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How to fill in Eyebrows - Pencil

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Text Comments (287)
torc3434 (2 years ago)
had to mute b/c her voice is so annoying... but not before laughing my ass off at the "threading is a painful process" comment. That's fucking white girls for you. Stealing the methods to achieve the "exotic/ethnic" look that southeast asian and middle eastern women have been employing for years without batting an eyelid, and then whining about it.
awesome vid!!
Kathy Garrett (3 years ago)
Thank You !
Elizabeth Melendez (3 years ago)
different eyebrows
Ame Elijah (3 years ago)
But I love u videos
Ame Elijah (3 years ago)
Ok I'm only 13 yrs old and threading does not hurt
Shooby Doo (3 years ago)
thanks hun!
Deborah Benson (3 years ago)
Gigi Silk (3 years ago)
Life saver thank you !
Hello Patsey (3 years ago)
Filling in eyebrows with pencil is much more natural.
Hafizah Ti Morni (4 years ago)
Tyra Jay (4 years ago)
Life saver! Great video :)
violete delaforet (4 years ago)
 i got an eyebrow slit without my mom knowledge and this helped . thanks 
Saja A (4 years ago)
Hey what eyelashes do you have on? They look great!
Erika Castaneda (4 years ago)
My last name is Castañeda :)
sand hills (4 years ago)
You are so pretty, wish my skin is like yours. And you have really beautiful features. Thanks for your videos.
I've been trying to let my eyebrows grow in to get thicker eyebrows that I've seen on a few models, but it doesn't work! I only get a few hairs under my brow line. Anyways, I recently tried to fix them and they look alright, but I just have thinning eyebrows, not thin eyebrows. This video helped, I just have to find that pencil now.
+V Leigh I had thicker eyebrows when I was younger, and they looked amazing. But I don't know what got into me, and I started plucking,  but not only that, they are really sparse. I wish I never plucked them! lol
Nohemi Alvarado (5 years ago)
❤️❤️❤️ Your nose!
Nattamon (5 years ago)
I wish I was pretty like you 
Stefany Card (5 years ago)
what kind of eyeliner do you use?
Melinda Yzaguirre (5 years ago)
Lmao "chola eyebrows" this video was helpful!
Alejandra Martinez (5 years ago)
The color she used is dark brown. I had to pause when she should the eye brow pencil lol.
Adelina Aguilar (5 years ago)
What color is the pencil?
Mayra Piedra (5 years ago)
If I have really dark eyebrows, what color should i use? Mine are literally black
Lauren Olson (4 years ago)
i think they make an "almost black" and a "very dark brown." tough to find but worth a look!
Shana (5 years ago)
i have black eyebrows too, but i find that using a black pencil makes it look unnatural and sharpie looking, like mentioned in the video, so i recommend using a brown, maybe the darkest brown you can find, but definitely not black.
sunday mourning (5 years ago)
My brows are so light, it's hard to see their shape, it sucks.
lee perez (5 years ago)
Your hairs are black and the oencil is black
AXOXOJ (5 years ago)
I like the skinny one better look nice!
Kendrea Campbell (5 years ago)
You have like the perfect teeth :)
sublimeee (5 years ago)
It's a Maybeline Definer Brow Pencil
Glen coco (5 years ago)
I dont think she meant for it to be offensive. Chola eyebrows are skinny AND super arched and like a bajillion shades darker.
Aubrie Nix (5 years ago)
What kind of eye brow pencil did you use?
Stephanie Marrie (5 years ago)
Chola eyebrows...>.< thats kind of offensive to some being i and many other girls like skinny eyebrows
Angelica Wiggins (5 years ago)
-- natural is the way to go. i dont wear concealer or foundation. this is perfect - thanx!
Yuliana Martinez (5 years ago)
I love it :) thanks for sharing
Josephine Dons (5 years ago)
''wuuhuuuu'' hahahah
Josephine pierre (5 years ago)
I just subcribe to your channel this is a good video God Bless Josephine:)
vanessamd2020 (5 years ago)
Eww with no makeup on!
Sierra Roseartt (5 years ago)
Omg my niece just waxed off part of my eyebrow....
tinkerbell716 (5 years ago)
you are gorgeous! :O
farclip69 (5 years ago)
You are so pretty. I love your nose
Emanuela Zjajo (5 years ago)
the undone brow lookes better
Marii M (5 years ago)
one question what if you have like really black eyebrows C: if i use black pencil they become too dark.. which color should i do then?
80years123 (5 years ago)
Idk y but I always feel like u look like ashley green o.o
seemak12008 (5 years ago)
You look so pretty!
snowmountain2007 (5 years ago)
Helpful video. Glad you showed both done and undone brows at the end. Made a huge difference. Subscribed!
TheTween'sTalk (5 years ago)
you can see the brown pencil on black brows
Rebecca .Laura (5 years ago)
Yeah that's not exacly natural. You can see the pencil on there.
princesss (5 years ago)
Yu have BEAUTIFUL SKIN! & I pretty much have the same eyebrows as yu thanks this helped me so much!!(:33
lalalusci0us (5 years ago)
Love your eye makeup :)
Whitelotus (6 years ago)
you have a perfect nose.
Deenahwashere (6 years ago)
Have you tried a ashy brown? If it gets too brown it looks really fake. I use Sensai E01. :)
Koraa Lee (6 years ago)
It would look much better and more natural if you used a darker pencil. Maybe a more dark brown or black/brown pencil. Great tutorial though.
