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Albert Heijn was so kind to allow me to show you all our amazing Dutch food in the supermarket. Food is my favorite type of souvenir. So consider this Dutch supermarket food tour as a shopping list of what to buy and try when you visit the Netherlands. You can get all your souvenirs at the Albert Heijn. Us Dutchies also do our groceries here and their quality is really good. The shop right behind Dam Square even has really cute Dutch Food souvenir packagings! Albert Heijn is a very old Dutch supermarket institution so make sure not to miss it. Hope you enjoy this Dutch supermarket food tour in the Amsterdam Albert Heijn! DON'T click the following link: http://bit.ly/1KKCs8V (you just might be stuck with me by subscribing) If you're on a roll here's a video with an Amsterdam walking tour: https://youtu.be/7n6EOZlllzQ MUSIC: JUST YOU - DEEPEASY https://soundcloud.com/deepeasy DAILY TRAVEL ON I N S T A G R A M: http://instagram.com/iperkovic DAILY TRAVEL ON T W I T T E R: http://twitter.com/ivanaperkovic FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/enterprisemetv MUSIC: JUST YOU - DEEPEASY https://soundcloud.com/deepeasy SEND ME AN EMAIL: [email protected] EnterpriseMe TV is a travel vlog channel. I'm Ivana, nice to meet you! I travel and make daily travel vlogs so you can travel without even leaving your couch or spending a dime. Subscribe if you want to travel with me! When I'm not traveling you can hang out with me in my home town Amsterdam. So if you always wanted to travel in Amsterdam this is the place to be to get an insight in the local life without actually having to travel. Enjoy!
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VIDYMAE (3 days ago)
Beautiful woman, Beautiful country, great store but I gained three pounds just watching this video !!
zndernaam (5 days ago)
Autodrop🙌👌 Wel enorm verslavend eigenlijk 😆
Miklos Levente (9 days ago)
why always talk about some products with sugar? chocolate, bread, everything is with sugar!
Aloy Nauta (10 days ago)
Stop fries is geen dialect Het is een taal
feline .k (13 days ago)
So funny "im dutch"❤️❤️lyvids
Shar oontje (15 days ago)
Ben jij niet Nederlands?je hebt echt een Nederlands accent als je praat
Piero Piero (21 days ago)
Aj Raafa (1 month ago)
I gained 5 pounds just by watching!
CinderElla Pups (1 month ago)
I'm American-Dutch and I had no idea raison rolls with cheese was a Dutch thing! I had that all the time in my childhood!
Denise W (2 months ago)
Love Albert Heijn ! Try ontbigt brood omg lovely
Eddy Rongen (2 months ago)
Please ban me to watch this video again: You show the best Dutch products. Appelstroop with cheese, borrelnootjes, Tompoezen, nooooo.
Eddy Rongen (2 months ago)
Cook carrots on the bottom and potatoes and unions on top in a big pot, release the water after an hour, add musket and "dry soup stock" for flavour and serve it with fried meat balls!! Whooow.
Eddy Rongen (2 months ago)
Dont buy that "Hutspot" from "Appie", it has very little carrots in in, make it yourself:
OurBigAdventure (2 months ago)
Great video - thank you!
Joyce Greer (2 months ago)
Great video. Very informative!
Spooky Dude (2 months ago)
Do the supermarkets sell gluten-free products?
zan'nen ikimono plays (2 months ago)
I am dutch and i never heard of 50% of the brands
wmf831 (2 months ago)
I hate to burst the bubble, but Werthers are german. But thank you for the great video, I was reminded of a lot of things I had already forgotten.
Elliott Mazs (2 months ago)
Moving over in 2 weeks from Scotland. I was just there last week and was in and out of the shop. I was trying to find my way about as they were really different from Scottish spupermarkets. This one in the video will actually be my closest Albert heijn when I move and I’ve not yet been to it! One thing I found mad was that you guys use sprinkles on toast. It’s totally normal and there was a huge section at the albert Heijn at Vijzelstraat. Such a strange combination but I’m definitely going to try it out.
EC DC (3 months ago)
Thankful for this video...going to Amsterdam mid-Summer 2019 and researching early :). Now I know I can shop at HEMA & Albert Heijn while visiting if I need anything :).
EC DC (2 months ago)
Lol I plan to...at least one bag.
TRAVEL VLOG IV (3 months ago)
Haha come with empty luggage😁
Diana Herbst (3 months ago)
Welke Albert Hein is dit en wat is de straatnaam dan kan ik ook een keer er naar toe gaan
TRAVEL VLOG IV (3 months ago)
Hij zit naast Magna Plaza in Amsterdam. Achter het paleis op de dam
Pierre Caron (3 months ago)
Great video, thank you, I will be in The Netherlands in a few weeks and I'll check the store out for sure.
