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How to Start a Streetwear Clothing Brand | ep 1 Starting a clothing line from nothing.

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How to Start a Streetwear Brand | we dont know how but I'm going to document us figuring it out. hot to start a street wear clothing brand, clothing brand, Streetwear, streetfashion, fashion, hypebeast, supreme, surf, howto, island, chuuk, pohnpei, cnmi, micro me, Micronesia,
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Fabio Gutierrez Jr (1 year ago)
I love this, been thinking of doing this myself. I would like to hear about the process in general. How to get from A to C and what's involved in getting through "B"
Golam Ahmed Khan (7 months ago)
You should check out www.1wvac.co if you are looking for support with manufacturing and streetwear incubation
hoodie18th (24 days ago)
you said that you been working on a project for six months and keeping it under wraps what were the things you did to get to where you are, because whilist i want to also know how to get the fabric to screen printing but eventually i want to make designs to revolutionize my streetwear brand i've had a passion for it for long time and i don't know how to go about it i want to know how to acquire maunfacturing as well as where can i put my hand drawn designs(trusted source)to submit as well as how did you get the photography done with the chick maybe it's just to much to soak in all at once or maybe i'm just overwhelmed with excitement because i've been wanting to learn this for a while but just didn't know how to go about it
james watson (1 month ago)
love the concept plan on relaunching my brand soon. but using that printer to test out designs are u able to print custom tags and back print? how is that cost effective since you have less overhead to blast a screen and print a test batch in house? cheers in advance i look forward to the rest of the series.
modern studies (1 month ago)
What is auku Seems to me you two have no real idea what it is
The Print Life (1 month ago)
We dont and thanks for pointing that out!
Pranto Chowdhury (2 months ago)
If i start brand in very different market place, will i get customer and price will be high for that market place!!
Zombie Scrapper (3 months ago)
Hey Cam I know this vid is almost a year now but LoL nice sweep over the subtle coconut logo LoL looks subliminally similar to ummm yeah I'll just leave that one there hahaha awesome vid as usual lol
Status UnKnown (3 months ago)
If you were starting a new brand and putting a small core team together.. What would be the key positions that you would create and want to have in place?
Kman (4 months ago)
Talk to me , As a marketing consultant , I love helping new brands
DON Clothing (4 months ago)
Check us out for a new luxury Clothing brand.
HFS football (6 months ago)
Casey neistat?
Drei Sagadal (8 months ago)
what camera did you used for this video?
Daniel Latorre (9 months ago)
Hey Cam I normally don't comment on anything. But your channel grew on me. I have a question. What is the best way to perfect printing New Times Roman. Two color? And I ask because of the sharp edges and losing them during the run and also I'm not sure if you covered this. You post like a mad man, props. Thx
George Moss (11 months ago)
I'd love a playlist for this
JMF Films (1 year ago)
Can you tell us about marketing and sourcing designs?
Sami Pitts (1 year ago)
Love watching your videos. I'm a photograper turned graphic designer and just started my apparel business 9 months ago. It hasn't been easy but like you said, brand awareness and marketing is key but super hard to get people to buy stuff unless there is an emotional connection to whatever it is you're selling.
Sami Pitts (1 year ago)
The Print Life I have a question for you as well. When you decided to start with the Streetwear business what made you choose Printful? I use Printify and the printers they use have been hit and miss. So I'm wondering if Printful was chosen based on something you noticed about them. My long term goal is also flat bill caps and other accessories which I believe they can do some of those things as well. Any input on here or offline would be greatly appreciated. TIA
The Print Life (1 year ago)
Exactly. I hope we can create that connection with people.
Alix Lowe (1 year ago)
I'm currently studying art & design at A Level, my course includes fashion elements and after I've finished my course I would love to initiate a clothing line..
FreddieVelatayo (1 year ago)
I love this bro! I wish you nothing but success. I'm going through the same process as you. Just looked at your site. I want to give my 2 Cents. The "Mock Up" TEE of your latest shirt has the GILDAN tag on there. I immediately got turned off. Just because there are waaaay better quality blanks than GILDAN. Maybe at least just blur out the tag like all the other ones you posted on the site. That's just my 2 Cents and my opinion really doesn't matter. Love the direction though. Cheering for you. YEE!
Aaron Spraggins (1 year ago)
I'm doing this myself... I wish I was local to AZ, I'd love to work for/with you.
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Dope shop!
THUGS THEORY I.N.C. (1 year ago)
I really appreciate u for the series....Fell out of the game 15 years ago due to few setbacks but as as 2018 I am back and you are like sunshine on a cloudy day just listening to you go thru the motions is like just what I need to get where I need to be.......#[email protected]
JerimySean (1 year ago)
What are the roles when starting a streetwear business
SLY SPORT (1 year ago)
Lee Li (1 year ago)
Hey Cam I got a question. Would you recommend getting a trademark or whatever for a brand new streetwear brand?
JColt (1 year ago)
Thnx my dude, I started watching you just for learning hoy to print, and that actually made me wanna make my own brand, so I guess I'll see you on the next "class". Much love, peace.
The Print Life (1 year ago)
Thanks for tuning in. We are going to be learning right along with you so hang in there with us as we fumble through the thing.
Farmhouze Graphix (1 year ago)
Perfect timing....
Blank Frame Studio (1 year ago)
New to this, love the videos and thank you for all the info.  btw still working on our logo.  cheers!
