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Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa

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I'm gonna be honest when I first watched this I didn’t like it all too mich
Bidisha Das (4 hours ago)
That's really good But what about Roy and riza, I Ship them so much
yume tea (7 hours ago)
thumbnail: AnGelica, eliZa, N PEGGY
Ya Yeng (12 hours ago)
It sucks... they left their own world and went to the worst
Srephy Ho (19 hours ago)
Whyyyy did he have to switch world's it is so sad
p2Universe (1 day ago)
The most evil thing this movie did is turn Maes Hughes into a Nazi.
[*_*] (1 day ago)
1:38:22 wtf 😂
JAZAX QUINTANA (1 day ago)
Why is she wherein venom
RandomIsMyLif3 (2 days ago)
man my man aaron was struggling with the voice cracks
Chicago Critic Gerald (2 days ago)
I liked this anime movie better then most based on animes.
bunnykooks (3 days ago)
The reference to racism and war was really well done, although I don't expect a racist to say "I'm afraid of you" it is what it is. I love both FMA and FMAB but I guess I prefer FMAB for its happier endings. FMA endings really left a bitter feeling behind
Richard Khiangte (3 days ago)
If only winry went with them to the other world...
aqil afzal (3 days ago)
why Ed still lost his limbs? didnt he already get all his lost arm n leg....
Majorgamer (4 days ago)
49:04, the true bond of brothers lol
Anuj K (4 days ago)
Honestly, I think this movie doesn't do justice to how good the original series was. I was content with the ending of the original 2003 series as it had a darker and mature story granting a more mature, bittersweet ending. This movie tries to accomplish it by having Ed and Al stuck in a foreign world even if they finally are reunited. The execution doesn't feel realistic nor natural to the characters too. Alphonse shows no hesitation in going to the other side of the gate even though all of his life he grew up and grew fond of Amestris (though it is never called that in the original version). The way they included historical information underlying the main plot was interesting and quite enjoyable at times. The pacing was jumbled and lackluster, but the overall fundamentals of film making (cinematography, set design, and etc.) were mostly what you would expect of a movie based off of the 2003 fma series( good ). The story had plot-holes that were also existent in the original series but never made up for them in any way which was the whole point of the movie on one aspect. I think Fullmetal Alchemist is deserving of better treatment. The movie isn't horrid per se. It is lackluster and very bold that it misses the reason for which many people gush over Fullmetal Alchemist. If I were to rate this movie I would give it a 4.5/10 because i think the ideas it's going for are there but the execution needs to be handled much better.
Hanna Kristoffersen (3 days ago)
Anuj K so true!
deestilo (5 days ago)
Uranium? I guess uranus is taken :p
anawolfdraws (6 days ago)
anawolfdraws (6 days ago)
Whyyyyyyy 😭😭😭 poor ed
dan dalan (6 days ago)
Poor winry, she reminds me of forest gump.
dan dalan (6 days ago)
Edward is so selfish. The portal cant be opened if 1 side is destroyed. They could just destroy the one from als world.
Developer 004 (7 days ago)
#EyesForDays 👁👀👁👀👁
marcuschild childs (8 days ago)
Uk i always have mix feelings about this movie sighs
AR MY (8 days ago)
I cried........
Maria Evens (8 days ago)
Me before i watch this movie: Mh...if that exists in German too? ...mh~ i wonder. Me hallway through it: ...x3 Ok Nevermind then! Probebly not.
Punk Tastic (8 days ago)
1:12:02 I cried like a bitch. "I just wanna go home, where mommy is" right in the feels man.
H Arz (8 days ago)
that was 1923 the fail of the putch gave Hitler time to write Mein Kampf in prison, 13 years later the Nazis win and take over goverment anyways
henry pendle (8 days ago)
After seeing FMAB. I totally vomitted rewatching FMA and Conqueror of Shambala. Its all over the place. It was a fail Movie and a fail Series. And about the movie. I think its Crap. THe world of FMA is already a presentation of our world.
GALder (8 days ago)
i cant thank you enough :')
Joseph Rabozzi (9 days ago)
I really don't care what anyone says. Fma 2003 is so much better than brotherhood. Much better character development and depth. Very emotional and just downright haunting scenes, as opposed to these ridiculous cartooney moments in brotherhood. The Homunculus' backstories are also much more developed and give us these truly conflicted and emotionally damaged characters. Brotherhood just made them the stereotypical "bad guys". Hell, I can't even watch brotherhood because 2003 basically ruined it for me. Brotherhood lacks that emotional punch and gritty, dark atmosphere that 2003 provides. It just proves how shallow in comparison Arakawa's original vision was. Kinda makes you wonder is this what she originally wanted fma to be? So dumbed down and emotionally hallow. If so then props to the 2003 writers for making a series so much more powerful.
