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vines that just butter my egg roll

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*DISCLAIMER* butter my egg roll vine is not included in this meticulously picked compilation of some of my favorite 6 second videos. uh like, comment and subscribe... or uh dont i really dont care... but i actually do im craving attention my life is crumbling before my eyes and i just need at least one part of my day to be good even if its a rude comment from a stranger which i will most likely reply to because i will take any and every ounce of attention i can get to distract me from the fact that my life cannot get any worse at this point and it probably will get worse and i'll never amount to anything in life, therefore i'll never get a job, which means i wont make income, meaning i wont be able to make a living for myself or ever buy a car or a house, so i will probably be homeless, and if im homeless i'll never meet anyone, meaning i wont get married and have kids because no one wants to date, let alone marry a homeless person, meaning i will probably live under a bridge, alone, my whole life just walking the streets of California repeating these vines in my head constantly until it comes to the point that i go completely insane and think im dating some ex-viner like Cameron Dallas and i'll be called 'the vine lady' by locals until the day comes and i die from some bullshit like the flu. So don't be square and comment, like and subscribe to my channel! New videos: whenever the fuck i want.
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Rhythm (20 days ago)
I like turtles
HaunterTV (9 months ago)
Nice video! Keep up the good work.

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