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What does the universe sound like? A musical tour | Matt Russo

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Text Comments (252)
Baltpit 243 (1 day ago)
Brian may needs to see this.
EJ Taylor (1 day ago)
Just stoppin' by for a school assignment. Cool video I guess
MicLabTv (1 day ago)
One day I will do a Ted Talk. I believe it :)
Juan Pablo Arrieta (1 day ago)
I knew this talk is well done when I heard the composition he made on his guitar.
Evelina Pehrman (1 day ago)
I love everything about this
Island Bird (2 days ago)
Very cool. ✨
Ayda Sepehri (2 days ago)
i crieeeeeeeeeeeed <3
Kobin Kago (2 days ago)
The universe sound like *Vitas 7th Element*
Vebby Kinder (3 days ago)
I want more video like this, please.
Aaron Anderson (3 days ago)
The short piano riff for the constellations at the beginning of the video is awesome. If anyone knows how to play these or know where I can find the score for these, that would be greatly appreciated.
TerminallyUnique95 (3 days ago)
Wait. There's no air in space and can't be sound.
Glenn E. Bindley (3 days ago)
How interesting
faded shades (3 days ago)
Thanks Mike Shinoda
Denzel Hobwana (4 days ago)
The heavens sing for Him
Joe Dulay (4 days ago)
Considering we are all the manifestation of the Universe ourselves, and we create music anyways...is that not the same thing? Video game music > gassy rocks floating in space
Ale Sancho (4 days ago)
Can anybody tell what does he mean when he says ratio? I didn't get it
pikachuu B (4 days ago)
Whats wrong with the audiences ,they are so low. They are hearing the music produced by plane's orbiting a star. 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
spiritual Gerlofsma (4 days ago)
qy h (4 days ago)
Venkatesh babu (4 days ago)
In order for survival of the human race you have to record the frequency of earth and do comparable planets frequency of the cosmos.
NEMESIS (5 days ago)
Marianne PROST (5 days ago)
Percevoir "la musique des sphères" est une expérience vibratoire interne qui relève de mouvements ondulatoires divers, de champs scalaires etc ... et c'est à chacun d'apprendre à percevoir avec les dimensions à son niveau en évolution de conscience STELLAIRE et COSMIQUE ! Effectivement l'observation des étoiles est une piste inspirée !!
Jack Savage (5 days ago)
Fender Mexico Jazzmaster Classic Player
Júlio Saggiomo (5 days ago)
Yamaç Kosovalı (5 days ago)
do these sounds come from Arda ?
B (5 days ago)
Che figataaaa
Truth Φf Zer0 (6 days ago)
After 13:03 it was to promote himself as a looping artist??
RING JANDO (6 days ago)
there's no such thing as a "karate-kick"@12:54 - that kick is called an axe-kick or Hammer kick & Tae Kwon Do is the chief proponent of this dramatic & effective execution correctly called *naeryeo chagi* .
Syeda Shah (6 days ago)
Jovial Jibber Jabber (6 days ago)
Light converted into sound. Movement converted into a (naturally occurring) rhythm Mind blown! Now THAT is a musical message you send to a specific star system! That kind of intelligence will get us some respect
Atara (6 days ago)
WHOAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! this is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mind is blown.
Isa S (6 days ago)
me:time to sleep also me:what does the universe sounds like?
Radiant Fanatic (6 days ago)
it's believed that the astrobelt in our universe - used to be a planet in the distant past. Maybe we once sounds as beautiful as those other planet systems and now we are doomed.
kreative time (6 days ago)
Thank you so much🍀
Phong Hoang (6 days ago)
Tryptamine Odyssey (6 days ago)
Look up: Jimi Hendrix Gimme an A [Bootleg]. That’s the sound of the universe being transmitted by a true artist through a guitar.
Rais (6 days ago)
is he dev patel
XWurstbrotX (6 days ago)
"It sound very human like" Sorry, but i gotta be honest here, it sounded really garbage, i at least expected some sort of harmony.
Monkey (6 days ago)
fernandez jeremiah (6 days ago)
_What does the universe sound like?_ *Miki Matsubara's **_Stay With Me_*
Rainbow Wolfy (6 days ago)
The man is extraordinary.