Max Alain (9 days ago)
Al straight up tried to kill that ho. Damn, didn't know he had that in him.
Kiki Fryfogle (10 days ago)
I love when Jean and Breda go visit Mustang and he is super depressed cause Ed ain’t around this is why there was RoyEd ship
typeblitz (10 days ago)
This is sad 😔 😢 I love fullmetal 👍 even if this isn't cannon I love it!
mikhail paulo peters (10 days ago)
Soo what if King Bradley invented Hollywood, big deal.
1:39:13 *I swear two of them looked like Lust*
willow1319 (11 days ago)
I class this movie as a very sad AU since we'll non of it is canon
Savage patch Kid (12 days ago)
I'm happy that there together again ....but also sad that they will never go back home ಥ_ಥ
Slideguydude 123 (12 days ago)
I’ll suck off anybody who makes a voice crack counter for this
Evelyn S. (12 days ago)
Thank you for doing a public service
gemini tricks (12 days ago)
I like this series
Mr. Puffy (13 days ago)
1:01:35 I thought something else was going to happen there
Field medic Gronki (13 days ago)
The sad thing is that we and al had to live trough ww2
Pampos Pampou (13 days ago)
So if Hitler went to the Alchemist universe and became a military officer , then an alchemist , then a State Alchemist , then politician and later Fuhrer what would have been his State Alchemist name ? Could it be The Fuherious Alchemist ? The SS-NAZI Alchemist ? The Final Solution Alchemist ? The Mustache Alchemist ? What would it be ? This one of the questions that deserves an answer .
Daniel Aldana (13 days ago)
1:39:30 when you realize there equivalent to a jew so there gonna get gassed.
Honeymiist (13 days ago)
Although I love brotherhood way better, the first fma series and this movie still make me cry sometimes.
Kha Mora Souvenir (14 days ago)
this movie is good gril dont watch it if you have the dvd then
Dominique Battle (14 days ago)
Either this guy is running right behind her or he's screaming very loudly! 🤣 13:37
franz hilario (14 days ago)
FMA really busted our heads. Hahaha nice movie though
yasser elbouz (15 days ago)
so the other side of gate is our world africa europa america .... and the other side is for edward world which mean anime world am i right ?
Fullmetal (16 days ago)
This is a better ending than Brotherhood by miles. Brotherhood’s ending was so fucking cheesy, that it was unbearable
DragonGirl_14 (17 days ago)
I first watched this is Japanese with subtitles... was not prepared for all the voice cracks. xD
me myself (17 days ago)
Where can i watch the whole movie plot from the beginning? I mean the first movie,that shows how all this happen..pls let me know
Doby (12 days ago)
me myself it’s a show call full metal alchemist on Netflix
TheGaming Douche (18 days ago)
ThePilotTY_YT (19 days ago)
When does this take place before or after full metal alchemist or is it in a complete different universe or is it a mix of the two
Zwiadowczyni Curàre (19 days ago)
The whole movie is one big wtf
Johnny Vlogs (20 days ago)
brown boi (20 days ago)
This shit is crazy
LuxAscension (20 days ago)
Flathead screws on the automail!? Really Winfry, not hex or even Phillips? Squaredrive, five point star, six point, heck take your pick. But no. Flathead.....Dohkay....
Life’s True Way (20 days ago)
Dang, I can only remember how brotherhood ended.... here we go anyway. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂
I see a lot of comments of people being like "I prefer this ending because it represents equivalent exchange because they can never go back to their world. A lot of people prefer the Brotherhood ending more though because it was very happy but I felt as though it was too artificial and unrealistic," and I'm going to completely prove their points by saying that i wANT A HAPPIER ENDING PLEASE THEY NEED TO ALL LIVE TOGETHER HAPPILY IN AMESTRIS WITH WINRY AND EVERYONE ELSE AND NOT BE IN A WORLD WHERE THEY HAVE TO DEAL WITH WW2 PLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEEEEEE
I'm gonna cry I need more FMA
Dave Krab (21 days ago)
Thanx for uploading 👍
Yashasvi Bhatt (21 days ago)
may be i think that they should have teleported winrey too with them
그들의이야기 (22 days ago)
오리지날... 너무 deepdark해서 못 보겠어.
