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Text Comments (240)
lindsey nobody (1 month ago)
Paint portraits of yourselves using only your faces to paint with!
Daniel (1 month ago)
chachi nipslip...oooopsss.!!aahahah
Rökare Dödar (1 month ago)
timomastosalo (1 month ago)
I think Jukka's pumpkin was the best. JC's story was the best, but he shouldn't have laughed himself - spoiled his cool show.
Shelley Christensen (1 month ago)
I saw him at nitro circus and he smokes
royroger1984 (1 month ago)
<3 good old ignorance! i love you guys. cheers from Bergamo.
Colt 45 zag (1 month ago)
Chachi is horrible videoing but still love her
Rman Nayr (1 month ago)
Victor Strahilov (1 month ago)
So great seeing you b All together again. I haven't laughed like that in a while!
Francis Cromer (1 month ago)
You are all awesome
Finally the boys are back. Now don't ever leave again. Please.
Sarah Galloway (1 month ago)
Meghan Carlie (1 month ago)
psychiatrist 😂 you mean psychologist?
Eemeli Salminen (1 month ago)
Moi jukka millon teet videon muitten duudsoneitten kanssa?
morrissey moz (1 month ago)
Love when the boys are in the video. It's not the same at all without them.
jordan hicks (1 month ago)
Wtf, how do these guys not know what's inside a pumpkin?!?!
Mr Krabs (1 month ago)
Hyviä videoita Ps. Voitko josku tulla possee
Nathan H (1 month ago)
You guys have to check out Bam Blows, he needs you guys and you need him....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhOTEY84A2o
OneOnlyMex (1 month ago)
These kind of videos are probably going to be only ones im watching from this channel.
TheMilkyNipple (1 month ago)
Schmutz? Jc knows yiddish?
Shavonda Tate (1 month ago)
I've missed the boys! The vlogs aren't the same without them!
thesandtiger (1 month ago)
you guys need a new cannon
Harley Hoskin (1 month ago)
JC PAUL JOEY AND JUKKA. YOU GUYS HAVE GOTTA STICK TOGETHER. THE CHANNEL HASN'T BEEN THE SAME. USE ALL MAKE EACHOTHER BETTER. BETTER PEOPLE BETTER CHANNEL BETTER VLOGS.. I use to watch use every day but when the boys left the vlog lost its spark.. That made it the hit it was.. Yeah jukka is awesome but is even better when the boys are with him... STAY TOGETHER FOR THE LOYAL FANS.. #PEACELOVE&HAPPINESS..#POSITIVEANARCHY
Aiden Banister (1 month ago)
Where's hp
Emil Sjödahl (1 month ago)
Fill a large barrel full of noodles, hotsauce and tumbtacks as punshment for the good old follow the leader game, there must be a follow the leader live!
jeremy cocking (1 month ago)
Mr Nightmare (1 month ago)
Fuck yes!!! This channel sucks without them
none of your business (1 month ago)
Yeeeeeeeeees fubakky a proper vlog! Find a hill and race down in zorb balls containing a few hands full of LEGO -- wearing as little clothing as YT will allow! Props to TGFbro for (afaik) coming up with most of that idea.
Moises Garay (1 month ago)
We miss this
PAL leC (1 month ago)
Chachis breast are exposed at 9:31-9:40, Jukka might want to edit that out.
Amgbenz0 (1 month ago)
PAL leC Bro its just some top and side boob, relax lol
추장TV (1 month ago)
I haven't watched this yet, but I expect some awkwardness and "tryin too hard"ness.
PRYVTgomerPYLE (1 month ago)
I was hoping to see a 90's rock band. This is clickbait. Joking BTW. <3 Haha!
cory75FI (1 month ago)
Good to see the boys back! And Chachi of course as a cute pumpkin!
Laura C (1 month ago)
Chachi looked adorable!
si cheng (1 month ago)
We welcome you back and hope you guys have enough rest cause life is gonna get crazy again
Топовый Янг (1 month ago)
Go Stapler On Egg
Rachid Ghafry (1 month ago)
yes they are back The boys miss them
GrowingDownUnder (1 month ago)
Good demonstration of inertia at the end of the video
cherry boy (1 month ago)
IT'S great you are black guys can you get Bam to come on here
Ghina Arif (1 month ago)
I missed them!