Hope Diamond (3 months ago)
Beautiful video! You made me hungry. Wanna migrate there!
TRAVEL VLOG IV (3 months ago)
Aw thank you!
Aruneeth (4 months ago)
dear host. i saw ur post about dutch food & can't believe u r a veggy !!
Ms. S (4 months ago)
Going to Amsterdam in Nov and I really want to try the cheese with cumin because I love cumin.
TRAVEL VLOG IV (4 months ago)
Hope you enjoy it!
Neutralguyz Neutralguyz (4 months ago)
I used to live in the Netherlands and this video gave me the fond memories. I miss the Netherlands so much :)
annie mody (4 months ago)
Absolutely seriously Nostalgic....... Love Amsterdam & Albert Heijn used to frequent the one near Albert Cuyp & Dutch goodies are just so Deeeeeeelicious........all of them ! The one that got missed in this coverage is the Oliebollen another sweet treat :) But this is a super good coverage of all things yummy n Dutch !
wheres the real food
jpsholland (4 months ago)
3:54 and there you go wrong, frisian is not a dialect, its a scandinavian language already spoken 1000 years before dutch.
Jeroen Wortel (4 months ago)
Like als je nederlands bent
Jeroen Wortel (4 months ago)
Im frrom the netherlands
Don Miata (4 months ago)
krentebollen met kaas alleen in noord holland
Saartje de Hond (4 months ago)
Welnee, ik woon in de Achterhoek en ze eten hier gewoon krentenbollen met kaas. Ik kom uit het westen bij Rotterdam en daar at OOK iedereen krentenbollen met kaas.
j.denino57 (5 months ago)
where is the ice cream and the milk?
Laura J (5 months ago)
my one year old daughter cant stop laughing at the part of 7:20. i keep repeating this vidoe only to watch the 7:20 part. It makes my daughter laugh. its one ofbher favorite videos lool. i didnt even like realize she was enjoying the video lol
Chandru Kunabi (5 months ago)
Hi could you please share the local market detail ?
David Ng (5 months ago)
I visited Amsterdam last year for the first time and remember being super fascinated by the Albert Heijn foods. Their packaging is so beautiful I went around the whole supermarket taking photos lol. You didn't talk about the drinks in the video. I remember not being thirsty at all but buying the cashew cacao nut drink anyways. They have very short expiry so you know they're all pretty fresh! And when I thought AH is amazing, I went into this place called Marqt that has an even more amazing collection of produce in probably award-winning level packaging designs. I mean, they make me want to buy dish-washing liquid while I am on vacation. lol. I love Netherlands - I know it's more than Amsterdam and Holland but I am sure I would love them all!
wallykazam (5 months ago)
England’s people say puverts
wallykazam (5 months ago)
This is fake she’s Dutch I hear it
Pieter Oosterveld (5 months ago)
je bent gewoon Nederlands
TRAVEL VLOG IV (5 months ago)
Marcela Tovar (5 months ago)
Great video!!!!!!
Paul Thomas (5 months ago)
It makes people around the world think that the Dutch only eat unhealthy stuff.
Phiickblack (5 months ago)
Those baskets is everywhere in our land in every single supermarket
greentealover (5 months ago)
Hello everyone, i will be in Amsterdam soon. Is it allowed to put cheese in the hand luggage and tske a flight within Europe? We are travelling on a budget and our tickets only have Hand luggage included. :(
TRAVEL VLOG IV (5 months ago)
Yes as long as it's not creamy or liquid. Solid cheeses are allowed. Have fun!
Danielle Raichel (6 months ago)
Any recommendations for hostels in Amsterdam??
Alex (6 months ago)
"Gouda, I guess, which the Americans love." American here. She's right--I ate my weight in this stuff when I was there. I actually found the pre-packaged stroopwafels to be mediocre. I didn't try (or see) the fresh ones, though.
Avihai Melamed (6 months ago)
The best video on the Netherlands!
azzah tsamrotul (6 months ago)
Nice, I really want go there ☺
Patrick Quiroz (6 months ago)
Thanks for being vegetarian! 45 years for me, meat free 😊
Saartje de Hond (4 months ago)
Good for you. I'm not.