Rodo Wood (1 year ago)
This is awesome, actually I've a similar project, I will start with screen printing, the problem is that in Mexico there are no 50 50 t-shirt distributors :(
Would like to know more about your experience with cut/sew. How you find your manufacturers without them stealing your ideas, especially when outsourcing overseas? Any insight on anything business related and for starting a successful street wear brand would be highly appreciated. Look forward to the upcoming videos.
Thoughts on finishing for shirts, pros and cons of custom woven sewn in labels vs printed labels as a chapter on the fashion brand? The table leg montage was awesome had me in stitches, keep going Cam 🤘🔥📦
Joshua Whitlow (1 year ago)
RhyBeats (1 year ago)
Cam... for cut and sew, I would suggest going to the Magic show in Las Vegas in February and I believe they will have another one later this year. But the convention center is full of manufacturers from over seas and some here in the states for you to connect and get pricing. They also have the big dog street wear bands and Your start up brands at different hotels. I highly recommend you go. This is crazy with the timing. Planning on creating a brand myself
thatSubtleVegan (1 year ago)
Ive had so many quality issues with printfull its ridiculous. Bad placement, sticky prints, literal holes in shirts. I just couldnt risk that stuff being sent to my customers because I have no way of knowing whats going out their door. But that was a blessing because its what got me in to screen printing for myself! and finding your channel haha but good luck with your new biz, love the artwork already :)
Prototype Eight (1 year ago)
Cam- Without even realizing it, I too have started a brand. I made a couple shirts for the gun shows and this weekend i was peddling my shirts for the 4th event. People who bought my other shirts have come up to me telling me they are going to be back next show to see what new designs I'll have... Right now i have 4 designs and my 5th design is nearly ready; 6th and 7th designs are also in development. LOL! I hadn't even considered what I was doing as being a merch brand. Great Vid Cam-o!
Matt Vlogs (1 year ago)
I care. This is why I'm here! Thank you :) I'm way excited about this series.
Matt Vlogs (1 year ago)
2018 - the year of the side hustle
The Print Life (1 year ago)
Right on Matt. Thanks for tuning in. Im stoked to get started on this project. I dont get to give to much of my time to it but I'm super excited.
Lee Stuart (1 year ago)
Fuck ya man, so hyped for this. You're definitely becoming one of my favorite channels to watch
Everybody and their grandma wants to sell their own shirts, which ironically seems to be why most of us printers start, lol... def an impacted market, I still plan to keep at it though.
Jason Enz (1 year ago)
And their grandmas bridge playing friends. I'm slowly planning something
The Print Life (1 year ago)
Oh for sure there is no time to wait. Everything is just a few weeks away from someone else beating you to it.
Heck yeah! Thats really the only reason Im fuckin with screen printing in the first place.... eyez on the prize still... been working on a brand for almost 5 years now, sat on it too long though and it materialized in the market by someone else... i find that happens a lot if your not careful or share a similar idea, and Ill be damned if I become a biter and make the same garbage as someone else so back to the drawing board for now. I literally have done 5 separate brands at this point, basically a brand a year, but never got my shit together...a few are still golden, just gotta pick. 2018 is the year though mang. Love all the new videos by the way - thanks!
The Print Life (1 year ago)
Yea apparel brand are pipe dream but it's so fun creatively that it dont matter.
LongviewGarage (1 year ago)
I wonder where you got this idea… 🤔
LongviewGarage (1 year ago)
The Print Life Writing down a chronological list of videos. I want to just shoot but figured I go in order of how to party like a rockstar.
The Print Life (1 year ago)
Yes sir I cant wait to see what you do with it. I will make sure to shout you out when the vids start posting.
Jason O'Connor (1 year ago)
My screen printing shop came to life the same way as yours. Wanted to print my own stuff, keep the margins, but found printing to be much more lucrative cause apparently after 8 years in the industry I don't know dick about selling t-shirts. Are you happy with the printful DTG quality? Are they reliable with their fulfillment?
The Print Life (1 year ago)
So far they are doing ok but we aint slamming them with orders yet.
Print Mafia (1 year ago)
Wow, you have a lot going on this year - nice! Also I have to say: that round light thing- when you look at it, your eyes just don't look right! and when it's sitting on the side it shines in our faces ! take care! ;)
Print Mafia (1 year ago)
Hahaha ok if that's the look you're going for, than it's perfect! ;) How many shirts do you print at monument per month?
The Print Life (1 year ago)
Not to much, Auku wont take up to much of my time. You dont like the way the ring light looks? I love it, kinda like a puffy music video from the late 90s
Zavier Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Awesome! Check out my streetwear statusempire.com I just do it for fun!
The Print Life (1 year ago)
Good job keep it up.
Gotta go (1 year ago)
long time designer, but very uneducated on the production process & I'm glad one of my clients referred me here. *subscribed* good shit sir.
The Print Life (1 year ago)
Oh heck yea a client referred you to The Print Life? How cool is that!!! Thanks for subbing.
That's Awesome Bro! You got this!!! I currently doing the same thing. I am wishing you the best of luck!! I know you will be successful.
The Print Life (1 year ago)
Damn that is nice of you to say. Same to you.
Brad Magenheimer (1 year ago)
Awesome video, I have wanted to start one for about a year and had no idea where to start it. Looking forward to seeing the steps
The Print Life (1 year ago)
Hell yea i hope it helps you make sure to check in every Monday for a new vid about streetwear.
Standard Graphics (1 year ago)
... what a coincidence... Perfect timing Cam.
sonny grey (1 year ago)
Yo what's up with that shirt Inkster

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