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Moncler EDWARD Puffa Jacket Review - Tips on How Spot Fakes

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Review of Moncler jackets, tip on how spot fake Monclers. See what jackets I currently have here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/thehoxtontrend
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Evs Kweks (11 months ago)
hey i have the same one too just wanted to ask if its normal to have the double zippers turn a lil copper color after months of use? thanks.
Evs Kweks (1 month ago)
A U (1 year ago)
Good review my man, can I get your email??
Jake SP (1 year ago)
had to come back here, thinking of an edward
chrisk04c (1 year ago)
University Jake very similar to valence no?
haha old skool, I have seen an edward in a long while

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