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Super Mario World - Forest Fortress Secret Ending

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blog.davidmalekar.com http://facebook.com/davidmalekar http://twitter.com/DMMDestroyer Having just recently (in the year 2009...geesh) being able to figure out how to do the cape flying trick, (also, keep in mind that I didn't own the game as a kid, only rented it once in a while, I know everyone should have owned this, blame my parents...)I noticed that the Forest Fortress had a really long lava pit... So after a few tries, I got over and found out what the big secret was...kinda cool... Recorded Date: September 19, 2009 ...oh, and lol at how I started the level all prepared and armed, and it didn't matter anyways...
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Text Comments (91)
Steve (1 month ago)
How do you do the cape flying trick???
Mary Crawley (1 month ago)
My brother did this earlier Today and I wasn’t here with him to see it so when I got to his place a few minutes ago he did it again and just showed me lol I could never get over there either. Good Job!
Eric Bates (1 month ago)
Forget all that dumb hit the A button instead stuff all you do is fly holy b and y then tap back up back up back up over and over it's so easy once you learn how
peter (1 month ago)
Finally some closure! I always wondered if it was just and endless lava pit, some kind of sick joke. :)
David Malekar (1 month ago)
2019 and these games keep on giving.
JUST CALL ME WEBB (2 months ago)
I had no idea lol
Romulo Almeida (2 months ago)
it is possible to do this without the cape. just spinning in those fireballs, very hard, but possible.
Superdogsam The awesome (3 months ago)
Do i need to find this for 100 percent
J.J. The Great (1 month ago)
Nope (https://www.mariowiki.com/Forest_Fortress)
Di6 (5 months ago)
unbelievable... all these ears just a bunch of 1ups. lol
Di6 (4 months ago)
I meant to say years and yeah I never could get there im like 32 now lol.
Video Viewer (5 months ago)
Too little reward for too much risk
Caesar (20 days ago)
It's funny to think that was really the best reward they could give you. What else is there, maybe a cape if you don't already have it? Should have opened up a new secret level like top secret area.
Lilla Sked (2 months ago)
took me 15 lives to do it haha
wedemeyerr (6 months ago)
With the SNES mini now I safe before try and then try it over and over
Rusty Krusty (2 months ago)
The SNES mini is awesome. Love it, best value for the price.
MARK HOLMES (7 months ago)
Joguei Mário durante épocas e épocas inteiras, e nunca imaginei que existisse uma segunda porta secreta nessa fortaleza da floresta da ilusão! (Kkkkk)
ISE D- (9 months ago)
Thus the meaningful lengths in Super Mario World are: -Gliding through the lengthy lava pool at Forest Fortress with a cape (as shown above) takes you to a land with 9 blocks containing 1-up mushrooms and another Reznor room door. -Gliding through the lengthy chasm beneath the default exit portal in Chocolate Island 3 which is accessed via climbing a plant (which takes you back to Chocolate Island 3 itself) by a cape or flying with Yoshi eating blue Koopa takes you to a land with 3 1-up mushroom blocks and another exit portal to a Choco Fortress. -Staying for a long time in Special World map without playing any levels or teleporting with Star Road will bring you to hear the original Super Mario Bros. overworld theme.
slicknickxp (10 months ago)
I figured there had to of been something over that lava pit. I’ve tried a few times and I’ve never had any luck. Thanks for sharing
Corgi Waffle (1 year ago)
my mom realy needed tghis
sheol (1 year ago)
I knew there is something.. Im so sad, because cant do it again :(
Orangel Duque (1 year ago)
A mí se me hace super imposible. Quizás deba intentarlo. En la versión pirata de NES es más fácil porque incluye una plataforma.
phubans (1 year ago)
Wow, I think I missed this back in the day but noticed it on my SNES Classic and wondered about it... A secret kept for over 25 years.
Supah Cole VII (1 year ago)
Do I have to do this to get a complete save file or nah?
fidacuca (9 months ago)
King Koleyolis III Nope. No need.
Rettke (1 year ago)
I was a master at this game back in the day, now I'm struggling to do the trick in snes classic
Andre Davis (1 year ago)
Rettke facts lol
David Li (1 year ago)
I always thought this secret would lead to that pond like area underneath the fortress castle. This and the secret ghost house valley intrigued me the most
Raul megane (2 years ago)
if you fly spinning at the lava part the fireballs will give you extra boost which is much easier
MisAnthro Pony (2 years ago)
Pointless addition to the game.
Richard Dong (2 years ago)
Hey, surprise to see you here, man. :) But really, Nintendo could've put something so much cooler there instead of some 1-Ups and another entrance to Reznor? I mean, how about an even cooler secret world than the Special World, or hey, how about a super ultra hidden Laser Suit? Nah, Nintendo wouldn't get THAT deep, would they?
vincentpol (3 years ago)
There's a much easier way to do this. You dash with the cape and instead of taking off with B, you take off with A, spinning in the air. All you have to do is hold Y, A and D-right.
Rusty Krusty (2 months ago)
чувак, я в шоке!!! сработало с первого раза! благодарю!
Sergio Rodríguez (4 months ago)
vincentpol WOW! Thanks dude.
Black Belt Jones (8 months ago)
Super Sophisticated Your a dumbass that is why it didn't work for you
Pm Vantil (1 year ago)
omg you are a life saver
oblivion85 (1 year ago)
Thanks got it on the first try
beef quiche (3 years ago)
PIMP SKILLS. I love it.
