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24 Hours With Cole Sprouse | Vogue

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Riverdale's Cole Sprouse gets free coffee, visits some gravestones, and never forgets his camera. Director: Lotfy Nathan Fashion Editor: Justin Fernandez DP: Ray Leve 2nd Camera: Jordan Tetewsky Groomer: Michael J. Fernandez Sound: Jesse Stormo Edited by Jesse Threatt Filmed at the Beekman, a Thompson Hotel, Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. 24 Hours With Cole Sprouse | Vogue
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Text Comments (4422)
JuTo _ (11 hours ago)
Is that a Canon AE-1?
Camila Palma Figueroa (16 hours ago)
Aahhhhh un manjarrr
Lenora Sena (18 hours ago)
That’s not 24 hour with Cole that’s 30 minutes
Addy B (21 hours ago)
Were did you go beanvenneto
Cocos Room vlogs (23 hours ago)
Omg he is so hot 🔥 😍😍ur soo cute I have finally finished river dale btw why did u kiss Veronica in front of Betty?
Yasmim Silva (1 day ago)
Jughead Maravilhoso
LoL crypts TV (1 day ago)
He is still #serpent now
Hellen Santos (1 day ago)
Tomando café e ninguém em cima dele ? Wt
LoLa 😊 (1 day ago)
**sigh** can’t find them
Jasmine Mayara (2 days ago)
Gatooooooh🐈 Quem é do Brasil curte😍
The Gamer Next Door (2 days ago)
That wasn’t a 24-hr summary, Vogue! Show us more!
Paul The Iguana (3 days ago)
Maria vitória (3 days ago)
Life love
Súper fan (3 days ago)
He is so cute ♥️😍
lil Annie (4 days ago)
when cole couldnt find the grave stone hahaha
Mellythibs (4 days ago)
So hmmmm, what up with the grave stones??
Gleice Araújo (4 days ago)
Bianca Stanciu (4 days ago)
How did the bad looking Cody turn into dis?!! Well.... At least there is a little more hope for me👍🏻
Martijn Penning (5 days ago)
What are the namens of the soomgs?
Juliana Cetina (6 days ago)
Cole: *breathes* Fans: Omg so hot
I feed off souls (6 days ago)
I rewatched this so many times that its actually 24 hours with him
Lorena Scrieciu (6 days ago)
Why is him so perfect??❤️❤️
Piriyaporn Promhan (6 days ago)
Actually it's 2 minutes with Cloe
a (7 days ago)
thats just two minutes
One blue sock (7 days ago)
That was very short for being 24 hours. Does he only eat once a day and the meal he eats is a small-medium size breakfast?
Lalain Mashood (7 days ago)
daddy af
Mya San jule (7 days ago)
He's so artistic about everything he does😂
Peyton Weiss (7 days ago)
Video: 24 hours with Cole Sprouse Me: the video is literally 2 minutes long 😑
Isabela Martinez (7 days ago)
yes 😂😂😂😂
Levizza Avelar (8 days ago)
Tô na Disney,esse vídeo foi feito pra mim 🤤
Jennifer (8 days ago)
No mamen fueron como 2 horas
Irán León (8 days ago)
OMG. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Noelia Salvador (8 days ago)
I want to meet him so badd😖
Miranda C. Mtz (9 days ago)
Simplemente lo ame😍
leonie lca (9 days ago)
I love cole sprouse 💕💍
Farah Tiffani (9 days ago)
how could you call this 24 hrs w/ Cole Sprouse? the video is less than 3 freakin minutes...
cutebaby justin (9 days ago)
I love u cole
Carol Martinez (9 days ago)
Y dónde está Lili ?
Zachary Aubry (9 days ago)
24h wtf you mean 1h
Cole Sprouse's Wife (10 days ago)
Cole had the nerve to say in an interview, I was sad and in a dark place, it's like just say you were depressed, since that's what that means, unless he's embarrassed to say depressed, but he shouldn't be
Jenesis Caffery (10 days ago)
This is like a cole sprouse aesthetic vid
Angela Marie (10 days ago)
This is what happens to hooligans
Marissa Loeza (11 days ago)
Do freddie highmore next
CrassieKind (11 days ago)
So.... what movie is this?
Lucas Kreis (11 days ago)
1:00 song ?
Sad que me consome (11 days ago)
Como esse garoto ama xadrez 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tessu is your bae. (12 days ago)
Why do I feel so sad for him because he couldn't find the thing he wanted to photograph
Achara Wongthongkham (12 days ago)
“24 hours with Cole Sprouse” *2 minutes with Cole sprouse*
Princess Maji (12 days ago)
ok but really, does he play jughead, or does jughead play him 😌
Fátima Gonçalves (12 days ago)
what is the soundtrack of this video?