Oksana Shevchuk (6 months ago)
I love your country❤❤❤The Netherlands is sooo good 🤗every time I go there I enjoy. I hope one day I will move there. LOVE Albert Heijn love Dutch food Dutch people ❤❤❤❤❤❤
liberalmatt (7 months ago)
Chocomel: liquid gold (when I was 8 on holidays in NL)
609blondebomb (7 months ago)
When too many people buy this premade crap people are going to lose the ability to COOK!!! And when you buy the old style cheese from this kind of store the small privately owned ones are going to go out of business. Like here in the USA we are all going to kill the small stores. Try to support the small privately owned shoppes!!
This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet . Please do a follow up video!!!
Jolanda Versteeg (7 months ago)
Please buy a regular Goudse oude kaas if you want to taste really good old cheese. Old Amsterdam cheese is not a real old cheese. It is ripened cheese but not as long as a real old cheese has to. By maturing the cheese quickly with an addition it tastes somewhat like old cheese. For that reason it is named Old Amsterdam, because the brand is not aloud to name it Oude kaas. It is not bad in taste but there are much better old dutch cheeses available.
Secular Witch (7 months ago)
With those sweety stuff Dutch people eat, i wonder how they stay slim?🤔
Saartje de Hond (4 months ago)
we cycle
Srananbloke (7 months ago)
Don’t forget to put everything in a ZAKJE!!
Saartje de Hond (4 months ago)
Hehehe, saw that one, it's hilarious
jve89 (7 months ago)
Albert Heijn, the most tourist unfriendly supermarket in the world. The WHOLE world uses MasterCards and Visa cards and albert Heijn chose not to accept those. I work for a foreign company in the Netherlands and I often bring foreign colleagues come to me saying want a shitty experience they had in this supermarket .
Saartje de Hond (4 months ago)
Sinds a couple of months the Jumbo here does accept a credit card, but that's only recent and it's also the only supermarkt I know that accepts it.
Saartje de Hond (4 months ago)
Not many supermarkets in the Netherlands accept creditcards, not just Albert Heijn. And if you bring foreign collegues then tell them to get money from the machine ten meters away. You can get money in EVERY AH.
klouk (7 months ago)
This is the same for most of the supermarkets though
Saartje de Hond (7 months ago)
Gevulde koeken hebben alleen echt spijs als het erop staat, anders is de prut gemaakt van witte bonen. Ik wist dat vroeger niet maar sinds ik het weet let ik er altijd op. Als ik het al eet, wil ik de echte hebben. Zijn wel wat duurder, maar ook veel lekkerder. Geldt trouwens voor bijna alles met spijs, er moet op staat 'met echt amandelspijs' anders is het witte bonenprut.
TRAVEL VLOG IV (7 months ago)
Oh mijn god! Thanks!
Saartje de Hond (7 months ago)
Werthers Original is niet Nederlands.
Saartje de Hond (7 months ago)
In Duitsland barst het van de paaseieren.
Saartje de Hond (7 months ago)
Ooooh apple crumble. Just remember I still have in the fridge. Yummmmm
pink hydrangea (7 months ago)
Best supermarket tour ever!! I hope I could visit the Netherlands one day in the near future :D
Kiko 70 (7 months ago)
Iedereen die dit kijkt is wss Nederlands dus je kunt dan beter Nederlands spreken hahaha
James van der Hoorn (7 months ago)
A big Like because of the Frisian ryebread!
Alxissies Studios (7 months ago)
No fnaf plushies in netherland: ((
Dick Varga (7 months ago)
what? no salt herring?
fdama (7 months ago)
I wish I watched this before I shopped in Albert Hein before leaving Amsterdam 🙁. So much good stuff I did not see.
Christine Tinberg (7 months ago)
Really fun - will be there in 2 weeks and will tour the store.
ThatGirl FromVegas (7 months ago)
Loved the vlog. This grocery store is much nicer than the ones we have here in THE US. I want to visit now and try all of your suggestions! Thanks!
The Fozzy Bear (8 months ago)
Great video. I will be at an airbnb in the Hague in June and could use a good supermarket.
Roosje Keizer (8 months ago)
That's a 17 minute long Albert Heijn commercial.
kickoverthestatues (8 months ago)
Our favourite Albert Heijn in the dam.
Bajlandia (8 months ago)
wow ! Great shop ! I could walk in it long, long time :)
Lucille Zimmerman (8 months ago)
I had a great book about the Dutch culture: Dutch, I Presume. It said the Dutch people love their black licorice. When I told a person on the airplane about this she disagreed with me. But then a Dutch person came and sat down next to us and opened up a bag of black licorice and offered us some. I felt affirmed :-)
Lucille Zimmerman (8 months ago)
One of my favorite things to do in foreign countries is to go to the grocery stores and try to figure out what things are. This video was great. I'm subscribed and I'm going to watch while we are in Amsterdam the next time.
