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Best Anti-Aging Products | Dermatologist at the Drugstore

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The esteemed Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas takes Bazaar to the drugstore to find the best anti-aging products available. Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar https://goo.gl/KK5zZB America's first fashion magazine, Harper's Bazaar has showcased the visions of legendary editors, photographers and stylists since 1867. https://www.facebook.com/HarpersBazaar https://twitter.com/harpersbazaarus https://www.instagram.com/harpersbaza... https://www.pinterest.com/harpersbaza...
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Text Comments (172)
arktana (23 days ago)
she just lies all along to sell shit. pathetic.
Yasmin Kasim (1 month ago)
Olay regenerist Roc multi corexion Garnier ultra lift Night cream L'Oréal eye defense
Sky Kim (3 months ago)
I'm new to using anti aging creams. Is it recommended that I buy all these products and mix them to try?
Satish K. Chandra (3 months ago)
Why u r looking like , 100+ ... And u r reviewing anti aging product.
SiiSii iLLeSt (3 months ago)
Thank you !
Jacob mp (4 months ago)
What about man!!!!Am 30????📿📿📿📿📿what can we use
Janice Go (4 months ago)
I dont believe her, do you use those products? Doesnt seem to do any work on you
Dr Biplob Dipu (4 months ago)
Where I can buy Loreal anti aging products in cheaper price in Paris? please mention the name of a pharmacy or chain shop. thanks.
Selma Kelly (4 months ago)
For eye bags -- C'mon ... You can't beat Plexaderm !!
the Voice in your head (4 months ago)
The roc product she showed us contains no retinol. lol.
quailchow (4 months ago)
This is not a real dermatologist. Things like peptides and drugstore retinol have not been shown to help human skin and positively benefit it. This is one giant commercial.
Dima b (5 months ago)
Eye creams is unnecessary they say, just use your face Moisturizer that's it
I luv to troll u (5 months ago)
I bet she's not wearing anything underneath that coat
Nicole Tetreau (5 months ago)
The Loreal eye defense is garbage. I couldn't wait till it was gone just so I wouldn't have to use it anymore.
Me Oo (5 months ago)
Cruelty free products please.
Roy Parker (6 months ago)
Excellent video! Wrinkles appear in the form of fine lines, crease or folding. Wrinkle is caused by several factors. I also read an article “Anti-Wrinkle Creams – How Effective They Are?” on zovon. This video is easy to understand. Thanks:)
kanika nayan (6 months ago)
I think having children makes u look older. Should i have children... Umm... First lemme get married :p
xxx xxx (6 months ago)
She looks 50 years old while she isn't even 50, I suppose !
Charlotte Q (6 months ago)
This is the worst skincare advice I've ever seen. Recommending Garnier??? Its full of fragrance and very bad for your skin. Everything else she picked up was in unstable packaging so any decent ingredients would be depleted long before they get to your skin. What a terrible Dermatologist.
Sa Ms (1 month ago)
To be honest this video should reported for promoting bad stuff. Sunscreen is the best thing and she doesn't even mention it.
RealBeautiful Beauty (6 months ago)
didn't really tell us much.
Blue Bird (6 months ago)
You not gonna stay young...you probably dont need to start in your 20s...they say you should so they can sell more products...start in late 30s is fine. Also the less crap you put on your skin the better. Drink water. Get sleep. Eat veggies. But do use sunscreen!
avadakeduhvra (6 months ago)
Lol fake ass derm, any dermatologist knows there is no over the counter "anti aging" , Tretinoin is your best bet, but you need a prescription in the US :-( retinols and retinoids aren't even close to being as effective as Tretinoin and the studies on peptides are very small as well 🤷 not promising enough
Massage Bot (6 months ago)
Lifestyle, and food plays a major role in maintaining a good young looking skin but Number one for me is using sunblock whether the weather is hot or cold... Do not stay under the sun for too long either use hat or umbrella...and use sunblock with spf30+ sun rays damage your skin. You won't notice that Wrinkles melasma, etc. Will eventually show in your skin until its too late, soooo, you will end up looking for botox and expensive products. An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Cordero Rebelde (7 months ago)
Nothing cruelty free.... AGAIN
smiles formiles (7 months ago)
All those brands break me out.
VegasGirl35 (7 months ago)
And I'm sure none of this is product placement from paid sponsors (eyeroll).
suzanne schulz (7 months ago)
Good skin has to start young with sunscreen then as you age use what's appropriate for your age. But be aware by 40 45 age you'll notice your skin has changed
Josh Nova (8 months ago)
Seriously. Where’s the sunscreen?