Trevo2xx (12 days ago)
i thought this was 24 hours
Joshua Muñoz (13 days ago)
Anyone know the song that was playing in the beginning?
Š Sydnee Š (13 days ago)
“I can’t find him”
Sumaya Chatterjee (13 days ago)
Where's lili
Alexandra Kubiková (13 days ago)
I should get a job in that café just in case he'd stop by again😂😍❤
Lisa Bennett (13 days ago)
73 questions with Cole sprouse
Furbbles stuff (13 days ago)
*why was this on my recommendation list*
lps pink pastel tv (13 days ago)
I kinda feel like the taking pictures part was more like jughead
Gabriela Lima (14 days ago)
Lorena DeerDawn (14 days ago)
2 minute and 23 seconds recap of 24 hours with Cole Sprouse.
francesca x (14 days ago)
u guys r lucky 😔
domstapl (14 days ago)
seriously good looking guy. on par with young di caprio. possibly even more better...
sapatinho de cristal (14 days ago)
Oh he's so beatiful
Camila Guerra Rueda (14 days ago)
Lo amooooooooooooo muchoooooooooooo
Luigis Magana (14 days ago)
No le entendí ni madres pero ¡Como la tenga y a lo que le sepa!
Sophia Tran (15 days ago)
Daddy 😍🥰😘
Érika Fernanda (15 days ago)
What's the name of the camera he are using ??
isabel Delmas (15 days ago)
OMG i LOVE this video
Haha Tea (15 days ago)
Docter: You have exactly 2 minutes and 23 seconds to live what do you want to do Me: Watches this video
Kyra125RS (15 days ago)
**sees cole sprouse** **clicks on video** hahahaha ily him SO MUCH *love you cole sprouse.....* *HES MINE*
Violet Perry (15 days ago)
Does anybody know what kind of camera he uses
Rosie Di Nunzio (15 days ago)
Love him so so so much, 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹😍😍😍😍😍😍😏🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘I wish I can meet him
Jessica Cheetham (15 days ago)
It is not 24 hours with cole sprouse it is 2 minutes and 23seconds
Mara Biro (15 days ago)
Why am I only seeing this now🤔🤔
schem1ng (15 days ago)
yo this was gorgeously edited and cole is the coolest person known to man
Miguel Giraldo-Kennedy (16 days ago)
Journalist: What do on your spare time? Cole: Look for headstones. Journalist: *chuckles nervously*
Tvd_love_story Evie (16 days ago)
The way he connects with nature brings me pure happiness...I love CS
Meg Esguerra (16 days ago)
he’s still like jughead even in reality🤷🏻‍♀️
Bridgette Johnston (16 days ago)
I love that he shares his art
Danna Herrera (16 days ago)
''Where did you go, Bienvenido'' Alguien que hable español? 😂
Anahi Acosta (16 days ago)
Faye Sanne (16 days ago)
24 hours more like 2 mins
Chicken Fingers (16 days ago)
Eat that Donut Cole😂👏😍
Rylee Copeland (16 days ago)
I’d be hella annoyed if I were him lmao a bunch of cameras sticking out in front of me all day
AudreyVioletASMR (16 days ago)
Why can’t he be idk YOUNGER 😭
Maria Sophia Baraybarr (16 days ago)
I wanna see him without t-shirt HAHA JK
Isku (16 days ago)
I love Cole😍❤️
Lachlan Kelly (16 days ago)
Anyone know what camera he uses ?
Lance Castro (16 days ago)
What camera is he using?
barbarela sol (16 days ago)
Does anybody know which camera is Cole using?
Abigail Arogundade (17 days ago)
My goal in life READ TITLE
Giraffe Cortlynn (17 days ago)
He is literally Jughead
gia (17 days ago)
yes ma’am.
Broken Clouds (17 days ago)
"I can't find him"
Margaret Roche (17 days ago)
0:55 mUsT hAvE mIsSeD tHiS nAtIoNaL hOlIdAy
g o s p e l . (17 days ago)
He just looks for someone or something for 24hours? 🤔🤔
Jesus Alvarez (18 days ago)
He is cute
Basic bixh (18 days ago)
Hes so aesthetic
Basic bixh (18 days ago)
They should have showed the full 24 hours i would watch every second of it
I'm so pissed this video isn't really 24hours long.

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