Kars Kirby (22 days ago)
Is it weird I suddenly want Huggs dead again?
22myself (22 days ago)
Sorry fma 2003 fans...I think Brotherhood is WAAAAYYYYY BETTER!
xRedzz (22 days ago)
This movie completes me
X D (16 days ago)
Don't suicide
Jaliyah Bennett (22 days ago)
Death Woods (22 days ago)
fuck im crying so hard that i feel like im going thow up. fuuucckk
Zak Los (22 days ago)
When anime gives you german. Be like, OwO for real?!?!
SleeplessPasta (23 days ago)
I thought I was just watching a clip at first but you really just got the whole god damn movie on here.
JJ King (23 days ago)
When was this movie made
dre k (23 days ago)
For most the ppl that hate on this movie they don’t like the idea of sacrifice. Bittersweet endings are authentic and raw and the way it should be.”equivalent exchange” they had to give up theor whole previous reality jus to be together. Nothing desirable comes w/o sacrifice.
Sarah Smile (24 days ago)
I think the thing I said most though this while movie was... “fuckin nazis”
Anureet Brar (24 days ago)
I hate the ending. I wanted it to end in there own world.
Ibrica Slickrick (24 days ago)
Bullshit childrens cartoon, waste of time, no thumbs up on my comment, please and thank you. Hell fire coming soon for the creators of this
X D (16 days ago)
Why? What have they done to you, please calm down !
Likias lll (24 days ago)
Japanese people don' t have to mess with gipsy. Is easy criticise for them.
artpoint.paradox (24 days ago)
I love Fma, I love history, therefore I love this film!
Chaos Hoodie (24 days ago)
great movie
Jay Is TRASH (25 days ago)
Who thinks al sounds like darwin from the amazing world of gumball
William FitzGerald (25 days ago)
Hoenheim really was amazing.. He was able to use alchemy one more time in a world where it's forbidden..
The one and only GG (26 days ago)
I’m so confuzeld
FealSmart (26 days ago)
The way those planes circled....the spear of longinus...makes me wanna watch eva again
MAD DOG (26 days ago)
Am only at 18:43 and whaaaaat? Al and ed are not related? And hoemhimem makes auto mail...? EDIT- I just got to 20:00 and okay so this is following the events of the frist FMA
E.R.L Toturiro (26 days ago)
I'm confused ;-;
Relentless Nexus (27 days ago)
So I guess this is why they rebooted the series
Chaos Leviatho (27 days ago)
Yaaaas boi are there more full metal movies
Matthew Olson (28 days ago)
Great watch
Fanta Traoré (28 days ago)
What worlds? 1940s Earth? Middle Earth? Shamballa? Somewhere else in space or time? What the fudge?
Veam Beam (28 days ago)
honestly I clicked because of the thumbnail forgot this anime had waifus
Adrian Daley (29 days ago)
Bleh , English.
Ricardo Martinez (29 days ago)
poor winry
Amber Nicole (1 month ago)
This was my favorite voice actor for Al. I'm honestly sad they didn't have the same voice actor for Brotherhood. His voice just brings back so much nostalgia 😭
king of the internet (1 month ago)
You have earned a subscription
Nario (1 month ago)
Crazy how this movie came out only 3 years (U.S. Release date) before Brotherhood, a lot changed between this movie and Brotherhood. That must've been some solid work they did to make Brotherhood.
Nario (1 month ago)
Still beats Sacred Star of Milos, that's for sure. Although I will admit there are some flaws with this movie. GoatJesus made a video on this and it does a good job pointing out those flaws, but overall it's a good movie still. Took a lot or risks for making it's own ending to the anime and all, even when the Manga wasn't even close to being done yet. Those risks were worth it.
Nye nye Galaxy (1 month ago)
I really don’t know how I feel about about this ending 😱😅😭🤔🤔🙃🤯🤔🤔
Fullmetal (16 days ago)
Nye nye Galaxy it’s kinda underwhelming, but it’s a fitting end for the ‘03 anime. I used to really hate the movie, but a couple of rewatches changed my opinion on it
Roblox BlueStacks (1 month ago)
WOW never though Hughs was a Nazi ._.
Roblox BlueStacks (1 month ago)
Wait When does this happen???????? Edit: You dont have to answer it anymore

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