Goblin Lady (1 month ago)
Jungle boy I love u babes
Goblin Lady (1 month ago)
But love pumpkins sams gonna kill you guys
SP GAMING (1 month ago)
So I'm no the only one who saw chachis booby, am I?
Mack White (1 month ago)
I love to watch these
Archer D (1 month ago)
Ben Lee (1 month ago)
No ads? I pay YouTube for no ads.
tazrag (1 month ago)
so glad so see u guys back! cant wait to see more epic videos i really miss u guys so much:)
Lamarr Otems (1 month ago)
Wait are the boys back forever? Or just this video? Why did they leave?
squidpro (1 month ago)
Awesome!  the Happiness is back with the BOYFRIENDS!
JHslimskittle GAMING (1 month ago)
Yo the socks
Jennifer Dore (1 month ago)
Yes they need to stay the videos are so more entertaining
colton mullin (1 month ago)
Glad they is back
Mass.Shadows (1 month ago)
That pic of Master Yoda with the guitar is hilarious!
Cody Pitts (1 month ago)
the boys should be on here more often
Fez T.V. (1 month ago)
Glad to see the boys
Joshua B (1 month ago)
Man y’all guys always putting a smile on my face. Thanks for all the fun!!!
danz060391 (1 month ago)
I still think the “you say, we do” videos were the best, you should make more of those!
Krissy Kriss (1 month ago)
Haha this is fantastic🎃 Great to see, you lot together👍
brandan (1 month ago)
Yeah but u need jc joey paul and jarno hp and jarpi
Mahdi Strange (1 month ago)
That's why we subscribed to this channel ❤️❤️ #imdudesons Not for that 😑💀 chachi Gonzales with all respect but we want this kind of content to be back
Brenda Worley (1 month ago)
I love this group of people together. They make me smile.
Grey Hamilton (1 month ago)
Awsome vid
Chris Smith (1 month ago)
Bring back the old dude sons show like how you guys where in the early 2000’s
Grandmaster UV (1 month ago)
Awesome to see you guys having so much fun. Peace , love , happiness my bruddas.
IOnlyTerrorize (1 month ago)
For the past 4 days I’ve been watching all their old videos in Finland with the old ranches and I miss those days
Crystal Elk (1 month ago)
Yes, yes, yes! More boyfriends! Missed all the nutty fun you guys do! Great Vlog Guys! Sending positive vibes your way. PEACE LOVE & DREAMS!🇨🇦 💞🌐📷🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌍💜🌏💚🌎🍃🍂🍁✌💕💭🎬😉
lieutenant lu (1 month ago)
You guys should try to attempt an epicac challenge haha last one to puke wins😂
Bfid23 (1 month ago)
Remember when Paul, Joey and JC first came on the scene and we were all like, “F$&k these guys’ they’re not the Dudeson’s!” And now we’re all “The Boy Friends are back! F$&k yeah!!!!”
Amgbenz0 (1 month ago)
Lamarr Otems They're not back for good, they just collab with Jukka from time to time, and i think Jukka is going to be in a video on season 2 of the boyfriends youtube channel. They left to start their own channel and focus on their individual goals with music, production, etc.
Lamarr Otems (1 month ago)
Agreed. Are the boys back for good? Why did they leave in first place?
holly davidson (1 month ago)
danz060391 (1 month ago)
Bfid23 yeah I thought they were all pussies at first but they all proved themselves, now it’s not the same without them.
zubair rauf (1 month ago)
yoooooo youtube's jackasses are back!!
Zippy2707 (1 month ago)
This is good for us and u... U have a smaller chance to get killed woth this group than the others XD but wanna see the lot of them together
Carlos Pinkston (1 month ago)
Jukka don't break the team up again "everybody"
Michelle Teply (1 month ago)
Missed the boys. So happy they r back
GlistenUpp (1 month ago)
Awwwww I wish boys were back for good. :(
Amgbenz0 (1 month ago)
Good to see the boys back again. And damn, chachi is 🔥. Jukka, you've done well bro
Greg Trujillo (1 month ago)
Finally a decent video posted. Having the boys in the videos makes a huge difference.