YouRosa (6 years ago)
shellbe81jean (6 years ago)
i like both your looks (donr an undone) lol honestly i like the undone one
Kianaaahhh (6 years ago)
I use a Black/Brown one it really blends in good if you have dark eyebrows.
kamor mo (6 years ago)
your eyesbrow already nice ,no need a lots of work
stephany940 (6 years ago)
Yay !! This was super helpful thankyou
Stephanie Mills (6 years ago)
that shit be hurting when they do that
prollyale1 (6 years ago)
ahhhhh your so beautiful...
Lihwati (6 years ago)
well no ones born with perfect brows.... of course everyone alters them in some way whether its shaping or filling in.... & making your brow shadow the exact same shade as your hair makes them look bushy
YouRosa (6 years ago)
Color looks obvious I mean you can tell you colored them
Sand (6 years ago)
You're SO pretty without make up!
2002skp (6 years ago)
Sonia, I tried the define a brow pencil and I love it! I just found it that it will be discontinued....do you have any other drugstore suggestions?
kade belyk (6 years ago)
she looks like a kardashiannnn damn
brinda08 (6 years ago)
threading doesn't rub away your hairs. the hairs are caught in between the two threads and are pulled away, kind of like tweezing but with many hairs at one time.
FreeSpaceChannel (6 years ago)
a little lighter than your's
Naomi Tee (6 years ago)
what color is your hair?
wild_one pl (6 years ago)
omg you're too pretty *.*
ihateveryone96 (6 years ago)
Omg can you please tell me the colour/shade you are in of this pencil
Marie Hugs (6 years ago)
ur so beautiful!!
What is your shade color for that pen define a brow??
Windcutter02 (6 years ago)
I absolutely LOVE your eyelashes! Do you have any make-up routine on your eyes?
IamIzzyF (6 years ago)
ur so pretty!!!!!!! and yes threading stings!
Dani Brennan (6 years ago)
you're beautiful
Julia Green (6 years ago)
i think your natural brows are much prettier
Zeenia (6 years ago)
what eyelashes are you wearing?!??!?!?!
ellyrb88 (6 years ago)
i'm no expert but i'm asian and i have really dark hair too and i use a brown black colored pencil on my brows. and use a brush to blend the pencil in. i suggest you go out there and find the darkest brown you can. just try out different shades of dark brown. maybe you'll get lucky and find the perfect shade the first time :)
Zamantha Lawson (6 years ago)
I have the exact same problem, so i just use a black pencil but it looks real harsh and drag queenish no matter how much of a light hand I use :\ have you found a solution?
Megara (6 years ago)
Very awesome, and you have pretty eyebrows! I've included a video response for those of us who *don't* have much eyebrows :-)
ilovemusic23397 (6 years ago)
omg,you're so pretty *___*
Bethany Ann (6 years ago)
people are so rude
pokadotguitar92x (6 years ago)
I have a question which kinda bugged me. I have thick jet black hair, and in turn my eyebrow colour is jet black. Now I know everyone says that the eyebrow colour should be 1-2 shades lighter than your hair. At first I thought "Grey???" but then I'm thinking, should I use a darkish brown shade for my eyebrows? or just black?
Sandi Garcia (6 years ago)
I think thin eyebrows are neater than thick.
Jazmin Boyas (6 years ago)
I always use define a brow! :)
tyra-jade jeavons (6 years ago)
i do this :')
Roldana Huganir (6 years ago)
your nails are so perfect..the shape and color
Vanessa Rangel (6 years ago)
i like your eyebrows
FreeSpaceChannel (6 years ago)
I can't find a colour to match my eyebrows...
Kimberlee Garcia (7 years ago)
You look alot like ashely green !! :D
Claireeces Pieces (7 years ago)
in my opinion she looks better with thin eyebrows
Angela Alfaro (7 years ago)
My eyebrows are sparce i hate themmm i wish they wer full.
Casey Lennon (7 years ago)
WHY does everyones eyebrows look so pretty and then when i do it it looks like crap.. like my eyebrows never look like this.. any good tips?
Shabz A (7 years ago)
i liked your brows better before you filled them in, but the other look good too :)
The Rock -n- Twins (7 years ago)
what color are you using?
TheGirlauhl (7 years ago)
I love your nails!!!!
Tana C (7 years ago)
I like just using regular dark brown eye shadow to fill in my eyebrows. I use an angle brush and just fill in the parts I need to. I like it because it is cheap and it looks the most natural:)
dantiad (7 years ago)
i tried threading once and it gave me the perfect shape but it broke me out
Dorothy Vang (7 years ago)
I agree thicker brows are def in! I love the way you do yours! I just purchased the same eyebrow pencil today, I usually use powder for my brows for a more natural look because I find that pencils are really harsh and dramatic for my skin tone and face shape... But you made it look very natural! Thank you for posting this video! love!
uscpharm07 (7 years ago)
is it just me or does the maybelline define a brow run out really really fast? yea it's only 6dollars but i have to buy like at least a few a month so i feel like it's not that cheap if you know what i mean. and girl ur natrual brows are NOT thin at all... if you saw mine u'd be like damn mine are thicky thick =D
xjuli3tx (7 years ago)
@elh1977 dark brown. if you pause it at 4:33 you can see the name of the shade on the pencil.

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