Bar Zipori (8 months ago)
bangii bez (8 months ago)
How about a cream for sagging eye lids
sumera sumera (9 months ago)
Under eyes wrinkle how to remove
chriz 8 (9 months ago)
I believe those products
chriz 8 (9 months ago)
More videos plss
fab M (9 months ago)
Slow correction in skin 🤔 how slow 😂😂😂
PureUnwindASMR (9 months ago)
What you're looking for is Dr Dray. One straight talking evidence based video of hers and you're hooked. You are welcome!
Davie McEvoy (10 months ago)
When I was young I used to use a lot of anti ageing creams (yes, expensive ones).Now I don't know. I can only say I don't use them anymore. I reckon they gibe you wrinkles, for real...!
Shazia Riaz Khan (10 months ago)
Can you make an updated version of this episode
Cali Bred (11 months ago)
Why would I trust someone who looks crazy...
Adam (11 months ago)
These don't hold a candle to Korean road shop brands. I will use retinoids as an active and don't want it in my creams.
ASAFYY (11 months ago)
You do know that all of this products contain chemichals ...
Devin Mera (11 months ago)
Antioxidants? Sunscreen? AHAs?
Conrad Zimmerman (11 months ago)
As someone studying both Cosmetic Chemistry and Dermatology I can only tell you that the only thing you need for "anti-aging" is 1.Gentle water soluble cleanser(one that rinses off with water without leaving your skin dry, a great one is Neutrogena Extra Gentle Foaming Cleanser) 2. Anti-oxidant rich serums(think A,B,C,D&E) to layer under Sunblock or Moisturizer if they aren't in your Moisturizer already, 3. Leave on liquid or gel/lotion Exfoliants(AHA/BHA) 4. A treatment product for your ; rosacea,redness, acne, pigmentation , wrinkles(peptides) 5. A well formulated Sunscreen with photostable sunscreen ingredients (Bemotrizinol, Tinosorb, Zinc Oxide etc) 6. Diet rich in colourful exotic fruits and vegetables and less red meat and more fish and olive oil . 7. Plenty of water 8. 8 hours sleep 9. A healthy sex life......10. Deep breathing throughout the day THAT ALL FOLKS!
sarah61200 (1 month ago)
+Luisa Blasczkiewicz Tretinoin is a derivative of vitamin A. Thats what he meant by "antioxidant rich serums (think A)". Vitamin A is the derivative for prescription/otc topical retinoids/retinols (Retin-A, Tretinoin, Differen). Vitamin B,C,D,E are in their own respective categories as antioxidants but none are retinoids/retinols :)
Gabriel Angel (1 month ago)
I try to focus on collagen both from food and skincare and good quality exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, along with drinking as much water as I can. Also, thank you so much for the advice! I'm so taking a screenshot of this and adding it to my routine!
Luisa Blasczkiewicz (2 months ago)
You forgot the number one: Tretinoin
Alpha Babe (2 months ago)
Conrad Zimmerman Glad that you mentioned healthy sex life too!!
Nicole Tetreau (5 months ago)
Oh, is that it? That's a little more than an "only" thing, it's a routine and a lifestyle! Lol! ;) Thanks for the great info.
Skeptical Idealist (11 months ago)
Good advice regarding ingredients, but outdated product recommendations and poor formulas. I'm disappointed that she didn't talk about the best anti-aging product in existence: SUNSCREEN.
Lina Monreale (11 months ago)
All these products are not going to work on aging skin. Waste of 💰
Noo Day (11 months ago)
fucking Liar all creams are crap.
Lango guid09 (1 year ago)
Is there in eye cream I can use by day instead of concealer? Like for example the play one will have the same effect as a concealed?
Isabella (1 year ago)
What is the song from?
Jackie M (1 year ago)
Only topical ingredient proven to actually work in full effectiveness is a prescription retinol, it'll work better than all that junk she's trying to sell and most likely is covered by your insurance company.
Shanelle Warner (1 year ago)
I just got one question did Oaly and the other makeup companies sponsor this video 👀👀👀👀 . I am almost 16 am I to young to be worrying about wrinkles ? Cause I am starting to see wrinkles already
Rhian The Diva (4 months ago)
Smoking causes early wrinkles, so don't smoke.
If you don't have time to go to the store you can have great creams shipped to your home directly from the manufacturer. Some of the high-end cremes are not available in the stores.