Donna Pierce (7 days ago)
You lost me when you romanticised the Orion the hunter😧God help us all
Ashvina Prabhu (7 days ago)
Best way to express it. Universe is beyond everything.
Mikah Kilgore (7 days ago)
I started crying when he talked about the auditory planetarium. I haven’t been able to see the stars for the last 14 years or so. I need to experience this! As a visually impaired musician who is also a lover of outer space, that would probably be life changing for me.
SYSTEM Sounds (7 days ago)
Hi Mikah, please contact me through system-sounds.com, I'd love to help make that happen!
collingwoodfan72 (7 days ago)
4:30 Anyone know the song?
Ananda Gaire (7 days ago)
Nico S-M (7 days ago)
so beautiful
Mouldy CPU (7 days ago)
Our solar system seems to have been created by an angry God. No wonder religions conceived on Earth reflect that.
orestisisoverparty (7 days ago)
why does the 4:30 part sound like clean bandits baby?
The God Emperor (7 days ago)
tbh, guy sounds like he just wanted to show off being an "artistic musician" and bringing some bullshit meaning to things that there was none
Zahlenteufel1 (7 days ago)
Perfect convergence at 14:34
James At (7 days ago)
"In space, no one can hear you scream." "What does the universe sound like?" *Face Palm*
Jaya Lakshmi (7 days ago)
why i can't think like this cause my mind haven't made for this😢😢😢😢
Beautiful. I was just listening to the AI generates music I generated but this is unique and beautiful and different
Julita Sari (7 days ago)
I want to be talking English with good and perpect ✌️
CT moog (7 days ago)
Great demonstration. Love that guitar!
hard mode (7 days ago)
lve thought sound doesnt exist on the emptiness of space...
hard mode (7 days ago)
lol you idiots,searching for Oxigen when for what we know aliens could perfectly be breathing poison or smoke...Youneed to think out of the box
hard mode (2 days ago)
+Midnight dude, dont you bother,its a waste. The ammount of ignorance demonstrated by her statement its enough to determinate the possession of a lesser mind. Though your attemp to educate is valuable nontheless...
Midnight (2 days ago)
+Tiger kite there are no natural elements we haven't discovered yet. If you look not at the periodic table (which shows only every element) but on an isotopic map, which also shows every isotope of every element, there are no gaps left to fill. Every new element that is discovered today is huge, mostly incredibly unstable and radioactive, so nothing you can build life forms with.
Midnight (2 days ago)
Because oxygen is needed for all higher life forms? There is no multicellular life form that relies solely on fermentation to produce their energy, because it is too inefficient. Also, organic(-like) life has to be based on carbon, because no other element can create four bonds at once AND double bonds at the same time. And since carbon has the tendency to be around in the form of carbon dioxide, the most likely outcome is oxygen breathing life.
Tiger kite (6 days ago)
+Maddie Patty could it be that that new element is on another planet? Sorry, I'm not good at science. Thinking about it theoretically is interesting though
Maddie Patty (6 days ago)
Oxygen in nessicary to ALLL life, unless a new element is found to provide stable life. Look it up
Alpha Strength (7 days ago)
Does the universe has surround sound??
Maddie Patty (7 days ago)
Ok, this is epic
Amen Naqib (7 days ago)
The reason why I love post-rock/ambient. It get me so ffucking high
Phoenician Writer (7 days ago)
The Lord has made the universe sing!
Kai (7 days ago)
Amazing talk. Great talent! I haven't been blown away by a TED talk like this in a long time. Hugely insipring, too.
