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53. Alias in SQL (Hindi)

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Abhisek Mishra (10 months ago)
Agar hum 2 column ka nam change karna chahen to kya karte?
Archito Goswami (4 months ago)
select col1 as alias1 , col2 as alias2 from table_name;
pintu aryan (1 year ago)
I didn't get the use of aliases fo table... Even u didn't expin clearly. So pls help with a suitable example.. Use of aliases fo table
Geeky Shows (1 year ago)
Suddenly I realize you are asking about alias of table so table alias save typing and increase readability of your long long queries. When you will work for a large project you will see that you need to write complex and long quires that time you may need to write your table name again and again for example in JOIN concept. If your actual table name is a bit long it will headache to type table name again and again so just use table alias for example my actual table name is GekyshowsUser (in our database, table name should be meaningful so other dev could understand) but when we write long quires we cant write GeekyshowsUser again and again instead we use alias and give it a short name usually First letter of actual table name something like this GeekyshowsUser as g
Geeky Shows (1 year ago)
It simply means Nick Name. OK let me explain it with small example where we really use alias - So I am developing an Application of School Management System. I created a Table Student where we have two columns s_name and s_roll. Now i need to fetch this data to our application so our application user can see it. we will write query something like this select s_name, s_roll from student. This query is good and correct but you know your application user doesn't know what is s_name and s_roll it doesn't really make sense for a common person becoz the application user doesn't know anything about your back end (database). He came to you and said sir when i open application there is s_name and s_roll what are these things ? so you wonder and think it would be great if you could change s_name to Student_Name and s_roll to Roll_No so application user could understand but you do not want to change your Table's column name which are s_name and s_roll becoz we often use short name as column name. Here comes Alias now you can replace your old select query with select s_name As Student_Name, s_roll As Roll_No from Student . Using this query you can show Student_name and Roll_no to front end (Application Dashboard) without rename your column in back end. Is it clear ?
Ankur Sharma (1 year ago)
Very informative videos, thanks for sharing
Nishant Badaya (1 year ago)
what is the meaning of temporarily in aliases
Archito Goswami (4 months ago)
means only for display purposes;
Funny Videos (2 years ago)
Aap muje bata sakte hai ki hum for table me column name kaa use kya hai?? jo select ke bagal me hai
Codezesk Technologies (1 year ago)
Name Usska Purana Naam h Iss Liye Likha h...!!!

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