Girl Friday (1 year ago)
All these products are tested on animals, so - not worth it!
mohamed amine Badji (1 year ago)
I've been investigating top natural remedy for aging and found a great website at Nirca fresh look (look it up on google)
John Smith (1 year ago)
There are a few components to treating aging naturally. One place I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Nirca fresh look (google it if you're interested) definately the no.1 blueprint i've heard of. look at the incredible info .
Thank god for my great genes I have great skin! And of course Korean Skincare💅🏻
karla torres (1 year ago)
lines and wrinkles 40 plus wich products are good ?
shaista jain (1 year ago)
Rang gora ke liye koi cream
Maria B (1 year ago)
like you views BETTER than those of Dr. Dray also here on YouTube, she said NAY to most of the ones you talked about
Shelly Rose (1 year ago)
There are no anti-aging remedies, there are products that can help, she does not seem like a real dermatologist to me.
Seda Kuday (1 year ago)
Why wouldn't you mention more about which are those "against animal cruelty " ?? Cruelty-free?? Gotta be kidding me 😠
Arturas P (1 year ago)
Atvirai moterim jaučiu simpatiją norime kad jos būtų gražios.Sutiku kad būtų reklamuojami geriausi produktai kūno priežiūrai.❤👍👏🌹🌹🌹
David S. (1 year ago)
The lady looks aged. Do creams really work?
MrTachyon3000 (1 year ago)
If she's 90, they are working great.
Ralph Williams (1 year ago)
David S. Course it does camilla used it for years look at results
Kenai Alaska (1 year ago)
What's wrong with aging. I love being 53. Eat well, don't have kids, enjoy life, travel, and have fun.
Cero Z (6 days ago)
Speak for yourself lol who will bury you and clean your ass when your late 60s or if you dementia etc lol ... then nursing houses are abusive trust me lol
Lala (6 months ago)
Adri Perez that’s sad. No relationship will ever work if you keep letting your first ex control your feelings. You should see a therapist for your trust issues. I have trust issues too and I’m trying to work on it.
Adri Perez (10 months ago)
nssar71 hi. No but wish I had waited. I got married very young, my ex husband cheated on me so I got divorce had my first son with him. Remarried 7 years later had my other two little ones. And once again I’m divorced. I was not a good wife. I was always jealous and fearful my second husband was going to do the same as my first husband, my lack of trust drove him away. I love my children but feel sad sometimes I am a single mom. I just admired Moni ru - sounds like she is happy. Enjoying life and traveling. Maybe when my youngest get older I may travel with them too 😀
nssar71 (10 months ago)
Adri Perez you regret your kids?
Adri Perez (10 months ago)
Moni ru wish someone told me after 3 kids :(
Peechu peechu (1 year ago)
How cone she isnt looking young?...look at her neck..looks aged..shld v believe ..wht she says?
Shauna Hulsey (8 months ago)
Because there are absolutely no skincare products (or surgical procedures for that matter) that will stop aging. Wrinkles and sagging skin are an inevitability.
M A (1 year ago)
She looks very young for her age there are good wrinkles and bad wrinkles
Shahzeb Nasir (1 year ago)
She's still probably older than she looks. She may be in her mid 50s.
Erzhena Tsydenova (1 year ago)
This "dermatologist " so sold out, and it's so obvious .
Tali Beauty (5 months ago)
Agreed! She picked really crappy products.
Charlotte Q (6 months ago)
Yep, definitely. She's willing to put her reputation on the line for pushing this crap. Hope its worth it!!
raachellbaaby xoxo (1 year ago)
Erzhena Tsydenova exactly lmfao
Eduardo Gold Valz Gen (1 year ago)
penelope (1 year ago)
Erzhena Tsydenova agreed
Lana Del Slay (1 year ago)
this is just sponsored shit
Raelene Parker (1 year ago)
Unfortunately Olay their products on animals.
kikihm13 (1 year ago)
here's a few tips for looking younger naturally eat a good selection of grains, fruits, and vegetables Exercise instead of watching TV Use Sunscreen. Reduce stress. (I discovered these and why they work from Daijon youth plan site )
Peptides are a great approach to getting rid of wrinkles. Retinol works well too. I hear it is similar to a chemical peel?
san k (1 year ago)
Most of those products have fragrance and alcohol which can lead to irritation and dryness? And Where is the sunscreen?! Are we supposed to trust this lady just because she is wearing a white robe? Ugh. Ridiculous.