DURMUŞ BAYSAL (7 days ago)
[And] who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return [your] vision [to the sky]; do you see any breaks? Then return [your] vision twice again. [Your] vision will return to you humbled while it is fatigued. (The Noble Quran. Surah Al Mulk. Verse 3-4) It is Allah who erected the heavens without pillars that you [can] see. (The Noble Quran. Surah Ar Rad. Verse 2) And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander. (Surah Adh Dhariyat. Verse 47) And it is He who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon; all [heavenly bodies] in an orbit are swimming. (Al Anbya. Verse 33) Have they not seen that We set upon the land, reducing it from its borders? (Surah Ar Rad. Verse 41) And you see the mountains, thinking them rigid, while they will pass as the passing of clouds. [It is] the work of Allah, who perfected all things. (Suran An Naml Verse 88) It is Allah who has created seven heavens and of the earth, the like of them. (Surah Talaq. Verse 12) "And if whatever trees upon the earth were pens and the sea [was ink], replenished thereafter by seven [more] seas, the words of Allah would not be exhausted. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise." (The Noble Quran. Surah Luqman Verse 27) And listen to the great voice of the Noble Quran. Really amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVY8pwx9B74 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVqY9TYEkvk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omh4oG8T_Fw
T - 800 (7 days ago)
How arrogant
Tiger kite (7 days ago)
How so?
Melvin Koopmans (7 days ago)
*This* is music.
An incredible show!
Paulo (8 days ago)
10:10 dubstep
pinaky das (8 days ago)
Look out for rhythm of future home...
pinaky das (8 days ago)
We can understand our future home rhythmic.. way fascinate..
Angelo Martinez (8 days ago)
The universe sounds like Freeee by Kids See Ghosts
UlshaRS (8 days ago)
A wonderful demonstration that added quite a bit more to my paltry music education, course I was cringing the second the term "finely tuned" was used because here comes the creationists.
Tiger kite (7 days ago)
Why cringe at someone else's beliefs? I suppose there's something comforting or beautiful in thinking your universe was "finely tuned" by a creator. They aren't hurting anyone, so let them have their fun
Steve Holmgren (8 days ago)
Literally everything is connected in the universe.
Francisco Garcia (8 days ago)
rayen (8 days ago)
Im feeling a strong 9 on this album
John Curran (8 days ago)
To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
bhutheman Akuma (8 days ago)
Love it. AWESOME
INADRM (8 days ago)
Check out Adam Neely's video on Polyrhythms for more info on pitch and rhythm.
Thomas Ranjit (8 days ago)
The holy Bible says in psalms 19 says " the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork, day unto day uttereth speech and night unto night showeth knowledge, there is no speech or language where their voice is not heard"........
Andrew Hambrick (8 days ago)
I feel dumber after watching this. I learned nothing. I really tried...
acesonued (8 days ago)
The system and its orbits reminds me of the inner workings of a flower...
hari sharan (8 days ago)
I'm too an aerospace engineer and musician
chiming chan (8 days ago)
cool thanks
Avinash kumar (8 days ago)
This was my mood throughout the video:- 😐☞☺☞🤔🤔☞🤗
Ryan Margetts (8 days ago)
Biophilia Bjork... say no more
hiqwertyhi (8 days ago)
in space, no-one can hear you scream. or hear anything else, for that matter.
Internet User (8 days ago)
*blasts Space Jam*
Prog4Prog (8 days ago)
You’d need quite a large amount of ketamine to dance in the nightclubs of Trappist 1
Cymoon RBACpro (8 days ago)
Ted you becoming junk
6Seraph6 (8 days ago)
So beautiful. Damn.
Gyro Pollo (8 days ago)
Oh my god this is so Co-oo-oo-oo-ool -Markiplier
mustapha berriane (4 days ago)
MeinCtutWichG (8 days ago)
Love it!
höö ho (8 days ago)
this is fake. there is no sound in the space.
Jane Doe (8 days ago)
You are aware light and sound can be measured in hertz, right?
Jar Jar Binks (8 days ago)
are you joking? im probably going to get wooshed
Barry Manilowa (8 days ago)
A shameless excuse to show off his guitar skills.
Nookinizm (8 days ago)
The ending is epic!
Todor 2112 (8 days ago)
Our Solar System is just missing some Mike Patton vocals.
pincarto donn (8 days ago)
no matter which way you look at it, it sounds like YOU want it to, the music comes from the person,
TestMeatDollSteak (8 days ago)
The universe sounds like a pretty neat Fender Jazzmaster.
Zaffar hayat (8 days ago)
Brian McInnis (8 days ago)
Answer: It sounds like anything that anything can hear hears.

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