Chris Tejamanil (3 years ago)
After 17 death In my try in my micro Iand 3 try's in my ds lite hmm I guess my hands to huge to play with gab micro lol
Jake Suhr (4 years ago)
Until last night I didn't know that existed and then I tried to float across it with the Cape but for once I couldn't keep it up in the air. Probably cause of FL the fire flames that come up messed me up. I couldn't time them cause they came up as soon as I approached them but I had a feeling it was an alternate exit. However seems stupid though since it gives the same result really. I mean it's harder to get there then just going to the other exit door so I don't know why they put that in the game if the only difference is a 1 up.
Mike McCarthy (10 months ago)
From the above video. Not flying over and just finishing thye Norma way gets you to star roads
Jake Suhr (1 year ago)
Gonzalo Torres yeah I remember now I've always gotten access to that star road portal from completing it normal way.
Jake Suhr (1 year ago)
Gonzalo Torres I've accessed all of star road many times and still never knew about that though.
Gonzalo Torres (1 year ago)
Jake Suhr No, the secret exit allows Star Road. The normal one doesn't.
Tropas345 (4 years ago)
you play in pc snes or nes? good video :)
Tropas345 (3 years ago)
ok thanks :D
David Malekar (3 years ago)
+Nintariz I was recording the video on video capture device, but the video signal was S-Video from the SNES, if I recall correctly.  I know not all SNES systems could use S-Video, but I had a N64 cable that works with it.  They have the same connector.
Nintariz (3 years ago)
+David Malekar It doesn't look like a SNES. Was it played on an HDTV? I'm playing it on a CRT SDTV and it looks totally different.
David Malekar (4 years ago)
This was actually played on SNES.  Thanks!
Sara Connor (4 years ago)
Thanks :) all these years thats the ONLY part of super mario world i couldnt do. I have wanted to know whats over that lava for decades!!!
chespi88 (1 month ago)
feel the same
yngve (3 months ago)
+Krehlmar You probably shouldn't call other people "fucking idiot". One decade is 10 years. 20 decades is 200 years.
Krehlmar (3 months ago)
+John Jacob Decade / Decennium / Decimeter = 10xY. Centuries, centimeter, centiliters, = 100xY. You're a fucking idiot
John Jacob (3 months ago)
+Krehlmar so you mean to tell me you were playing Super Mario World in the year 1818?
Krehlmar (7 months ago)
Literally over 20 decades for me.
Marc A. Melé (4 years ago)
Hehehhe, really nice. When I was a kid I achieved one or two times, but I was dissapointed because I thougth it was the last exit needed to achieve 96 exits and in fact it didn't sum another exit because the only difference are the green mushrooms.
Cassla (4 years ago)
Wow, was thinking about that part for years know and couldn't find out anything about it. Thanks :)
XDLugia (5 years ago)
Seriously? Just 1-ups? aww...
Jonny Jones (4 years ago)
I never knew this. Awesome.
XDLugia (4 years ago)
+Captain_ Epic_ Holy crap! I tried this and it actually works!! Jesus... my whole childhood... all those games deleted just so that I could replay the bosses... Haha, thanks man. You're awesome. 
Captain_ Epic_ (4 years ago)
You can always replay castles and fortresses. To do so, just press the L and R buttons at the same time. Then it'll automatically put you into the level.
Not Legato (5 years ago)
aand after the video, got it on the first try ;D i only had trouble with the fucking pillars crushing me at the end >_>
Not Legato (5 years ago)
not me.
vowarren7 (5 years ago)
i know right lol
vowarren7 (5 years ago)
just press both bumpers on your controller to replay any castle or fortress
Patja Forest (11 hours ago)
Wow! Thank you so much!
vowarren7 (5 years ago)
is 96 points or levels the highest the number can get to at the title screen? I beat bowser's castle but am disappointed bc it just says "The End" when you beat the castle, you cannot save or anything you have to reset. So technically it doesn't allow you to beat the game saved...and i think im like at 94 but i've found every secret exit that had a red dot?? so idk, i'm also playing on my laptop using an emulator.
Evan Lopez (5 years ago)
lol i tryed going there for ever but the balls of fire hit me
soilgrasswaterair (5 years ago)
playing the game right now and always die and just wanna find out what´s behond the fire!! Cause you can tell something is there :))
Clint G (5 years ago)
Passing this level gets you the "point" to 96. Press both bumpers/triggers at the same time on any fortress or castle to replay the level. You're welcome.
Melissa Rodríguez (5 years ago)
And Meee :p
Toby Duncan (5 years ago)
@shrockboy you can play play castles again just when you go to them press the l and r butttons on top of the controller at the same time and you will enter the level
Iury Martins (5 years ago)
its so bory
Chris Kinch (5 years ago)
I could never get to other side. ever.
Brayan Torres (6 years ago)
Who's watching this video in 2013? Meeeeeeeee
Rojo Rhino (6 years ago)
If you're good enough to get past that pit of lava, you don't need the extra lives haha
yamerofuzoku (6 years ago)
Trust me they do. But they are rare, finding pretty girls who play video games is almost as rare as finding any girls who play call of duty online. And let me tell you girls who play COD go ham!
06kikas3 (6 years ago)
really .-:
Alex's Wet Trousers (6 years ago)
lies. pretty girls don't play video games.
Rhiannon Thayer (6 years ago)
the amount of 1 ups at the end are equivalent to the amount of lives I used to try and get over there. :|
someotherguy81 (7 years ago)
Use the spin jump fly. It is much easier.
中國黑人Blasian (7 years ago)
I Support This Guy.! Never could make it that Far. :D
Host47 (9 years ago)
can i blow your mind please? bress the spin-jump button when you fly, instead of the jump button. (This involes holding [fly] then hitting [spin-jump]) this one was one of my favorite secrets in mario bros... i knew about the never ending lava pit as a kid, but didn't figure out how to do it till much later...

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