Charlotte Q (6 months ago)
I know!! I've never seen anything so stupid! Anything with fragrance doesn't get anywhere near this 44 year old skin!!!
Ash❤'sKats (1 year ago)
I tried the L'Oreal Eye Defense cream and I found that my eyes really didn't like it. My undereye would kinda tingle and sting, and then my eyes would water and get red. I made sure to not get the product in my eyes and I tried this for about a week before I had to pass it on because my eyes were super irritated.
Nicole Tetreau (5 months ago)
Ash❤'sKats Same here and it also doesn't work so it's like putting yourself through discomfort for nothing. It didn't help my dark circles at all.
Maria Morales (1 year ago)
EXCELLENT!  Thank you so much, I really do appreciate you taking the time.
ramadan mansour (1 year ago)
I have spent months researching top remedy for aging and discovered a fantastic resource at Nirca Fresh Look (check it out on google)
Assem Hassan (1 year ago)
I'm researching top cure for effects of getting older and discovered a fantastic resource at Nirca Fresh Look (google it if you are interested)
Milan Goranovic (1 year ago)
There are many components to treating effects of getting older naturally. One resource I discovered which successfully combines these is the Nirca Fresh Look (google it if you're interested) it's the most incredible plan that I have ever heard of. Check out the amazing information .
There are a few components to ways to look younger . One place I found that successfully combines these is the Daijon youth plan (check it out on google) it's the most useful resource that I've heard of. look at all the incredible info .
priya rao (1 year ago)
hello doctore, pls suggest me best nature /chemical free sun cream with moisturizer for sensitive skin?
terry field (1 year ago)
Victor Gaytan (1 year ago)
Im surprised she didn't mention SUNSCREEN !!!
arktana (23 days ago)
bluedasher74 (3 months ago)
How is that possible? UV rays still penetrate clouds and can therefore cause damage to skin. A dermatologist should know that.
Paula Vásquez (4 months ago)
Omg two months ago i went to a new dermatologist and she told me that i should use sunscreen only when it is sunny outside, that if the day was cloudy i shouldn’t bother. I was so surprised.
Aki jo (1 year ago)
There are several factors in natural cures for blushing. One place I found which successfully combines these is the Zavrina blush treater (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the most helpful blueprint that I've heard of. Check out all the incredible info .
Art Hoe (1 year ago)
Victor Gaytan Olay had SPF 30
syed nezam (1 year ago)
how can i get under eye dirk cirkle cream?pls tell....now I am in dubai
Dian VW (1 year ago)
olay never works for me especially the anti aging line, it is too oily and clogged my pore
Rhian The Diva (4 months ago)
Your skin is too young for those products.
Patty Echavarria (2 years ago)
not one of these products is cruelty-free though...
Zoozy G (2 years ago)
Love this so much
Amir khan (2 years ago)
There are several things for looking younger quickly eat a good selection of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables Exercise instead of watching TV Make use of Sunscreen. Try to reduce stress. (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Daijon youth plan website )
karla torres (1 year ago)
Amir khan Stress and winter bad combination 😣
nalaka Bandara (2 years ago)
There are a few ideas for looking younger eat a good selection of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables Do exercises instead of watching TV Use Sunscreen. Try to reduce stress. (I learned these and the reasons they work on Daijon Youth Plan website )
Daisy Zamora (2 years ago)
i use st ives timeless moisterizer.
Alice Alice (1 year ago)
Daisy Zamora me2 is so good
Yhs Yhs (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing💖
purple gatorade (2 years ago)
soy is bad for women. really???
smiles formiles (7 months ago)
Emily Mashburn (1 year ago)
Mimics estrogen in the human body. It’s also bad for men too, but more so for women.
JustYoNormalFangirl (1 year ago)
Ping Kha (2 years ago)
yes do some research on the net
skorpia g (2 years ago)
I need something for antiwrinkle and sag for eyes.
Tim Smith (8 months ago)
Try Gua Sha scraping to increase blood circulation and get a good eye cream that contains horse chestnut and caffeine because those increase circulation as well. You should also try a dragon's blood serum! That has a bit of a firming effect instantly. Try essence skincare's eye cream and dragon's blood serum! they're both fantastic
Eric Kim (2 years ago)
Anti wrinkle product https://www.wish.com/c/57b282ef42492739acda11cf
Karissa Nicole (2 years ago)
Hiii anyoneee!!! .. .... *I have been using **_maxelder argan cream_** for the last few months and I must say , I have seen a great improvement in my skin.* It is more refined looking and softer, with less visible pores. I'am past 60 and my skin has never looked this good. ....I hope they never stop making it. Checkout w..nyarganoil..c ....