Kath Llame (8 months ago)
Your video reminds me of the time i stayed in rotterdam for a month. Albert heijn is my happy place i go there almost everyday! And everything is so much cheaper than in my country!
David Vilchez (8 months ago)
I think all Europeans love bread. It is hugely popular in Spain anyway
sakshi bali (8 months ago)
That is too much of food porn.
tube or not tube (8 months ago)
Ivana a dutch friend sent me "Dropje" and they were my Hajmola. Weird taste for me. :-)
tube or not tube (8 months ago)
Carry several Dropje with you and would love to see what the Indians think about its taste. The black ones were really horrible. Take those with you especially for the Masala Loving Indians..hehehe.
TRAVEL VLOG IV (8 months ago)
Hahha I still need to film that video in India ;-)
TRAVEL VLOG IV (8 months ago)
Hahha I still need to film that video in India ;-)
Kaitlyn Roozen (8 months ago)
Nu heb ik zoo veel zin in alles wat je hebt laten zien😂😂❤️
Kayla (8 months ago)
Albert heijn is duur ga naar de lidel of hoe je het ook schrijft in duitsland is het super goedkoop 20 min rijden en hup in duitsland in de lidle......oh wacht jullie zijn holland watjes nou veel succes groetjes van limburg....LOSERs
Saartje de Hond (4 months ago)
Lidl....en inderdaad is de Lidl in Duitsland veel goedkoper. En veel meer keuze. Maar ook de Lidl in NL heeft veel keuze en is goedkoop.
VashXTrigun (8 months ago)
Krentenbollen also tastes great with peanut butter instead of butter and cheese.
Saartje de Hond (4 months ago)
True! I used to eat that too. I like it.
Shrike (8 months ago)
Stop calling poffertjes pancakes.... it nothing like a pancake
Silvia Summers (9 months ago)
Your enthusiasm is so good that I can't believe there is any bad Dutch food. You get a thumbs up from me.
TRAVEL VLOG IV (9 months ago)
Aw thank you!
Lily M. (9 months ago)
Excellent video! Congratulations🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
fenniema (9 months ago)
Very helpful for tourists, already gone for a tour before we land 👍🏻
Reno van Zanten (9 months ago)
Nice vid! Welldone! But all the products you showed are in every supermarket, not only Albert Heijn. Nice to know for the toerist.
nitin singh (9 months ago)
Iv...i am gonna come to Amsterdam n loot this store..the way you loot our Mc Donalds in India... :B
Evil Pagan (9 months ago)
Looks delicious. The Netherlands and Germany are the best countries in Europe. ✔️
Lou Van Gogh (9 months ago)
I am from Amsterdam, and I am always going to Albert heijn
teddybeerlepel1 (9 months ago)
Heerlijk welkom does not make a lot of sense in Dutch. Also Dutch cheese is crazy good.
lafleuranoir (9 months ago)
hadden ze maar een albert heijn hier
TulaneAve (9 months ago)
I'm getting that the Dutch don't eat anything that isn't sweet. Not looking forward to the food when I visit next week. Looks like stuff only kids eat.
Saartje de Hond (4 months ago)
You're wrong
Be My Muse (10 months ago)
The prices are so cheap! Then I realize it's in Euros.
Blerina Zonia (10 months ago)
Hello ooo are these products in Rotterdam too? This is super market is only in Amsterdam?
Armen gaming (10 months ago)
You look like Armenian
TanteBet (10 months ago)
De Engelse ondertiteling is hilarisch krentenbollen met ebola?
TRAVEL VLOG IV (10 months ago)
Omg hahahahha!
Sonia van der Zwaan (10 months ago)
Cheese at the Albert Hein???? Please go to a traditional cheese shop, kaaswinkel, and ask for farmers cheese, boerenkaas and You’ll eat the cheese from AH. The same for Bread, fish and meat.
Saartje de Hond (4 months ago)
Bij de vers afdeling van AH verkopen ze gewoon verse kaas. De helft van de prijs die de kaas kost bij een kaaswinkel die z'n kaas waarschijnlijk bij dezelfde verkoper vandaan haalt.
Vanessa Quek (10 months ago)
I miss Albert Heijn. I liked the prep meal sections! Lovely salads etc. So much healthier than my supermarkets at home...
d carlson (10 months ago)
I go to my local dutch store here and there's a delicious thing called gevelde speculaas. Two of my favorite things put together. Ten years ago I was in Breda and couldn't find this. I had to come home to find it. hahaha.
Kari B Gold (10 months ago)
Great vid except for the Harry Potter comment- ugh, nasty demonic yuk! Hope you find out the reality of that horror:-(. Appreciate all your great info though, thank you.

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