Alisa D. (1 month ago)
YAY!!!!!!! Boys are back!!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Lung (1 month ago)
This is a fun video!
Inge Visser (1 month ago)
So good to see all the boys back together!!! Great vlog and amazing livestream!!! Thanks boys!!! 👌🎃🎃
Maxime B (1 month ago)
They are not the boys
thegregorypenis (1 month ago)
9:31 chahi's boob
prince malawani (1 month ago)
God it's great to see them back! Then she suddenly appeared in the video and destroyed my happiness
OneOnlyMex (1 month ago)
+Amgbenz0 well I think I said in my previous comment that chachi isnt the main reason why the channel is dying. I just think people dont tune in to watch something like vacation videos from Jukka atleast im not.
Amgbenz0 (1 month ago)
OneOnlyMex Im well aware of how Youtube works, and my comment still stands true. There are countless videos with the boys that have a low amount of views for how old they are, and plenty of dudesons vlogs that have very high views that dont involve the boys, meaning - the boys have much less influence on views then people like to believe. And yes, the videos with Chachi tend to do better, partly because there is a percentage of her audience that watches those videos as well. But when you take into consideration her average views per video on her own channel, its definitely not her loyal fans getting the electric shock prison video up to 460k views, learning to backflip to 340k views etc, meaning - Chachi is definitely not the reason for declining views. So as i said before, blaming chachi for this channel being "dead" is wrong and inaccurate. Try again
OneOnlyMex (1 month ago)
+Amgbenz0 you propably dont realize how the youtube works. When two youtubers work together they bring more audience. Chachi isnt the number one reason why the channel is dying. Jukka had a long brake from youtube and that takes your audience away. People also can read when you arent honest and force yourself to do videos.
Amgbenz0 (1 month ago)
OneOnlyMex The channel is not dying because of Chachi, or because the boys left. There are dozens of videos from 4+ months ago with the boys that still havent cracked 100k views. But almost all of the videos that Chachi was in during that span have 150k+ views. Check your math and try again. Just because the little nerds that dont like Chachi scream the loudest, doesnt make what they say, reality. Jukka already explained that his videos have been getting flagged, thats why hes trying to move over to Twitch
OneOnlyMex (1 month ago)
+Amgbenz0 yep because saying what people actually think and why the channel is dying is trolling.
ben paddick (1 month ago)
So glad the guys are there hope they stay stay sick Julia and boy friends
dd gamer 12 (1 month ago)
Hei muistatko sen koiran nimeltään kikkeli
Mona Alice (1 month ago)
"Heeeeeeeere's Jukka." LOL awesome.
Devin Wilkes (1 month ago)
Mike Provenzano (1 month ago)
The four of you need to start working together. Jukka needs three more crazy guys to do $hit together. Sorry Jukka, the channel has not been the same without them
Doc Holladay (1 month ago)
I never clicked a video this fast in my life
About time dang where the hell you been
Undying Will (1 month ago)
9:38 - boobies. Don't thank me.
Dustin Howard (1 month ago)
The ending was funny great video
Mao Vang (1 month ago)
yaaaaaaaaas the squad reunite
Grg Pahljina (1 month ago)
Good to see the old boys together agian.....
True90291 !!! (1 month ago)
Has the curse of chachi been broken? (Update): Negative!
Sebastian Wilson (1 month ago)
Kujja (1 month ago)
guys,do Hair Dye Roulette
joe sharp (1 month ago)
Ahhh!!! thats what's up the squads all back finally and hopefully for good #AnarchySquad
Tryhard Zyphxrs (1 month ago)
Wendy C (1 month ago)
Omg the boyZ 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁finally
Izzy’s Life (1 month ago)
The boys are back the boys are back high school musical song 😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jarno Hilden (1 month ago)
Me encanto él video es realmente bueno verlos juntos de nuevo los amo chicos
武士道Timorus (1 month ago)
JC has too much of an advantage because he actually hunts ghosts, even if they sometimes get left around for somewhat innocent people to stumble across.

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