Mounika Santoshi (1 year ago)
cn u please suggest me where I can get maxelder argan cream ??
Refine beauty (2 years ago)
So Untrue!!!!. It doesn't mean that because they have the right ingredients that they are going to work!... What it's important it's the right dosage of it, the right delivery system in the skin and the right molecule size! Those supermarket brands are very good at marketing and promoting themselves which cost a lot of money therefore less for research. It's not because you see "peptide" on a cosmetic product that it's going to work on your skin. There is more chance for it to stay on the surface of your skin. Also because of selling to a large range of customer those brands can not have serious active ingredients in case of skin reaction. It is why everyone should go to their Beauty Therapist to be explained about the products they should be using and directed to the right skin care range depending on their skin type and skin concerns.... It would be like relying on Mc Donald to lose weight instead of seeing a nutritionist.... Sandrine
I luv to troll u (5 months ago)
Refine beauty Shut up.. you're fucking it up for everybody..
Charlotte Q (6 months ago)
I agree. Who is this woman? She's recommending products that are packed with fragrance, and in unstable packaging.
Harrison Khoury (10 months ago)
Sorry but the truth is nothing will stop you ageing / anti age you. There is no evidence any of these work. The only preventative measures to take it wear sunscreen and good diet. Also, moisturise, don’t even need expensive shit which is the same as cheap brands just glorified with more ingredients prone to causing irritation.
Sam S (1 year ago)
Panda Zhao uh natural/organic isn't always the best route to go. There's lots of chemicals that have scientifically backed research that show they help the skin like niacinamide, vitamin c, glycolic acids/other acids in general, etc.
Panda Zhao (1 year ago)
I checked the products ingredients that she mentioned. They are all awful. So much chemicals in there, will actually hurt our skin so badly. You're right.
Rajinder Kumar (2 years ago)
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about eat healthy foods try Jadonite Food Beauty Buddy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my neighbor got amazing results with it.
Valentina Catherine (2 years ago)
.Hello anyone!!.. ..*Maxelder Argan C ream (w--nyarganoil---c) is very nice light face cream.* ,..My face just soaks this up and looks brighter and more youthful.,..I love how this feels on my skin. ..
Anita Keswani (1 year ago)
Valentina Catherine
Gail T (1 year ago)
samb siv omg, get lost!
samb siv (1 year ago)
I've been studying reducing aging at home and discovered a great resource at Nirca Fresh Look (google it if you are interested)
Natalie Lauren (2 years ago)
Absolutely wonderful! You guys have such great content, thank you!
Haider Ali Malik (1 year ago)
Natalie Lauren ... Hi baby....
Asian238 (1 year ago)
great content? is sponsored content
Juana Garcia (2 years ago)
can u tell us what products are good for acne scars
Nicole Tetreau (5 months ago)
Palmers brightening face cream, it's amazing.
Nicki LovesDogs (1 year ago)
For Maria: A very excellent company to buy those products from is Starwest Botanicals because they are very ethical and help the environment. On their website put into their store search Sodium Bentonite and it will bring up different options in amount. You can also browse through their clays and check them all out because clays heal the skin and the entire system. Also Diatomaceous Earth powder food grade is highly beneficial for animals and humans and gets rid of all parasites, molds, fungi and all pathogens and it gives the bodies vital minerals. Make sure to get the food grade ones.
Maria Sanchez (1 year ago)
Nicki LovesDogs where can I find that at ?
Refine beauty (2 years ago)
+Juana Garcia Go see your beauty therapist!!!!
Ace C. (2 years ago)
Great video
Harper's BAZAAR (2 years ago)
Find the best anti-aging products at the drugstore!
Taniya Huque (6 months ago)
Harper's BAZAAR EZ
Frida Joseph Jiew (8 months ago)
Hi...what skin care product best for dry skin.?
Dinesh Bharkale (8 months ago)
Harper's BAZAAR 7
PureUnwindASMR (9 months ago)
Bring on Dr Dray
REM 2 (10 months ago)
There are several suggestions for lessening effects of getting older try a high-fiber diet eat insoluble and soluble fiber Cut down foods that are high in fat Add probiotics into your diet Eat meals on schedule ie the same time each day Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water Stop habits such as smoking and drinking excessive caffeine and alcohol. Exercise often Manage stress. (I read these and the reasons they work from Nirca Fresh Look website )

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