and beaten The Special Zone, but it says I’ve only beaten 95 levels...
Blanca Rivera (11 months ago)
Im 52 i still play mario
Slow Cast (11 months ago)
the valley ghost house one is cryptic as f***. You wouldn't even think a key way existed until you somehow by chance use a cape in that room and scout around that area
Jennie Childs (1 year ago)
I just love this game so much. I have played it since I was little!
redlyDoom Dominator (1 year ago)
This is very helpful! I just started playing again and there are some secrets I didnt know about.
Wilfre (1 year ago)
17:22 that screen didn’t appear
Marcos Vinicus G Santos (7 months ago)
Wilfre You need to take out the coins or pass room 1 and 2 in 50 seconds
Raymond Hernandez (1 year ago)
gracias por mostrarme este video a mi me gusta super mario
por khe yoshi :`(
Matthew McBain (1 year ago)
I’m playing the GameBoy Advance version and the Bowser’s Valley ghost house won’t work. Any idea Since?
taste of my childhood!!!!
Deana Chaimovich (1 year ago)
I have this game!!!
Pizza rolls (1 year ago)
# Sneakyboy07 (1 year ago)
4:44 the mushroom disappears!
Uki/LucasVip (9 months ago)
Uh that is normal
MarioFan587 (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that Mario has a _very_ different sprite when he's running on a wall than when he's running on the ground?

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