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When You Have A Sex Dream About A Co-Worker

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Text Comments (2237)
Sulagna Dasgupta (3 days ago)
Why did this have to be this boring lesbian thing? It's so unrelatable for the majority of people who're heterosexual.
C OnGmail (1 month ago)
"sorry, this content is age restricted"🙄
Paulina Cervantes (2 months ago)
Brittany trying to run away her dream <3 hahaha just the best!
Julia Mendes (3 months ago)
HAHAHA sooo wet
Knight FilMEd (3 months ago)
My friend sex to her boyfriend
Knight FilMEd (3 months ago)
I felt like her too
Knight FilMEd (3 months ago)
Im a boy but
Aromal Thampi (4 months ago)
The editing is on point!!
RollieRollie (4 months ago)
Omg who wants to see the BTS (behind the scenes) like if you agree
Jatinder Bhullar (5 months ago)
Sex job is tell you India boy 8427291857 my number whatsapp
metallicak5 (5 months ago)
WARNING ⚠️: Headphones Required.
blabla blabla (6 months ago)
Ican see this play out as a porno,that blonde chick is hot asfuuuuk!
Nguyen CA (6 months ago)
Oh damn i had this once and it was disgusting to just look at him and memory flashes back
That is why I love Buzzfeed so much.
A broken baby (7 months ago)
I had a sex dream about my best friend, who is a male, I’m a lesbian, and I don’t have any attraction to him at all (or any male)
Liloo Titoo (7 months ago)
I suffer from hypersexuality disorder, and this is exactly what this disease feels like, unless that I don't feel that for a co-worker but for absolutely each and every man. It's horrible.....😖
Jada Branch (7 months ago)
What's a boner???
Femme Fetale (7 months ago)
flippin out (7 months ago)
When I dream something like that I am usually scared of that person for some reason... Idk
G-zilla (7 months ago)
So is their a boy version were it is straight you for diversity
Spicy Papi Paula Suarez (8 months ago)
Imagine how weird it must have been to film this
Vaibhav (8 months ago)
Okay that's was totally arousing 😂
Mercedez Reboca (8 months ago)
rancidrabies (8 months ago)
im pretty sure no one would make this big of a deal over a sexual dream of a co worker
Swami Padmanabhan (8 months ago)
0:57 the world is so full of pervs
Kawaii Katie (9 months ago)
im tuned on i need help NOW
Nina Hallén (9 months ago)
The ending ruined the whole thing.
*I see you there* (9 months ago)
I feel so *uncomfortable* while watching this video with these background sounds
Csáki baba (9 months ago)
Fújj lezbi genyó
Bruna Constantino (9 months ago)
Brittney ♥️
abs (9 months ago)
SO irrelevant but i need that mug
Neon Rose (9 months ago)
She’s lesbian
Gregory Walker (10 months ago)
Me around my high school teacher
LPS jalyn (10 months ago)
Fitria Nur (10 months ago)
Lucy Allins (11 months ago)
Play this in 0.25 speed, your welcome
ふえぐちひなみ (11 months ago)
I see their becoming college humour now
Saif Ali (11 months ago)
Amy nightcore (11 months ago)
Namjoon (1 year ago)
0:38 the noise 😂
James Rankin (1 year ago)
Girls Dreams sex
uday kumar (1 year ago)
ItzAri (1 year ago)
Welcome to the weird side of YouTube.
Rhowski (1 year ago)
i can't stop rewatching this part, how am i supposed to watch the whole video? 0:37
barcedes_philippines (1 year ago)
omg yes! i ship these two!...... and im 2 years late for the party. X_X
Chituga Khalifa (1 year ago)
This is What happens if you take RitalinSR or Adderall XR
Bri Marie (1 year ago)
kitty girls (1 year ago)
Random Things (1 year ago)
1:19 Look at her mug Th handle is a *C*
Puppylover2.0 Girl (1 year ago)
Ali Aslam (1 year ago)
any girl want sex come my watsapp imo 00971521403452
Mano Manomano (1 year ago)
I accept u
Christanne Desilus (1 year ago)
do you love sex
Christanne Desilus (1 year ago)
kläder cool (1 year ago)
I hop you do mor sex videos
leila071 (1 year ago)
1:53 yooo chicago tattoo
Boozer (1 year ago)
Guernot Chery (1 year ago)
علاء عودة (1 year ago)
لحميانة تحاكيني واتس 0996895462
sara hadley (1 year ago)
I once was at a sleepover and I had a sex dream about my friend...
IglooDweller (1 year ago)
Within this video is THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME.
boy638 don't
Anthony Gutierrez (1 year ago)
was tt
Jack Is cool (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Kaya Scodelario
Iman Fikah (1 year ago)
Yoon sic (1 year ago)
I miss Brittany :(
SophieLikesFood (1 year ago)
that coffee mug tho
Karrie Dreammind (1 year ago)
Some of my biggest crushes have been sparked by dreams! Like my major crush on my teacher in high school....
ThatPhat Gal (1 year ago)
My jaw dropped
Russell Rabz (1 year ago)
i had one dream
Shiny God6186787 (1 year ago)
Caroline L. (1 year ago)
Good that dream sequence is hot.
Peaches 5555 (1 year ago)
U should show the drram
Arianna Solorzano (1 year ago)
you nasty
Marah (1 year ago)
I dreamt I went down on Kelsey. I still remember her vagina. We both were drunk and she enjoyed it 😂
Billy Garfield (1 year ago)
Laken Gobel (1 year ago)
Wonder what this was like to film 😂
KumoriRaven (1 year ago)
What about having a dream like that with a boy that I see everyday because he helps set up the stage for my band and it's very awkward.
Lucas Ferreira (1 year ago)
i really crush them wtf
Top Gamer (1 year ago)
Hamze Dino (1 year ago)
that slap bro!
SAMONE GONZALES (1 year ago)
I am 12 I never had sex dream OR HAVE I!!! JK but I am strangely scared of having one :p
Jim Paul (2 years ago)
were you actually scared
That One Shipper (2 years ago)
I have these kinds of dreams They make middle school really awkward
Quackzilla (2 years ago)
God Dammit I hate it when this happens
Steve Vang (2 years ago)
Kelsey is so hot.
martavavautube (2 years ago)
Was that a way for saying that both kelsey and brittany are tops? ;) hahaha
think out loud (2 years ago)
Justice King (2 years ago)
are you gay horny b×tch
Mermaid (2 years ago)
I never had a sex dream about anyone. I would dream about people I would have crushes on and we usually are on an adventure of sorts. But it's never sex.
Kaya F (2 years ago)
I had a dream my crush raped me. Great.
الوطن اولا (2 years ago)
Kaya F 😍😍😍😍
Great Content (2 years ago)
I'm having sex right know
بلال مورو (2 years ago)
Suroor Maazmi (2 years ago)
LEGO Expert you like 9
nara de guzman (2 years ago)
brittany and kelsey are my favourite so this was amaze
Emma Plisetsky (2 years ago)
This has happened to me with my friends, my exes, and my favorite teacher. My dreams are filled to the brim with sex and I have no idea why.
Matthew Boii (2 years ago)
Dejza Harris (2 years ago)
Qj0nsip during
OneandonlyAngie (2 years ago)
1:36 was beautiful.....❤️💜❤️💜
dhiya (2 years ago)
OneandonlyAngie yaaz
Coolstool Games (2 years ago)
So awkward
percy Jackson (2 years ago)
lol I've had this dream LOL I have to see the bloopers to this video
Brandon Hurst (2 years ago)
that was great
J A (2 years ago)
if kelsie was my co worker i would dream about her too

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